The quiescence of COVID-19 post Summer Surge is over. New cases are starting to pick-up again as people resume life with less restrictions and caution. Both COVID-19 and Flu test combo swabs started last week. I swabbed two patients myself. The Twindemic health experts predicted from Fall to Winter is here. While many Americans got distracted with the Election Circus and our President getting COVID-19 himself, the highly contagious, deadly virus was able to successfully infiltrate every community in America. No home, no institution is safe nor invulnerable, not even the White House.

I look around me and it’s like COVID-19 is already over. Outdoor parks and beaches are often packed. Stores are getting full. Costco don’t do head count anymore. I’m sure it’s the same scene all over the country.

961 daily deaths in the U.S. as of Friday from COVID-19 may not bother nor shock some people anymore but it does bother me because every number is a person who is precious, loved, significant. They are NOT expected casualties of the pandemic war we all continue to ignore or treat recklessly. They are NOT a bargain number of how much more we could have lost if some of us did not follow the CDC infection prevention guidelines nor did not have better treatment modalities.

Truth is, we may not see everyone we know next year. So, we make every moment with them count.

214,379 Americans dead since COVID-19 started in January 2020. These deaths are heartbreaking and tragic because they could have been prevented. There is no justifiable excuse for the continued defiance and indifference. How can someone sleep soundly at night knowing they may have infected and or killed someone because they refuse to do their part? It is of no surprise that people are angry and frustrated. Every life matters and the dead represents all of us. The dead is someone’s parent, grandparent, son and daughter.

If happiness is what you seek, don’t wait, delay, or procrastinate. If someone ask you for some happiness and kindness, be generous enough to give.

Who will be the next 100,000 dead America from now to the end of 2020?

The last 90 days of daily COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. by John Hopkin’s University. It never went away. It was just easier to pretend it wasn’t happening because it’s less uncomfortable. We need to stop lying that symptoms are mild to none. Obviously it wasn’t for the 1,073,780 dead around the world.

Memorize the faces and hearts of the people around you. Spend time like there’s no tomorrow because not all of us will make it to experience the new moments and possibilities of 2021.

No such thing as being immune. It is foolish to believe COVID-19 will just go away magically when the weather changes or after saying, “Abrakadabra!”

Winter is coming in several weeks. Doctor’s are calling the new pandemic as “The Third Wave,” not a surge.

Emergency and hazard mode is an everyday reality for a health care worker with the all year round COVID-19. Some months worse than others. Their lives depends on people’s honesty and cooperation. Health care workers are real people with real families that depends on them. Truth is, their risk of being infected is higher than ever. They will be part of the COVID-19 Third Wave casualties yet NO hazard pay till today nor concrete assurance from their employers for their safety. All words but what’s new?

Are we ready the next Tidal Wave of COVID-19 infection and death much worse than Spring? Time to stock more than just toilet paper before the next lockdown announcement.

“Enjoy what’s given to you now because tomorrow they may no longer be there.”

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24 Responses to WHO WILL BE THE NEXT 100,000 DEAD AMERICA?

  1. kagould17 says:

    This has been truly disheartening to watch and even more frustrating that the election results are even close. Those who were sickened and died during Covid deserved better. Stay well.


    • My co-worker and I were just talking about how even our management downplayed the possibility of dying or recovering with chronic complications from COVID when we are in contact with both the sick and asymptomatic everyday. Health workers & Essentials had been working in a health hazardous environment since the lockdown. No one seems to be talking about that anymore until the next death surge. People don’ realize all hospitals are functioning on limited medical supplies , medicines and man power and when the next hospital surge hits our doors, not having enough will result to massive deaths like in New York and New Jersey. All the signs and numbers are in the news today. Take care & stay safe.


  2. SalGallaher says:

    As always I enjoy your posts and yet they make me sad. My daughter is due with her first baby in seven weeks. My first grandchild. She lives in Napa. I live in Sydney Australia. I feel very lucky to live here with relatively few cases and deaths. But with Covid and travel restrictions I don’t know when I can visit. Planning is hard. All I can do is be ready to go when we all feel its safe for them, the baby and me.
    I hope things improve soon for all of you in the US

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    • Congratulations to the new wonderful blessing of life, love and family. I hope you get to safely travel soon to visit & see your daughter and her baby. California is better that past few weeks , both from COVID and fires. We are tier orange now which means more reopening and restrictions but the threat of surge is always real & evident. We just have to live and do our best. Take care my friend and wishing you a wonderful weekend.🙏

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  3. My 10-year old was listening to the news here (in Singapore) this morning and he said “28 mum, just 28 deaths, that’s good right? I mean not good, good, but good compared to, say in the US.”

