Giant Lily of the Nile Superblooms in Summer

I thought I’ll never see it again, but there is was, patches of gigantic Lily of the Nile superblooms in mid Summer.

I saw these rare superblooms few years ago at the peak of Spring when superblooms were magically sprouting up all over California’s driest land and deserts. Years of drought ended then when heaven opened and blessed us with generous rain. It was a miracle and that miracle is happening again. No rain this time, just an outpouring of hope that Nature will heal us all.

So, just because people are saying things won’t happen doesn’t mean the hope we have won’t. Just because things look bad now doesn’t mean it won’t get better tomorrow.

If these Lilies found its way to survive patiently and bloom beautifully at the harshest of weather and circumstances, so can we.

We need to remember we are more precious than the flowers God created. So even if there’s no sun, no rain, no nutrients and we’re surrounded by predators and threats, God will make a way.

Trust God that we will grow, thrive, bloom and live happily, abundantly. Our entire lives is a living proof of his miracles and today, we claim those miracles.

If you are just a drive away from Montara State Park, you can still see the Lily of the Nile superblooms for the next two weeks. After that, it will be gone until someone or something needs it to come back.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    How nice that you noticed! I remember them from when I was a kid, but no one else does. Back then, blue was more prominent than white. They are remnants of an old abandoned cut flower crop. A very long time ago, their rows were still discernible. They naturalized (dispersed seed) rather slowly, but eventually obscured their rows. Narcissus and daffodil also naturalized from abandoned row crops farther east, past Elm Street. However, that field was excavated and ruined by the construction of a large home. Even though it did not need to be excavated completely, all of the narcissus and daffodil were removed, as if whomever lived in the home was allergic to them. (It still seems odd to me that someone who dislikes such flowers so much built their home within a field of them, and ruined the field for everyone.) The bulbs are difficult to kill, but somehow, I never saw them again. Rows of heather that were also grown for cut flowers a long time ago continued to bloom in that neighborhood, and may still be there now. None of the callas fields remain, but naturalized callas sometimes bloom sporadically in the creeks.


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  3. da-AL says:

    many tx for sharing. at least the earth is getting a bit of a vacation with this virus, so many of us creating less pollution…

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  4. Amazing content with beautiful floral – lavender backdrop

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  5. rajkkhoja says:

    Most welcome. Beautiful. Lilies. I like.

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  6. siaonara says:

    Indeed it is!

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  7. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderfully lines I like. Good post. I interest to read. Iam so happy.

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  8. siaonara says:

    What a blissful way to start my day! Beautiful pictures!

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  9. That’s a beautiful share, I can really relate to. Living in Southern California, I see those flowers all the time all over the place. They really endure drought and storms, always shining in their beauty.

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  10. bryanrchan says:

    You always go to such beautiful places. Haha!

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    • Just blessed to live close by. Just gas and picnic food , it’s road trip everytime chances permits . We chose to follow our heart’s adventure & happiness so we decided to live close to everything we enjoy doing . Thank you.

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  11. Beautiful sight to see! I’m glad I was here to witness this!

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  12. Such a gorgeous spot! May need to add this one to our list.

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    • We went there cause son wants to chills by the beach, had a little detour when I saw the blooms. It was a rare thing so had to convince wife and son to hike a little bit. Thanks.


  13. Ab says:

    What beautiful flowers. And an idyllic and calming backdrop!

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  14. Halbarbera says:

    A blooming post for sure.

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  15. Those lilies are beautiful! And I like how your writing instils hope in the reader 🌸🦋

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