In four straight days, U.S. hits above 1,000 new deaths per day from COVID-19. In 30 days, that’s 30,000 deaths. By December, about 120,000 more on top of today’s 146,420 total number of COVID-19 related deaths.

California, Texas and Florida named by White House health expert Dr. Birx as essentially the 3 New York’s of Coronavirus.

Outdoor Street Dining at Bay Area California.

We are at an emergency and disaster mode being at the epicenter of it all but when I look around me, it’s like a normal day under the beautiful California Sun except some are wearing masks.

Saw this on my walk today. Coincidence? A sign? A message? A warning? An artist prediction? Could be nothing.

The challenge, we stop more deaths from happening by stopping the infection spread with 5 steps. I will not call it easy or simple steps because it’s not. It needs consistency and hard work for it to be successful. These steps however are not new. We’re already familiar and doing most, if not all of them.

She still wore a mask even if there was no one beside us. May be she was keeping herself safe from me in case I got infected. Oh, well, can’t blame her after working 4 days straight.


Step 1: Wear a Mask.

Step 2: Social Distancing of 6 feet or more. Avoid social gatherings of 10 people or more. Avoid crowded indoor places and visit them only during their least busiest hours or days.

Step 3: Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds or use Hand Sanitizer.

Step 4: Disinfect frequently all possible contaminated surfaces.

Step 5: Be mindful. Be vigilant. Never be off guard. Stay informed. Stop listening to people who believes the pandemic is not real. They will not support your family when you are gone. They will not help you financially if you can no longer work because of the long term multi-systemic complications of COVID-19 or you got laid off.

This weekend beach scene. This is the less crowded area. Summer made many forget or careless. There is no fear, just people trying to live in the moment. Is it wrong to try living while the virus is at large? I don’t have an answer but I kind of know how they feel.

We love challenges. Many of them had gone viral in You Tube because it’s fun, it’s cool, or it’s awesome. This challenge is a bit more serious but I assure you, it will be cool and awesome when we stop COVID-19 because only then can we fully go back to the lifestyle and normal we all used to enjoy.

Perhaps one day. My son watching the Golden Gate SF before Coronavirus. We crossed the bridge that day towards Marin headlands and back.

If you’re into it, post what you did and tag #stopcovid19challenge . We may not go viral but we will accomplish something better, save lives.

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39 Responses to STOP COVID-19 CHALLENGE

  1. kagould17 says:

    Good post for sure. We all need to follow precautions so we can some day get back to normal. Hope your cases drop soon. It is sad to see so many infections and deaths. Stay well. Allan


    • Thanks Allan. Same here. Yesterday was less but 1/5 of our patients having COVID-19 symptoms today. It doesn’t scare me anymore , I guess I got used to my new normal . We can only hope people will finally get better in trying to do what needs to be done because this virus unlike seasonal Flu is all year long. Stay safe my friend.


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  3. Alex Garrett says:

    This is a great article! I would love to have you on my podcast, to discuss this challenge further! What is best way to reach you

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    • Thanks Alex. I’m truly honored but for now, I’m kind of scared to speak live. The emotions and experiences related to COVID-19 are too raw and if I speak without breaks like how I write, it may place me or my family in harms way from work, from society, from our government. Being Anonymous is like a shield from bullets. I’m just like any regular hardworking American who still depends for his pay check from the powerful corporate world. I’m already happy you shared the challenge out there. People don’t have to know who I am. What matters is they know the hope I have for us all. Be safe my friend & let the movement for change live and prosper. 🙏


      • Alex Garrett says:

        I feel compelled to reference on my podcast today! With your permission, of course!


        • Yes, that’s would be okay. My wife has been scared for me since COVID-19 started in the epicenters of the Bay Area, not just from the virus but from the Racial Health crimes against Asians and Healthcare Workers. I’m both and it’s double negatives. Me and my co-workers , mostly Asian minorities too don’t feel like Heroes the media is trying to capitalize on. We are vulnerable and afraid someone will throw a rock at us or be the victim of verbal assault when we walk in public with our scrubs. It’s sad that the truth is being dismissed or ignored but it’s happening more & more. I think this is part of the reason people of diverse cultures got brave to walk the streets to have their voices heard against Racism and injustice . Bullying and Racial Hate Crime are injustice in broad day light. Thank you for taking time to notice and bring change. You are the Hero and everyone who has the courage to speak for the oppressed and those who can’t. 🙏


