Once Upon A Time In San Francisco

There was a time San Francisco is a city of welcoming smiles, positivity and endless fun. It was the perfect weekend escape and getaway. It was home away from home.

Before Uber and Lyft, there’s the timeless thrill ride, the Cable Car.

So, today, there will be no COVID-19 nor hundreds of wildfires burning around it from its neighboring Bay Area counties.

The Painted Ladies.

Today, we will have a happy ending, even if it’s a story that begins with “Once upon a time.”

Our favorite spot to see the Golden Gate in its full glory.

Once upon a time in the city of love and diversity called San Francisco, we can just drive to see the Golden Gate Bridge anytime we want without fear of getting sick.

We used to visit Pier 39 often when my son was younger. He loves the arcade, and yes, he loves food. So many fun memories here.

We can eat indoors delicious clam chowder and Dungeness crab to our our heart’s content without mandates and paranoia.

Once upon a time, San Francisco is a city where true freedom is expressed by following one’s heart and dreams of adventure. It was a city where everyone lives in harmony regardless of race, culture, gender and economic background. There were no Karens nor Kens. Racism was unheard of. People actually take pride of individual uniqueness and kindness to all kinds of people. You ride a bus, and instructions comes in different languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino. There’s the Castro Neighborhood LGBTQ Community, China Town and Japan Town, places where it’s okay to be your beautiful self and celebrate you’re heritage and beliefs without fear or prejudice.

We enjoy bringing family and friends to San Francisco. Their excitement experiencing the city for the first time is very infectious. This was one of my favorite Summer. It was invigorating. Everyone’s happy.

One upon a time in San Francisco, people walk the streets in their truest self without having to worry for their safety nor being accepted. It was a city for all. A refuge. A sanctuary. A paradise for everyone trying to simply belong and have a better life.

Never like driving upward the steep streets, but it’s awesome when you’re at the back seat.

My hope, that the essence of San Francisco that beckons people from around the world will no longer be a story in the past tense, but something everyone can find and enjoy in the present.

Sunset by Palace of Fine Arts.

My prayer is that the city and it’s people will find its way back, to be vibrant, to be joyful, to be welcoming, to be brave to fight for what makes it a haven for all seeking to find and express the best version of themselves.

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean we have to run away. Some places are worth staying and holding on to.

Once upon a time, I left my heart in San Francisco and so did everyone who fell in love with it. May that be enough to rewrite new chapters that begins with, “They all live happily ever after.”

Cupid’s Arrow near Bay Bridge.

Never forget those that made you love your life all over again. Never forget those that made your dreams where you are happier come true.

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40 Responses to Once Upon A Time In San Francisco

  1. Léa says:

    The city by the bay. I have many fond memories as do my children. I did my post-graduate degree there and my sons took me there for a long weekend together before I moved to the EU. I’m so sad to hear of its decline. Thank you for that stroll down memory lane…

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    • A friend went to Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory yesterday by the pier & reminded me of a happy Christmas memory few years back. I believe one day it will gain back what makes it one of the most loved city in the world. Thanks.

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    I’ve never been to San Francisco, but it’s such a beautiful city with so much to see and do! I don’t even know if I’m gonna be able to visit one day, but we have to be positive and how for a better future ahead of us. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Take care. Aiva xxx


    • Thanks Aiva. We went downtown SF last Saturday. We have not seen it since end of last year. It’s a huge shock. It still feels like it’s in a lockdown. The Bay Area city where I live looks more alive than the America’s Greatest City by the Bay. The news that things are better is not true. Many Businesses have closed permanently & unemployment is rising. Homelessness is more normal than ever. Tourism is not coming back to SF until tourists feels safe that we got COVID-19 in control.

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  3. The city has changed over the past 10 years


  4. Love this! Thank you as SF is somewhere I have always dreamed of visiting – CVfree one day perhaps x stay safe


  5. SalGallaher says:

    Wonderful post. I cannot wait to visit again. A beautiful city that holds so many great memories. Thanks for sharing so many lovely photos. Your city will return even better. 😊

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  6. Wonderful photography and unforgettable experience. You’ve had a good time. 😇😇😇🤩🤩🤗☺️

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  7. saralarl says:

    Words of bliss…loved it island traveller…come up with even more..! With love n regards ..!

