The Golden Hour

Between the fog and the scary unknown is a fleeting magical moment of hope, clarity and peace, The Golden Hour.

Driving coastal HWY 1, we were greeted by an increasingly dense fog that seemed to have swallowed the ocean whole.

At one point, we talked about turning back and just settle for the closest beach with full Sun, but we pressed on.

Son was all smiles as we practice his football throws. This beach was his favorite. It’s the least crowded and has all the play space he wants. No risk of breaking someone’s glass window. Sand was the perfect soft cushion to fall on, and do over the top roll overs.

Late beach picnic lunch was Chicken Lemon Pepper and Mango Habanero from Wing Stop. Dessert was green and hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. It’s a Pandora’s box no parent should open with their kids unless ready to explain the Birds, the Bees, of what’s right, wrong, acceptable, appropriate and humane.

Father and son random adventure, a hike and climb along the rugged cliff. Got a major leg scratch from slipping into a sharp rock, but it was so worth it. Son, did better and he was wearing flip flops.

He turns 15 this Wednesday. I asked him what he wants for his Birthday. He laughed and sang the song we made up in the car during our roadtrip. He didn’t say what he wanted but I already knew what he meant, “Time with him and believing in his dreams.”’

We discovered a crystal clear stream with a very soothing sound of water gently cascading on a riverbed of pebbles hidden by Calla Lillies. It was a beautiful.

On the way home just before Sunset, more fog except a small patch of glorious scenic view overlooking Carmel and Monterey bathe with the golden Sun.

So, I stopped the car, turned on the hazard lights and ran where I could see The Golden Hour best.

The joyful magic continued even as the sky turned dark and the traffic update said , “Your estimated travel time is one hour.”

Always go back where you are the happiest.

It is hard to see and feel The Golden Hour with COVID-19 for most of us, but if we try harder, it’s just really there waiting to surprise anyone who seeks to find it.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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14 Responses to The Golden Hour

  1. kagould17 says:

    Love the Pacific Coast. Hope to get back there again some day. Thanks for sharing. Allan


  2. Oh the thick fog! I remember this too. Almost half the time during our road trip on Highway 1, it was foggy and cold and quite scary because of falling stones.

    This is such a nice outing you did with your son. Indeed, put the phone away and really spend time doing what truly matters. I would say congratulations, well done. 🙂

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    • I didn’t get to enjoy family time with the lockdown having to work when many get to stay home & spend time with family, so I’m catching up. My son used to love the beach when he was smaller, then shifted to fortnite , now he’s back to outdoors with football passion, so I’m enjoying it because the beach will always be my fav escape from the craziness of this world. I’m grateful for the Father and Son bonding because I know one day, he will find his wings like we all did. Thanks. Best of blessings to you and your family.

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  3. Jyothi says:

    Lovely captures!

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  4. Beautiful post! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your son, very special. Thanks for sharing the photos, gorgeous views!

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    • We did. We’d been practicing football throws at the parking lot & to have all the space we want was awesome. The Golden Hour was the tip of the family adventure. Seeing him happy means I’m doing something right & able to relate to his world. Thank you for the comment.

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  5. Creekrose says:

    Cards Against Humanity! Oh goodness, my kids played at a friends house once and they loved it; though I’ll say it opened a can of worms . .. probably what they loved most about it . ..wishing you and yours more golden moments, wellness, and joy!

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  6. I love this. Thank you for the beautiful scenes, sounds and for sharing your family warmth.

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