How Much Is Too Much? U.S. Surpass 5.1 Million New Coronavirus Cases

When numbers no longer scare people, we just pray for a miracle and hope everything we do is enough to protect ourselves and our family.

What should I wear today? Something cool or something protective? Maybe nothing. Mask Rack by our exit door.

How much is too much?

Surpassing 5.1 million New Coronavirus confirmed cases in the U.S. in 6 months with more than 164,000 deaths. Possibly 10 Million cases with 300,000 deaths early next year. Our economy is surviving on stimulus and bail out funds not everyone is really able to avail nor our nation can afford. Poor gets poorer , rich gets richer, middle income suffocating on expensive mortgage, rent, taxes, household and hospital bills while being forced to get pay cuts. Many businesses have closed, unemployment are too many to count, homelessness is on the rise, signs of recession has began.

We see but not seeing.

Many gave up trying because there seems to be no glimpse of things changing for the better. So why fight, when it’s a tremendous relief not to struggle. Why spend so much exhausting energy trying to change something that we can’t? Why not be free and just ignore the mandates? Why listen and see when it’s too stressful and negative. Why try really?

Real people are hurting.

Mr. President please lead. We are tired and frustrated. We are getting sick, we may die. Please serve and protect. Please unite us all. If you are willing to fight for us against the New Coronavirus pandemic, we will fight with you. All cultures and ethnicities , Republicans and Democrats, NO superior Race, just ALL AMERICANS. But first, you need to believe that we are all equal and the same. You need to believe that the only way to win is to work it out together peacefully. If you believe it, we will believe it. Your words are power. Your words means life or death. We can’t win a war with half the army with no leader while the enemy is determined in full united merciless front to destroy us. Politics can wait, Humanity can’t.

Lockdown wasn’t the answer, it’s willingness to change and sacrifice for the common, greater good.

By November Election, America may already be in a disastrous situation of no return. We’ve seen what the virus can do in a very short time. Each day we wait, the harder it gets to stop the pandemic. The longer we wait, the more difficult it is for our country’s economy to recover.

I see more of this now than during the Spring lockdown.

How much is too much? For some, at the brim. For others, not enough.

Normally, I’m optimistic, but after today’s news, I’m just being human.

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15 Responses to How Much Is Too Much? U.S. Surpass 5.1 Million New Coronavirus Cases

  1. Halfway through 2020 & many are feeling the fatigue of the battle. We need all the motivation we can get. Thanks for sharing it. Flu season is just 2 months away. Stay safe.


  2. Ab says:

    It’s very hard for me, as a non American, to see what is going on in the US. Very shocking and sad when there were obvious things the government could’ve done in the beginning to help curb its spread. I am hopeful for some meaningful and impactful change come November. Good luck and stay strong!

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    • Thanks Ab. The negative reactions or the lack of it is just as infectious. It’s taking the hope and optimism of those who are trying . The COVID19 fatigue and exhaustion is very real especially for those who are in the frontlines and those given the task to lead the communities like our Governors, mayors, public health officials , doctors , nurses. The worse is not hitting even the roof yet. Thanks for sharing positivity. Much needed. Stay safe.

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      • Ab says:

        Hang in there. I truly believe this will pass and be a memory one day. While you can’t control the fatigue other people are experiencing, you’re doing a great job of keeping your family safe. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most. Take care.


        • Thank you my friend. It is hard sometimes to stay cool when the actions of others are opposite to what needs to be done, even among people I work with. Some take it seriously. Others don’t. I respect people’s opinion, but when it comes to staying alive, I believe we need to be bigger and more accountable than our opinions. I told a friend yesterday, “on my way here , so many people are NOT wearing mask. May be I should just remove my mask when walking towards someone not wearing a mask.” Then she replied, “what if that person has COVID?” I changed my mind in instant. It’s tempting to give up & just do what everybody else does but looking back to how much people have sacrificed till now, we need to keep the fight for survival going because the outcome will just get worse if we don’t. Freedom & comfort can wait, our lives can’t. Stay safe.

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    • I wish I didn’t have to see the actions and attitude of people when I go out the house but it’s unavoidable. The emergency situation and devastating effect results of the pandemic doesn’t mirror the response of many. So a virus resistant to climate and seasons is loving it as shown by the soaring numbers. Many will loose love ones this Fall & Winter because many refuse to give up freedom and comfort. Many will not make it for 2021. Not caring anymore seems like the easier , less bothersome option. Tempting. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Kally says:

    Economy, jobs and everything else can wait. Lives can’t. Well said.


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    • Halfway through 2020 & many are feeling the fatigue of the battle. We need all the motivation we can get. Thanks for sharing it. Flu season is just 2 months away. Stay safe.


  5. JanBeek says:

    Yes, ” Politics can wait, Humanity can’t.” We need wise national leadership. ❤

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