U.S. Entering COVID-19 Hell

We are entering COVID-19 Hell when words don’t work anymore and we are heading fast by the day to the predicted trajectory of 200,000 news cases and 2,000 deaths per day.

Yesterday, CNN news Anderson Cooper showed a video of a young male nurse who made a video while in the hospital bed for his son and wife. Gasping for air, he spoke of love, hope and goodbye. That was the last time his family saw him virtually. He died less than 2 weeks from time of showing initially symptoms of COVID-19.

I want to be brave. I wish I can be like the other people I see around me acting like there’s no pandemic at all. I wish I can ignore the news Thursday that 66,500 Americans were hospitalized from COVID-19, the highest ever for a single day during the pandemic, increasing by more than 40% in the past two weeks. I wish I didn’t have to care for the death toll that rose by at least 1,170 to a total of 242,979. I wish I didn’t have to see the rise of the COVID-19 infection in my own city so I didn’t have to worry, but there’s no escaping from it all. It is now the daily normal life and work of always being in the defensive side because it only take a few minutes of being off guard and it’s game over!

There is a group of people out there who despite of knowing they are highly infectious of COVID-19 goes out in public like it’s nothing. Unbelievable? It just happened yesterday, when a person rode a bus full of people despite of finding out that very day she was positive of COVID-19.

Please be careful out there. We may be doing everything we can to avoid getting sick and prevent others from being sick but many people are not. The numbers we see is the sad truth of what selfishness to Humanity and disbelief to Science can do.

‘People are going to die’: Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges- OLIVIA GOLDHILL of STAT / 11/19/20

We don’t want another lockdown but we also don’t want to wear a mask and stop social gatherings, so where does that lead us all?

Not seeing the danger doesn’t mean we are spared from falling into a cliff. The danger is real, so is the cliff.

‘No One Is Listening to Us’- Ed Yong, The Atlantic, 11/13/20

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35 Responses to U.S. Entering COVID-19 Hell

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  2. Cristine Orcino says:

    hello I hope u could follow me too 😊♥️


  3. judithhb says:

    Oh my friend, how we mourn for everyone with the presence of Covid19 hanging over them. We ave been so fortunate here in our islands paradise. Fast action has proven good for us. But still there are those apathetic, uncaring folk who don’t use the Covid app to check where they have been and won’t use masks. Take good care and know we are thinking of you from so very far away.


    • Thanks my friend. It’s a shame how many are acting here in the U.S.with Politics and COVID19. Apathy, uncaring, selfishness, ignorance, stubbornness are the norm but shouldn’t be. Until we start to care, COVID19 and U.S. will get worse and worse. The vaccine will not change how people are. Take care & be safe.


  4. It is amazing how stupidly stubborn some people can be! My husband and I are in the “at risk” group and have done EVERYTHING that we were told is the wise thing to do to protect ourselves. Through stress or age, I suddenly developed blood pressure spikes and aFib which led to two weekends in the ER. I wanted to use my hubby’s INR monitoring device, BUT my heart doctor’s company had a “policy” that I would have to go out and have a blood draw every week for 3 months before I could have a device at home. I dug my heels in and said, “I will not monitor at all if that is the only alternative. The second time in the ER they agreed with me and I have a Nurse come to the house and test me. My point is we have to be our own advocates because we cannot be guaranteed to receive it on faith.


    • lowestoftlad says:

      Once again, your comment illustrates the cruelty of the US healthcare ‘system’, run in large part by, and for, insurance companies at the expense of the vast majority. No amount of ‘advocacy’ – as admirable as that may be – can compensate for Single Payer, etc.


      • It is a heartbreaking reality. Many even won’t seek help until it’s already too late as they don’t have insurance. This is one of the reason why deaths are more prevalent to other cultures. Disparity in economics and resources has resulted to sickness and loss.


