We Should Be Angry For Allowing 130 Americans Die Every Hour From COVID-19

Wednesday, 3,124 Americans died from COVID-19 yet President Trump and his Minions keeps focusing on overthrowing the newly Elected President Biden.

California as of 12/15/20. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m frustrated. Something every health care worker had been experiencing for months, only it’s just worse. People don’t realize or just don’t care that we are humans too. We can break at any time. People have no idea how bad it is now. Perhaps when they visit the E.D. and wait for 10 hours to be seen by a doctor, or wait for days to get an ICU bed, they will realize the news is correct all along. Not everyone will have days to to spare between life and death.

President Trump and his Republican loyalists are pushing to toss the will of the people to stay rich and powerful while the rest of us are out of jobs, hungry, homeless, sick and dying.

Model still forecasts 500,000 deaths by April – CNN, 12/10/20

We will reach the daily predicted 4,000 deaths soon yet we are allowing this selfish evil madness to go on.

We should be angry. We should be furious. We should be out in the streets shouting for justice for our death and suffering for the past 9 months. Instead, we allowed ourselves to be bullied. We allowed fear, laziness and numbness to rule. The vaccine will not end the death and economic devastation of the pandemic, its people willing to try their best to make a difference. Till then, we need more body bags and portable morgues.

CNN news last week featured a Republican Pastor who was using Religion and the Bible to tell people the pandemic is NOT real and sadly, many of his followers believe him. I have a Bible too but it says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” NOT harm your neighbor and save yourself.

Surge over a surge. California & other States Healthcare systems are at the brink of catastrophe. It’s already in crisis and disaster mode. We had been since last week.

So many in America, even to their last breathe believes COVID-19 is NOT real, that they are dying of something else other than the truth the world already knows is true. What’s wrong with us? How do we expect to go back to normal in the distant future when we are in denial, defiance or indifferent? How do we rationalize to our children our irrational behavior and actions? How do we justify taking away our children’s hope and future by doing what we do now?

CDC director: US COVID-19 deaths likely to exceed 9/11 toll for 60 days – The Hill, 12/12/20

Please take COVID-19 seriously today and open our hearts to what’s really happening. America will have the darkest Christmas in decades. Krampus and Death will come down the chimney and knock on many doors to take away mom and dad.

ICU availability in Southern California at 0%, and it’s going to get worse, officials warn- Los Angeles Time, 12/17/20

How to bring happiness in a time of deep sadness? We can with a bit of creativity and lots of hopeful optimism. Don’t let COVID-19, Politics and Life Drama’s Grinched our Christmas.

It hurts my heart to tell my son we need to just make the most of everyday because his mom and dad are part of the dispensable Essentials that may get sick. I see a quiet sadness in his eyes but he understood the cruel reality of the new America will live in.

Sorry for not being able to respond to your comments lately. Been working in a community where everyone is a possible infectious COVID-19 source. So many sick of COVID-19 or having Flu-like symptoms that being depressed, tired and frustrated is just a normal everyday to a bedside Healthcare worker. We can cover the exterior with a nice superficial wrapping but the inside truth can never cover up the nightmare and ugliness we are forced to experience day in, day out.

The past 14 days of Christmas had been the happiest. We’d been playing Billiard, a present from his Advent Calendar. Its nice to see him so excited. New Normal, New Christmas Family Tradition.

In less than 2 weeks, many of our hospitals will run out ICU beds. Before Christmas, we will be begging for more help with critical and emergency care trained Medical Staff Professionals but there will be none. Unlike the vaccines and therapeutic treatments, we can NOT produce Doctors, Nurses and Respiratory Therapists from the lab unless we are GOD. When this event happens, we will witness an unimaginable horror we will never forget. The virus has already won so many times but pride and ego has blinded so many to change and fight. It’s an illusion to believe the pandemic will just go away next year like magic…even with the vaccine. Christmas miracle will not happen to those who refuse to try. Wearing a mask is a gift to live another day, another year.

A Family that celebrates everything with love and hope together, stays together. From our home to yours, Happy Holidays.

“Nothing heroic being placed in a work condition where you may leave your love ones behind any day now. It’s a death sentence but we don’t have a choice.”

Covid-19 now kills more than 1 American every minute. And the rate keeps accelerating as the death toll tops 300,000 – CNN 12/14/20

Today, we witness history as Americans receive the first batch of the COVID-19 vaccine. With humility and continued vigilance, it will be the beginning of the end to the pandemic. It is crucial that we do our part in taking the vaccine otherwise Herd Immunity will not happen. We can’t afford to fail this time. The U.S. just reached a horrifying milestone with 300,000 deaths. Many thought it was an exaggerated number, but here we are mourning the dead.

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25 Responses to We Should Be Angry For Allowing 130 Americans Die Every Hour From COVID-19

  1. Wishing us all a better 2021 after all that has happened in 2020. I feel your pain and just want you to know it is not unheard or ignored by us who know the sense of panic and frustration you are feeling on your side of the coast. New York was there during the earlier part of the pandemic and while we are not totally free of covid, it was a very painful lesson to learn as Covid ravaged the state and our frontline workers were in the same situation you were.
    Do not lose hope.. you are not alone.


