Magnetic and Fearless Because We Can

There are people in this world that will deliberately go through danger to feel alive. They are fearless in their pursuit to overcome Nature’s most ferocious, deadliest challenges. Daredevils or crazy, they represent the purest form of “I may die adrenaline experience.” They are not bound by fears, rules nor made up dreams of Man and Society. They found a way to beat the vicious cycle and get to live lives of absolute thrill and adventure everyday.

We don’t stop because the moment we do, we’re dead. It’s a way of Living and an Adventurer knows this by heart.

Netflix’s documentary Magnetic share the true stories of people so passionate of what makes them feel alive that they are willing to risk their lives for it. What they do seems insane or mind blowing but to be where they are doing what they do is something to be envied. They are a rare breed in a World of spectators and followers. They get to create, navigate, play and control their own game.

Don’t ask, “Where is the best place to visit?” Be keen to the signs and untraveled places around you. They are everywhere. Be curious. Be open. Have fun making mistakes. They are part of our surprise and adventure.

In many ways, I can relate to their why’s and wish I could be as brave as them. They are a living breathing inspiration of what many only dream but could never do. Their stories are an awakening why so many feel they’d been long dead. Their stories reminds us we have a choice to live differently, passionately. We are not something to be owned, contained or restricted. We don’t have to conform with the Herd. We can go where we are magnetized to see, feel, breathe and live fully. No Borders. No Tyrants. No Oppressors. No Bullies. No Dream Crashers.

Find time to notice and capture moments just the way you want it.

Today, I go with the flow so hopefully tomorrow I get to create and follow my own flow. If it doesn’t happen, then I will do what I always do to stay unnoticed. I will continue to pretend that everything is all okay and “No Worries,” response does not annoy me for its fakeness. This is what the Bosses and the Herd wants us to respond. So I give it to them with convincing performance. It’s non-threatening. It does not stir rebellion no shake things up.

It’s easy to loose sight of who we are and where we want to go. It’s easy to blown away by something stronger, but it’s also possible to win with less.

The Walking Dead can smell the Good, the Optimist and the Dreamers. The moment they sense decay has been replaced by life and hope, they will attack and devour insatiably, mercilessly. It’s all over the news but many are so apathetic to care or just blinded with self absorption.

Between them and Happiness is you.

Some fall off on their way towards their passion because they lost so much of themselves and carried so much of the baggage others forced them to carry. Others learned to fight back and get to live enjoying the joys of their Passions.

Weekends and Days Off excites me because of their possibilities. Goal is to make that everyday.

We are drawn into something but until we try, we will always wonder and wander aimlessly.

I want to feel like I’m actually touching what I see. I want to see like the colors are really alive, dancing, celebrating. I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to have some control of time by making things happen in my present moment.

We think Nature is the magnet but have we ask ourselves if we are the magnet and Nature is simply being pulled to what our heart wants?

Alive is a commitment to ourselves to be exactly what it means.

Magnetic because we can. Magnetic because we are.

Had seconds to take this picture before my shoes gets tossed by the wind. Yep, that windy on this highest point by a random cliff at Big Sur.

Fearless because the best, wildest adventures has its risks and dangers.

I didn’t notice he followed me. My adventures has been more awesome lately because I get to share and live it with him.

Until the right time and opportunity comes along, we go back to the Herd and back to pretending. Remember, be invincible and don’t draw too much attention.

Believe and try. Adventures will start flowing thereafter naturally. I promise…

Are we Doers or Spectators? Magnets or Repellants? Magnetic or Living Dead?

Questions may not be comfortable but it may just wake us up to live meaningfully, incredibly.

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13 Responses to Magnetic and Fearless Because We Can

  1. So beautiful place 👍🌹🙏


  2. Ab says:

    A very thoughtful post as always.

    “We think Nature is the magnet but have we ask ourselves if we are the magnet and Nature is simply being pulled to what our heart wants?”

    I definitely reflected a lot on this when I recently turned 40. Thinking about my younger self where there was a different sense of hope and optimism. I mean, I jumped out of a plane in Cuba as my graduation gift to myself and the hubby. Lol. I think I still have that same level of optimism but it had been tempered with pragmatic reality, which unfortunately, is not always hopeful. And definitely no jumping out of planes now. Lol.

    I do feel that the secret to happiness is to always maintain a sense of that fearless and hopeful optimism and sense of “I can” adventurous heart.

    Back when we were able to be crammed on subway trains, I can definitely see your Walking Dead analogy in full view. It’s in the faces of the herd as you say!

    I’ll have to check out this documentary. So thanks!


    • Awesome share my friend. I see so much of myself in your story but I’m not that brave to jump out of plane…yet! Bring fearless is normal coping mechanism to survive the challenges of life. The more we are fearless, the stronger , freer we become. I used to be scared of heights but now I’m drawn to see the world on its top widest view. 🙏

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  3. I’ll have to check this documentary out on Netflix, sounds interesting. I’m with you, I feel like I’m living for the weekends and my days off too. This is the time where I can enjoy being outside and explore a new trail or park. The rest of the days are filled with me doing my regular chores, trip planning, and working, which are all important, but would be nice to minimize that and focus more on what makes me happy 🙂


    • The documentary only confirms what nature lovers and adventurers already knew in their hearts. We all are meant to be one with nature. We are suppose to nurture and protect it like the way it does to all of us. It heals us, now it’s our turn to heal it. Thanks

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  4. Jesus says:

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