If We Could Fly, Cliff House, Lands End San Francisco

It was the year of Superblooms. I haven’t seen this part of San Francisco this magical.

We don’t have to try too much to see and feel amazing, it just comes when we least expect it.

We walked along patches and patches of wildflowers. The cliffs were carpeted pink. It was a wonderland.

Superblooms at Cliff House, Lands End San Francisco, Year 20 Something.

Nature gave us a rare glimpse of wonder beyond the ordinary. It was incredible. No words to describe it really except we were just so happy.

Beauty catches the eye and blinds it from seeing danger. Selfie at the edge of the cliff? Sure.

Strange, looking at the pictures now, there were only a handful of people to experience the magic but now that nature retreated back and COVID-19 has taken over the scenery, droves of people visit it everyday this Summer. Was nature right in keeping the magic low key?

If we could why fly, where to?

Magic is already in you. We don’t have to travel to amazing places to feel it. We don’t have to scan our Instagram feed to find it. Just close your eyes. Imagine your inside your heart. Now, choose your happiest memories and just fly to it.

When things gets hard and loneliness hits full speed , we go back to a slower time where the heart is surfing the waves of happiness and no worries. Are we there yet?

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Just A Dad With A Dream.
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18 Responses to If We Could Fly, Cliff House, Lands End San Francisco

  1. Thank you. I closed my eyes and went fishing with my dad. After that, I climbed up in my mom’s chair and she read to me.
    Those were the days.
    Both my parents are gone now, but I remember them well and miss them so much.

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    Such a positive and much needed post! I really hope that living through these challenging times people gonna finally learn how little is needed to be fulfilled in life. And I have to say, you guys have some of the most beautiful wildflowers on Earth! Thanks for sharing such amazing and colourful photos! I hope all is well 😃 Aiva

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    • It’s our happiest place in SF, at least for me and our family. Watching the video kind of made me feel sad because so much have changed this year. Also missed my son’s childhood. He’s officially teenager now. No teenage life though with COVID19 around . Thanks . Appreciate the feedback.

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  3. Ab says:

    A beautiful post, message and pictures! Thank you for continuing to share your positive and uplifting message!


  4. CattleCapers says:

    I enjoy watching the hummingbirds in our neighborhood.


  5. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this so much!


  6. Wow , nature is healing , and self exploration is the master of imagination , which helps in going beyond your own horizons .


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