Mask, People and Demons

We all have our masks. We wear them everyday at work and places we can’t show who we are and what we feel.

People see what they to want to see. People believe what they want to believe. Never really about me or about you. That’s the world we are born to whether it’s family, acquaintances or strangers. Hasn’t really changed, just modified to keep up with the times. We evolved to adapt. Take off the layers of masks in history and it will reveal the same faces just more acceptable in the present.

We wear that mask to hide and protect our hearts from the familiar, repetitive pain, judgement and rejection. We wear it because of fear and anxiety. We wear it to fit in. We wear it so we won’t get shamed, beaten or eaten emotionally, psychologically and physically by the angry, the jealous, the wicked.

We don’t have to explain, justify, make excuses nor compromise the mask we wear. It is enough that we wear it because of them.

We wear a mask because we value privacy in a world obsessed with “tell all, show all, gain all.” We wear it to protect our secrets, choices and rights that others will always see as a threat or find difficult to accept.

My wife may not like how I want to celebrate my birthday or my days off from work but love made her follow my heart. That is enough to let my guard down and take off the mask.

Many times, the mask doesn’t even feel like a mask because we wear it so well. However, there are triggers that instantly reveal gems of realness and vulnerability during unguarded moments.

Where I’m happiest, many will never understand including people who think they knew me since I was a child.

So, just because I’m laughing doesn’t mean I’m happy. Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m okay. Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m sad or lonely. Just because people assume my world looks perfect doesn’t mean it is. I never pretended it was. People made assumptions and created a picture that fits their narrative. The mask worked.

I don’t need a big cake. Too much calories and to much fuss. I’m good with the simple as long as the view and the moment makes me happy. Isn’t that what a Birthday should be? Should be all about the celebrant not pleasing the spectators.

Imperfection keeps me inspired to strive and thrive. Imperfection keeps me humble, appreciative, connected. Imperfection is the true face, the mask just a mirror of what people want to see, think or believe.

My favorite spot and it was all mine. No need for mask here.

People who genuinely care are willing to experience the hurts and your scary unknowns so they can see, understand and know the real you. They are willing to listen to what you are going through and stay to help you find solutions to your problems. They are willing to risk themselves for you. They are ready to fall in love and fight for love with you.

I was alone but I never felt more connected to everything around me.

Until we find that person we are willing to expose and reveal that hidden part of ourselves, we keep wearing the mask and we wear it confidently well.

We should not be afraid of danger. We should be thankful we were warned so we stop wasting whatever is left of our time.

On a busy Monday, few days before my 50th, co-workers surprised me with a birthday song, balloons, cheesecake and a gift just before I started my shift. The mask just fell off. Their thoughtfulness and caring gesture had me off guard. I was smiling, laughing, out of words, blushing even because I was really happy. They took time to create a real powerful moment stronger than the why’s of the mask.

My unguarded moments either look or feel like this. I share it to those ready for them…and ready for me.

For a day, it felt great to hit the golden milestone. It didn’t feel as scary. I didn’t have to face getting older alone nor eat that delicious cheesecake by myself. Friends became Family and that was one of the triggers.

On our way home, we picked seasonal wildflowers.

It’s okay to have a mask to protect ourselves but it’s also okay to show the beautiful, sensitive, amazing person behind it every now and then. We do what we do to survive our purpose. We do what’s necessary.

Told her it’s worth getting out of the car.

Look around you. Look at the mirror. Who is that incredible person? Can’t wait to know you. Can’t wait to know myself.

Adventure Partner did this flower arrangement. Best things in life are free and beautiful.

“Some people run away to escape their demons. Some let it consume them because surrender is easier. Some wear their mask to overcome, be invincible and win their life back victorious.”

I made my wishes. Wife and son blew the candles while I enjoyed and captured the moment. No mask because they deserve it. No mask because it is a day that was about me and how I wanted it to be.

Until people are ready for the all, they will only get the usual that fits their comfort. The best they will never know nor experience because they never proven themselves deserving of it.

I see details on things people don’t even notice. I see something good where others keeps whining, stressing or bitching about. They have no clue how lucky they are or may be they are that miserable and bitter. Whatever, life is too short to waste on negativity and pessimism.

In case people haven’t notice, everyone is wearing mask now, just took a global pandemic to expose the truth and the need for it.

Blessed are the ready and the grateful for they will accept both the good and the bad events in their lives and those around them as an opportunity.”