  4. The Guat says:

    I completely understand where you’re coming from. Sometime I look around while I’m driving and it’s like people are not registering that we’re in full blown emergency here. I’m in a high risk state, and it’s frustrating to see and hear people throwing tantrums when so many people are dying. People can have opinions about facts but you can’t change them just because you don’t agree. Facts are facts. Wearing a mask all the times outside and definitely keeping our distance if we go out. Also good to see you blogging on a regular basis now, after your long hiatus, but sorry it’s under the circumstances. Your son got big! Take care and stay safe 🙂

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    • Hiatus is over & I’m glad I pushed myself to try again because it is helping me cope and make sense of the pandemic and on going Racism & injustice. Where I work, we are being told not to worry like we are invincible. We are told it’s okay even if we all are scared. Blogging helped me express those feelings to people who truly are listening and relating to the real threat facing us all. Yes, Son is grown. He was excited , we were excited of seeing him in high school, but students like him are experiencing a change in history no one saw coming . Hope he gets to see actual classroom next year. Thank you for your feedback and stay safe.

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  5. Sooooo happy to see you back, and your voice is an important one. You’re on the ground and witnessing – and letting people know that this is indeed a very serious crisis.

    It’s also great to see how much your son has grown – and he is surely one lucky one to have such lovely parents!

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    • I didn’t blog for awhile until COVID-19 , & now Racism. It was much bigger than my personal problems & needs to be fought because we don’t have enough armies yet to bring change. Yes, son is now teenager. Part of coming back is to ensure his generation still had a bright future to anticipate. Thank you .

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  6. ourcrossings says:

    People need to be constantly reminded about the COVID situation and how important it is to wear a mask and be careful. Wearing a mask is mandatory in Ireland especially in the shops yet most of the people walk around without one. I’m pretty sure of one thing, if we have to go back to living in isolation, the people who didn’t wear a mask would be the first to complain about everything. Take care and fingers crossed we see the end of this soon 🙏😀👍

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    • I can so relate word by word to what you wrote . The complainers & negatives will always be who they are regardless of circumstances. So I keep reminding myself, I can’t change everyone , but I can change myself . Thought COVID-19 does not think that way. Stay safe.

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  7. colarnold says:

    From a doctor who has been preaching masks for months now- THANK YOU!!

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    • Every time I see Doctors and Nurses on TV begging for people to do their part, breaks my heart. What happened in New York is happening again , & now it’s multi states . Health workers are only human , sooner or later we will get sick. If there are less professional man power to take care of sick patients , that will add up to mortality rates as we’ve seen before. People don’t get how bad this could get again. Stay safe and thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate the hard work of the Doctors & truly understand the fears and frustrations.


  8. Facts matter, science matters.

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  9. siaonara says:

    I truly appreciate your efforts to spread awareness.

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  10. Ab says:

    Thanks for continuing to do your part to advocate. Wearing a mask is such a simple and big thing we all can do to help stop the spread. It’s frustrating many refuse to and that some have politicized this issue. Hang in there and keep up the good fight!

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    • The mask mandate was already placed March during the lockdown. How some states just started it or some people just realized it slows down infection is mind boggling . Our country is calling us to show our patriotism by caring …& that begins with wearing a mask. I wear it at least 8 hours a day at work . I didn’t suffer from any pulmonary issues cause I’m breathing with a mask , in fact it saved me and my co-workers from day 1. We need to keep trying otherwise, we already lost a battle that has no finish line. Take care . Stay safe always.

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      • Ab says:

        Yes, it is appalling how the US has responded (no offense intended to you on an individual level) but as an outsider viewing the US, the response has been shocking. I do hope that the more serious in tone and response now can help flatten the curve a bit before the flu season start later in the fall. Please take good care and keep up the good fight!


        • The word appalling just fits perfectly because that’s not just the news, it’s what I see everyday. I was at Santa Cruz yesterday, the outdoor dining was packed, no mask when eating of course , & social distancing sounds like a distant thing yesterday while the numbers keeps going up. Tables , not even have full time to disinfect , & next family sits on it. We got our food to go and just ate in the car while watching the sunset from afar. I’m glad school is on line because I’ve read stories of parents dying & kids left orphaned . That’s a parent worst fear. Take care & stay safe my friend.

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  11. The twenty somethings are the main culprits. Protesting without masks, going to parties, etc.

