17-Mile Drive of Pebbles on the Sand

When the Sun is out to play, 17-Mile Drive transforms into an Oasis of beauty and escape.

We can go back to the same place and experience everything differently. My son was 10 when we drove to 17-Mile Drive. It was raining. The Sky was crying all day and the Ocean grieving with it. So depressing that we lost interest to come back. 5 years later we decided to give it another go and this is what we saw…and exactly what we felt…Oasis like no other.

On a rare day, a portal into the realm of Pebbles, a multi verse like our own opens up revealing its hidden history of secrets and life lessons as valuable as every grain of its sugary soft white sands overlooking sparkling emeralds and sapphires of the Pacific.

For a fee, our scenic adventure through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove gave us a glimpse up close of what rich people do for fun and relaxation. We get to enjoy their beautiful beaches, and marvel how huge their houses are. Mostly, it was Nature that got us all excited.

People have Doppelgänger Pebbles on the Sand. Some resemble their human persona, others their extreme opposite.

“I was here.” These pile of stones I built with my own hands. These flowers I picked myself.

Some Pebbles are alone by themselves screaming invincibly or living in blissful quiescence on purpose. Some Pebbles claw each other down dragging, drowning one another whenever they notice a bit of good and sunshine in the lives of other Pebbles.

Every Pebble has a story polished and shaped constantly by the ever changing elements of Nature.

Some Pebbles help each other to reach the top to experience together the light, joy and the best this World has to offer. Some Pebbles gives hope with act of kindness just the way Nature intended. Other Pebbles drain dry hope every opportunity they get.

“I am myself when close to the Sea.” A restless person can so relate with The Restless Sea and what calms it.

Some Pebbles will throw a rock to another Pebble because hurting and destruction is what they do. Some Pebbles will just watch because they do not care or are too afraid.

If only someone pointed to Joe how to get a land title so he too can own a piece of this oasis, he or his children probably would still be here welcoming tourists.

Few Pebbles will sacrifice their lives to defend and save other Pebbles. These Pebbles are the rarest and are near extinction because good Pebbles are being hunted and eradicated. They are a constant threat to Power, Politics and Earthly Riches.

Only Golfers and their Caddies can step inside this beauty, everyone else watching behind the fence. View actually better from afar.

The kind of Pebble one becomes is not written in stone. It is written on sand, constantly changing to give as many chances and choices for change.

Beautiful is seeing and accepting everything in their entirety. Beautiful is appreciating all parts and not just pieces we find pleasant, safe, easy or comfortable.

A Pebble is free to stay stuck or it can can evolve into something magnificent the way God envision a Man and Woman should be, in his image and likeness.

Bird Rock is where all kinds of birds are welcomed to rest till their next flight.

A Pebble can inspire other Pebbles to also enjoy the good life or take it away because of Greed, Egoistic Grandeur and Apathy.

“One Life. Spend it right.”

One day, a young Pebble ask several questions many Pebbles just accepted as okay, “Why so much land and water that stretched beyond what my eyes can see but only a few can have them? Why is there so much space only to be made unaffordable and unattainable? Why is sharing and equal opportunity so difficult? Why only a few enjoy God’s gifts of creation when he made them for all?” No Pebble was able to answer his questions because everyone was guilty for allowing them to happen.

The famous Lone Cypress. Strong, resilient, brave, content, simple, generous, honest…beautiful.

Life will never be fair for as long as the Laws of Men holds dominion and supremacy over the Laws of God.

A Pebble thrown into a body of water creates a ripple effect. What ripple effect are we making? How do we wish to be remembered?

We take Family Roadtrips not just to discover places and feel happy. We do it to discover ourselves and each other. Great Family bonding and memories are everything so I’m investing on them. One life, so I’m trying to spend it right the way I want it to be right.

Do we shine to give light or are we responsible that there’s no more light?

Are we Takers or are we Givers?

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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69 Responses to 17-Mile Drive of Pebbles on the Sand

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    • There that part of us the world wants us the be and the other part we want ourselves to be. That part where we can be ourselves , is where we are closest to personally happiness , meaning and purpose. Yes, I do live a double life, the one society, people, family and friends expects to act , kind of like a puppet, and the one I am myself. People have no real idea of how I am that only me heart knows fully.


  2. Ankur Mithal says:

    Takers or givers? Good question. Consumers or producers?

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    • Exactly. Here in Northern California, Homelessness is next to million dollar homes and in between , low and middle income majority who have to accept apartment living is the new dream home though that too is expensive. It’s crazy that there’s no limit to profiting and it’s legally allowed by the government. Greed and consumerism is everywhere and no signs of getting better. Sad.


  3. Kevin Kenny says:

    Rocks, pebbles and sand. We should all be so wise.

