What’s Next For California?

For the past 5 days, Californians are seeing a unnatural phenomenon like they are in planet Mars.

Eerie, creepy, apocalyptic are just some of the words that best describes it. In places where the wildfires are actually burning homes and killing people, it’s a horrific inferno on Earth.

Not Mars. SF airport at noon.

Worsening COVID-19 Pandemic, increasing Racism and Violence, Political unrest and division, Recession and Economic Crisis, widespread Beastly Wildfires, just a series of continuous ongoing unfortunate events for California on its last 4 months of 2020.

We were optimistic once, but it’s time to open our eyes to truth and reality.

We need to plan and prepare for the worst scenarios and hope our best is enough . We need to stop pretending that these bad events are not happening or will just disappear soon. The signs couldn’t be ignored anymore because they are “in your face and in your nose,” happening!

Normally, I could see the green mountains of Santa Cruz from where I’m standing but the last 5 days, it’s just a silhouette because of the unhealthy smoke that descended in every city in the Bay Area and San Francisco. People who didn’t wear mask before because of COVID-19 are wearing it now as the air smells of both smoke and unknown hazardous chemicals. This must be what doomsday’s smells like.

Between being a dreamer and being practical, I’m choosing the one that gives me a better chance for survival.

Celebrate everything that matters to you and the people you love now and soon because delaying equals missing out on something that may never come back. 2020 just made everything clearer, more urgent.

Our neighbor caught my wife pulling out our Christmas tree from the storage room. She was surprised we are putting it up too early. Truth is, we just want to celebrate a time that brings us happiness and hope for as long as we can.

What is important to us will no longer be defined by seasons, people, society or social media. Normalcy doesn’t exist in 2020, but extraordinary does. Just adapting to the change and trend of times.

This is the head title of The Washington Post. My answer is still an unwavering, “Yes!” Just because it feels & looks like Doomsday doesn’t mean the California Dream has turned into ashes. It is because of those dreams that we will rise up again.

So, what’s next for California? I have a gut feeling but don’t want to burst anyone’s positivity and happiness bubble. How about you?

“Unmask the truth because only then can we truly live genuinely real and free.”

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45 Responses to What’s Next For California?

  1. Léa says:

    I’m a native Californian so I know the state rather well having been born in the southern part but lived over a decade in the north. I prefer being positive but not at the cost of practicality. Yet, the suggestion is often meant with negativity as it isn’t the instant response that many seek.
    Instead of buying gifts for your family and friends that will lose their shine shortly after opening, invest in them and yourself by buying trees and planting them in some of the vast barren lands that cover the state. Encourage others to join you. Make an event of it. If Africans can plant trees and forest a desert, I believe Californians can do it as well. Invest in the future instead of getting depressed. China too has been creating huge forests which the planet needs desperately. Get creative and invite others to join it, put it out on social media. The results can save California and give you a lift as you’ve never had before. The following is but one example: https://youtu.be/ShJqSoUdUGI This year give back to the planet that has given us all so much and is dying for our help.


  2. Just a thought! Maybe we should stop praying and start to look for other solutions, like getting serious about changing global warming. We need to replace all the people that want the “same old thing” and replace them with people that are willing to think outside the box.


  3. SalGallaher says:

    We have so many days of celebrations marked in our calendar ; birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, fathers day, thanks giving, Christmas, New Year etc etc.
    I say celebrate every day, find small moments to enjoy with people you love. We only have this moment. The global crisis has highlighted that for many of us. But really life’s always been just one moment at a time.
    Love your early xmas celebrations. And good to have you back posting again. 🙏


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  5. collagaartist says:

    Despite all the uncertainty and challenges that may come our way, HOPE, LOVE and DETERMINATION will prevail.


  6. ourcrossings says:

    As if COVID and politics weren’t enough there are the wildfires. I was just reading that the size of the wildfires currently engulfing the west coast of America is so massive that the smoke has even been reported over the skies of New York City, on the other side of the US. Imagine that! The statistics are frightening and please take care guys! Stay safe and keep us updated. Sending you lots of love and warm hugs from Sligo. Aiva xxx


    • Thanks Aiva. There’s nowhere to go safely now here in Northern California except San Francisco, but it’s Downtown scene is a sad reminder of the on going effects of the pandemic. Many People don’t get it nor are preparing for the worst Winter yet. Reminds me of Game of Throne’s famous words, “Winter is coming,” the difference is we are not prepared for the battle ahead. Stay safe my friend.

