U.S. 71 Days of Chaos Could Have Another 2.8 Million Americans Sick and 68,000 Die from COVID-19

I understand CNN Chris Cuomo’s concern last night of the potential havoc Trump and his self serving officials can make by withholding vital government information and funding to the newly elected President of the United States, President Biden.

A family that wears mask together hopefully stays together until this is all over.

Yesterday, Pfizer on their COVID-19 vaccine update made a bullish announcement that their early analysis suggests the vaccine is over 90 percent effective with 2 years observation period for the side effects and adverse reactions for its vaccine recipients. It is good news. However, we are celebrating too early. Mass vaccination won’t happen until safety supersedes effectivity. Do I want a vaccine that may protect me from COVID-19 but may also give me it’s complications or do I want a vaccine that is both effective and safe?

The new COVID-19 task force created by President Biden needs immediate funding and support to aid an emergent danger. In the last 7 days, we surpassed 100,000 new COVID-19 cases per day. The last several days, the predicted above 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 has come true.

Many decided to celebrate the Holidays early because the longer with let COVID-19 do it’s damage, the more tomorrow gets blurry.

How does this affect ALL Americans? For those that still follows Trump’s wisdom about COVID-19, they will continue to ignore mask mandates and distancing. For those that believe they will get the vaccine by December, some will let their guard down, stop wearing mark and just go on with life pre-pandemic.

Add this all together, in 71 days before the January 20, 2021 Presidential Inauguration, U.S. could possibly have an additional 2.8 Million Americans getting the new COVID-19 infection and 68,000 among them will die from its complications. I hope I am wrong but so far, everything had been happening.

The COVID-19 highly infectious virus doesn’t discriminate whether we are Republican supporters or Democrats. All it sees are people still divided and will use our weakness to its fullest advantage to bring more sickness, suffering, pain and loss.

We need to make people accountable for the decisions and actions they make today that harms and kills people. We need to give justice and closure to families who lost a love one because someone decides to ignore what needs to be done to protect everyone from COVID-19.

President Biden announced Saturday that we should give each other a chance because we are all Americans, but are we honestly giving each other a chance to live and prosper together?

We can live in the past and keep hurting each other or we can move forward, unite and start healing. Everything is a choice but choices have consequences that affects us all.

Minutes ago, CNN reports, “We are all entering COVID Hell.” Not some of us are entering COVID Hell, but all of us are entering COVID Hell.

Will empty streets, stay-at-home and business closures happen again? It’s really up to people’s attitude and behavior. It’s really up to an individual’s conscience and values.

There’s NO Red State or Blue State, there’s just One State, The United States.” – 46th U.S. President, Joe Biden

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12 Responses to U.S. 71 Days of Chaos Could Have Another 2.8 Million Americans Sick and 68,000 Die from COVID-19

  1. It’s simply astonishing to me that good Christian people (including many of my friends) think President Trump is wonderful. I don’t even talk about the election or politics at church, for fear of being lambasted. There seems to be this tendency among evangelicals to focus on the things Trump has done for religious liberty, protecting the unborn, and appointing conservative judges, while tolerating his abhorrent behavior and questionable character. I, however, disagree. Our current president lost my support when he separated innocent children from their parents at the Mexican border. The ACLU has determined that over 500 of these kids are STILL without their parents—stuck on this side of the border.

    Yet, I see posts every day by seemly sane Christian bloggers who appear to believe this whole “stop the steal” malarkey.

    I suppose I’m just a moderate democrat (in the vein of Bill Clinton)—minus the moral failures, I think he was a great president.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. God Bless you and your family. Keep staying safe!

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    • Thanks for sharing a comment that I hope will opens the eyes and hearts of people. Many forgotten their faith and humanity with COVID-19 and the Elections. To have 2 opposing Presidents and many people seeing themselves as Red or Blue and not as one Americans is a very sad, heartbreaking daily reminder of the much needed change and healing our country needs. U.S. is too far from the finish line because many are hurting and pulling each other down with division, selfishness and disbelief.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    O my goodness, I had no idea that the number of new cases in the United States is so high. That’s a staggering and worrying number 😬We are in the middle of the second wave and in the very strict level five lockdown yet again. Lives and livelihoods are being lost and people need to find strength to withstand another shutdown. Although it hasn’t been easy, we went from having well over 1,200 new cases per day to just 270. I’m happy to see everyone wearing a mask. If you enter a store without one, you cannot do your shopping and have to leave right away. Stay safe my friend 😄


    • Thanksgiving week has the worst numbers in the U.S. yet millions traveled to celebrate it with their friends and family despite of warnings, “postpone any family gatherings until we have the vaccine. Don’t it be the last Thanksgiving for our love ones.” Sunday will be the busiest both air and the road as Americans return home. The airports and planes were congested and will be a super spreader venue. 2 weeks from now, the Winter Surge begins and it will be several times worse than Fall Surge. More than 2,000 Americans dying everyday is unacceptable but many do accept it as normal. Stay safe my friend.


  4. Ab says:

    The vaccine news is certainly reason to feel hopeful. But I also like Biden’s approach. To remain cautious and pragmatic. If it had been Trump, he would’ve said the pandemic is over! We still have a stretch ahead so good to stay vigilant and cautious… hopeful and cautious!


    • I agree. I watched the replay of the person from Pfizer 3 times, people who will decide to get their first batch needs to observe themselves for its bad effects for 2 years. Getting it means we gave our informed consent to be a part of the global mass experiment. Wearing a mask alone kept me & my family safe, so are my co-workers close to a year now, so no hurry in our part. Stay safe my friend.

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      • Ab says:

        It will be interesting to see how mass vaccinations work. I definitely see people who will be rightfully cautious – like you and I – and then you’ll get the anti vaxxers who’ll have their conspiracy theories. It won’t be a straightforward road ahead unfortunately. But we are headed in the right path now!


        • So, far everyone I talk to at our work doesn’t want to get the first batch of the vaccine. Everyone made it for the year without being sick by just wearing the mask and PPE’s. Once we get the vaccine, we can’t reverse any possible adverse effects. We are getting a live vaccine after all. If the current community COVID-19 virus is already a different strain from the vaccine , that to will determine is mass vaccination will help end the pandemic in time. Also, Vaccinating people who don’t believe it even exist would be near impossible. Freedom will be used as a reason not too just like the mask. Unbelief and Freedom are the top reasons America failed with COVID-19.


  5. Vinny says:

    Very interesting read. I hope your country pulls together. Here in the UK we still have plenty of people who refuse to wear a mask.

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    • I was reading the success of Australia and New Zealand yesterday. These countries is a ray of hope and light of what can be accomplished if both people and leaders truly work together with everything they’ve got. The U.S. is a contrast of that. I don’t think we Americans will change after seeing millions travel for Thanksgiving despite of the emergent warnings of leaders, public’s health experts , doctors and news reports. I don’t really know what it will take for people to listen.

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