Are We Ready For The First COVID-19 Surge of 2021? Will History Repeat Itself?

A year ago, we were so afraid of COVID-19 that we stayed home for months during the lockdown and followed CDC guidelines even to an excess. Streets were hauntingly empty. The world overnight was in a mix of chaos and standstill. Time and travel froze.

Businesses have closed for good. People have died. Children left orphaned. We can’t erase the pain and loss. No shortcuts but in time, things will get better if “All” work together.

And now? That fear is mostly gone as vaccine is here and many accepted the pandemic fatigue as okay. Mask has been tossed, even burned. Mask mandates and safety guidelines had been hurriedly lifted like the virus and its more infectious variants suddenly just disappeared. It hasn’t!

Warnings no longer work.

Many are back to pre-pandemic lifestyle regardless of Science and daily positive cases of new infections, deaths and hospitalizations. Yes, the numbers are greatly reduced but the constantly mutating virus is now more widespread than it was a year ago.

People around me act surprised when family and friends still get COVID-19 after their vaccination. Why? Weren’t we told it’s NOT a cure? It was created to lessen the severity of the disease symptoms and complications. It was meant to prevent us from being hospitalized and from dying.

This is normal now everywhere. Weekends? Good luck finding a parking space.

As for Herd Immunity, that takes time and unity. We are far from it but to prevent more anger and unrest, leaders are pressured to give assurance and promises. I wish they are true but as a frontline Heathcare worker, I’m seeing the same trend and pattern. Nothing change in 2021 except the vaccine arrival.

They defied and mock COVID-19 warnings Spring 2020. Now, they are doing it again, only it’s happening to almost every state, not just Florida. When enjoyment becomes more important than keeping everyone safe and ending the pandemic, we have a very serious problem.

If people are truly paying attention to data like the daily COVID-19 Tracker by John Hopkins University and the events around the country from Spring Break beach parties to mass gatherings, in a matter of several weeks, likely by April, the first Surge or Wave of the new COVID-19 variants for 2021 will begin. Perhaps the vaccinated needed have to worry much but what about those who haven’t and the vulnerable?

Death hasn’t stopped, just slowed down, waiting for its next momentum.

The Flu Vaccine has NOT stop people from getting sick or die from the common Flu year after year, what makes COVID-19 anymore different? We were warned COVID-19 does not discriminate and it is relentless in its pursuit to cause harm. The warnings are still effective and very real.

The heart gets what the heart wants. So we stopped listening. Avoidable Surges doesn’t bother nor scare us anymore.

Thank God there is light now at the end of the tunnel but the distance from that light to where we are is still far and non-negotiable. There are no shortcuts. Politics and bullshit doesn’t work. To assume there is or to ignore the signs and warnings again will bring us back exactly to where we were a year ago.

We’re in the corner of finishing the race but many took a short cut and went straight to full anything goes celebratory mode.

I want to let go of COVID-19. I want to just move forward because it’s too exhausting and negative, but I feel I have the responsibility to warn others as we are heading to repeat the devastating and deadly historical events of 2020.

Change happens when people come together willing to sacrifice and work hard to make it happen. No shortcuts but it will be worth it.

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21 Responses to Are We Ready For The First COVID-19 Surge of 2021? Will History Repeat Itself?

  1. restlessjo says:

    Restrictions are still in place here and will continue because we are very slow at obtaining the vaccine. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. But I so wish I could visit my family in the UK. Take good care of you and yours. 🙂 🙂


    • Thanks for the feedback. My wife will be getting the J & J vaccine this afternoon together with our neighbor. Thank God. It’s so unfair she’s been living in covid fear while I’m not after my vaccination. Everyone should be vaccinated by now regardless of age. Death knows no age. Covid doesn’t have a favorite. Anyone can die or have severe long term complications. Stay safe my friend.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Very well said!


  3. Atul says:

    well written.


    • Thanks. More than a year after the global pandemic, we thought people will be wiser, more cautious but it’s the opposite. So the outcome despite of vaccines is also predictable and no brainer. It will be an interesting Spring and Summer. Me, it’s “Try to enjoy life but with mask and all,” because it worked without the vaccine. Stay safe.


  4. gifted50 says:

    You echo ALL of my fears, as I watch warily on to happenings.
    The fear is real. Thank you for this.


    • Thank you. Fear though will keep us safe and hopefully alive. Many young ones now think they are invulnerable, it’s just a matter of time the virus outsmart humans because we allowed it with our attitude and behavior. I’m actually not afraid of covid anymore as it’s my everyday life and work but I’m afraid of how people are acting and acting out. Take care.

