It Only Takes 1 Vote

What if that one vote, your vote that will decide how America will be in the next 4 years? Would we do everything to make sure our election ballots makes it on time?

We dropped of our ballots Friday and with it our hope for something better.

We voted for the future of our son and his generation. We voted so our country can hopefully unify, rise and be great again. We voted so we could live longer.

It only takes one vote for one chance for our country to unite in peace so we can as one nation under God stopped COVID-19 worst projection yet, 399,000 Americans dead by February 2021.

Close to a thousand death today. If at a minimum we reach 1,000 deaths per day. That’s 30,000 deaths per month, 90,000 deaths in 3 months.

At one spectrum, people are distancing as far as they can while the opposite spectrum as close as they can in group gatherings without mask. I did not imagine it. It’s happening around me. It is happening now.

Some people will not experience joy but loss during the fast approaching Winter Holidays and it’s something we all are responsible for. We can’t blame solely our leaders. We can’t blame another country for starting the pandemic. We can only blame ourselves for not caring enough to what happens to the person next to us.

The last minute Election messages and contrast of Trump and Biden are so clear that making our final choice seems like a no brainer. The question now is, “Are we voting for someone else’s belief or are we voting for the best interest of ourselves, our families and our beloved country, America?”

We watched the sunset yesterday by Ocean Beach inside our car. It would be nice to watch them one day outdoors not worrying if I get sick or the person next to me will get sick because of me.

We are part of the chain of reaction of the New Coronavirus cycle of infection. No one is exempted. No one is spared. No one is immune. No one is blameless. Everyone is responsible whether good or bad, life or death. It’s just easier to ignore our guilt and conscience. It just easier to blame someone else.

To vote for one self is easy but to vote for others is harder because it requires self sacrifice. Selfless or selfish?

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31 Responses to It Only Takes 1 Vote

  1. Sierra R. Childs says:

    Great blog post! We should all be voting!


    • We should. Can’t watch the election update today , so scary close. What happens to us in the next 4 years, critically end of this year and in 2021 is because of the majority who determined the fate & future of everyone. We can only try to change our world & circumstances for the better but not all hope comes to reality. Thanks for sharing.


  2. mikalatte says:

    Great post. Stay safe Americans and vote responsibly! Over here in Malaysia we had a Wave 3 due to a state election where procedures were not adhered to and lots of politics currently hitting hard at the ordinary citizens. Democracy is a two edged sword, hopefully leaders all over the world recognises the powers bestowed on them by the People who voted for them are meant to Serve the People and not the other way round.

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  3. M.B. Henry says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Stay safe.


  4. ourcrossings says:

    Only a few more days left until Election Day! Voting is the most important way to make our voices heard on the issues that concern us. With many people voting by mail, it’s gonna take longer to find out the results. Take care and fingers crossed 😊 Aiva


  5. I appreciate your discussion. We are almost to Election Day, but Covid won’t be going away for quite some time. Stay safe and healthy.


  6. Great post, also I have nominated you for inspirational blogger reward 🙂


  7. Ab says:

    Let’s hope your country wakes up to a new and more hopeful day on Wednesday!

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  8. What people have a hard time accepting (me included) is that millions of people believe in their heart that they ARE voting for the future of our nation, and for future generations. That true belief in their heart will cause one person to vote one way, and another person to vote another way. Yet, they both truly believe they are doing what is best for our nation. It is hard to understand. Yet, I do not hate anyone who votes different than me. I will vote from my heart, and pray for all of our leaders, and the people of our nation. There is a leader above all, and it is Him who I trust with all my heart. 🙏🏻


    • True. God truly is the great leader of our lives, & if only we follow his word and ways , we will be kinder to one another , & peace and love reigns for all. Yes, we vote from the heart. Tomorrow, what matters is we all move forward and help one another as Americans. We should never be divided because of politics. It was something created by man so it has flaws. We need something more divine to guide us towards something better. Thanks 🙏

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  9. lulu says:

    Voting was critical in this election. While I wasn’t thrilled by my choice, I fervently believe we must have a different voice.

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  10. You nailed the problem here: do I care as much for my fellow man as I do for myself?

    So much energy is being wasted on denying the impact of this pandemic, shifting blame, or taking about my “rights.”

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    • I agree. Things will turn out more positively if each person be a bit selfless . The pandemic feeds on our human faults and behaviors. I pray Biden wins because America will yet to see & experience the worst of deaths from the pandemic. The third surge will be the hardest and longest of them all. It needs all of the Nation’s people to work and truly care for each other. We set aside political affiliations & a greater good, our humanity. It’s the only way to win this infection.

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