First Day Online Schooling Goes Live in California

We all woke up early to make sure everything is set up and ready for our son’s first day of on-line schooling. Our first year high schooler woke up at 6:00 AM, way ahead of mom and dad. He had break fast, took a shower, brush his teeth and wore presentable clothing as required by school. No sleepwear or pajamas. He was however barefooted. Feet can’t be seen on video camera. No need to buy expensive Adidas shoes this year.

Kids are so good with technology. He’s been mastering computer streaming all Summer with his gaming like Fortnite. It feels good to be asked to assist even if I was totally clueless. His mom is the I.T. in the family.

A mixture of excitement and anxiety. A few technical difficulties like video app not showing student face and some app not connecting to device but overall rating is positive and optimistic.

Our son ended up using 3 computers. One desk top and two lap tops, one of which provided by his school. My son, was complaining and stressed out at the start of some of his on-line classes due to fixable glitches, but we reminded him to relax, enjoy and just be appreciative of what his school and teachers are doing. We told him, “Be thankful. Your school and teachers are really trying.”

Took a picture of his new school yesterday. It was very quiet. Today his teachers and principal went back to their empty school and classrooms for live steaming. We salute and thank them all. We are grateful.

Daily school schedule is 8:00 AM to 3:10 PM. Each on-line class is 50 minutes with 15 minutes break. P.E., he has to go out of our home and follow the on-line fitness exercise instruction of his P.E. teacher. About time to loose the Summer and COVID-19 weight gain and he definitely needs some Sun.

His complaining, “Our school lap top is slow.” Our response, “Be thankful you have one from your school and you have a back up.” No room for whiners!

Motivation of the day, “I don’t know anything about Spanish. I’m sure I’m getting A-.” I asked my wife, “Did he say A-? I thought he meant B or C-.” My wife confirmed, “Yes, he said A-.” We both laughed quietly as he already told us we are too loud. Love the confidence. Motivated my day for sure.

I wish to thank Gov. Newsom and our school district board members of California for announcing early on-line classes due to the increasing COVID-19 outbreaks in our communities. They thought first of the safety of our teachers, school staff, students and parents instead of politics. That alone is heroic. That alone is an inspiration that humanity is still alive in this country. Lives will be saved and people can sleep at night better because of their selfless and wise decision.

Light at the end of the Tunnel. First, the announcement Tuesday by Democrat’s Presidential hopeful Joe Biden of his running mate , California Senator Kamala Harris, the first African American and Asian American woman to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket. Second, first day of full on-line schooling was a success.

I wish to thank our teachers and school staff for really taking on-line schooling seriously and for being a role model for the young minds and hearts they are molding to be the next generation Americans. There’s hope after all.

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30 Responses to First Day Online Schooling Goes Live in California

  1. Shoes says:

    Being a teacher and a parent of a first year high schooler and a 7th grader, I loved this! I am glad things went well and you were gentle and supportive of the situation. My boys have very similar schedules as your son. They are three weeks into the school year and things are going very well.


    • First week is like all of us going to school . It’s actually a very thrilling family experience. If we do it right, on line schooling truly will be a great safe option with the pandemic still raging. This is what my son said that that confirms online works,l. “My teachers don’t notice me before, but now they notice me and I can ask as many questions as I want.” He sleeps early tired from all day class followed by lots of homework, but he looks happy & content. If we support our kids with online schooling, it will be much easier for them to adapt and enjoy their new normal. I’m thankful we didn’t have to go through what other parents, teachers, students in places that went on with classroom only to get sick and be quarantined. Stay safe my friend. You are and inspiration to our young minds. Teachers are heroes & a blessing. 🙏


  2. rajkkhoja says:

    No, about all students study online. Very difficult online study. Many problems parents and students.


  3. The Guat says:

    Glad that everything went well and you were able to get a computer from school. Hoping everyone can get one that needs one. Hope your son’s first year in high school makes its mark in a good way. We need some good. 🙂


    • Thanks . Today ran smoothly. He’s more relax & computer speed is excellent. I remind him every time how lucky he is & his fellow school district students because not everyone are given free lap tap nor can afford better wi fi. Schooling either classroom or on-line will have its challenges till we have COVID in control , but for now, we just try our best & be more productive .

