Pfeiffer Beach Purple Sands

Adventure starts with trying not with wishing.

After finding the challenging one way narrow road with no name, we were led to a hidden secret Nature wonder, Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur.

Wife said, “No.” Husband said, “Yes.” Son gets to break the tie. In the end, everyone was glad adventure and spontaneity won.

Purple Sand? Is that even real or possible? It is in this California Dream.

People can’t help themselves. They step on and ruin what is beautiful.

Purple minerals from the mountain rocks find its way into the shore mixing it with the golden white sand.

We picked some pebbles and threw it back to the Sea. I drew a heart. He wrote a word that starts with B. Told him it’s not nice nor appropriate. I was laughing however while erasing the word because it is true that people act like it in the real world.

Some sand areas looks ordinary like any other beach we’d been, others magic. Settling is not an option.

The last several months, he became my adventure Buddy. He became my best friend that I could trust wholeheartedly. Something I don’t have much nowadays except my wife.

It’s our comeback visit after 5 years. First was visually more incredible because almost everywhere was purple. Second, not much. So finding more purple needed more walking, climbing and discovery which means more adventure. Thrill wise, much better!

It’s feels good to still be surprised and be lost in a moment that reminds you magic is real and possible.

We climbed the sharp rocks and steep sands. We dreamed and had nice Father and Son conversations while sitting on the safest top. When he smiles and laughs, it outshines everything around him. We made each other happy. This place made us happy. This is why Family Roadtrips matters to me and him. These are what my happiest moments and memories are made of. I will never trade it for the World or people, not after what they taught me.

Got few cuts and bruises but the experience, moments and memories are so worth it. No pain, no joy.

Happiness and Freedom are one of the best gifts we could ever give to those we love. They are rare and precious as the extraordinary Purple Sand. They are also the hardest to give and let go.

He is beautiful and he doesn’t even know it. He gives me and his mom happiness like it’s the most natural thing to do and give. Children are a wonder because they still have that genuine generosity, kindness innocence and purity many adults have already lost. They are a vision of hope and goodness. They are the real angels and heroes in this very messed up, broken World. Always protect and love them no matter what. Never exchange them for anything or we will regret it for the rest of our lives. That’s guaranteed!

But don’t we owe it to ourselves to discover and try happy? Don’t the people we care deserve them? Don’t we deserve them?

Keyhole Arch that turned into a door. Nature saw the need to be bigger to welcome everyone. Many Humans saw an opportunity to use and abuse Nature like it’s inexhaustible. Common, we all did it!

Our life, our choice. Our story, our magic.

It only took 2 days to remind me how selfishly cruel and stressful people can be after a week of being away from work. Then I look at the pictures and remember the good and the blessings. I do still dream to win the lotto or a skyrocket stocks jackpot, so I can quit a system that just enslaves people with unhappiness and misery. Nothing wrong in wishing to be free to do what we love and answer what God has been calling us to do. We may feel like slaves to something or someone, but we are not. The promise land of everything we hope is better is real and possible. At the right time, all it needs is our choice to take another leap of faith. Don’t let the lie and fear be the truth.

Our time, our adventure, our new beginnings.

Never settle for less for what makes us happier. We deserve what we believe we deserve. We stop worrying of what others may say. Our heart, our joy.

No stress life is a constant work in progress. To say it isn’t? Hello?

Like Nature, we are meant to be free. Like the Purple Sand, we are a beautiful wonder, every grain of magic and imperfection.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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29 Responses to Pfeiffer Beach Purple Sands

  1. Beautiful looks like a vacay like place.


  2. So marvelous Beach photos 👍🏼🌹

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  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the magic of that beach, so lovely. Glad you were able to play in the magic with your family. It makes everything right side up again. 😊

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  4. There are so many more places to see and visit in this wonderful country. Too bad more people don’t take road trips and enjoy the “trip” to those places. Some of the more fun places were just off the beaten path. Our kids wanted to send us on a cruise for our anniversary, but we would love a cruise on one of the rivers right here in America!

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    • True. I think people got so caught up with social media frenzy of world travel that they lost sight of the adventures just a road trip away. My first love is always the one near me, and second where fate takes me. Appreciating what we already have has been a blessing the pandemic has given but many chose to ignore a rare opportunity. Until the world is safe again from the surges of the new deadlier strains, I have California to enjoy. Focusing on the good is better than wasting time on the bad we can’t control. From what I see, covid with vaccine is here here to stay. Those who got the vaccine are just luckier they may not have symptoms or just have mild ones. Again, no point anymore in having the pandemic or people control of lives. It’s time to live…again. Stay safe. Thank you. 🙏

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  5. Beautiful photos! Beautiful beach. I’m glad you had a wonderful day out with your son (and wife). Being out in God’s world is a reminder that there is something bigger than all of us. We just need to trust Him and enjoy His creation. I miss the beach so much. But I do love seeing your photos! Thank you!

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  6. That beach looks magical with the purple sparkly sand, rugged coastline and lush vegetation. It’s nice to share those memories with your son. I feel so much more alive when I’m out in nature, it really is my happy place.

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  7. restlessjo says:

    So very heartfelt and beautiful! I have to go far back in time to share such memories of our son, but they still shine bright in my mind. We are far apart but we cherish the love. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have many more happy times together. 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Jo. I still have this magical moment at the beach stuck in my memory where my son is sitting on the folding chair talking, laughing and smiling at the same time while I took a video of him and the beach, it was a wonder in itself and I can’t believe how lucky I am to truly see it. In our world now, people are to busy to notice magic moments in their lives through people, places and experiences. To be present is to notice this and capture them with our heart, not just to become pictures in our archives. 🙏


  8. Ab says:

    What a magical paradise you found. I am glad you pushed for that spontaneous adventure and that your son was the tiebreaker.

    The purple sand does look otherworldly indeed and it’s too bad some people have ruined it as you said. But glad you still found some to marvel at.

    The bonding moments in nature with your child are truly the most special moments and glad you got to enjoy quality heart to heart moments while in the midst of nature’s majesty!

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    • Thanks Ab. Always looking forward for your positive , inspiring comments. Nature is the perfect setting to build stronger , more meaningful relationships with our family. More than ever, we need this moments in a world losing more of its humanity and kindness. We need to show to our children, there are a lot of good, the beautiful and magic in this world. Have a fun weekend my friend. Working today and trying to wake up with coffee, music and WP.

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  9. Milena Alien says:

    love your photos, thanks for sharing!

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  10. Jorge Medico says:

    One of my favorite places, though many have trouble finding it.

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  11. Vinny says:

    Amazing place. Wonderful blog.

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