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      • ourcrossings says:

        O my goodness, it’s a truly frightening scene, isn’t. Things are only getting worse in Ireland too. Dublin is back in lockdown and no one is allowed to leave or enter the city. Three more counties could join Dublin as cases continue to rise. We are trying to stay positive and take each day as it comes but there’s so much uncertainty when it comes to future and the fast approaching winter season. Take care guys 😀


        • Sorry to here that. I’m not sure if lockdown will follow here in America but our post Labor Day events are now showing new infections. Fall started this week & more will get sick when climate gets older. It seems like we are just all in this cycle of surge-lockdown-less infection-reopen-surge. It’s tragic and sad. Stay safe my friend.

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  7. alisendopf says:

    *Sigh* Tough times indeed. We went through severe forest fires close to home up here in Canada for the last few years. Orange skies and smoke so thick you could taste it. Our skies up here in Alberta are actually blanked by the US west coast fires right now. I am glad you are finding your own way to deal and find hope.


  8. 2020 has taught us just how precious and important it is to seize the now. Being thankful and living for today is important. How many things I had taken for granted before this year.


    • Me too & the one we take for granted the most is ourselves. This is the year to be kind and attentive to ourselves, to focus on self care, love and healing. Life is short not follow our version of happy. Take care.

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  9. Helleren Gregory says:

    It’s been crazy!! Stay safe!!


  10. empyreansong says:

    A really serious matter this is. May God grant you all peace and mercy in such times as these. Proverbs 18:10


  11. rahjomuelvin says:

    True, this is an urgent time. There is so much going on that opens our eyes to what really matters most. Love for God, love for family, and friends.


  12. Terrifying times indeed, which is why it’s so important to celebrate anything and everything that matters. Even if it is something like putting up your Christmas tree in September. Take care. Stay safe.


  13. I don’t know how much it will take for ‘the world’ (leaders) to sit up and take proper action. Totally understand the Christmas tree coming out – we need beautiful things to look at that make us happy. When we can’t control the wider picture, we control and appreciate what we can. Enjoy the fairy lights. I’d get mine out, but my husband is a ‘2 weeks before, max’ type of guy! Take care.


    • Thank you. Our Leaders are playing politics for their own benefit and gain while people continue to suffer and die. And now, the first group of people who will get the mass COVID-19 vaccination before elections may possibly be part of the experiment as the long term adverse effects can’t be determined for a vaccine hurriedly created in less than a year. Something is so obviously not right in America but we are allowing it to happen. It’s tragic. Take care my friend. We live life to the fullest now and soon.


  14. The Guat says:

    Celebrating what makes you happy earlier is a great idea 🙂

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  15. Ab says:

    On one hand, I am glad to hear from you as I was wondering how you have been. On the other, I’m very sorry for how horrible things are over in California – now with the addition of wildfires. I find your celebration of Christmas this early to be touching. Please enjoy and continue to stay safe and take good care.

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    • Thanks Ab. The last 2 weeks had been rough at work. The emotional & mental stress had been so much it pretty much snuff out most of my joy and positivity. Had to find my why’s of going to work & rediscover the simple things that make me happy. Thank you & take care.

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      • Ab says:

        I am very very sorry. We only see and hear the news from over here in Eastern Canada and the images look so sad and scary. I can understand why you feel the way that you do. Please hang in there and take care.


        • Thanks. Life is too beautiful & precious to focus on the negatives though sometimes it does get the best of us. I’m trying to heal this weekend & just celebrate happiness with family. Son, is cleaning his Lego’s, he has been selling them in EBAY. Wife & I will check some Fall decorations later for our Tree. Thanks Ab. Always a joy and inspiration hearing from you. Regards to your family.

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  16. It is a terrifying time for most I feel, and wild fires only add to this chaos.

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  17. We pray every day for our nation and for the west coast. We see the smoke blow over our state, my heart breaks. I believe in my heart that God is in control, but it’s hard to understand. I’m so sorry all of you have to deal with this. 💔🙏🏻😢

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    • Thank you. Prayers are truly important & just being there for one another. Can’t really explain what’s happening in California, feels like a curse has been cast but then you see the blessings , so can’t be true.

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  18. These are certainly terrible times for California. Some would say that prayers are useless, but I disagree. God created this world and He knows how to fix it. We are the ones who have messed it up. May our Heavenly Father continue to keep careful watch over you and yours.

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    • If only people prayed more & did things out of love, compassion and kindness like our Heavenly Father has taught us all. Many are so focus on what man can do. Many are so attached to this world. Until faith prevails, the vicious cycle will keep repeating. Thank for sharing inspiration & God’s words. Stay safe.

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