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  4. Clyde'sDad says:

    Maybe you can help me understand how teachers are part of your son’s online learning. I live in OK and I know a few kids who only do online learning which I don’t agree with. I believe a child needs to be school because the biggest issue they need to learn in school is how to socialize and get along with others. Online simply doesn’t offer that. But, right now, with this pandemic, online, it is the only way to go. I strongly believe that. By the way, why is Harris called south Asian when her dad is from India. I don’t believe that India is part of the Asian continent. Just curious. But back to OK, their online learning is mapped about the the charter school they belong to, it is not individualized by teachers so how are they doing it in your community? Also in OK, a certified teacher meets (in person, I believe) once a week with each student. Is that going to happen in your district? Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the feedback. My son’s school district was closed since March 13 when there were a few cases. It wasn’t a surprise when it was announce both by our Governor and our school district that on-line schooling continues . Our county is no.2 in the Bay Area for infection & California of course is no. 1 in the U.S. I agree learning should be best in classroom but for now we do what we can to save lives , & that includes parents and teachers. People will see the worst of COVID-19 this Fall & Winter when Flu and Pneumonia joins COVID-19. Vaccine is never a guarantee of invincibility as proven by the number of deaths last year from flu & pneumonia despite of the vaccines. Stay safe.


  5. Helleren Gregory says:

    These poor kids !! Let’s hope 2021 the kids can get back in the classroom and be able to make friends & be with their friends again. What a crazy time…feel for you all!! My kids are older, I can’t imagine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it is a sad time and we need to inspire our young minds and hearts with positivity & motivation. We’ve seen and felt as adults what the effects of pandemic can do, & we need to protect and shield them from that so for now, they can focus on learning with bright hope. Thanks

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  7. Nice post. I hope your son does well in his online classes. It’s a big adjustment to make.


    • Morning started ok but just few minutes ago, started to be stressful again for him but hopefully it gets better as time goes on. It’s kind of a culture shock after long months of no education and just chillin. Thanks .


  8. Great story. Making adjustments and keeping it positive.

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    • Son just came out of his room sounding frustrated, “The connection is so bad.” Don’t know how to respond except, “It’s okay, hang in there. Everyone is experiencing the same right now.” Parents and teachers needs to be as patient and understanding right now. Thanks for the feedback.

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  9. I agree with Ab. Your son has the discipline of a Jedi. When I was a senior in high school I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed at 6 am for a picture of Ben Franklin! Blessings.


    • I think he was very anxious the first day & want to make sure everything works well. Me & his mom were careful not to add to his stress yesterday. Second day is smoother. Online or classroom , don’t want to miss something this unforgettable in his life. Years from now we look back with nostalgia the was. Thanks David.

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  10. ourcrossings says:

    Due to the coronavirus, education has changed dramatically and it doesn’t come without its challenges. There are countries where a very few kids have access to private computers and thus are missing out on online schooling. And with parents at work, many families find themselves struggling to keep their children’s education on track. Wishing you all the best with digital learning 😀

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    • That is true. Some are even told to listen to the radio if no computer which to me is not education at all, but we do what we can to make the most our unfortunate circumstance and just turn it something positive & productive . Thanks.

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  11. Ab says:

    Congrats on starting the year off on a great note! Your son had demonstrated great discipline so far by waking up at 6! The IT glitches will always be there. Good for you for taking it all in stride. And love the hoodie!

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    • Congratulated him last night after a long hard day. He told my wife, “if this is how it is everyday, I’m going to have a headache.” Sounds funny at first, but I realized it is a lot of eye strain staring at the computer for accumulative 7 hours. I do a lot of computer time at work too and an hours sitting feels very long. Our kids need all the support & encouragement to their new schooling normal. Thanks.

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      • Ab says:

        For sure. I can imagine optometrists and eyeglass manufacturers benefiting in the near future from eLearning! He will get through the school with his supportive parents.


        • Third day , & better. No glitches this time. So far online school is working well & we don’t have to worry about our son bringing home COVID19 to us like what I’m reading in the news of some schools that started with classroom settings. Even my work now is mostly telephone and virtual appointments to protect patients and medical staff from the infection. Trying to adapt & adjust to new things to keep everyone safe will make a difference. We want many to still be there for 2021. Thanks Ab. Take care.

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