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  5. Ab says:

    I can understand your concern. I think the vaccine gives us a good reason to hope but there’s still a long ways to go.

    I hope people continue to wear masks. It a show of respect and solidarity for people who are still not vaccinated and that we are all in this together. I think that will go a long way to keeping infection cases down.

    And a gradual reopening and not too rushed.

    I think an increase in cases is inevitable as warmer weather arrives and people want to go out and hang out.

    Hang in there and stay well and safe!


    • Thanks Ab. There are two more infectious new strains now in California plus the U.K. one. The behavior and mood however in general is that it’s over because part of the population are vaccinated. I’m seeing more confirmed positive cases the past 10 days. This should be more in places with “anything goes party fun mode,” has been adapted. The virus has mutated strong enough to withstand previous treatment and lessen effects of the vaccine. I’ve seen people vaccinated & still got COVID-19, but with less severe symptoms. It will take months for global vaccination but people are already traveling internationally. Some days, I just shake my head because it’s too unbelievable. Take care.

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      • Ab says:

        It’s a little nuts. I can’t blame people for being restless and fatigued from the pandemic but it is nonetheless so so frustrating. We’ve all held out for this long. Just tough it for just a little bit longer!!!


        • Just like Fauci said, “We are at the corner, hang on a little bit longer.” Unfortunately, millions already are not listening in the U.S. & Spring Break party & travel is in full speed. Take care my friend. Thanks.

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          • Ab says:

            Yah, the Miami Beach photos are just awful and it’s gonna get worse and weather gets better. Definitely third wave now! Hopefully the vaccination rates will help balance out some of the bad. Hang in there!!!


            • Thanks Ab. I’m hopeful with the vaccination. It’s now “ wait and see” or some states “see” mode with full reopening. Stay safe. Happy weekend.

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            • Thank you Ab. Though I’m not really scared anymore of Covid, my family and I are more cautious than last year knowing the numbers of the B.117 strain is already increasing in my community while everything has reopened and people are having a “I can do whatever” mind set. We were at the corner of controlling the infection but many decided to cut corners. The next surge will save many elderlies vaccinated already but we will loose many young and middle age people at the prime of their lives that’s not vaccinated yet. It’s tempting to stop wearing mask and do whatever but realizing I have a 15 year old that depends on my being healthy instantly wakes me up from being selfish. Take care my friend and hang in there too. Life and adventure is still beautiful and fun with mask and distancing. We already knew that but more needs to see and know out there. 🙏

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              • Ab says:

                It’s very reassuring to see the vaccines working on the elderly. Where we are, 55+ are now getting access to register for their vaccines. Covid cases in long term care homes are all but gone. So in one sense that is very reassuring. But as you noted, more variant cases and deaths among younger people. So we still need to be vigilant. We just entered a four week lockdown but I suspect lots of people will be getting together which is so frustrating!


              • Stay safe always my friend. I never understood the response of many Americans to the virus. We have more cases than other countries presently having lockdowns, yet many decided to just reset life pre-pandemic regardless of CDC warnings. It’s tragic when 3,000-4,000 deaths a day at its surge peak was seen as made up by some or does not awaken people to change and care. From politics , economy, pandemic, deadly violence and Racial Hate, the country is in a “mess up” cycle with no signs of changing because many are refusing to change. Unity for now is but a fantasy. News is all about them everyday that it’s tiresome. Need to change my morning routine & just skip the news events. Take care. Always positively refreshing to read your feedback.

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              • Ab says:

                Yes it is both disturbing and depressing. You have more people dying per day than the total number of people on 9/11 and yet it still doesn’t seem to register for a majority of the citizens. Very messed up indeed! Hang in there. Despite all of this, I do feel we are on the second half of this pandemic and there is an achievable end now!


              • Yes, it really feels all this be over just a matter of time. Countries whose citizens and leaders are doing what’s needed will reach the finish lines first and have their well deserve normalcy. Thanks 🙏

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  6. But, just as you wrote, there are always those that will not try to abide by any rules or suggestions and continue as though it is a pre-Covid world. Unfortunately nothing anyone does or says will change their thinking. They are selfish and inconsiderate but they already know that. Great piece


    • I agree. What’s happening in Miami and elsewhere were defiance and lawlessness overwhelms even the police is tragic. It is also a clear sign why even Fauci thinks the 4th pandemic surge will happen. In about 4 weeks, hospitals will start being overwhelmed again, but that doesn’t really matter for those who never cared to begin with. Stay safe my friend. Light at the end of the tunnel awaits for those who tried to keep themselves and others safe.

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