Home With No Zip Code

Our home has walls that are made of adventure, it’s roof of freedom. Happiness are it’s interiors and its open concept space allows more room for love and kindness.

Don’t let the things of this world nor its vanity for power and fame take away that one important key that keep us feeling alive…our happiness.

Our home doesn’t have a door because it welcomes everyone that needs to escape, rest, find comfort, even have fun.

We live in a society where our happiness has been decided and predetermined the day we are born.

Our home doesn’t belong to anyone nor it owns us. It has no closing cost, no drowning mortgage loans, no draining maintenance expenses. It’s free and clear from fear of foreclosure. The bank can never take it away and have people bid on it for more profit.

It’s time to acknowledge what we really want. What is it that we want to do that will make us happy?

People who lived in our home can go anytime without worries when the dreams from which it stands has out grown themselves or didn’t work. Our home doesn’t rob us of our youth nor time that could be well spent with family and ourselves. Our home inspires us to live fully, honestly, truly, sincerely.

We have an orange tent in our car that turns into a home wherever, whenever the heart wants to stop and just enjoy life for a moment.

If you drive by the nearest beach or nature outdoors, you’ll recognize the pieces of our home. It will look familiar. It will unlock memories and open windows overlooking a magnificent view of courage, hope, love and forgiveness.

This is our home. It has no zip code because we carry it with us wherever we go. It exist when we are close to the ocean. It exist when we drive to places we’re free to be ourselves and happiness comes easy. It exist when we hear ourselves laughing without caring of what others may think. It exist when we have each other. It exist when we find the good parts of ourselves long lost or forgotten.

Dedicated to everyone who lost their homes, everyone who was never given the chance to feel they have a home and everyone who are no longer welcomed to a place that was once, home.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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  2. lilgypsi says:

    I was raised in military home. We moved yearly. As an adult with children I was in the same home 19 years and I was miserable. After the children were grown. I divorced sold my home and bought an RV. I’ve never been happier


  3. I lived without a stationary roof for over 7.5 years. It is a hard life, but will draw you closer to your creator than any other.
    Be good to one another. Peace be with you!


    • I live in an apartment. House no longer appeals to us after learning the hard way it can be a source of one’s nightmare and painful heartbreaks. People and society loves to instill in us a false promise of happiness from having material things not explaining and being transparent of the price we have to give up once we decide to be a part of a system that destroyed so many lives and dreams. Less is more and as long as we have everything we’ll ever need, we don’t have to conform , we don’t have please the world to make them feel better. Our life, our destiny, our hope, our dreams and happiness. Thank you.

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      • I’m now in an apartment as well.
        I lost the house I raised my children in back in 2008.
        I understand too well.
        Peace be with you.


        • Did mine too in 2008. The house was easy to forget but it was the human connections and relationships that was the hardest and most painful but I’m glad it happened otherwise I wouldn’t have rediscovered California. When no one believed in my dream, I believed in it , so here I am, enjoying the beautiful beaches and outdoors of Cali ..,almost for free. That is something no big house can ever provide. We live our dreams the way we want it. That should be what true friends and family be telling each other, not trapping each other to capitalism, debt and unhappiness. Stay safe. Happy Summer.

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  4. Seli💕 says:

    Inspiring post…
    Loved every bit. 💖


    • Life experiences taught me that a nice house from its exterior is just a fairytale, a home on the other hand promises a happy story that we get to carry everywhere we go. Thanks.

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      • Seli💕 says:

        That’s so True…

        You know since few days i have been thinking of topics which I can write on. And surprisingly this was it.

        I feel sometimes houses put u in chains. How wonderful would it be if we were like free 🐦.. If we could just wander and live where we want for as much as we like.

        We were actually wanderers before civilization happened. It has changed for better ofcourse but sometimes I feel we have caged ourselves.. Attachments chain you.


        • I think so too. Sadly, unknowingly people we know are the first ones to put us in chains by relentlessly telling us “buy a house,” until we falsely believe it is our dream to have one. The American Dream is not about having a house or getting rich but to feel free and happy doing what we love. It’s a secret capitalism doesn’t want people to know otherwise everyone will be off their chains & there’s no more people to profit from. Same concept with credit cards, they entice us to buy anything and pay later not realizing the high interest rate will have us in debt for life. The good news, chains & debt can be ended with a choice …pay everything, let go of most we don’t need & live simply.


  5. This is so beautifully expressed, and is true. Why should we not feel at home when we are somewhere where we feel free and happy.


    • Thanks . There’s a group of dreamers in this world that had to keep going, moving, breaking and molding because that is their destiny. The world and society definition of home built on structure and expectations doesn’t apply to them. Loss and loneliness are their familiar , adventure and happiness in the moment are their norm. It’s both a sad and joyful life but we can’t change who we are. Dreamers are simply following who they are which makes them NOT popular to those who wanted them to conform, submit or stay. People they had to leave behind for their dreams may even hate them for it. Being free and happy always has a price and an opposite reaction.

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  6. Simply but amazingly you described. I must say you have an absolutely wonderful home and these picture are just glimpse.

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    • Thanks . Real Life lesson on happiness…house is just structure but home is where the heart is free to experience more of everything we love doing. Besides, a house like any things we own we live behind, but the beautiful moments we take from this lifetime to the next. 🙏

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  7. Beautiful. Heartfelt and simple. Thank you.


  8. The Guat says:

    What a great picture of the orange tent in the beach. The beach and the outdoors helps, even if it’s for a little bit. And your title is spot on! I love that title and the theme of your piece today. Well done!

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  9. Halbarbera says:

    A house
    is not
    a home!


    A home
    is where
    the heart
    does roam!


  10. The part where you said society decides our happiness for us the day we are born, THAT resonates with me.
    Somehow, for me, being out in nature debugs societal‘programing.’ I feel the most like myself when I’m out for a long run or hike.


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    • josephbinning says:

      Only we can decide our happiness.If we need an external source to be happy we are chasing after the wrong thing. Happiness is a choice, not a person, place, or thing. These things can bring us happiness, but only we can make us happy.

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    • I was watching a Netflix movie last night about a high school teenager who did everything his parents told him. He got straight A’s & all schools accepted him except Harvard which placed him in the waiting list. He was trying to follow his parents dream for 18 years until he woke up and realized he missed so much of his life and he was never asked what he wants to do that makes him happy. In the end following his heart brought him all the happiness including love and two parents who finally saw their child for the first time truly happy doing what he loves. It wasn’t until the past few years that I started to really follow what I want, but it wasn’t easy either . No matter what we do, someone will always try to make us feel guilty for trying. So even if for a few hours, I try go outdoors , do roadtrips , take long walks , take family to places we love, to just be me. Thanks for the feedback my friend .


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