What Happens if U.S. Run Out of Hospital Beds and Medical Staff by Christmas?

“Treat our Healthcare Heroes with kindness. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t ignore their cry for much needed help. Don’t dismiss their real fears like nothing and insignificant. Don’t continually place them in the meanest, unsafest working conditions. Your heroes learn and remember. Your heroes hearts and spirits breaks. When it’s your time begging and crying for help, they may no longer be there.”

The US has reported its highest one-day Covid-19 death tally: Over 2,800 – CNN 12/3/20

We can manufacture more medications and ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients but we can not manufacture the license professionals that are needed to give and monitor them timely, safely.

Americans are dying of COVID-19 who, had they gotten sick a month earlier, would have lived. This is such a searingly ugly idea that it is worth repeating: Americans are likely dying of COVID-19 now who would have survived had they gotten September’s level of medical care. – The Atlantic, 12/4/20

For some with severe COVID-19 infection and complications it only takes minutes, hours or a few days from the time they arrive at the Emergency Room to death. This short window of emergent life and death situation depends on enough medical staff to administer the medications to treat COVID-19 and place patients on ventilators. Once on ventilators, ICU nurses are needed to monitor patients. Safe nurse to patient ratio is 1:2, ideally it’s 1:1. Once downgraded from ICU, patients still needs continuous care and monitoring by Telemetry and Medical-Surgical Nurses. Safest nurse to patient ratio is 1:5. The bigger the gap between the nurse to patient ratios, the higher the complications and death rate.

Monday, Clinics in our area are back to lockdown mode which means they will NOT see their patients in person because of concern of getting sick or dying. This will cause a flood of sick patients seeking care to our Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Clinics. For Bedside Healthcare Providers there will be no rest nor holidays this year.

Doctors and Nurses in hospitals and nursing homes have to relive the death scene like an auto play everyday. The trauma may take years to forget that is if that is even possible.

Imagine a hospital functioning with half of the medical professionals whose patient’s survival depends on. It’s terrifying and actually is at play in many of our hospitals now. This will reach crisis mode few weeks post Thanksgiving and Christmas when there may be no more beds and license staff to accommodate and care for the new severe COVID-19 cases. We will see patients in the hallways unmonitored. Some will die alone because medical staff will be triaging the sickest and most emergent when in a disaster. Just like everyone who is free to choose and decide, medical staff are trained to choose and decide which one they will save first when the numbers are overwhelming.

The grim numbers have unleashed devastation across the country: Trailers are turned into morgues and facilities are being converted to emergency hospitals to help respond to the surging number of patients. -CNN 12/1/20

El Paso Texas today. We may not be bothered because it’s still not happening as bad in our cities but we should. This could be us before the next Spring.


So what happens if most U.S. Hospitals run critically low on its medical staff during its darkest, longest COVID-19 surge? I don’t what to answer that because the possibility is more horrific than what we are already witnessing. I hope and pray I’m wrong, but the trend is spiking too fast, too quick. 2-4 weeks post Thanksgiving, America will experience a Tsunami COVID-19 wave many will wished they stayed home and listened.

My city is back on strict restrictions but many are no longer following. Thanksgiving week, outdoor dining and stores are packed with people. Millions of Americans hit the airport and planes where social distancing is impossible. Cities scarce of hospital beds and staff will start to refuse other cities whose hospitals are overwhelmed because they didn’t do the needed restrictions or precautions. Cities will start to save their own people first. Selfish? It’s nothing new. People had been selfish since the first day of COVID-19 National Lockdown.

Expert says, “I expect that the daily death rate will double in the next 10 days,” he said. “We’ll be seeing close to 4,000 deaths a day.” -CNN News, 10/27/20

Our lives depends not only on having PPE’s but on people’s choices and actions. This was me in March. This is me today. It will be the same if not worse for all Healthcare workers next year. Contrary to Vice President Pence announcement, Healthcare workers don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Another lie. 4 million new COVID-19 cases in November, wow!

There will be a mass exodus of nurses in places where they are treated unsafely, badly and paid poorly. Some will be tempted to go at the many COVID-19 outbreak epicenters in the country because of the monetary incentive, others will move to areas they have a higher chance of being alive. It’s already happening as you read this. It’s going to happen more as it gets worse.

CDC Prediction: 294.000-321,000 Americans dead by December 19 as millions travelled and celebrated Thanksgiving. A few days of enjoyment and family reunion is not worth having someone loose a lifetime. COVID-19 Christmas Death Giving and sickness will be the most heartbreaking reminder that freedom can have a grave price.

