U.S. Heading Towards Third Surge COVID-19 Crash

In the next several weeks, U.S. will again surpass 100,000 new COVID-19 cases per day. and more than 1,000 new deaths per day. The tragic possibility of 2,000-3,000 Americans dying everyday from both Influenza and COVID-19 will happen peak of Winter. We’re all riding the pandemic flight certain for a horrific crash. It’s not an if but when.

Lives had been changed. Lives had been taken away and will continue at an accelerated speed in the next 5 months. This will happen because warnings in any form doesn’t seem to work anymore. People are turning numb and tired of following safety guidelines. It was never a short term plan. The characteristics of COVID-19 requires long term change and patience. If we can’t do that, the virus wins even when an effective vaccine will be made available to everyone next year.

It’s too late to turn back the curve. We’d been given so many chances and wasted many of them. We are now trending towards a seemingly hopeless direction.

226,171 deaths and more than 8.7 million infection from COVID-19 in 9 months yet many still don’t believe wearing a mask and social distancing should be mandatory. Freedom and convenience won over Humanity and Patriotism.

Mask helps but not an assurance that we’re totally safe. The closer we are and the longer time we spend with a highly infectious person, the greater the chance of being infected. All healthcare workers knows this so they’re worries are legit and not a paranoia.

Observing how people respond and behave towards the pandemic makes the crash frighteningly predictable. We don’t have to be an expert to figure this out. The casualties will be enormous in both lives and economy. The rich will be spared,may even profit from it but everyone else will suffer.

Today, I will neither be Republican nor Democrat but an American that will try his best to do what is necessary to lessen the impact of COVID-19.

A country divided will not succeed. Diverse America needs to unify and be better for the next generation, our children. Diversity is strength. It is having the best minds and culture around the World. We should use that to our advantage. America is home, everyone who lives in it should defend it and do their part even if that means following CDC guidelines.

Today, I will be that American that will choose humility and call God to save his countrymen. I will plea for his forgiveness and deliverance. I will ask his help to make our country great again.

We trusted men and they failed. We trusted ourselves and we failed. It’s time to trust God and work together. It will be hard. It will be inconvenient. But perhaps, we may still have a chance to steer back on course to save our country from crashing and our people from dying.

COVID-19 virus will NOT go away. It will adapt and mutate to survive. Some of us however will not. Antibodies wears off after 4-5 months. Future vaccine effectivity if will luckily reach 50% means we all still have 50% chance of being sick. The vaccine is not a cure.

Heroes are not born but made. Heroes don’t command the army but leads the army by being the first person to fight and sacrifice self for the good of everyone. Is that hero already born in our lifetime? We’ll find out soon enough.

“Things don’t make sense. We are back to where we were in July with COVID-19 yet reopening is in full swing. Went to a restaurant yesterday and braved to eat outdoors when we saw no one was eating outside. Reason outdoor tables were empty was because people were eating indoors. The virus mode of transmission has not change. It’s still via infected droplets when people talk, sing, cough or sneeze. People don’t just eat in restaurants, we talk and eat. In a close space, the highly infectious droplets becomes airborne for a few hours. It only takes one infected person to begin the chain of infection in our communities.”

Target during the first week of lockdown. Will we see empty shelves again and people fighting for toilet paper?

Come November, wife and I agreed we will limit going out to stores and groceries like we did during the lockdown. Most buying will be online. We do not have the immunity of a millennial though our heart feels like one. Our 15-year old was already informed and agrees to our safety plan.

Wife and I in March. The Anniversary of the Pandemic will be much worse than the first. What have we all learned from it?

We may no longer have control of what happens outside but we still have control in making ourselves and our family safe inside our homes. We can’t change everyone nor save them but we can change ourselves and try surviving till all of this will be truly over.

Until we get infected, we don’t know how our body will respond to the virus. We can’t assume we may be asymptomatic or will have mild symptoms without complications. Assuming it could be nothing is very foolish.

No one wants to say goodbye. It’s unimaginable. No one wants to die. It’s seems unlikely. But the world over, many didn’t have the chance to say goodbye when their lives were taken swiftly., unexpectedly, shockingly.

A woman did not know she will die young. One day, she felt pain on her leg. The next day, she was hospitalized for altered mental status. Second day in ICU, she died. Her Chest x-ray shows full blown ground glass appearance seen in severe COVID-19 patients. She did not have the typical Flu-like symptoms of fever, sore throat , cough, shortness of breath, headache and body aches. She simply manifested with a complication called Deep Vein Thrombosis. Stories like hers we don’t hear in the news, but it’s happening around us. Her story can become our story.

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34 Responses to U.S. Heading Towards Third Surge COVID-19 Crash

  1. Hey I posted. Sorry for not posting in a while. Needed to focus on life.


  2. With hospitalizations surging in many areas, it is necessary for each of us to take responsibility for our own discipline to remain smart and safe.

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    • Agree. People who don’t work in the medical field nor visit E.R.’s & Hospitals don’t realize how bad it has been & how potentially bad it could get. When we used up & overwhelm our medical resources and staffing from a sudden surge of COVID-19 patients, massive deaths follow from lack of care. We’ve seen it happen in New York and Italy. It can easily happen again, but this time, healthcare workers and essentials will be included in the fatalities. It’s possible when everyday we work in hazardous conditions. Essentials & Frontliners are just humans. They get sick. They could die. They have families whom they may leave behind.

