San Francisco, Is It Still America’s Greatest City By The Bay?

We haven’t seen Downtown San Francisco since the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown in March 2020. So it was a shocker to see it as it is now.

On a normally busy Saturday, it looks almost like a ghost town.

The city is a reflection of how far America has fallen because of its response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many stores and restaurants are still closed. Some of which have packed up business for good. Empty store spaces including iconic landmark GAP is an emergent sign of an economy going from bad to worse.

GAP was once here. The Cable Car once used to park here. A long line of tourists once used to wait excitedly for their ride of a lifetime. For now, they are just memories. When will it all come back? Nobody knows but it won’t be soon.

The city streets is home to an increasing homeless Americans due unemployment and unaffordable housing.

The Mall is no longer a fun place for people to shop or hang out. Business looks dead except for a few people lining up at Starbucks.

A big mouse was trying to enter Westin Hotel. The Hotel looks closed and deserted. Trash loitered the streets. Some streets smells of human urine. Wife screamed startling the hell out of me, “Did you guys stepped on that poop?”

A mouse or a rat shouldn’t be outside a grand hotel, but that’s what happens when we abandon our businesses. When humans leave, something else will replace it.

It was not the San Francisco me and my family remembered. My wife kept saying how sad she felt. We love this city and to see it hurting and suffering is unbearable.

Workers on strike in front of Macy’s. Soon their is no Macy’s to go on strike. It’s one of the Macy’s branch that may close.

Is it still Americas’s Greatest City by the Bay? Close to the Golden Gate Bridge or watching the Sunset by Ocean Beach, it still is but when the moment is over, what’s left is a city direly needing to heal and get back on its feet.

The day we become numb to the numbers of suffering and death is the day we lost our heart to feel humane.

A city devoid of tourist and dreamers is a city that lost an important piece of its soul. 200,000 COVID-19 deaths and 6.7 Million infected in this country may no longer scare or bother us, but the world sees us differently.

It was still an awesome family day in San Francisco worth remembering. The Sunset and laughter were enough to give us hope that the city will one day reclaim its crown as the “Greatest City by the Bay.”

What’s happening in every city in America can no longer be hidden nor downplayed. This is not a made up scene. This is a real city with real people that lives in it.

Is truth enough to change people’s perception, behavior and attitude towards a seemingly unstoppable virus? I don’t know but so far, we all failed.

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7 Responses to San Francisco, Is It Still America’s Greatest City By The Bay?

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  2. I have never had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco, and am sad to see so many places in such hurt, and misery. Right now the world is in pain. My hope is that someday soon we can put this pain behind us and heal our wounds and finally live!

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    • Yes, the world is in pain & it will be awhile before everything that made our cities great before the pandemic can be restored. Cities are not built overnight, so is restoring them with COVID-19 still uncontrolled. The virus is here to stay, how we adapt and change will determine if life and our cities will get better. Thanks.


  3. Kimmy says:

    That’s so sad. Change though is inevitable. It matters how we respond to it.

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    • Thanks Kimmy. It will take time for many cities around the World to be restored back. It won’t even happen until the pandemic is controlled. For now, we appreciate the blessings and what’s good in the present.

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  4. It’s so sad to see a once vibrant city like this.😢 However, it would be even worse to see hospitals overflowing with COVID cases and people dying because universal precautions weren’t taken.
    This is what some people where I live don’t seem to get: the wisdom of taking universal safety precautions. After AIDS, we now are told to treat all blood like it’s infectious; why can’t we assume everyone (including us) is COVID-19 positive and act accordingly? I keep hearing, “it’s not bad in our area. “ Like it can’t get bad quickly?
    The sooner everyone takes this virus seriously, the sooner great cities like San Francisco can open back up.
    I realize I am preaching to the choir here! Thanks for listening, and thanks for your post. Blessings.

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    • Thanks David. The news this weekend says 1 out of 3 or 4 Americans believe the COVID-19 numbers & deaths are made up if not exaggerated. Unbelievable! Real people have died. Real people have lost love ones. I guess, some will only believe when they see it happen to themselves or someone close to them, it’s like the story of “The Doubtful Thomas,” in the Bible. Some needs to see to believe, others believe by Faith. We can only do our best & pray it’s enough. So far, God kept us all safe, & that I’m always thankful.


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