California Dreamers knew this place well. It’s a favorite roadtrip must stop for everything strawberries for decades. It sells some favorites but all that sits in this vacant space to welcome hungry travelers are gone. It’s like these in many small owned restaurants, stores and cafes. It happened because people allowed it. That is the true person behind the mask of many.

Greatness doesn’t simply happen. It is a unified effort made by all for all. To feel it belongs only to a worthy few will be its downfall. How deep the fall? The higher the pride.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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58 Responses to Mask, People and Demons

  1. kagould17 says:

    Glad that your office surprised you for your 50th. We drove an hour and a half today to surprise a friend on her 80th birthday. Each day is only as special as we make it. Stay well. Allan


    • Co-workers that becomes family knows exactly what will cheer us up. It was nice and I’m grateful. Not everyone remembers even the ones who call themselves friends and family. In the end, real people stays in our worst, not only when things are fun and happy. Thank you.


  2. Happy Birthday! I don’t know or care how old you just became, the important thing is you are living your life the way you want. As long as your way doesn’t interfere with someone else’s life it is good.


    • Agree. I though I did a lot when I was younger but now, it’s obviously wasn’t. So much to do, so little time. We can only try however. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate my blog friends share always.


    • Sorry, tried several time to leave a comment in your blog but kept saying error. But know, your posts are beautiful and inspiring 🙏


  3. That is very rare when we can let our guard down completely in front of another – at least I have noone that I can show my real self to without the fear of being judged. Vulnerability is very scary, but it is indeed the prerequisite of love and intimacy. Dreaming about it that this magical thing will happen one day with me too but until then: I keep on wearing that mask and play the game like anyone else.


    • I was watching Netflix’s the Baker and the Beauty last night. The lead guy’s sister asked him to choose, “Choose your Family or Choose you?” Exactly why so many are unhappy and wearing masks. Exactly why self happiness has a heartbreaking sacrifice behind them or making others get their happy takes away the joy, light and dreams of the giver. Life is one big series of lies and false expectations handed from one generation to the next. I will try to end it in my time so my son doesn’t have to go through what I had to. True Love is setting the people we love free so they can find their dreams and hopefully their own happiness. Thank you for awonderful comment🙏


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  6. Very well written. I can totally relate.


    • Thanks. People more than ever needs to talk about their reasons for wearing the mask. Emotional and mental health is even more important than physical health as it affects all our being. People need to be ready to listen, accept and be willing to change and help, if not, than that’s just sad & heart breaking.

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  7. A Wonderful post 👍


  8. Wow. Atleast here we don’t have to wear masks. Writing is the best way to uncover these masks. Loved it


  9. Mask is very important


    • They are. People keep saying “Be Real,” but when we do, they don’t like or feel uncomfortable of what we show or reveal. Some will use it to take advantage. Until people are ready, the mask protects us from more damage and cruelty. Mask is what the world put lots of likes, Realness is what we keep and only share to the deserving. Thanks.


  10. Belated but genuine Happy Birthday ! – beautiful spaces captured – and wow! Cala lillies growing wild? – exquisite! Enjoy all – especially your 50’s – mine have been a total blast so far 🙂


  11. Exactly..i wrote a post on masks too.
    What you said about hiding happiness is so true.peope think because I post pictures that im happy…..


    • Our happiest moment can be used against us when we use social media whether it’s jealousy or assuming something to twist a story that favors the viewer not the story teller. Unjust right? Many like to say, “don’t judge a book by its cover but never believed or welcomed it in their hearts. It’s why friends and family split up and don’t speak to each other again…sad, but what was meant to connect end up separating people. The real world is not picture perfect nor filtered. Real people are not totally themselves in their nice selfies. Thanks for the feedback.

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  12. telugubloggersreenadh says:



  13. ogaraderrick says:

    True, we adjust our personalities to match with those of the people we meet everyday. I saw a meme about this a few days ago and now this post.I get it now.


    • I think the only place we can be ourselves without the mask is when we are alone or being around those we love and trust. Everything got complicated and non-private. If we loose our cool because of anger and frustration, automatically people take videos with their phones and boom, forever that unguarded moments will be in YouTube and will ruin our lives forever. The mask is there to protect the wearer for what purpose it serves. It’s a coping mechanism. It makes living in our current society less uncomfortable, less dangerous. It helps to prevent the pain of the past. Thanks for the feedback.


