COVID-19 Surge or Wave, First or Second, Does It Matter?

So much debates whether we are on a surge or a wave. Whether this is the second or a resurgence of the first of COVID-19 pandemic. Does it matter?

All I see are scientific data of infection rates and deaths. Globally, more than 17.8 million infected and more than 679,000 deaths. In the U.S., infection exceeds 4.6 million and deaths surpass 154,000.

When the weather is too nice or the scenery is too beautiful, many can’t see the dangers even if they’re already standing on the cliff.

All I see is a seemingly unstoppable virus determined to wipe out as much lives and destroy economy.

All I see are people still disconnected and confused on how to move forward with our new normal.

There’s a big difference between hope versus illusion, fear versus facts, reality versus lies, politics versus humanity.

We drove 2 hours to find a beach with hardly any people in it but it’s worth the distance because family time with safety as priority is worth it.

In two weeks, my son begins first year high school on line. Young minds and hearts like him will never know what the first days and months of exciting high school would feel like. They will never be able to look back and tell stories of how it was entering the halls of Freshman years. They will never know what is means to meet new friends and experience adventures with them. No sports, no clubs they are passionate about, no school dance, no new young love romance. Too many beautiful moments they will never know because of one cause, COVID-19.

Don’t stop trying being happy or sharing that happiness because of COVID-19. Anywhere we go now is a potential infection source. The important thing is incorporating safety guidelines whenever we seize the day and just doing our best to follow them. Song: Live It Up by Owl City. Adventure: Garapatta State Beach Carmel & Big Sur 2020.

I’m one of the billions of parents hoping their child will have a better future than his own. A parent who dreams his child will discover happiness free of fear, harm or threat. Is that dream still possible with COVID-19 more widespread and uncontrolled?

We kept driving until we saw less than 5 cars by the freeway. We would have missed the entire Summer if we let fear rule over our lives. Life lesson from COVID-19, don’t wait for next year for things we could have done now because next year’s Summer may not even happen at all .

So, does it really matter if we’re in a surge versus a wave, first resurgence or new second pandemic? The results and outcome are the same. The struggles, hardship and loss are the same. It doesn’t change for as long as we don’t change.

“Keep living and giving because COVID-19 wins the moment we stop trying.”

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23 Responses to COVID-19 Surge or Wave, First or Second, Does It Matter?

  1. judithhb says:

    So much for us all to learn during this time. Particularly that life is so short. Don’t put off those things you can still do. In these troubled times who knows if tomorrow will come,
    Thank you for the mammoth chore of reading and liking all those blogs of mine.


    • Thank you for a generous inspiring feedback. Finding motivation & positivity thru the the heart and minds of other bloggers is like a ray of sunshine lately. So much pain, sadness, fear, uncertainty around me & I know this is not how our lives should be. My county is still color Purple in yesterday’s tier of reopening, which means the infection rate is too high per day that many business will still be close or restricted. Most of California really, but I agree with Gov. Newsom, it’s better to careful than to be reckless and complacent only to close again. It’s getting colder, which means Fall and Flu season is not far behind. For now , we just live the most of life, do what is necessary, be kind, prepare, be hopeful.


  2. auntyuta says:

    Island Traveler, you say: “We drove 2 hours to find a beach with hardly any people in it . . .”
    I too believe the best thing we can do is to avoid crowds of people if at all possible. Right now I looked up a video about the Spanish Flu and published it here:

    How did people cope with it more than a hundred years ago? I think, this is an interesting question.

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    • Thanks my friend. Happiness and adventure are still possible even with COVID19, just need lots of patience & creativity. History indeed has so much to teach us. Sadly, many are still not open to learning and trying such as wearing a simple mask. There are stories coming out now how people did everything mask and all but someone killed them with COVID19 by not wearing mask. If we can’t give up comfort and sacrifice a bit so people could live longer then history will repeat itself. Stay safe.


