The Other Karen

Until last year’s rise of Anti-Racism Movement, I didn’t know Karen is a widely used name to label a female person who commits Racial shaming, assault or prejudice to a Person of Color. Videos of them were all over You Tube, Social Media feeds like Insta and FB. It was all over the news and was the start of people getting concerned ( NOT authorities nor our government ) with the increasing trend of Asian and Pacific Islander Hate Crimes, Pandemic Essential Healthcare “Heroes” included.

Art has no price tag when it comes to how it meant for the Artist.

Personally, I think the label is offensive, degrading, insensitive. Karen is a common name around the world, and many person named Karen had been a victim of Racism, Inequality and Discrimination themselves.

So today, I’m sharing a different Karen. A Karen that is selfless, brave, kind, just, wonderful , humble, generous, caring, an inspiration to those who took time to know her. A Karen that is a wife, mother, daughter and sister. A Karen that is friend and family to all. A Karen that sees people for the goodness of their hearts and not by how people look or their social status.

Rich girl, boy with no bank account but has big dreams. Love doesn’t discriminate. Love is hope and courage against all odds and unfortunate events that will try to break it apart. Love heals. Love help us see life as it should be…beautiful, colorful, happy.

The Other Karen Series

I haven’t painted for more than 10 years, but my wife kept asking me to make her one. She has this favorite artist that she wants me to get my inspiration from but until weeks after I was done with the painting did I realize the face of the woman is her.

What the heart knows, the hand holding a paintbrush simply follows. She is my Karen, the loving wife who carried my heart when pain and sadness was too much that giving up on life was an easier alternative. She is my Wonder Woman who fought for me when no one did. She believed in my dreams jumping from one country to another, State to State, city to city not knowing what awaits at our destination.

Behind a man still standing is a strong woman who supports him through his worst and when he is most vulnerable.

Karen is not a label nor a tool to be used for a movement. She is a person. She is a human being like you and me. And right know, she’s preparing my coffee with lots of love to make sure my day will be more than just okay.

She’s a homebody who would rather do kitchen and home stuff but does not think twice when I asked her to go to the beach with me knowing how much I needed the ocean. The Karen I know will choose first what makes me and our son happy before her happiness. This is the Karen I want people to remember because she is truly a beautiful person with a beautiful name.

“True richness and beauty of people are not measured with money, power, popularity or aesthetic superficiality but how rich and beautiful their heart is with genuine acts of love and kindness.”

#StopAsianHateCrimes …Stop Violence on Women.

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  2. Brett Sale says:

    Loved reading this. Thank you for sharing.


    • The news and social media often show only the other side or what’s more negative and sensational. I guess that is what sells. Goody stuff doesn’t. Blog writers however tell it as it is because we don’t get paid or given free stuff. We don’t compromise integrity for worldly superficiality and threat.

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  3. johnruthie says:

    Nice 👌

    On Tue, Mar 30, 2021, 7:39 PM This Man’s Journey wrote:

    > Island Traveler posted: ” Until last year’s rise of Anti-Racism Movement, > I didn’t know Karen is a widely used name to label a female person who > commits Racial shaming, assault or prejudice to a Person of Color. Videos > of them were all over You Tube, Social Media feeds like Insta” >


    • People found a way to make an offensive label and action seemingly funny but it isn’t. Last night Racial prejudice and violence was just the start. This year it is full blown and still not much is being done. To walk the streets feeling unsafe because of how we look is a sign a Nation with both its leaders and citizens has failed. Thanks for the feedback.


  4. rkrontheroad says:

    I agree that this label is totally inappropriate. Thanks for sharing your Karen with us. Lovely portraits. My thoughts also go to the ethnic Karen people of Myanmar who have been the target of persecution.


  5. Thank you for this. My younger sister is named Caryn (pronounced the same as Karen, but just has a different spelling) and has been teased because of all the negative “Karen” associations. I completely agree that “Karen” is not a label nor a tool to be used for a movement, especially when a side effect is that it is now being used to alienate people who are actually named Karen (or Caryn).

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    • Hardly anyone is speaking out of what labeling & negative publicity is doing to real people affected by Karen Racism Related videos and memes. They seem amusing & humorous at first glance for the unaffected until we dig deeper of what it really means and it’s consequences. Stereotyping and tolerated subtle acts of Racism and indifference shouldn’t be allowed entertaining they may be. We need to call Racist perpetrators with whatever their real name is, & not victimized more who has nothing to do with the Racist incidents. The social media platforms and their users needs to reflect on what they are watching with a question, “What if that’s me?” Thanks for the feedback.

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  6. What an amazing way to honor your wife! To tell us about a Karen who is a genuinely good person and not just an internet meme.

    I know next to nothing about what’s trending on the Big Three social media sites or You Tube. And I like it that way. Frankly, I don’t want to be programmed.

    I’m not on Facebook anymore. I keep my face in the Good Book (the Holy Bible).

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    • Thanks David. Yes, the main great source of life’s best is the Bible. It is sad that people keep looking for happiness & inspiration at all the wrong and fleeting, superficial sources. We can’t take all the things we think are important now when we are gone. No one lives forever. Yet, people think and behave like they are. Covid thought us one thing clear, our time can end anytime , and only God controls that. No influencer or famous person can predict our tomorrow nor make our lives truly better. God bless and take care.


  7. Ab says:

    This is such a beautiful and positive message! And what a lovely and bright painting. I agree with you that labels really don’t help combat the larger issue. It just adds more fuel to the fire. Call the behaviour for what it is. Thanks for sharing this uplifting message today!

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  8. restlessjo says:

    Wonderful that you met your Karen and that you are so happy together. Some things are just meant to be, but still it takes work. I like the paintings too. Wishing you all a happy Easter 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Jo. Most marriage are rocked or broken by our ties to our parents and siblings. Some can’t let go and set their love ones free and will create this never ending mental and emotional tug of war “choose us or choose her,” “loose her or loose us.” Even the nicest person on Earth have their limits and sadly it has to be really bad before the victim decides to scream, “stop,” or just ghost everyone who broke his or her heart. Family abuse comes in many forms masked with a lie that it’s done out of love. It’s not. People see this guy who smiles a lot and tries to make everyone happy not seeing how broken he is until it was too late. Happy Easter Jo, thanks 🙏

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