  14. cheriewhite says:

    Ooooh, yesss! I’m so jealous! ❤

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  15. Natasha says:

    Beautifully written!

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    • Thanks. It is refreshing to find a place where it’s okay to be off guard and just be ourselves. In most situations, that is hard to do know without causing a some kind of conflict or reaction.

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    • The best gift I can give myself is to acknowledge and every now then set free the person person forced through people’s actions to hide. We guard what’s left of our brokenness and heartbreaks and hope it will heal and feel whole. I can’t pretend to be okay because I haven’t been for a long time now. What People see are just my happy, okay moments because Happy is acceptable but sadness and pain makes people uncomfortable, even those we consider friends and family…or are they really? Thanks

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  16. rkrontheroad says:

    A thoughtful post that brings many memories to mind. Glad your birthday was a special time with loving people.

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    • Friends asked me if I have a big celebration in mind, “told them, I’m bringing the celebration to them, at work, then wife and I will take a day trip to the beach.” That was my idea of celebrating the first day of my Golden years. Happy memories are are true Gold that can never be replaced with money or something material. It was a day more than I imagined. I’m happy. Thanks.

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  17. David says:

    Not all people wear masks.

    As a medical professional, I developed the skills necessary to read facial expressions. Before entering a patient’s room I would stand in the doorway and observe their facial expression before they made eye contact with me. It was an invaluable tool in providing the proper care for the patient.

    After entering into the ministry, I continued to refine my ability to read the obvious pain, discomfort, fear, emotional trauma, etc, of those who came to me for counsel. Yes, some people do put on a false front, but when you spend enough time conversing with those persons, they most often reveal their true self.

    In the final analysis, wearing a covert mask or an overt mask does nothing; neither serves any credible benefit to the wearer.

    The following post was not brought to you by Fauci failed logic.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. Personally, had to wear that mask to protect myself. I don’t think I can stand another years of repetitive heart break and abuse. As I said, people do what they do to survive. Some without mask. Others with a mask. Nothing to do with the pandemic. People can be mean, intentional or not and it’s even people we knew or thought we knew. People change because of the circumstances and dark events in their lives. We cope whatever that works because for most it’s a fight that we fight on our own. As for the physical mask, honestly, I can’t wait to take it off especially when hiking or walking outside for exercise. I’m not really scared of covid. I am vaccinated and never got infected despite of taking care of covid positive patients but wife said had to when we go out together and there’s the other non-vaccinated half including my son to protect. We all have choices and as long as everyone respect each other choices we’re closer to peace and unity that this country badly needs. It’s not the pandemic only killing people, it’s humans killing fellow humans with physical violence. Hope however keeps us optimistic all will better soon…

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  18. Ab says:

    Happy birthday to you! What a wonderful an amazing milestone.

    I am glad you got to experience a beautiful outing and the wildflowers bouquet you picked is beautiful!

    Such a beautiful and heartfelt message and I agree about your message. It is nice when you have found a group that you can drop the mask off for. That is a true blessing!

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  19. Well said. Happy birthday! That’s so incredibly thoughtful of your coworkers to put together a lovely surprise. Also, what beautiful wildflowers!!

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    • It was funny when I told my wife about it. She said, “How can compete with that sunrise? “ Actually she matched it by going with me to where I find my happy. Beautiful moments and memories made out of genuine love are the best gifts the heart will never forget. Thank you.

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  20. We all wear masks, and it’s okay. Not everyone is worthy of seeing the REAL you or me. We must be careful who we reveal our true selves to.

    Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your pictures, as always.

    May God continue to bless you and your little family in California.

    🙏❤️ prayers and love.

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  21. Vinny says:

    I was actually saying this the other day. We all wear masks… brilliant.

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    • Thanks. It is ironic that many people are refusing to wear mask when it is an emergent necessity while they’d been wearing all kinds of masks for years. Nothing is real anymore. Everything in social media like IG, FB and the likes are not real but then who wants to see images of suffering and poverty. Who wants to see pictures of sadness and loss when people are used to everything nice, pretty, travel and lifestyle awesome perfect pictures. Many are not able to experience the full joy of their moments because they are too busy taking pictures and videos to please and have lots of followers. Social media is a way to connect and discover not make a living or be popular. But then, that’s kind of the trend now. People will do crazy and unkind things to go viral.

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  22. Dragthepen says:

    Very nice 👍

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