Cherry Blossoms San Francisco Japan Town

We went for our son’s Pokemon cards but San Francisco’s Japan Town gave us more and a lot of first.

To my Blogger Friends, thank you for helping me see, appreciate and celebrate the many seasons. When I take a picture, it’s not just to remind me that I was there, but that we all were there. The picture becomes more, because it means more.

First time to see it’s beautiful Cherry Blossoms in full bloom.

Never miss this year’s magic and surprises. Take a break and find your joy however you want it. Next year is too far and things don’t come back exactly the same…if it comes back.

First time to see the Japan Town square turn into a festive park where friends and families are having picnic and tea party.

It’s nice to see different people coming together. I can see their smiles through their eyes. Laughter filled the air. It was nice to witness Happy.

First time to taste authentic Takoyaki. Whatever’s in it, we love it.

Delicious knows no culture. If it’s good, it’s good.

First time to experience the unraveling of delicious flavors and texture of mango ice cream wrapped with peaches, corn flakes and green tea crepe. So good, we ate it down to the tip.

We felt guilty eating this. Too cute and adorable.

San Francisco wasn’t in our bucket list this weekend but our nature hike led us to it. Glad we did because everyone had a great time.

Best view from our morning hike overlooking Golden Gate and Bakers Beach. This flowers are in full bloom, also our first. It’s possible, the flowers were already there during the time of the original settlers, the Native Americans of the Ohlone Tribe. Other than historical pictures, there’s no trace they existed nor have local descendants in this melting pot city.

PS. Just want to thank all the San Franciscans and Californians for still following the mask mandates. Everyone I saw was wearing mask and the only time it was off was when people were eating. A sigh of relief in comparison to places where masks are already being burned and caring for other people’s safety is gone. The rest of the seasons are promising for Californians and it’s because they earned it. It’s a relief. It’s hope that soon we will get our normal back. Summer will feel like Summer once again.

We haven’t had a long hike together for awhile. He prefers to stay in the car with his mom during unplanned stop overs for quick nature hikes. Recently, he got into fitness and diet to loose weight. Lucky me, more Father and Son bonding adventure time. Huge parental opportunity because he is growing up fast and the times I spent with him will never be enough.

Adventure is a choice. It is free. It can be anything we want to escape the ordinary.

So, take one or a dozen now. I assure you, what we have today will not happen exactly the same tomorrow. Time machine is not yet available…or is it?

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  1. Some lovely shots here and I always get a bit dreamy when I think of San Francisco. Hoping to visit one of these years.


  2. rkrontheroad says:

    I’m missing the cherry blossoms and the ocean. Who knows when that will happen again? Enjoyed your photos. Takoyaki is octopus. It’s a staple at festivals in Japan.


    • My son love Japan and it’s amazing Culture that he has been looking for a one bed room apartment there. Like his dad, he is a Dreamer. But who knows right? Anything is possible when we believe and strive for it. Thanks 🙏

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