Why I Skipped Halloween This Year

Every year, wife and I put up our Halloween Tree and decorate it with our scary friends. Our favorite are the Skulls and Death Keepers because they looked really frightening. Halloween Fest at Great America, Disneyland and Universal Studious were our other must-experience family traditions.

This year, we skipped Halloween. Why? Haven’t we been in one long Halloween horror ride already since COVID-19 scared the hell out of us? How many times have we seen real dead bodies in body bags and coffins? How many times has Death visited to claim the lives of both people we know and don’t know? So many times we stopped counting.

Krampus and Holidayz in Hell Pre-COVID Universal Studious LA.

I will miss my Halloween friends this year but we found new Fall friends who brought us the much needed happiness, positivity and cheer. So, perhaps next year. Besides, the Halloween scare more likely will extend till next year. Not doing Trick or Treating either. No one can really tell if they are infectious or not when handing candies to our innocent kids unless they did rapid COVID-19 test on the day of Halloween.

Won’t be saying Happy Halloween. A true concerned friend will say, “Be Safe” on Halloween so I’m saying just that, “Enjoy Halloween but just be safe.”

Passing through a cemetery today. We remember and pray for the dead. It is All Saint’s Day in other countries & tomorrow, All Soul’s Day. Never forget one’s Faith and cultural tradition. Some things are more important than party and fun.

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11 Responses to Why I Skipped Halloween This Year

  1. CattleCapers says:

    Very true. Family and faith is more important than parties and fun.


  2. ourcrossings says:

    We had to skip Halloween this year, too. Just a few days before it, the second lockdown with new rules and restrictions were introduced in Ireland. No household visits were allowed and certainly no trick and treat. It was sad to see our usually happy go lucky neighbourhood quieter than the graveyard. Fingers crossed we get to see our family and friends for Christmas. Take care. Aiva


  3. Thanks for sharing All Saints Day. It is even more important because we need to remember and value every life.


  4. Ab says:

    I’m very sorry you have to skip Halloween this year but I am glad that you have your fall friends to remind you to keep hopeful and positive!

    We didn’t celebrate Halloween tonight on the traditional sense. No trick or treating or giving out candy. But we did do a house party just for our little one. It was important for us to celebrate one of his favourite days.

    Hang in there and may we be able to celebrate this day again this time next year!

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    • Thanks Ab. Halloween didn’t feel right for me & my family this year. We needed something more than just fun. We needed joy and warmth , something that brings the coziness & comfort of home, thus the Fall inspired holiday spirit. Take care my friend.

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  5. Good for you that you are willing to press pause on your annual Halloween 🎃 activities out of respect for those who’ve battled COVID and lost. Also, as you mentioned, the safety of trick-or-treat under the circumstances is iffy.
    Looking ahead to Thanksgiving, my wife and I have already decided to stay home—rather than join with our extended family as usual. Pandemic fatigue is real, but so are the numbers, and they seem to be going nowhere but up. Blessings to you and yours, my friend.


    • Thanks David. Staying Home for Thanksgiving too. We are actually planning to limit going to stores & crowded public places by then. So many covid test appointments last night , a sign that health experts predictions is true. I’m sensing a nationwide surge 2 weeks post election. Stay safe my friend. Health is wealth. God bless.


  6. Scarlett79 says:

    Well that’s got to be the most depressing post I’ve read in a long time…You should really put a warning up so reader’s know they are going to be totally deflated after reading the post…You should really try, I mean at least try to look for something to be thankful for. Life would be so much easier it you did that !!!! Blessings


    • Thanks for sharing. Colors of Fall inspired us this year. Every year, it’s family pumpkin patch time but this year with COVID on the loose , we decided to bring Fall magic indoors. There was no trick or treating in my street Halloween night. Hardly any Halloween decors as well. I did see pumpkins by people’s front yard. I’ve seen people buying Christmas decors however. I think people just want to experience a bit of joy of the holidays this year.


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