California COVID-19 New Variant Mutation: Truth and Predictions

New Year, New Strain

It only took days for California to reach its third million COVID-19 cases and less than a month for more than 5,000 L.A. county residents to die from the invincible killer.

441,454 Americans dead as a result of the pandemic. 40,945 of them are Californians.

Today, 1,789 people in the U.S. lost their battle to the disease.

“We are more than just numbers. We are people with lives and families. It’s never okay when people selfishly thinks theirs is better than ours.”

Early morning today, the U.S. already has 110,470 COVID-19 newly infected. 1,877 of them may die or suffer from the debilitating chronic complications within 2-4 weeks.

These signs should have been an alarm that there is a new variant more infectious and deadly being spread within and outside California but our focus is somewhere else. The heart is somewhere else.

It is easier to pretend it is not happening so we can convince ourselves we can gain back everything that were taken away.

Realistically, we won’t go back to normal. Life, the way we knew then before COVID-19 will be a memory, at least for the next several years.

We will see a saw-like pandemic pattern of surges and plateauing until a global herd immunity happens. Global, because we can’t stop people from traveling. That would be a “huge freedom” violation issue even if life-threatening surges are at its peak and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Every 6-8 weeks predictable and preventable surges will happen post reopening and post holidays.

We will be wearing a mask for a long time if we want to outlive the constantly mutating resistant virus.

The COVID-19 virus learned to adapt quickly for long term survival but humans haven’t.

We gave the virus a year to be stronger, smarter, more contagious because till now, many of us are still ambivalent, defiant, confused, selfish and unbelievably, in denial. The virus is not.

Global focus is on the new more contagious U.K., South African and Brazilian COVID-19 strains but hardly anyone is talking about the California variant that currently may have placed California as the most infected and deadliest State in the U.S.

By April, America will reach its 500,000 predicted deaths.

End of 2021, more than 50 million Americans will be infected and close to a million dead from the many strains of COVID-19.

New Normal has gotten old and “COVID-19 fatigue” is now an “okay excuse” to disregard safety mandates while the consequences for failure to compromise continues to bring tragic loss in lives, health and economy.

Justice won’t happen fairly in 2021. The Goliath’s will keep bullying the David’s and our government will allow it. Didn’t this just happened with the stock market when Penny earners were punished by the powerful Millionaires and Billionaires for trying to make some money at a time when people are simply trying to survive?

Recent California Stay-at-Home did not stop many Californians from going out. It simply crippled many businesses and made more people loose their jobs.

The Lockdowns has targeted the same victims and has become more visibly inhuman. The rich however gets richer by taking advantage of the turbulence, fear and chaos brought by the pandemic. The rich also get freebie bailouts. No one really tracks if hard-earned tax payers money goes to those who desperately need them. Even prisoners got unemployment checks last year while struggling families starved and in constant worry of evictions.

Gross corruption happened in 2020. It will again in 2021. Will we do something about it? Probably not.

Whether we accept it or not, the many new strains of COVID-19, just like the Influenza are here to stay year after year but many of us won’t. This is the truth our leaders don’t want us to fully know because then mass vaccination for the old variant will fail and herd immunity will become an impossibility.

Speaking of herd immunity, based on infection numbers, people’s willingness to get the vaccine, delays in vaccination and rate of virus mutation, it will happen in the next several years, not in 2021, not even 2022.

Herd immunity requires people to unite and come together. Something many of us based on recent events are lacking of starting from our political leaders. When self becomes more important than what’s good for all, we are doomed to fail again and again.

So, what to do until everyone gets on board? Keep following the CDC guidelines that kept you and your family safe, alive and healthy. Get vaccinated and stop worrying of its side effects. The benefits outweighs the risks of not getting it. There’s only one question really in getting the vaccine,”Would I rather have possibly the mild viral illness-like side effects of fever, headache, body aches, fatigue or the possibility of death and disability from being sick with COVID-19?” The answer is crystal clear for me and I didn’t hesitate once COVID-19 vaccine was offered a month ago for health workers at my work place.