“Early in the pandemic, hospitals were competing for ventilators, COVID tests and personal protective equipment. Now, sites across the country are competing for nurses. The fall surge in COVID cases has turned hospital staffing into a sort of national bidding war, with hospitals willing to pay exorbitant wages to secure the nurses they need. That threatens to shift the supply of nurses toward more affluent areas, leaving rural and urban public hospitals short-staffed as the pandemic worsens, and some hospitals unable to care for critically ill patients.”- by Markian Hawryluk and Rae Ellen Bichell, Kaiser Health News

My worst COVID-19 fear is being intubated and placed on a ventilator. To wake up with complications so severe I can no longer work as a nurse nor take care of my family. To wake up with part of my lungs or limb missing or I can no longer walk or speak normally because of Stroke. No one knows what COVID-19 infection does to their body until it happens.

“No amount of money in this Earth is worth our health, life or happiness. On our last days, we will beg for more time and wished we didn’t waste them chasing the world or people.”

If we focus on the positives and being grateful, we might just find the joy we are missing.

I asked 6 days off to spend time with wife and son for Thanksgiving week. We stayed home, ate the food we love, watched TV, worked out together, redecorated and finished our DIY projects. Absolutely NO flying or traveling where crowds are.

I’m thankful to have food on our table. I’m thankful to have a family to share them with. I’m thankful that I’m still here healthy.

Black Friday, we took a day trip to our favorite roadside spot overlooking Big Sur. We shared Safeway chicken nuggets and Five Guys cheese burger inside the car before taking a short walk to see the ocean up close. Whatever we did, it was all about Family Quality Time and being safe. We slowed down because it’s the only way to enjoy and appreciate our precious borrowed time. We celebrated the Christmas joy early too because we needed it more than ever. We laughed till our bellies hurt and our jaws numbed.

My favorite moment was wife and son feeding me at the same time so I can rest and enjoy the view. Had to remind them, “Got only one mouth.”

“It’s okay to dream past tomorrow but always enjoy the dream we are thankful now. They go by quick before we even realize they’re already gone. These includes our job, health, life, family, friends, even moments we could have been happier.”

We’re celebrating Christmas early and longer. Everyone needs some joy and hope right now.

Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends. Thank you for all the inspiration and motivation this year. My world has been better, kinder because of all of you. Truly, I appreciate you. 🙏

“Truth is uncomfortable but it will keep us alive.”

Covid denial, can take forms ranging from a belief that Covid-19 is no more serious than a routine cold, or a belief that face masks aren’t effective at slowing the spread, to the idea that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax. – The Wall Street Journal 12/3/20

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6 Responses to What Happens if U.S. Run Out of Hospital Beds and Medical Staff by Christmas?

  1. empyreansong says:

    I really wish people will take this COVID-19 threat more seriously, because more people being careful will reduce the load on health workers. Someone I know fell ill and took a COVID-19 test recently, and tested positive. I was sad to hear that his boss said the test wasn’t probably correct, and that he should still come to work; that his body was reacting to a bit of stress, and it means he doesn’t know how to manage stress. My friend needs his job, so he had to comply.
    I’m glad he is recovering rapidly, but thinking about the fact that he still had to go to work when he was ill worries me. Who knows if he may have infected others? All we can do at this time is pray.
    My heart goes out to all the health workers. I pray for their joy and safety in this difficult time.


  2. SalGallaher says:

    I truly hope your country will start to take this serious and that the vaccine will be available soon.
    Glad you had time out with your family.
    Take care my friend


  3. Thank you so much for your great share,


  4. I am glad you got to enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving. It is so hard to understand what is really going on in our world. I do appreciate all I have and who I have in my life. I appreciate all of the healthcare and front line workers ❣ My heart hurts for all of those who suffer in so many ways (many we do not even realize, the toll this is taking on lives around the world).
    Peace, hope, health and blessings to you and your family 🙏🏻


  5. Ab says:

    I think so much about the healthcare workers and how they are being affected during this pandemic and the personal toll it must also be taking on their loved ones. I can only imagine the mental trauma they will be living with when this pandemic is long gone. Very thankful for them!

    I’m glad you got the 6 days of restful time with your family. Burgers by the beach and water and then a walk sounds just like heaven. More than ever, it’s these little moments that matter most!


  6. Thanks for your sobering posts about what’s really happening on the front lines, and behind the scenes of this pandemic.
    A doctor from a local hospital says that he supposes some people won’t realize how serious things are until someone dies waiting 10 hours to be triaged into his hospital’s emergency room.

    It’s great that you got to take some time off.
    My prayers continue for you and the brave people on your team. There’s 12 of you, right?

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