    • Thank you. Stay safe too. Our battle to the pandemic is far from over before it gets better. We have a new strain here now in California other than the UK one. It isn’t a surprise though seeing how the numbers of sickness & death just skyrocketed in weeks. I appreciate the thoughtfulness. Take care.


  2. We all know this should not be happening! We know who is responsible for it to get so out of control! Let us never allow someone so unqualified to be in control of our Country ever again!


  3. Ab says:

    I am so sorry for the daily trauma and sadness you have to endure. As an outsider looking into the US, it is baffling and sad the current administration is not focusing more on the horrors of the pandemic and instead on his own selfish desires. I hope that despite the chaos, you and your family are able to enjoy some sort of a Christmas together. Stay safe and stay well!


    • Thanks Ab. Been awhile since I last responded, so much have haven’t since then from the worst pandemic to the violence at the Capitol. American did start 2021 with fireworks and more terrifying surprise anyone around the globe can see. I thought the new year will bring something better but so far, it’s just worse. I hope and pray for America’s new President Biden, his life and health is in danger as the threat is just close. The good news, I got my Pfizer covid vaccine, 2 doses total. Mask though will be here to stay. Take care my friend & best of blessings to you and your family. Happy New Year.

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      • Ab says:

        It’s so very nice to hear from you. I do wonder from time to time how you are doing. I know you don’t post much because of how insane your life is right now fighting covid in the front lines. I am glad to hear you have been vaccinated and are safer!

        The US – no offense – is just nuts right now. I can’t believe the news we are seeing every day. But I feel hopeful things will steer towards some positive direction on the 20th. Let us hope. Stay safe!


        • I just hope people will start giving new President Biden the chance to make everyone’s lives better before it’s too late. America is so in denial and so divided. People trying to claim it as theirs because they feel they are supreme not realizing this is actually the land of the Native Indians yet we never see them cause harm, violence , even death. It is also the land of migrants but now a faction of it is very unkind to migrants. We all are humans first, but many forgot their humanity. America will be great again once everyone realize unity and togetherness is what makes it great. Thanks .

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          • Ab says:

            President Biden has his work cut out work him and his team but I feel hopeful that the US is headed in the right direction now. There is a lot of divisiveness to over one but slowly the path to unity is there. Stay safe!!!


            • I’m hopeful too. It’s just sad that there’s so much hate. Last few days, news is about the snow storm in Texas & who’s to blame and the Asian American Hate crimes. 2021 started worse than 2020 as it carried over the was plus more. But yes, still hopeful things will get better. Stay safe.

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              • Ab says:

                I can only comment as an outsider looking in but the news seems to be more positive and there seems to be more on the ground support from your President instead of going golfing. 🙂 I do hope it gets better. The Asian hate crimes are always disappointing and scary to read about! Take care!


              • Yes, President Biden is truly a God sent & I pray Americans who are still blinded by Trump’s lies realize it and change before it’s too late. After the deadly violent Capitol attack on democracy last January incited by the former President, many really thought things could change but now, the very person and people behind it are back & nothing can be done because they are powerful and rich. White supremacy and Racism in America has become the new normal like COVID-19. It saddens me that my generation has failed but perhaps there’s hope with my son’s generation. Until people embrace selflessness, equality and kindness, healing & unification will take a very long time to happen and till then, many will suffer. Thanks for the encouragement, we all need it.

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              • Ab says:

                Racism and hatred will unfortunately never go away but it makes a big difference having a true leader at the top to help set the tone that his predecessor did not!


              • True. Racism was and is already in the hearts if not genes of people. Covid-19 just helped unmask people of their true selves. It’s scary to realize how rampant it is even in places of diversity like San Francisco and the Bay Area. Even crazier to realize our neighbors are actually not the people we thought they were all these years. For Unity to happen, people need to change first and be better.

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  4. rkrontheroad says:

    Thank you for being an essential worker and for your persuasive essay. I had to look up Krampus, a good metaphor for our predicament.


  5. chattykerry says:

    “We allowed fear, laziness and numbness to rule”
    So well said. We have failed to come together as a community and I am also angry/disappointed/sad. My beloved lung specialist has just died because he spent 80 hour weeks down here in Texas looking after Covid patients. He was 52 and in good health. RIP.


  6. Millions of us are very angry. It didn’t have to be this way.


    • I thought 2021 will be better , but it’s the worst first 18 days & it’s really all because of people’s choices and behavior. Watching the news makes me angry, sad, frustrated. Living it breaks my heart. I really hope people get it before they find themselves gasping for air alone dying along emergency room corridors and hallways. What’s happening in LA county will be a similar scene mid 2021 even with the vaccine because many simply gave up, & there the ones who never did. Stay safe.

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