  5. It’s unbelievable how we can be so divided on a no brainer like wearing masks.


  6. Grislean says:

    It’s really sad that people aren’t taking it seriously. I actually got COVID at the beginning of October. Even before any results came in I self quarantined bc of symptoms alone. But it’s a bit upsetting because I was extremely careful and one of my family members wasn’t then came home still not taking it seriously and quarantining in their room and gave my entire family COVID. It spreads sooo easily but it also could’ve just been prevented. So on a larger scale, having had covid & knowing how bad it is, it’s super upsetting that people still don’t take it seriously and willingly for ex. expose everyone on a bus to it. To me it’s like why would I willingly want anyone to go thru what I did (or worse). Common sense but maybe not for everyone 💁🏻‍♀️

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    • I share your sentiment and take on COVID-19. It is very upsetting that it angers me sometimes when I see people just treating this outbreak like it doesn’t even exist. Many People who has not gotten sick or family members sick or does not work in the medical field stopped following the CDC guidelines , the excuse ,” COVID fatigue.” There should never be an excuse for something that potentially can debilitate or kill someone. It will be a very dark Christmas and it’s because of people’s choices. Stay safe always . Thanks for sharing.

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      • Grislean says:

        Thank you so much for your response! I hadn’t heard about COVID fatigue yet but it’s really sad that many people are just tired of being or keeping others safe. I hope things get better. Hopefully a vaccine in the future for better precautions that having to depend on everyone to do the right thing. Stay safe as well!


  7. Sirri says:

    England is in lockdown again and despite the impact on economy, we should have shut down a lot sooner. People are more relaxed and less scared, but seem to generally obey the rules, which are not quite as strict this time. Hopefully it will help to control the spread.


    • Sorry to hear that , hope COVID surge be over soon in England. Here in the U.S., which is now the COVID capital of the world, national Lockdown won’t happen till its 3,000-4,000 deaths a day because leaders are torn between saving economy versus saving lives, which is not entirely their fault because they are simply trying to follow what people want. We want to end covid but we don’t want sacrifice to make it happen, a mindset that is evident by our daily cases of positives, hospitalizations and death. Hell of our own making. Stay safe.


  8. Helleren Gregory says:

    Certainly not over! We’re shutting down here again, we never really opened up though. I’m in NorCal, luckily my family has taken this seriously.


  9. David says:

    Oh my, lions and tigers and bears.

    The media certainly has continued its assault on the uninformed. The new narrative is entirely political; lacking in science and logic (read common sense here).

    Infection rates are escalating in certain areas and declining in other areas.

    Take California for example. It is a border state with Mexico which has the highest rates of infection and deaths on the planet. I’ll bet you love your sanctuary cities now. Chicago, El Paso, Laredo, New York City, Miami, and other metropolitan areas that are havens for illegal immigrants have also seen spikes in the number of reported cases.

    What the lamestream media continues to hide from the citizenry is that mortality rates are on the decline. And you really have to dig to find that information. Why? Read the book: “COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science” and get a real overview of how Covid has been used by the left as yet another tool to control the masses. Yes, it is you who stock the grocery shelves, build the houses, repair our plumbing, cook our restaurant meals, sell us our clothing, etc, etc, etc, that are under attack. The elitists, those in government, teachers, welfare recipients and all others on the public dole could care less if there are forced lock downs and draconian regulations. Why? Because they continue to get paid! I personally know of teachers that received a salary increase and they have not set foot in a classroom in over one year.

    A recent survey shows that 92% of Americans are wearing face masks. They are everywhere! So why is virus continuing to spread? Simple answer: IT’S A VIRUS!!!! And you just don’t kill a virus with an antibiotic as you could were we dealing with a bacterial infection. Has anyone found a way to kill the common cold virus? Nada! Nyet! Nope! Hindi Po! Here in the Philippines we have mandatory face mask, face shield, and lock down regulations…and…not one of those interventions has lessened the spread of the virus. What it has done is to wreck the economy, drive up drug, alcohol, spousal, and child abuse, increased malnutrition and the resulting increase in other infections due to compromised immune systems.