    I told him if he puts it that way, then yes 28 is a good number but each of the 28 was loved, a mother, father, sibling, uncle. So I hear what you’re saying here in your post. 🙂

    And we will be eternally grateful that our gov’t is managing the virus really well. People here care for each other too. They are cooperative, everyone wears a mask. Anyway, keep safe – you and your family!

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    • America can truly learn a lot from other countries who truly fought COVID-19 seriously with everything they’ve got. Overcoming COVID involves both the hard work of leaders & it’s people. Can’t be one sided only. If freedom and happiness is more important than beating the virus then people who choose that lifestyle should not complain nor blame others why COVID-19 is still surging nor its effects on economy and their lives. Everyone is a victim, people with less resources and riches will just suffer more. Life is never fair, something many realized during this pandemic. Take care & thank you for the inspiration. Best wishes to you and your family.

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  4. Kimmy says:

    That is a truly terrifying question. I pray that God will give us the wisdom to do what we can to stay safe and look out for the welfare of others, as we can.

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    • It is a scary question that is easier to ignore or elude from but COVID-19 is here to stay , & people needs to be the one to adjust and live life safely around it. No one is immune , even the ones who got it already. It actually can cause more severe sickness for those who get it for the second time. Take care and stay safe. Thank you for the encouragement & inspiration 🙏

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  5. gaillovesgod says:

    It is sad how things are, but sadder that we ourselves are making it worse.
    We keep having cases in our town, church, and community. Literally every week multiple friends and their families end up with it, some in the hospital, and some not making it.
    This last week a lady in my group had an elder father who fell and broke his hip. At the hospital he and his wife were sickly and tested positive. The wife was sent home, so the other daughter who just had COVID recently went to get her. All this on my friend’s birthday. They are having to wait till the dad gets through the virus to do his surgery, as it has given him pneumonia.
    The same day, another lady in the group was asking us to pray for her son, daughter in law and kids. The whole family was sick with COVID. And her brother is living with serious permanent health issues even though he survived COVID. Then the net day we found out a family friend had been on a ventilator all week and was just coming off of it. He is only 29.
    It’s literally staying like this, and yet fliers and ads were put out on a Square dance, a church wide ladies event, a very active kids event happening weekly, a mom’s group allowing all elementary ages to a group that is normally only babies and toddlers, and more. All these events are attended without masks, social distancing, and are bragged about online with photos and video. I am dumbfounded that it can be in our own communities, churches, families, and among friends who have lost loved ones, and we STILL act like it is nothing.
    Praying for you and your patients! Sorry if this is so long. I truly understand the frustration. Thank you for serving. God loves you!

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    • Thank you for sharing your story, you friend and your community. We do need to share the truth of what’s truly happening. I know it’s scary and heartbreaking but it may be the only way for people to wake up and do their part. Sorry about your friend and her family. Will be praying for them. It’s happening here too, but it seems that we are made to feel guilty for talking about it. Even workplace and government leaders are trying to downplay its severity & potential for death and long term complications so people will be less scared and cautious. It’s mess up to assure people a simple mask alone will guarantee they won’t get sick or die. Truth is, people in hospitals despite of PPE got sick. It is airborne. It does mutate and comes in different severity strains. The COViD 19 virus we saw in March is stronger than ever this October. Unfortunately even our leaders don’t tell us about it. Just looking at the increasing symptoms of COvID from Flu-like to GI,neurologic, autoimmune and cardiac symptoms tells us it’s learning , adapting, mutating. It’s easier to pretend it’s just a mild virus , & 40% will be asymptomatic but what happens to the 60% who will have moderate to severe illness? The 60% is like a roulette game , but not fun at all. Please stay safe & strong. We are in this together and the hope is , more will start to really see COVID-19 for what it is, an emergent threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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      • gaillovesgod says:

        Thank you for your response. Just since last week, the gentleman who fell and broke his hip lost his battle with Covid. His daughter describes his wife as inconsolable. And the same day he passed, another friend has a sister that they believe has covid on top of needing a kidney. That friend just lost her other sister to lung cancer this summer.
        I have been praying for you and every during this virus. I’m praising God for getting me through a very hard week last week, and the procedures I had on Friday hoping to fix my problems, and the challenges that stemmed from having the procedures.
        God bless you, Island Traveler!