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    • I revisited SF last Saturday , the outdoors part are busy but the inner city has lost its smiles and positivity. It will be like this till early next year. For now, we got 2 months to enjoy nature & freedom before COVID-19 peaks up during Flu season. Hope is however always a great thing. Thanks.


  8. mikalatte says:

    Awesome pictures and message. Visited SFrans only once and loved it. Meant to return one day. Your message resonates throughout for all other cities in the world ravaged by the ongoing Covid pandemic. But with hope and love, humans will make right choices and we will survived to enjoy and perpetuate the beauty of creation and positivity of humanity.

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    • Thank you. Last year was a totally different Summer. All cities around the world are celebrating the joys and richness of traveling and experiencing new cultures, even friendship. This year, it’s sickness, death, banning and restrictions, fighting , being mean & unwelcoming. However, for long as we get to wake up, we keep trying to bring back the beauty, kindness & magic of our cities and our people because they are worth it, we are worth it. Stay safe.

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  9. Cherryl says:

    Praying things get better soon.

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    • I hope so, for now it’s in Tier red which means some business will be open with strict restrictions . Some people just decide to close until it’s safer and opening makes more sense financially. There are businesses that are closing though for good. Like Flu , COVID is not going away, it is something we have to live with forever , the difference is, it’s all year round. So wearing mask is likely a safety requirement for years. The inner city is a sad reminder of what this pandemic and people has done. Outdoors & close to golden gate and beaches, still a beautiful sight to see & experience.

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      • We may have it around in the future, but drugs that are successfully treating it will be approved and made available to everyone soon. They are finding ways to treat that are helping- steroids for breathing. Less are dying from it. There is hope. If the younger set would stop mass gatherings and take it more seriously we would be better off.


  10. Beautiful pictures! I visited it once. Its beautiful ❤️
    Thank you for sharing!


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  11. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Between California and NY, both ruling government bodies have literally destroyed our states. It is a horror show. Other states believe me, are not anywhere near the destruction we are. The ONLY way I am able to survive this deliberate madness, is to keep my eyes on beauty and live in love and peace. WE, THE PEOPLE must start thinking and acting on how to put ourselves back together again. I believe a movement is coming from the people themselves that will finally refuse to allow government to do any more damage by taking matters in their own hands. San Fransisco is a gorgeous city, one that is worth saving. I pray you and all those in your area find the strength and intelligence how to push back this destruction in order to recreate and rebuild. Bless you in these days!! xo

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    • Thank you Amy Rose. The truth and Everything I’m thinking, seeing, hoping , dreaming you said beautifully . 2020 is chaos and madness, loss and pain, both nature & man-made, the man-made part could have turned better but people and leaders chose a different path and response. Yes, the rest is really up to us who still are willing to sacrifice for change and the greater good today & the future. Our actions now will determine how the rest of 2020 will end. The signs of destructions are here , accelerating its effects & outcome all begins with a choice. Stay safe.

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      • AmyRose🌹 says:

        Beautifully expressed. Our world has been forever changed. All either one of us can do is lead by example, speak up with truth when appropriate (did that today!), smile, be kind, and be willing to offer a helping hand when needed. Oh yes! I so understand when you say it all begins with choice. Absolutely!!

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        • Thanks. So true. We can a blessing or a curse, a source of joy and hope or a source of someone’s misery and pain. May we all make the right choices because people needed to win and be joyful in their hearts.

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  12. Kally says:

    San Francisco is beautiful. I wish I can visit the city one day.

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  13. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful post!

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  14. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful photo shoot. Amazing place.

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    • San Francisco and everyone who loves needs a win. I saw a video of China town, & union square, most are businesses are close, looks like a ghost town. It’s a very depressing scene. The beach and outdoor areas , and anything around the golden gate is still alive though, but inner cities just somewhat busier than when it was the lockdown. We need to remember the good & hope it all comes back. Thanks

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