100 Days Wear A Mask Challenge

Death Giving Versus Life Giving Christmas

Too many patients, not enough staff. Medical experts say hospitals and states must soon prepare to shift to crisis-care mode, a designation with standards for hospitals to navigate life-and-death decisions when they become overwhelmed. Crisis standards mean hospitals with too many patients and not enough staff likely will need to triage patients, prioritizing care to those mostly likely to benefit when demand outstrips resources. – USA Today, 12/7/20

Medical professionals dread the day they have to choose who lives and who dies but Triaging in a crisis mode means the dead and dying with a slim chance of survival will be left alone and the one with better chances of survival will be given emergent priority care.

Our faces has deep marks from prolong use of mask since March but worse are the deep marks and scars our hearts had to endure. Medical professionals are at their most vulnerable breaking point and at the brink of giving up.

California is back to Lockdown and Stay-at-Home Regional mandate restrictions effective last night, 12/6/20 till 1/4/2021. We have NOT learned the first time, so we are paying with our lives and losses every defiance, reckless and selfish behavior the second time. Harsh? Mean? We can’t afford being nice anymore because science and humanity did not and does not work on many people anymore.

At least three counties in the San Joaquin Valley have reached 0% capacity in their hospitals’ intensive care units, making the state’s agricultural hub the first area in California to become maxed out. – The L.A. Times, 12/9/20

We can’t say, “We were not warned.” We were given 9 months of daily warnings.

COVID-19 Fatigue should never be a reason not to care of what happens to the person next to us. It should never be an excuse when we are seeing above 2,000 deaths per days or have another 1 million new COVID-19 cases in 5 days. Where we are now in the worst, deadliest COVID-19 crisis in the world is because of people’s attitude, actions and behavior. We could have flatten the curve. We could have prevented the overwhelming surges in our hospitals and consequently deaths but many of us choose NOT to follow the warnings and restrictions. We chose personal enjoyment, freedom and comfort over sacrifice for the greater good.

‘behavior and cold weather’ are behind Covid-19 surge – CNN 12/7/20

Until it happens to us, we’ll never know the pain of losing a love one or the suffering of not being able to breathe.

100 Days Wear a Mask Challenge

President Biden is asking all of us to wear a mask for 100 days as one United States of America. We may need to wear a mask longer than that but imagine the possibility of eliminating COVID-19 because everyone set aside their differences and did what’s needed.

A Child’s Death in the Heartland Changes Community Views About COVID. 13-year old died of COVID-19 complications on Halloween. – The Kaiser News 12/8/20

San Francisco Downtown Streets empty …again! For those who knew by heart what this greatest city by the bay was, it’s the saddest scene.

The vaccine will not end the Death Giving but people will. The vaccine may give about 3 months of antibody protection but it’s changing our behaviors that will keep us safe in our lifetime.

This could be me. This could be you. This could be a family or a friend.

We need to be better. We need to be selfless. We need to give each other a chance to live and prosper. Anger, hate and blame has been a common effect of the pandemic on people but it doesn’t have to. We can choose to love and be kind to one another. Aren’t these the best gifts we could give someone this Christmas?

Another 260,000 new deaths from COVID-19 by next Spring. Our actions will determine if that happens or not. No one is innocent. Everyone is responsible and accountable. What affects one, affects all.

A month ago, people have higher chance of surviving COVID-19 in hospitals.

We will run out of ICU beds and or Staff by end of December. When that happens, people will die exponentially not just from COVID-19 but from other common medical emergencies like Stroke, Heart Attack and Trauma.

Everyone thought another lockdown won’t happen but here we are on our first week of another Stay-at-Home. Ain’t okay, amusing nor fair. It shouldn’t have come to this.

Today, first person receives Pfizer COVID-19 in UK. Hope is real and those who believe and wait patiently will still be alive to get it. – 12/8/20 BBC News

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4 Responses to 100 Days Wear A Mask Challenge

  1. ourcrossings says:

    It’s unbelievable that so many people still are choosing to ignore CDC guidance and local mandates on masks. I haven’t seen anyone in Sligo without one for a while. Of course, there are those who prefer, for some silly reason, to wear it under the nose. However, if you wear the mask in a floppy manner that doesn’t cover your mouth and nose properly, your risk of catching the virus will increase.

    Sadly, looks like this coronavirus is here for the long haul and who knows how it’s gonna play out in 2021! Stay safe and stay strong. Aiva


    • I haven’t been actively writing for awhile as the effects of the worst pandemic has finally got into to me. California is now the epicenter of death & sickness from Covid including the source of the new strain. It isn’t a surprise as many start defying guidelines many months ago. Covid will be here to stay more resistant and infectious every several months, but many people won’t. The truth is not comfortable, but it will keep us safer. Thanks. Take care.

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  2. “COVID-19 fatigue should never be a reason not to care what happens to the person next to us.”
    This just about sums it up, brother.


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