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        • So sorry to hear about the gentleman’s passing. It is a very sad, heartbreaking event. COVID-19 is scary though living in fear is not an option as well as this virus is meant to stay. We simply have to live around it safely, protect those we can , and always seek God for help. Praying for your healing and recovery my friend. It’s nice to know we are not alone in our struggles. Take care. Be safe. God bless.

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  6. Ab says:

    This is both a positive and a sobering message. The next 6 months will be somber and critical as we enter a double whammy of flu and pandemic season.

    Our government put us back to a previous restriction – with indoor dining, gyms and cinemas closed again – as cases rise.

    It’s important to do our part to stay safe and respect the restrictions and proposed guidelines while also living life to the fullest.

    Stay well and stay safe!

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    • Thanks Ab. I appreciate the support & encouragement. America is sadly moving forwards an opposite direction than your country. We are reopening fast to pacify impatience & anger , including the #1 most infected state, California while the Fall Twindemic begins. Daily 60,000 COVID-19 numbers doesn’t bother many where I live anymore. Other than some people wearing mask, it’s easy to forget that the outbreak is now anyone and everyone. Next year is even darker & more uncertain than this year. So, living in the moment makes more sense to me than looking towards something distant & wishful. Stay safe and best regards to your family.

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      • Ab says:

        I get tremendous anxiety when I read about what is going on in your country. I really really hope you there is a new government with this new election. It must be getting so tense. The next few months will be crucial and I hope you and your family hang in there. This will all pass and hopefully in the most pleasant way!

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        • Thanks. I try to divert my focus on other things when it comes to where U.S.A. is heading with COVID-19. I learned to accept as a Frontliner, it is a normal everyday thing for years to come. Fear & worry is not an option, we do what is needed with PPE, & pray it was enough to protect us. One thing I learned from this pandemic is to keep my own self safe and those I work with because no one else truly cares beyond that at work. Politics happens at any workplace too, so is inequality and lack of transparency. But yes, I’m grateful I still have a job in a country where unemployment & homelessness are becoming a norm. Have a great Sunday my friend.

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  7. The saddest thing to me is how dealing with the virus has been politicized and polarized. The virus is indifferent to our indifference—it follows the science, not public opinion. Thank you for sharing this, because, as a medical person you know the true picture.

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    • Me too. Yesterday walking towards my work entrance door, a sign says, “Kindness week.” My first thought , “Are we getting one each soon?” Politics is not only happening in our government but in our work place. The most at risk, the Essential workers had been treated badly and ignored since the beginning of COVID 19. It will only get worse when we ran low of PPE’s again this Winter. At work, everyone woke up with the truth, that they need to save themselves and each other because they are mere numbers to the CEO’s & the big bosses. Real life bites but better than being blind & disillusioned. Stay safe my always.

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  8. ourcrossings says:

    We are trying to make the most of every day, too. Spending quality time together as a family, reaching out to our friends, family and neighbours. Being kind to each other. Supporting and encouraging those that cross our paths. We are awaiting yet another lockdown. As of today, there are well over 1000 new cases per day in Ireland. Which is a lot, knowing that a few months ago we barely had one. I still find it difficult to adjust to it, but learning to be positive helps me a lot. Take care. Sending you lots of love and hugs 🤗 Aiva

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    • Thanks my friend for the inspiration & encouragement. I am trying to appreciate the now and what’s given in the moment. The next lockdown is inevitable & the numbers will be worse than Spring pandemic in the U.S. My family & I are enjoying the freedom of less COVID-19 worries before the storm. After November Thanksgiving , America could have its worst pandemic sickness, death and chaos if people & leaders continue what they are doing now. Many don’t get it, the virus is here to stay, it’s created that way. Stay safe & best regards to your family.

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