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    • We should but for some reason the Pebble world have smarter , more generous citizens than the Human world. Thus their world is more beautiful in all its simplicity than ours. Thanks


  4. Gibberish says:

    Loved reading this blog…and the pictures are absolutely beautiful 💟💟

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  5. Rainbow says:

    Beautiful photos they tell a story

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  6. The philosophy of the life of pebbles is fun, but the real winner is the amazing scenery. I wonder if it is natural for humans to be drawn to the sea.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Could be but I also know few who are not into sea, oceans or beaches. Overall, most are drawn to nature. We all are creations of nature in the first place so it is a natural instinct to be near it. People just forgot or feel they are above nature or can play Gods in this world. Thanks.

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  7. You have an amazing way with words – literally awakened all my senses as if I was their myself. I personnally love the pebbles on the beach – but you have ever so refreshed my perception and appreciation for them.;))

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks. Road trip to beaches and nature with my family gives me a positive hope on life and I know many of us are going through rough times and heartaches that shared inspiration is needed more than ever. We don’t have to travel far to experience the joys of adventure. We can drive or see them through the eyes and heart of fellow humans and travelers. We don’t have to take the journey alone…pebbles or people. Stay wonderful and blessed. 🙏


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  9. henhouselady says:

    I enjoyed you writing about the roles various pebbled play. I also love your pictures.

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  10. Suma Reddy says:

    It’s an awesome blog n the pictures are stunning with the beautiful denotes of your writing.🙂👍

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  12. mitchteemley says:

    I proposed to my wife on 17 Mile Drive (many years ago).

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  13. Halbarbera says:

    Beautiful portfolio, stones and all…

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  14. cheriewhite says:

    Such an amazing post and beautiful photos! This looks like a place I’d love to visit. ❤

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  15. ourcrossings says:

    Great post and wonderful photos. I looked it up on Visit California official website and it’s amazing to see how much beauty can be found on such a short drive. I love the famous Lone Cypress standing alone and embracing all the elements of nature. Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

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    • Thanks. Between Carmel and Bigsur are endless Ocean adventures. Anywhere along its highways are places people don’t even know. We try to stay away from crowded tourist area, 17-mile was an exception. On a weekday, it’s not busy at all. Have an amazing adventure soon.

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  16. Looks like such a beautiful area to take a road trip and explore. Lovely pictures (and words) of all the various pebbles.

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  17. Gorgeous photos! We visited Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive a couple of years ago. We did not allow enough time. So beautiful, I hope to go back again someday.

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  18. arlene says:

    You have some lovely adventures. Love those pebbles.

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  19. Ab says:

    What a beautiful scenic place you’ve shared with us. Thank you.

    And the analogy of the pebble and the sand is a wonderful message too! 🙏

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  20. Wow 😍 Gorgeous photos!!! Love the stones along the coast. Beautiful!!!

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  21. Wow
    Your writing plus the pictures it’s just wow.
    I am inspired to write too bcz of u.
    Just beautiful 😍

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  22. Msdedeng says:

    Goodness me, what beautiful pictures. Love your pile of stones, and that touch of flowers elevates the entire experience. Awesome!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Thanks. I took many pics of our 3-day road trip to places we love for my son’s spring break, not realizing our last minute detour will be the best. Fate has its way of bringing us to places both of beauty and reflection. We just have to listen to it and take a leap of Faith.

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      • Msdedeng says:

        What a refreshing time for the family and for your son. I do appreciate you for sharing your pictures with us. They take me places 🙂

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        • There’s this sense of urgency to make as much family quality time. There’s this constant yearning for moments of happiness and adventure that only Family and Nature can provide. So I try. Life is even shorter now not to follow our adventures and Happiness. 🙏 thanks ☀️

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          • Msdedeng says:

            This is exactly how my husband and I feel. Suddenly, there is so little time to see and enjoy the world. Good for you!

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            • I wish I did more when I was younger, &really I thought I did enough. No regret though, just catching up as much as I can. Work pays the bills, Travel feeds the soul and makes the heart smile happily. Wishing you tons of great adventures.

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              • Msdedeng says:

                I think we all feel that way, just because time becomes short at a certain point in our lives. I remember as a kid, Christmas took forever to arrive. It is how I knew the year was over, but gosh, it never arrived. Now, months go by as if they are mere days.

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              • I wish I can freeze or slow down time. So much I want to do and experience but it’s momentum is unstoppable. We can only try and I think that is better than most who just wait. Happy weekend. Thanks

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              • Msdedeng says:

                Yes! the good thing is that you are out there taking it all in. We really don’t have much time at all. It’s actually sad every time I think about it, but that’s also what humbles me, that we are just passing through. We are like every living thing that perishes and decays, creating life for the next to come.


              • Amen🙏 People act like their life is infinite and have control of tomorrow. I don’t make long term bucket list because I don’t know what happens to me months from now or next year. Trying to live in the now no matter how challenging is the smartest way to live. Of course we do save for future expenses but never exchange valuable time that we can’t go back.

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  23. I love the photos, the thoughts and the questions!

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    • Thanks. It’s a journey of awakening and appreciating what is before me. Work and challenges , people dramas easily gets us lost in a maze and we need to find what will help us bring us back to where we need to be. People and the World has never been more transparent for what they truly are. What we do with what we see and know now will determine if things will get better, kinder, more beautiful.

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  24. Vinny says:

    That looks amazing!

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