Holiday Truck

Has anyone notice how time and seasons has been rushing to end this year? It’s very easy to miss family traditions and the beautiful moments they bring. So, I’m stepping on the breaks and maxing out the the last months of 2020.

A truck is just a truck until we transform it to something more.

We’d been looking for our Holiday Truck not realizing it will find us while passing through Sand City.

It is now parked on top our main living room treasure chest. We placed a few Autumn leaves, berries and a pumpkin to bring the Fall season indoors. Mr. Owl gets to drive it first.

And when the Christmas Winter season begins, our Holiday Truck will transform into something frosty, merry and bright.

Create a Holiday tradition that is meaningful to you and the people that brings you happiness. Don’t be distracted by the glitter and lights, nor by the fancy and expensive gifts.

Don’t be pressured to create something amazing for social media sake. A beautiful Instagram or Facebook picture doesn’t mean the people in them are really happy or have this awesome life. Pictures are just pictures. They can be photo edited and staged to look perfect.

The best life is the one we are already living and it gets better however we choose it to be. We don’t need other people’s likes, validation nor reviews to know it’s true.

The real joy and magic of the holidays are the simplest kind and last in our hearts forever. We always try to experience fully the moment as it happens because recreating them will never feel the same again.

From our home to yours, sending you a truckload of blessings.

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6 Responses to Holiday Truck

  1. trux24 says:

    It was looking amazing. I am glad to see this. Thank you very much to see your magic truck


  2. kindfeelings says:

    Yes things felt like they were speeding up so I slowed down a bit and so did my perception of time.


  3. Beautiful post! Many blessings to you and your family as well😊


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