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    • The news kept asking, “what are we doing wrong?” The answer is before everyone’s eyes but many stop looking and trying cause it’s hard or it’s easier deny the truth. I wrote previously that the Surge will happen in Summer when many said it’s controlled. The prediction was based on people’s behavior and attitude towards the virus. Until it hits personally , many will not understand how deadly or devastating the virus is. I just read a 27 year old mom died of COVID-19 & left 3 kids orphaned . That is horrific. Thanks for the feedback & stay safe.

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      • I work in the NYC area. We had cases in the schools before they shut down. They did not want to shut the schools. School personnel had it, some passed on. Children’s parents had it, some died. Grandparents had it because of multigenerational homes. Some died. The promising news is they know how to treat it. The death rate is down. If you want to be stupid and be in large groups don’t come to NY. We have had enough. The protests should have tracked from the beginning. In NY our governor said the testers can not ask if someone was at a protest. Everything else is questioned and tracked, not that. People came from many states to NY to protest.


        • Thank you for speaking out and sharing your story . People keep ignoring & purposely forgetting real people died, real people people lost love ones and or jobs. As an Essential, I never had the change to Stay at Home & feel safe. Like everyone in the front lines , I had to experience the fear everyday until it no longer affects me as much. Reality is, we are far from the end of COVID19 but people are already celebrating literally. I pray we are prepared for Fall and Winter because this is nothing yet of what’s coming. Take care. Stay safe and strong. Please share my thank you and appreciation to all the Heroes of New York. They need to know people see their hard work and sacrifices . They need to feel we are being better because of them.

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          • Learn from the mistakes made here. They told us not to wear masks. I think if they had promoted wearing the handmade ones in the beginning it may have lessened things. We are thankful for Samaritans Purse ( Central Park hospital tents) and the healthcare workers who volunteered to come and help out. Samaritans Purse had an over 95 percent recovery rate.


            • Back when N95 was precious than gold, we healthcare workers have to beg and fight for it but we shouldn’t have because showing up at work knowing we could get sick and die should have been a proof to itself we deserve PPE’s and being safe. Once again, many healthcare systems covered this up , & who are we to fight the giants & the Gods who control our paychecks. The start of the pandemic was a living proof we are insignificant numbers to their eyes. CEO’s gets tons of bonuses , while budget for life saving supplies for staff are being reduced. Some news are also rigged to protect the powerful. Doesn’t take a genius to see the obvious but it’s safer to just just go with the flow.

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              • The nurses were still begging on the news in NYC for PPE when it was documented that millions had been donated in the week before. Obviously some kind of local hoarding issue. Reports ere even PPE in hospitals was stolen. A person who owners a nice townhouse was arrested for reselling PPE. Most likely someone pilfered a hospital and have it to him to sell and split the proceeds. After the arrest you did not hear much.


              • For some, Man’s greed takes precedence for profit and gain over humanity. It’s a shame. And yes, when President was announcing millions of PPE had been sent, it took a month or more to reach certain areas. As for hoarding, it was the initial reaction just before and during lockdown. Again, shame, but we can’t change people , only how we react to them. Stay safe always. Health workers see each other, doesn’t matter which part of the world or America. We relate because we live it everyday.

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  12. Jorge Medico says:

    Thanks for sharing the good info.

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    • We need to keep letting people know because the reality is, many people around us just stopped fighting a virus that is relentless. It will get worse this Fall if our behavior & attitude won’t change. It’s easy to predict something when we see it with our very eyes, not the news. Stay safe . Thanks for the feedback.


  13. Pain Bug says:

    I do not understand how someone can say “COVID-19 Pandemic is a HOAX!!. Some people are taking this too seriously”.
    I live in an Epicenter state and it is sad to say every other person feels this is nothing but a bad cold. It’s a normal day in Florida. I want to enjoy life like the next person, however, I need to protect my health because If I get sick who will be there for my family? Wear a Mask #StopCovid19Challenge

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    • I drove my family yesterday to our favorite beach , & we passed several popular ones, they looked exactly like the pictures in the news, packed & crowded. People are gathering. Many are not wearing mask. People are suffering because of the pandemic. Essential workers are dying & leaving orphaned children. People have lost jobs. Until the selfishness, ambivalence and defiance ends, COVID-19 will keep winning. Truth is uncomfortable but it’s no longer funny for those that sacrificed from day 1. Stay safe. You are making a difference my friend . Thank you.


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