Capitola, Greece without the Passport

From door to sand and sea, rows of pastel colored square houses at Capitola Seaside Village brings back child-like curiosity and imagination.

It’s our secret little Santorini, Greece in this surfer beach lover playground of Santa Cruz County California.

It’s the times we got lost in a beautiful moment that we remember how good life was not the times we got lost impressing people and chasing the world.

So, why spend thousands of dollars on International Travel when you can just drive and pay for gas.

Why travel stressed from origin to destination and repeat because of the pandemic restrictions and its what if’s when we have options for quick relaxing beach escapes .

Why not a day trip or overnight getaway that takes you to another country without the hassle of applying for a passport and proof of COVID-19 vaccination?

The California Dream saved us when we needed it the most but we made sure it’s a story about us, the joy and struggles, the beginning and the work in progress. We made a huge mistake listening to other people’s dreams before, NOT happening again.

We are now at the corner of having COVID-19 in control through vaccination. Why can’t we just wait a bit longer doubling down safety measures until the other half of our fellow Americans gets vaccinated from the more infectious, deadlier variants like the B.1.1.7? What’s a few more weeks or months of patience when it means everyone gets to enjoy visiting other countries where everyone are also vaccinated and protected? We can’t be in this vicious cycle of countries infecting other countries then blaming everyone else except oneself with anger and violence.

61,000 more Americans mostly unvaccinated and at the prime of their lives will die by July 1st as Governors after Governors lift all safety mandates including the effective lifesaver mask wearing. Together with full reopening and mass gatherings, that hopeful corner may turn around towards disaster.

It’s okay to revisit places and moments where we are most happy for as much and as long as we need.

December to January death peak of 3,000-4,000 a day wasn’t that long ago. Unless we are God, we are not certain that this won’t happen again. Pride, ignorance and no protection are what fuels COVID-19 surges. The constant mutations just made it easier to increase hospitalizations. The pattern of surges had been like that and all are preventable.

Global travel now sounds liberating, but experiencing our best years ahead is a better long term investment. We get to have our fun moments again and again and not just only once or twice.

Signs are there to remind us to slow down and be more cautious. Age never a guarantee.

Greece without the passport? Why not.

If we can imagine it, then it’s real enough.

Take a picture because you want to capture and relive an amazing moment NOT so we can please others and present a lifestyle that was never real. There’s more to life than Instagram and Facebook. Best adventure is no social media. Delete the app before it deletes the real you.

There are a lot of great adventures and destinations from minutes to hours around us. Being a local tourist in my side of California made me discover gems and treasures otherwise I wouldn’t have known if my idea of vacation is flying out somewhere new. It took a pandemic for me to realize the blessings I already have. So Amen to that and wishing all an Easter full of life and lots of happy new adventures.

“Imagination is magic that can take us anywhere.”

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Just A Dad With A Dream.
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11 Responses to Capitola, Greece without the Passport

  1. Msdedeng says:

    Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to travel 🙂

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  2. Lesley says:

    Wonderful photos and great post. I agree, whichever country we live in there are gorgeous places to visit without the need to travel abroad just yet. With a bit of patience, we’ll be able to some time soon. I hope our leaders can resist the pressure put upon them to lift restrictions too soon.

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  3. Wow, those are amazing pics, and I truly appreciate you bringing the world to me during times of the pandemic. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Well said. This pandemic has forced us to explore more of what’s in our backyard, and that’s been fun. It’s also forced us to be patient and to just slow down. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Take care.

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  5. ourcrossings says:

    In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy always wanted to go over the rainbow only to discover that there is no place like home. As much as I love traveling I don’t want to be my only source of happiness. We all should step into your backyard, into our local park, onto our neighbourhood streets, and take notice. Whether our roots are planted in soft soil or city concrete, as long as our feet are planted on earth, there is still plenty of wild beauty to be noticed. From the fauna in the forest to the sprouts of grass reaching up from the cracks in the sidewalk, the wild refuses to be tamed and will always find a breakthrough. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Aiva 🙂

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    • At disneyworld there was this ride that had wizard of oz in it. It was the great movie ride and I miss it til this very day. It showed great movies form the ole days of Hollywood. Lithe Hollywood now is well… not so great.

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  6. Ab says:

    Beautiful pictures! I actually thought they were from a different country at first. Must be so nice to have such beautiful scenery so close by.

    Agreed that we need to tough it out a little bit longer. There was footage on social media yesterday of hundreds of people inside one of our malls despite restrictions. Makes me both angry and sad people have such disregard for others that shopping is more of a priority than safety right now!

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  7. Wishing you and your fam an Easter full of life and Happy New Adventures as well! I agree with the wisdom you shared, that of following one’s own dreams not other people’s and taking pictures not to impress but to conserve memories.

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  8. arlene says:

    Nice to see you back again. Such beautiful captures.


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