The Sky Can Turn Blue After The Firestorms

Our extraordinary new normal just keep getting weirder, scarier just when we’re getting used to it.

This morning, 8/20/20.

The sky is blue this morning. It’s no big deal for some because it is suppose to be blue but when the Sun is red and the sky, a warning sign of fire, danger and emergency the day prior, it is a big deal. It means today is hope for many who had to leave home. Today means we could breathe better as the air quality is cleaner though not necessarily safer.

Yesterday’s sky, 8/19/20. Sunday, I woke up hearing a constant explosion of thunder, then driving towards work, a lighting like a spear from heaven hit the ground. It looked so close, like several blocks away close.

The danger isn’t over for the Northern California wildfires. It’s too vast and widespread to control by our firefighters. The thousands of lighting from a very unusual thunderstorm early morning of Sunday, struck many of our driest land creating the perfect bonfire close to people’s homes and residential communities. As of Wednesday, Bay Area has 23 major fires from the total of 367 wildfires all across California.

It’s like battle of the Gods. Skyline San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge last Sunday, 8/16/20. ( Credits: Noah Berger/AP; Los Angeles Times)

They called it “Firestorms.” I thought it only exist in Sci-Fi, End of the World movies, but here we are, seeing it happen live. Nothing surprises me anymore this 2020, unless…

Fire in Napa County Tuesday, 8/18/20. ( Credits: Noah Berger/AP; USA Today)

So, what’s next?

A friend took this near her home in the Bay Area, Tuesday, 8/18/20. It’s been a year of unusual, life altering phenomenons.

Lesson of the week. We will never be fully prepared when calamities happens, nature or man made. We will never be totally ready for life changing events. It is good however to have a bag with all the important things and documents we need just in case it’s time to evacuate and leave. It helps immensely to have a God and some sort of Faith because disaster can happen in an instant, and a great miracle may all of what’s left.

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30 Responses to The Sky Can Turn Blue After The Firestorms

  1. maitryshah says:

    Skies are stunning


  2. priyapatelin says:

    just try our best to live safer


  3. Kally says:

    The photos are divine!

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  4. Shoes says:

    Wow. This makes me appreciative and even more grateful for the blue skies in Arizona. Sending blue sky thoughts in your direction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Weather forecast says second set of thunderstorms evening this Sunday to Tuesday and the wildfires from the first is not even 1/4 contained. Don’t really know why it’s happening in California. My fear, the next calamity could be a major Earthquake we haven’t seen for more than 10 years. I’m grateful I live away from the fires in my county but sad for those who are experiencing loss and fear right now. The only one without a fire is San Francisco, all counties around it are battling fires. There’s nowhere to go at this point, indirectly stay at home is enforced by Nature itself . 2 weeks from now, another start of COVID-19 surge could begin as people had to evacuate and leave the safety of home. We can only pray and hope it will end soon, for now we just try our best to live safer.


  5. SalGallaher says:

    Hope your sky continue to be a bright sunny blue. Though by the sound of it you need some descent rain more.
    Stay positive and stay safe.

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  6. Cherryl says:

    So sad to hear about these fires, again.

    Praying everyone affected finds a way to cope and stay safe – your thoughts are true, you never know what can happen and you’re the second person this year who has recommended keeping an emergency bag – the other person said it to me a few months before the lockdown and I guess I just stopped thinking about it and never bothered to do it.

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    • A friend was printing the emergency supplies and checking emergency foods as well to buy both for another lockdown and for disasters like earthquakes, then the wildfires happened few days after. Many take it for granted , and assumed it never comes including me , but the signs are evident this year. Thanks. Stay safe always.

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      • Cherryl says:

        Stay safe too💫 your friend’s instinct was right!! We shouldn’t take anything for granted, world events are showing us this more and more these days.


        • It is a scary thought that nature events will happen more frequently , & more severely, not just because of global warming but something spiritually deeper beyond our comprehension . It’s easy to believe that man and Earth’s existence is infinite but we know it’s not.

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  7. empyreansong says:

    I’m praying for you and everyone living in the area. May God keep you all safe.

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    • Thank you. Prayers are everything where reason, human courage & hope are shaken by constant bad news. I’m grateful that I still have my health, my work, my family, a roof above my head, & able to wake up still fine. But I can’t help but think of those who can’t or struggling everyday.


  8. Loveblossom says:

    our life is also like the sky. big, calm and full of suspense. no-one knows what will happen next. sometimes it’s blue(calm), and sometimes red(love, happiness and sorrow). and sometimes it experience thunderstorms (difficulties). but it’s all up to us. if we are strong enough then we can make thunderstorms (difficulties) into a beautiful scenery (a memorable moment) .

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  9. Same here, I can’t click the button of like. Be safe.

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  10. Ab says:

    Those are very frightening photos. Please stay well and take care. I’m glad the skies were blue this morning and I hope they continue that way for a while.

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  11. These pictures are stunning!

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  12. JanBeek says:

    I can’t click “like.” I need a “sad” button. Our Madison Valley is filled with the smoke blowing in from the CA fires. Lord, help us and keep our firefighters safe.

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