California Tops New York As Most COVID-19 Infected State In The U.S.

Data from John Hopkin’s University now shows California tops New York as the State with the most COVID-19 infection surpassing 430,000. New York to date has 409,697 infected, most of the numbers happened during the Spring lockdown whereas California’s numbers accelerated after the lockdown.

We’re back to closing a lot of things in California, like businesses and schools. My son will never experience what’s it like to be in first year high school in the real world. He will not see his old friends. He will not meet new ones. People will be losing their jobs. People will be worried they may loose their job, me included. New normal just got more vividly real.

Thursday, total new deaths in the U.S. exceeds 1,000 per day, a number we prayed will not happen again but it is happening. If it doesn’t slow down, that’s additional 30,000 lives that will be lost in 30 days.

Death from COVID-19 is increasing alarmingly in California with 8,201 deaths whereas New York has slowed down significantly at 32,594. Will any State in the U.S. reach close to the death numbers of New York? Maybe NOT, as we have better mode of diagnosis and treatment as well as resources compared to the first surge. Again, numbers could change easily depending on how people behave and respond to COVID-19.

Mask is my new best friend. We’re I go, mask goes. Never stop following your dreams just because of COVID-19. More than ever, our lives needs to go on and mean something.

The good news, California Healthcare Systems and Officials are prepared to handle the COVID-19 Summer surge all the way to Fall. When other States are still debating reopening and safety guidelines, Californians headed by Gov. Newsom has been preparing.

California has been aggressive in its preventative COVID-19 measures. California has spearheaded in its medical approach in triaging and treating COVID-19 patients in Emergency Rooms thus maximizing available hospital beds for the very sick patients. California initiated Telephone and Virtual Clinic visits that continues to keep their patients and staff safe.

So yes, we Californian Healthcare Workers are ready because we have been trained ready since we saw our first cases of COVID-19.

Live with caution and we will be fine. Not 100% true but it’s better than nothing.

We’re passed the blaming. We’re passed the waiting. We’re moving towards what we wish California to be again. We have enough knowledge and information to make the right choice to do what’s right.

The daily new COVID-19 cases is sad as many of us are trying to stop the pandemic but the hope is strong in the State of Dreamers. Instead of focusing on the negatives, today we will celebrate California as the State of love, happiness and adventures. We celebrate the State that welcomed our dreams and inspired us to make them happen.

Mid February 2020, we still went to Disneyland, L.A. not knowing COVID-19 was already being spread community acquired. Back then we were watching the horror happening in China and Italy. We got no idea that we will experience the same horror when we returned home after the vacation. Things can change in instant and we may not even see it coming.

This was the last sunset we saw in San Francisco just before COVID-19. It was magical, even romantic. I believe we can have that magic again and it’s going be more beautiful than the one before.

Proposing love and forever. Sunset Sutro Baths Lands End San Francisco 2019

Faith and unity over COVID-19 because we will get through this.

Just because we can’t see the other end doesn’t mean hope is not there. Point Bonita Lighthouse 2019

Note: Medical approach to COVID-19 from safety, to preventative, diagnostic and treatment measures will continue to change and evolve as rapid as every day, every week as we find better ways in managing the virus and the pandemic. That is a good thing. That is hope.

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24 Responses to California Tops New York As Most COVID-19 Infected State In The U.S.

  1. rulookingforjesus says:

    Look like a great trip


  2. NY made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. The gov decreed no Hydroxy? Until a patient is in the hospital. It’s effective before that point. The gov forced nursing homes to take CoVid patients. Many of our deaths are due to that but the full extent won’t be known because if the nursing home resident was sent to the hospital and died there they were not counted in nursing home deaths. Schools with cases were known and they never intended to close us down until it got bad. Many dead teachers and staff. The subways were not deep cleaned until months after the start. It was a major transfer point of the disease. CoVid positive hospital and nursing staff in NY were allowed to work in hospitals and nursing homes if they were asymptotic. They said from the beginning it could be passed that way. Now they have better treatments. Less deaths. People who were kept at all costs on oxygen and not put in ventilators did much better. As I said before these protests are spreading it.


    • So sorry. This needs to be written and their stories known because it seems now it’s just numbers and leaders are creating new stories to cover the horrors of what really happened in NY and all epicenters. Cover ups and stories to distract people from the truth are being made and shown as we read this. So much confusion & indecisions at the expense of real lives. Just like the simple Mask. We know scientifically, clinically it works but people and leaders are still battling about it when the real battle is COVID-19 versus Humanity’s Survival. All need to be better because we are failing badly in stopping the pandemic.

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  3. siaonara says:

    At the start of this year, I was so excited I was going to visit California this October. But how drastically things turned topsy-turvy. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Stay safe.


    • We had Summer plans too but hope dimmed as early as March . The Summer surge was not a surprise. I actually predicted it after observing everyday how people behave in real life with the lockdown. If we go back to the news since stay at home, what we see now is inevitable. Sad , but I hope everyone wakes up now. Thanks , hope you have a beautiful Summer & travel to Cali one day. Stay safe.

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  4. This is very sad time all over the world, But hope for the best, everything will get back


  5. Beautiful beautiful photos. And thank you for the positivity and hope. We are all learning how to deal with this and we need to work together to get through it. Sometimes I think I will never be able to do things I did before (like Disneyland!), but I need to shake it off. I’m planning a fall road trip and I’m staying hopeful!! But I do miss the ocean 😢

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  6. Ab says:

    Magical sunset indeed. I think I see a marriage proposal?! Glad you found a glimmer of light during these dark times.

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  7. JanBeek says:

    Thank you for your post and the positivity you project in the midst of this terrible COVID-19. With you I pray that “every week… we find better ways in managing the virus and the pandemic.”

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  8. Lainey says:

    Wow, it’s crazy how fast cases are growing here in the United States but I’m hoping that with more mask mandates and other approaches we can lower these numbers soon! Stay safe!

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  9. ourcrossings says:

    I was just reading LA Times and was sad to hear about 8 thousand deaths being recorded so far 🙈That’s nearly a half of the population of Sligo town. Even in the face of this new crisis, we need to stay positive. While we may not have control over it, we can’t let it control us. Stay safe and take care 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a sad time for the New epicenters , California, Texas, Florida , Arizona, even Louisiana. Not sure what we’re doing wrong but definitely we are experiencing the effects of the numbers . For now, do what we can to protect ourselves and one another from being sick. Thanks for the feedback.

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