  3. An Offshore Love says:

    As a parent I can totally relate to this. My daughter will be starting Year 1 of juniors in September and it’s nerve wracking to imagine what will be going through her little mind when she walks into a very different school to the one she left so abruptly in March.

    She’s 4 and in the last 4 months she’s developed anxiety and sleep problems. It’s hard but all we can do is keep trying to be positive and get some normality and sanity back. It’s hard even for us adults to get our heads around, let alone little brains with wild imaginations and fears.

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    • It’s been a tough time for kids and for parents. There is no wrong or right side as to how schools will safely go on with COVID-19. We all are just trying to cope and adapt with our new normal. . Stay safe and hope your daughter will have a great school year. 🙏 thanks .


  4. inspirechief says:

    You are right. There is too much negativity and fear. I have devoted the rest of my life to spreading positivity and faith. Thank you for your inspirational post. Let’s help these kids get back to a normal life. Take care and stay safe.

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    • Thanks. We need to move forward & make the most of what we’re given. We can’t be role models to young minds if we act confused and scared ourselves. No matter how optimistic & happy kids are, adults around them greatly influence the sustainability of those positive & hopeful emotions. We keep the fire of life alive because we need it to light the darkness that surrounds it. Stay safe.

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  5. Lainey says:

    I love how you stated this so well. I started freshman year of high school last year, and I’m so sorry your son won’t be able to have those first experiences. I’m also starting the school year online, and it’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to have those experiences that we normally do. I hope that you can continue to travel safely to beaches, parks, etc and still make some good memories!

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  6. Ab says:

    I always appreciate your cautious and pragmatic optimism. How great you are still able to do things and enjoy life and beautiful scenery while being safe. I’m sorry your son will be starting high school on a different note. But I know that with your care it will still be positive, if not unique, memory.

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    • He picks up his official school lap tap this Monday & books. He’s making excuses not to go but we told him, “it may be your only chance to see your classmates and what’s inside your school this year.” He gives a non-cheerful response, “okay.” Kids are so affected this year. They may not be vocal as their parents , but they are. It’s sad but I do believe the governor made the right judgement call. Now students, parents, teachers in California can move forward & create the best on line school experience. Thanks.

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  7. These are absolutely the most up and down times I’ve ever experienced, and your post captures that feeling perfectly.

    The fact is, we have no choice but to surf 🏄 uncertainty at this point. The alternative is to be drowned.

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    • Thanks David. For a few hours, we forgot about COVID19 though we were still wearing mask when passing people. Wife and son stayed inside tent while I hiked for a short period. The hiking trail was all mine . No people at all. We need to have our source of escape and balance from the craziness the pandemic has brought to us all. There are days , I stop reading the news cause it’s all bad news. Last night, California reached more than half a million COVID-19 positives. Wasn’t surprised. It’s inevitable. Has nothing to do with more testing which should be our goal with reopening , or population size. Bottom line, these are new infections within 4 weeks being passed around communities, homes, public places, workplace . We have to adjust, accept and just do our best to follow preventative measures experts has given us. Resisting and fighting about it is not helping. Yes, we Surf or Drown, no in between. Stay safe. 🙏

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  8. Rosh says:

    Very eye-opening perspective and it really reminded me that we shouldn’t let fear take over and learn to adapt and live the most we can! Stay safe!

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    • Thanks Rosh. I did start in the panic mode when COVID-19 was new but now, I’m actually swabbing people for the the test , so that’s a huge change. I believe if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Even the most careful can get it , so really , we just do our best to follow the CDC guidelines and keep living. Lockdown is not the answer , it’s people working through this pandemic together. News today obviously showing America is still a work in progress but I believe the good in everyone will kick in. Stay safe. Thanks.

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  9. More beautiful photos and a down-to-earth message. Thank you for the interesting links. Keep well.

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    • Thanks Linda. There is so much negativity and fear from the pandemic . So much anger and disunity. It’s time to bring something good, hopeful and kind. It’s time to give people reasons to smile & come together virtually. The heart has to go on living & not freeze in its tracks. Stay safe my friend.

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