    Where is your outcry for those dying from AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc, etc, etc. Oh, I forgot…those deaths don’t play in the new political narrative. An estimated 95,000 people (approximately 68,000 men and 27,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The first is tobacco, and the second is poor diet and physical inactivity. And improper diets and a lack of physical activity result in compromised immune systems. It is older persons and those with preexisting and underlying/unknown medical conditions that are most impacted by ANY viral outbreak. Yes, a small number of younger persons have succumbed to Covid-19, but without an autopsy, we have no clue as to their preexisting and underlying/unknown medical conditions.

    Wake up people!

    Death rates as recorded by marcotrends.net 2020-1950:
    2020 8.880
    1987 8.927 (The year I first visited S.E. Asia)
    1975 9.178 (The year I got married)
    1968 9.594 (The year I graduated high school)
    1950 9.649 (The year I was born. I now have a better chance of survival in 2020)


  10. Thank you for sharing such an honest and candid post on this topic! I agree 100% with you. As someone who is immunocompromised I am even more scared of the public not taking this seriously because I know that I am at increased risk of dying from this disease. Stay safe my blogger friend!


  11. “The danger is real and so is the cliff.” Now THAT is a powerful statement and SO true. It’s absolutely sad how divisive the pandemic has become. God help us.


    • Been updating Public Health of the positive results for COVID-19 yesterday , it’s the most I’ve seen in one day, which confirms what the news are warming us all. When the U.S. exhaust it’s critically trained health workers in the middle of the sudden worst surge, the death toll in New York last Spring will be something many States will experience themselves. It’s a dreadful thought but we don’t have to look far to know it will happen. Take care and stay safe my friend.

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  12. Ab says:

    I’m very sorry. The second wave is practically a tsunami. It’s horrible what’s happening in the US. But now even Canada is getting pretty bad. Hopefully this winter will emerge with some hope on the other side of it. Stay strong and safe!

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    • U.S. is entering its 4th Surge, the Winter Surge and it’s nothing like compared to Spring, Summer and Fall. It will test people of what’s truly in their hearts. It will break hearts and spirits because it will be very devastating. We need all the friends and family we can get to help us go through it, survive it. Take care my friend and stay safe always .

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      • Ab says:

        Yes it looks like pure hell right now. Even Canada’s case count had skyrocketed in the last four months. We’ll all need to hang in there. Take care!


  13. rkrontheroad says:

    A good description of our dilemma and a strong argument to stay vigilant. We still have a long way to go.


    • Hell is something people brought to themselves and 2-4 weeks post Thanksgiving, many will die because people wants are more important than what’s needed for the greater good. There is a safer way to enjoy the holidays, may not be like what we used to do every year but the spirit of love, joy and giving is the same if we see past traditions and expectations. Thanks.

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  14. JanBeek says:

    Yes, the danger is real… and those in denial are like ostriches. I wish they would get their heads out of the sand and show respect for their fellow humans!


    • Thanks . I shake my head in disbelief of what I’m seeing around my city and in the news. We’re on restrictions but many choose to ignore it this holidays. California we’ll catch up on the surge soon with other States as many decided not to follow Gov. Newsom’s anymore after his picture was taken dining out without mask and social distancing with friends and family at the time of the Fall Surge. Actions have consequence even if he said he took responsibility for it. It will cause thousands of lives for those that will decide to stop following the CDC mandates. People are on a thin line and will snap. People will give up easily because it’s been almost a year yet the pandemic is worse. Stay safe always my friend. We’re in this together.

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      • JanBeek says:

        Yes, we are… in this together. Don’t snap. Don’t tire of following the CDC guidelines. And continue to travel this rocky path with care. God bless you! ❤


  15. restlessjo says:

    What can you say about people who deliberately ignore having the virus? The video of the young nurse is harrowing. What a reward for public service! Please stay safe out there.


    • Thanks. It’s sad that many no longer gets moved by other people’s suffering or death. Loss, sickness and death doesn’t have to happen personally for people to see or change but it’s seems to be coming to that for some already. Stay safe.

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  16. Vinny says:

    Brilliant heartfelt blog.


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