Fatal and Tragedy, We’ll Never Know When

Wild Superblooms waving and smiling to drivers to stop on the roadside to celebrate Spring. So we did.

It was a very short hike but it was more than enough to be thankful.

Acrobatic Kite Surfers dancing and flying in hypnotizing synchrony with the tumbling Ocean waves, inviting people to stop and watch a spectacular show for free. So we did.

Some wait, others just do it. Others remember the good, others only think of regrets. Everyone are given the opportunity to change down to their last lifeline. Not everyone uses them wisely.

5 minutes of stop near the road cliff, a very long non-moving traffic happened on both sides of the coastal highway. Emergency siren lights visible from afar, alerting all vehicles to halt. A gut feeling that something bad happened follows.

After 30 minutes of waiting and confusion why fire trucks and police cars haven’t left, a thoughtful driver who turned back told the other drivers, “2-hour wait. Fatal accident.”

Bikers are easy to miss. They sometimes just zoom dangerously close on the side of our car or cut us off but it’s NOT an excuse to loose our focus and not see them nor drive mad on the road. If we are angry or distracted, we stop, take a deep breath and try to calm down. Not worth dying or killing someone accidentally.

No one can explain how, but close to the entrance of Waddell Beach where normally drivers stop or slowdown, a woman driving her car and a man on his motorcycle had a head on collision. The man died on the spot. The woman survived but wounded with guilt, trauma and blame that may haunt her for the rest of her life. It was something unimaginable, dreadful. No one saw it coming.

If I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t have experience this.

We’ll never know when fatal and tragedy strikes. In a split second, a dream can turn into nightmare. Minutes to hours of fun could end with horror and regret.

Her seasonal allergies had been awful this year but she faced discomfort to create a happy memory with me and our son.

Wife the next day after Googling more information about the incident told me, “The time you stopped and took pictures was about the same time the vehicular accident happened.”

I want to see and feel ALIVE so I go repeatedly to places where I can find them with the people that helps me dream them constantly. Sitting on a folding chair at one of my favorite spot in Big Sur, where ALIVE comes to LIFE. Spring Break 2021.

Fatal and tragedy could have been me with my family. Perhaps it wasn’t my time or theirs. Perhaps God was telling me something and giving me another chance to do whatever it is he wants me to accomplish. Perhaps, it was just a coincidence and has nothing to do with my decision to stop and appreciate a moment.

Fatal and tragedy, the when and the how only God knows. We can only pray we have enough time to prepare and say our goodbyes. We can learn from the events that we witness or shrug them off as nothing.

For now, we try to live meaningfully well.

For now, we try to catch as many sunsets and dance with nature and people who matters in a beautiful harmonious surrender.

We can’t afford to miss on life anymore nor ignore it’s signs.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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32 Responses to Fatal and Tragedy, We’ll Never Know When

  1. So sad 😢 Malaysia also motor cycles had accidents always ! Concern only 🙏
    Beach photos all shining with marvelous nature 👌🌹 so beautiful earth 👍🏼🌹💕


  2. puraposta says:

    It is good to remind ourselves when in our vehicles, isolated from the sensation of speed in total comfort listening to the radio or consumed in our thoughts, that we are hurtling through space. Speed and curves leave us with little time to make choices. I think of 299E and marveling at the logging trucks fully loaded taking the curves at 60mph+ like they’re on tracks, but what would I do if I came around a bend and one was halfway into my lane and I had to choose between the trinity river and a rock face?

    Once in Portland it was raining lightly. I was coming down a bridge with a metal deck toward an intersection at 5mph over the posted speed limit. In Oregon, at the time, the lights only hung down in the middle. My visor was down. I didn’t see the light change.


    • So sorry. Driving is a normal activity we do everyday that we forgot it is also one the most dangerous. So much uncertainty, to many factors beyond our control. We can only hope everything will be okay and safe both for us and our families. Covid time I notice people are driving and walking either recklessly, aggressively or zoning out like in a trance. Stay safe my friend.


  3. kururimbo says:

    This is a sad story. But I am glad you’re okay. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and we pray for the families of the affected ones


    • Thank you. Everyday we hear of sad losses and it make us appreciate the fragility and fleetingness of life. The pandemic made us thankful of time and moments when many of us use to take them for granted. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  4. Sad story but nicely written. Every moment of life is so precious, we need to be grateful for every opportunity to live a new day filled with light and love.


  5. Canuck Carl says:

    I lost 3 of my friends while growing up in high school. Noe a traffic accident, one a farm accident and one a drowning. That was over 40 years ago. O don’t understand why them and not me. But I know God gives every heart beat and breath of air, and not take it for granted. Thank you for sharing this poignant post. It brought back memories of the deep thoughts that I had (and sometimes still have).


    • So sorry about your friends and your loss. It is a tragic , traumatic experience we will always carry and try to live and face everyday. We can only hope and pray it gets better and less painful by the day. That time will heal it. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s not easy to open up, but know many are going through the same and you are not alone. Take care. Be safe.

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  6. What an eerie feeling. I always find it unsettling to be so close to a traffic accident and it’s hard not to think “what if that was me”. It’s scary how someone’s life can change in a split second. All the more reason to be grateful for being healthy and alive and to cherish every minute of it as best we can.


    • It is eerie. Death and Living are really like a roulette, one gets it, the rest gets lucky. In the end, we all leave this planet, just a matter of when and how. Many are so busy to worry or at least think of death but it’s one of those certain things that will happen. It’s also a humbling reminder we don’t own our life truly, we are just borrowing it, so we try to use it wisely for a greater purpose. Thanks.

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  7. It seems like you really learned from this accident happening so close to you and your family, to live meaningful well.


    • It was a tragic accident but when we connect ourselves with events, we are humbled how we do not have control of what happens everyday. We can plan, we can dream, but many outcomes we can not predict nor comprehend. To be alive and healthy after more than a year dancing with the possibility of infection with covid 19 at work and in my community, I could say someone powerful is watching over me to keep me safe and my family. I see, and I believe. Nothing is truly random if we glue all the pieces of the big puzzle. Thank you.


      • Thank you so much for your wonderful response. Yes indeed , we have almost no control over of what can happen everyday, sometime within a second our life can change. So we better appreciate every moment of our precious life. Enjoy as much as you can and have a great weekend.


        • Thank you as well. Life is too unpredictable. Just when we think we got it together, it throws us into a cyclone that will test us of what we are made of. Lucky are we given chances to still correct and be better. Some however are not able to get out of those cyclones, either because they gave up or perish in it. It’s hard to read the news nowadays, mostly it’s just about suffering, death and anger. So rare about gratitude of how fortunate we are to still enjoy what the day has to offer. We see good if we choose to, bad if we think it’s all bad. Optimism helps. Take care, be safe.


  8. Ab says:

    Very chilling! I am glad that you are ok! Someone was watching out for you and your family.


    • Thanks Ab. We have our Guardian Angel always & I couldn’t thank God enough for the many times he prevented us from car accidents and kept us safe. Driving always have the possibility traumatic tragedies but we don’t really worry about until it happens. It is just heartbreaking it does happen everyday around the world. Vehicular accidents are part of the causes of mortality anywhere. A humbling reminder of the fragility and uncertainty of life. Take care.

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      • Ab says:

        Yes, I can imagine some of the drives out in SF can be quite daunting and scary. I am glad someone was watching out for your family that day! And you’re right, there is no point worrying about these things. Just be careful and life will happen as it should.


  9. kagould17 says:

    Enjoy every moment of every day. Stay well. Allan

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