2 weekends ago, we drove to Big Sur to enjoy our favorite burger at our favorite view. Wife and son stayed in the car while I took a few pictures outside the car, with mask of course. Never exchange the promises of this world for what’s truly precious… Family and the beautiful moments and experiences we share with them.

Do I feel safer seeing how people are now responding to the pandemic? No. Do I feel more confident to do my work knowing I have antibodies for the next several months? Yes. Will I keep wearing mask and PPE’s? Hell, yes! Mask alone kept me, my family and co-workers safe for a year. Science and experience are enough proof for me.

This will be my last piece about COVID-19 for 2021. I hope and pray my prediction will not come true but so far everything happened in 2020 and beginning of 2021. Some even worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Just because things are hard, crazy and chaotic doesn’t mean we can’t find our happiness.

“A person incapable of learning and changing the past is bound to repeat its loss, horrors and heartbreaks.”

2021 is hope to rewrite our stories with everything better, kinder, happier.

The Washington Post Article 2/19/2021. May we learn from a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened but it did. Shame on those who said COVID-19 deaths were a made up lie. Shame on the selfish and the arrogant for deliberately disrespecting the lives of those around them. We will never forget.

Never let anyone dictate the possibilities and greatness of the next chapters of our lives.

Life is too beautiful and fleeting to be owned by people, things, circumstances and the past.

Californians regardless of culture and ethnicity have several things in common. We are dreamers willing to take risks. We love nature outdoors and road trips. We need our freedom like we need air. We crave for adventure and always on the go. We are also capable of bringing change when called upon powerful enough the change lives and make our world a better place. We’re builders of something good, positive and inspiring. As long as we show responsibility and accountability, never be ashamed nor feel guilty for being who we are.

Try to enjoy and respect life with caution everyday because we’ll never know when our story ends.

Live, love, laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Never feel guilty for trying to be happy because many will always try to convince us that we do not deserve our happiness.

There is always another path to take, another door to open, another future to begin. Never settle nor neglect for what our heart truly deserves.

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14 Responses to California COVID-19 New Variant Mutation: Truth and Predictions

  1. ourcrossings says:

    This is so true – ”try to enjoy and respect life with caution everyday because we’ll never know when our story ends.” I was just reading in the paper that January was the deadliest COVID month in L.A and that there is a huge damage to Big Sur caused by the massive atmospheric river downpour. When is the world going to see the signs of hope? Ireland is in lockdown for another six weeks, and the government has said it is unlikely we will see any widespread reopening of the country by March 5. We are set to spend another summer here on the Emerald Isle. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂


    • Thanks Aiva. Hope things get better this year but for now, life and moments can still be enjoyed safely if we try. We drove just passed Bixby Bridge Big Sur on a weekday and it was like the world was just ours away from everything negative. Moments like this gives us joy and courage to face the not so fun moments. Take care and stay safe.


  2. restlessjo says:

    Thank you, sir, for trying to honestly address the issues. I still find it very hard to understand what is the best course. Lockdowns don’t seem to be effective, except in crippling small businesses, and once they cease we’re off on the merry-go-round again. I’m not a person who thinks in numbers. I only know that the population of America is huge. I don’t know how many people normally die there on a daily basis, of all the age-related illnesses. I don’t mean to undervalue anyone’s life and I know that this doesn’t only apply to older people but in my experience the deaths are the already vulnerable. I know of many who’ve had Covid-19 and are back to normal life. I don’t know how we balance the scales. Many lives are being destroyed by this virus but not by being ill themselves. I will continue to wear my mask and maintain distance but I don’t have a lot of faith in the measures being taken. And I so want to see my youngsters again. I’m sorry, and I appreciate how very difficult life must be in your profession.


