Between Fun and Serenity

Escape or Discover?

End of Summer, Santa Cruz Natural Bridges State Beach 2020.

Traveling the world, going to the beach, taking road trips, hiking nature outdoors, we all have our reasons for doing them but if narrowed down between fun and serenity, I choose serenity.

Celebrate your life and those you love even if the news or everything around you looks and feels hopeless, helpless. That is something no one can take from you.

I wake up sometimes overwhelmed with anxiety. I start my day sometimes with deep longing and heartbreak for relationships I kept praying to heal. In all those days, I take a deep breathe and just keep trying.

One Republic’s I Lived sums up everyone’s hope for 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic. Summer Santa Cruz.

So, between having fun and serenity, I choose serenity because at the end of the day, happiness no matter exhilarating will pass, but peace from within inspires the heart to keep beating.

We all are living in a dark, difficult time. Hope seems far. Anger seems closer ready to snap anytime. No matter how dim and scary the road is, we need to remember we can choose how our journey goes. We need to remember, we do have control of how the rest of our days are meant to be lived.

The National Flag, the Sunset, people around you, they are signs that things will get better. We can remain positive and optimistic because that too is a choice.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. – Proverbs 4:23

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33 Responses to Between Fun and Serenity

  1. I like the lighthouse picture


  2. Shivi 💜 says:

    Thoughtful post


  3. Beautiful pictures and profound words. I would too choose serenity over anything else! Thank you. Take care.

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  4. Pink Roses says:

    Hello Island Traveler – I think you are entirely right to choose serenity over having fun. There is no substitute for peace of mind. Thank you for the post.

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  5. Well said. It is peace within that inspires the heart to keep beating.
    Thank you for the reminder that I have a choice about my outlook. I will choose (somehow) to rejoice.

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    • Thanks David. Honesty is the best way to feel free & move forward. Just told a friend last night, “ just because I look happy, calm, have everything together, doesn’t mean I am. I go through anxiety and stress everyday like everyone else but I learned how to control it so I can be an effective leader at work.” She kind of understood but replied, “Just one observation, you try to make everyone happy , you don’t have too.” I just said, “if everyone is happy, I’m happy and everything runs smoothly.” I am learning to take care of myself nowadays but it’s never easy because when we try to love ourselves, people will find a way to make us feel guilty of it, and that’s from people we consider friends and family. In reality, only God loves us selflessly for everything we are and knowing that is hope. Take care my friend.


  6. restlessjo says:

    There’s something so hypnotic about the waves breaking on the shore. Is that La Jolla? (I’m never sure of the spelling 🙂 ) Dreams are made of this.

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    • It’s Santa Cruz last week. It’s just a drive away where I live. I actually didn’t want to go there, it still looks crowded from my definition of safe distance but wife wants to spend a few hours by Natural Bridge State Beach which I’m glad we did. We stayed at the end part next to the Rock Bridge away from people. Perfect place to feel close to the water. Boardwalk is close which normally is busiest in Summer but outdoor dining is open at the pier. To escape by the ocean for a few hours makes a big mental and emotional difference. Thanks Jo.


  7. Yes, I agree, thank you for sharing the message and the beautiful scene of the ocean.

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  8. JanBeek says:

    Yes, like you, I need to “take a deep breathe and just keep trying.” Life can be difficult, but we can join forces and sustain one another. Thank you for this blog and the choice of scripture. It is true, “One Republic’s I Lived sums up everyone’s hope for 2020.” Beautiful choice of video. Thank you. I had not heard it before. Others might build a wall… we are into building Bridges of Hope ❤

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  9. Bazilevs Rijik M says:

    четверг, 6 августа 2020 г. пользователь This Man’s Journey написал:

    > Island Traveler posted: ” Escape or Discover? End of Summer, Santa Cruz > Natural Bridges State Beach 2020. Traveling the world, going to the beach, > taking road trips, hiking nature outdoors, we all have our reasons for > doing them but if narrowed down between fun and serenit” >

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  10. So beautiful. I miss the beach so much. Do you have to wear masks at the beach? We don’t have to wear masks outdoors unless we are in a crowded area (which I never am).

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    • We wear mask anywhere we go, beach especially when passing people as it’s normally windy & infected droplets travels faster. We take it off when inside our tent when it’s just the 3 of us or eating. Outdoors is better than indoors but nowhere is really safe. Everyone is a possible asymptomatic infected in America now as pandemic is widespread. This is our new normal at least till next Summer. You can drive by near the ocean & stay in the car just to enjoy the scenery, it’s the safest. Stay safe. Thanks.

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  11. Ab says:

    Kudos to you as always for being able to find hope and serenity during the darkness. And thank you for sharing that message – and the lovely pictures – with your readers.

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    • Thanks Ab. Can’t argue what the heart wants to write and share. Between now and when pandemic will be controlled is a long road of so many things , good and bad, and we need all the serenity and hope we can get. Take care.


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