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  3. The Guat says:

    Mannnnnn I’m with you. It is super frustrating to see maskless people still trying to walk in stores. The lack of empathy and common sense is crazy. But A LOT of people won’t listen unless it happens to them and it’s serious. If they have no symptoms they think it’s a joke. That’s the worst. You are absolutely right. You don’t know how bodies will respond or how loved ones body will respond. It’s so frustrating because the longer they don’t listen the longer we are here. But as you said we focus on our family and what we can do. Sending you good vibes and stay safe.

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    • Thanks my friend . You stay safe and always protect your family. We can only try to do what’s needed. We are past words, warnings & numbers. Sadly , it has to get worse before change & realization happens. Friday at Costco yesterday looks like people will ran out of food & supplies. It’s not worth going to stores during rush hours. Going back to lockdown safety mode habits. Flu is here as well.

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  4. rulookingforjesus says:

    Very difficult for all of us we must come together to fight this

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  5. Terrifying… We hear in the news people there fighting for their ‘freedom’. This I don’t understand. Maybe it’s wrong to equate it to ‘selfishness’, but it’s difficult not to.
    In here the mindset is ‘sacrifice’ and ‘cooperation’, and ‘care for the vulnerable’. Whenever we wear a mask, I think these are what we have in mind. Anyway, remain safe. 🙂

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    • I don’t understand the freedom excuse either. When freedom is more important than the life of another human being, it’s very messed up and selfish . Of course, no one wants to be called selfish but it is what it is. Action speaks louder than words , & it is so deafening. Stay safe.

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  6. It’s terrifying to think about the extent to which this is on the rise again in so many areas, and I hate to say it but I feel there is only so much which can be done about it 😦

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    • It is terrifying, and frustrating. Many just want to go back to how life was when life of the past is gone with COVID-19. The wearing mask and distancing needs to be strictly observed at least for another year, if not, the vicious cycle continues to repeat. Stay safe.

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  7. On top of the pandemic, here is Southern California, the fires are ragging so fast it is devastating .

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  8. “Freedom and convenience won over Humanity and Patriotism.” That just about sums up the situation, brother.
    As another commenter said, “The truth is out there, but some people don’t want to hear it.”
    God help us.


    • I agree. People found a way to be callous to the truth. Eyes, ears and heart had been closed. It’s easier not to feel and care because it makes ignoring the truth painless. What goes around , comes around. The cycle will keep repeating until everyone works hard together to prevent the worst of the 3rd surge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay safe my friend.

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  9. Writer lily says:

    I’m you guys have to go through this. This pandemic has really brought out the true colours of people. It really baffles me how others can be so selfish with their health and the health of those around them.
    I’m from Melbourne and we just had a hard lockdown. The people didn’t want it and went so far to call the person who was only trying to help us a ‘Dictator’.
    I hope that with the coming election something will be done to keep this virus at bay. The US seriously needs a hard lockdown and we know it works because Melbourne now has zero cases. I don’t understand how the government won’t put people first. Again, I’m sorry you guys have to go through this and I hope it gets better soon 💕

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    • Writer lily says:

      I’m Sorry* you guys have to go through this. Don’t know how to edit comments haha


      • Thank you. Some days are better but the reality is that it is something we have to live and survive everyday. We don’t need a lockdown to start observing what kept us safe since Feb. Everyone now really is a possible infectious asymptomatic in the U.S. & that includes our circle of family, friends, co-workers.

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    • I totally agree. America has so much to learn from countries who did took the lockdown seriously both via government strict laws & citizens willing to set aside personal freedom and convenience for something more noble, saving humanity and the country. COVID is here to stay. How we respond to it determines if we have a chance of surviving it today and years from now. Hundreds of thousands will still die before an effective vaccine will be available for all. Believing it’s a make up political scheme will prove disastrous and fatal for those who will not observe the precautions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about a critical global issue. Stay safe.


  10. My granddaughter had 5 weeks with every symptom possible. All the family were so worried.

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    • Sorry to hear that. Hope she’s feeling better now. It is a scary infection with so much unknown. It feels like a lottery. Some gets spared, others gets worse symptoms. Our worst fear is disabling complications & death. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.


  11. Ab says:

    I’m very sorry. I can only relate as an outsider reading the daily headlines coming from the US and the picture is indeed dire. I hope next weeks elections yields a more favorable and positive direction for your country.

    This pandemic will pass and your family’s strategy to respond to this will ensure you will come out of this on the other end. Hang in there and take good cars!

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  12. restlessjo says:

    You have warned us from the very beginning but, as you say, some people don’t want to hear. Stay safe, and God bless! 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Jo. I warned a friend in Texas Spring before their first surge. Surprisingly she didn’t believe it and so are some of our friends there. Now, Texas is number two as most infected and most deaths in the U.S. California of course is now the number one most infected state. Wasn’t not a surprise either seeing how people already celebrated outdoors 1 week before lockdown date ended in May. Until everyone is at the same page with COVID19 control, it will not end, even with a vaccine. Stay safe my friend.


  13. Sheree says:

    I agree with Aiva

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  14. ourcrossings says:

    It looks like coronavirus is here for the long-term and who knows how the next few years are going to play out in 2021 and beyond 🙈 our future depends on lot of unknowns but what we do as individuals, the choices we make are going to play a big part. Just because lockdowns are easing in some countries, it doesn’t mean that the pandemic crisis are over. I don’t think that wearing a mask is too much to ask, nor is washing hands and staying away from crowded places. Take care guys 😀 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aiva. It is a sad thing when something so simple that could have ended this pandemic is so hard to do. 2021 will be full of uncertainty, it’s not really a relief or escape from COVID 19 2020. Don’t know what else could work if words do not bring actions anymore. We can just try to be safe for ourselves and everyone around us. Stay safe.

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