    • Thanks Jo. I want to be hopeful like what some of our leaders are telling but the things I see, read, experience, which I know are also happening to many easily snaps away the optimism. I too will continue to wear the mask not just because it’s the best way to really be safe but more to protect those who haven’t been vaccinated yet like my wife and son, as well as co-workers who choose to wait being vaccinated. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel , but it’s a very long difficult tunnel. There are no short cuts & it’s easy to loose our way. It’s even possible to be rerouted back to where we started. But one thing is certain, we can’t return lives and what people have already lost. They were real & they happened. Take care & stay safe.

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  3. Ab says:

    I do feel a bit more hopeful about your leadership and how they approaching COVID. But it is still very disheartening to see people become so fatigued, in denial and/or complacent not about this virus. It’s the same over here in Canada too. Fatigue has made people complacent.

    I’m glad that you are vaccinated! And I’m glad you remain hopeful. There are still many reasons to celebrate each day and I know you will find those moments for yourself and your family!

    Stay safe and well!


    • Thanks Ab. Reading the U.S. news today regarding some States already lifting the mask & other safety measures just less than 2 months from January’s horrific worst of the pandemic is both frustrating & frightening. Less than 1/4 of the U.S. population is vaccinated and daily numbers are still the highest in the world but many including leaders are acting like everyone is now safe & life can just go back in an instant. Wanted to be optimistic but Spring 2021 surge is coming because people are celebrating freedom and fun too early. Personally, can’t join the band yet, wife & son are not vaccinated & it’ll be selfish of me to assume they will just be okay. Take care my friend & stay safe.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        Yes, when I read the US pandemic headlines – like Texas lifting the mask mandate – I just want to shake my head. I can only imagine how frustrating it must feel to have to live in the midst of that chaos and ridiculous decision making by the government. Hang in there. I do feel that we’ve turned a more positive corner though the end is still a bit off.


        • The good side, we will now see how effective the vaccine is without mask in the next several weeks & if indeed the numbers are going down for good. Till then, I’m wearing my mask. I still remembered how bad January 2021 was. Stay safe my friend. 🙏

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          • Ab says:

            Yes, good idea to keep your mask on. You don’t want to be the guinea pig! 🤣 Fingers crossed the cases keep going down!!!


            • Thanks Ab. Mississippi Governor interviewed this morning why he is removing the mandate including wearing mask despite of the U.S. now having more of the U.K. strains as high as 30-40% in other States. His answer didn’t make sense and reflects how the pandemic is viewed and treated by some in America. Obviously, Economy over Life is now more important. Potential threat for the 4th COVID-19 Spring Wave with the more infectious strain seem no longer relevant or important until it happens. Close to 530,000 AMERICANS DEAD from COVID-19 is never okay nor acceptable. It will forever haunt the families of the dead and the people who took care of the dead to their last breathe. Is America heading to repeat its mistakes in 2020 and allow more people to continue to die? Today’s news and events gives us a clear picture of what’s about to happen and it’s not fake nor lies. Stay safe my friend.


  4. Jorge Medico says:

    Good post. Hope everyone reads this!


    • Thanks. US is a unique country when it comes to its COVID-19 cases and response. That uniqueness never fails to surprise even for those that experiences the sickness daily just like today’s news. Been shaking me head for so long I develop neck stiffness. Stay safe.


    • Thanks. US positives average 65,000/day & high average deaths 2,000/day & some States and leaders now think this is okay by lifting mask mandates & emergency safety public health measures. Vaccine is NOT a cure but Scientific CDC measures are against a constantly mutating resistant virus. It’s no wonder US is the worst in COVID-19 in the world. Sad & shameful, 2020 is a painful reminder of what happens when people are in denial, proud, defiant, selfish. Realistically, 2021 COVID-19 will be several fold worse than where we were last year before things will truly get better. Pandemic’s worst last January was just less than 2 months ago but many already forgotten and given up. Same thinking after last years Spring Surge. I’m the only one vaccinated as a health worker in my family so I will continue what needs to be done to protect family & friends. Stay safe too.


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