Americans Versus Americans

4th of July weekend. America celebrated Independence Day. Family and friends gathered together over barbecue, drinks and fireworks, but what does this day really mean?

People chose to call America home because of all the places they’ve been, it’s the one that promised them that for as long as they work hard and do their best, their dreams can come true. That promise is harder to come by these days and no longer applies for everyone. We turned our backs to the new hopefuls, hunted them, separated families and deported them with broken spirits. We crushed their dreams even before they have a chance to begin.

4th of July means differently for different people but we have one thing in common, we are celebrating our freedom and honoring everyone who offered their lives so we all can enjoy that freedom.

Chains can be broken.

Speaking of freedom, that nowadays is being threatened in our country as people are truly showing their character and values amidst our fight against COVID-19, Racism and Injustice.

President Trump’s message this weekend, didn’t inspire people to unite in a Nation that is already divided and struggling to heal, instead, it was a call only for certain group of people to rise and reclaim their land.

Isn’t this the land for everyone brave enough to chase their dreams? Isn’t this the land of democracy and migrants from all over the world?

This country is great because of the contribution and hard work from all the people that lives in it and not because of the special chosen few. The message excluded Americans who didn’t agree with the President. It was fueling hate and animosity. Americans versus Americans.

America is great because of everyone that makes it great.

4th of July was a wake up call of what’s really happening in America. It showed how People of Color and other Ethnicity are truly perceived and treated in the Land of the Free. It also showed that many are blind and indifferent to the Coronavirus Pandemic surge that is currently ravaging many of our States.

It is not true that 99 percent of the COVID-19 cases are totally harmless. Some people have died. Some people who recovered are on rehab and disability due to the virus long term complications. More than 30 percent of patients we triaged this weekend are presenting with COVID-19 symptoms including loss of taste and smell. Though less deadly, the virus has become more infectious, making it easier to spread it within family members and communities. The New Coronavirus also changed its target age groups, from elderlies to young adults mostly in their 30’s.

I may not see everything I envision in America in my lifetime but I hope my son and his generation get to experience the greatness of this Nation in theirs.

Where we are heading in the future now calls for every American to use their freedom for what is good, kind and just. Freedom is power. Freedom is hope. Freedom is the ability to change the wrongs and make it right…for all.

We are stronger together.

Will we allow Americans versus Americans happen?

Freedom is calling everyone to show their patriotism by setting aside indifferences and come together as one unified America.

Whatever it takes, together we will make America great again. Together, we will overcome this crisis and end darkness.

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33 Responses to Americans Versus Americans

  1. I’m not sure how to respond.


    • For most, don’t know how to respond too everything that I’m seeing and feeling as well whether it’s from the news or actual reality. Everyone is going through something. The pandemic brought the best and worst in people. Humanity is not just threatened by the virus but it is a threat to itself.


  2. sheenmeem says:

    America was the land of dreams, but thanks to Trump, and others of alike minds, it’s no longer a dream, but has become a nightmare.

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  3. Rhen Laird says:

    Your words are a sad and shamefully true portrait…only God can redeem America, and only if Americans humble themselves before Him and pray, “create in me a clean heart, Lord”. May “change” come before it’s too late, is my prayer also. May God bless you abundantly.

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  4. I agree. Sigh. I never thought I’d see our country looking like this. I pray Love and Unity prevail and that we come up with new, smart, unifying ways to move forward. It’s more than heartbreaking at the moment and it absolutely astounds me that at this phase Trump still uses his inaccurate words so very carelessly. Sending Love to You and Yours and All Around…❤️🙏🏼🌀

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  5. This is a great post I am not from the US but feel this message should be worldwide people need to pull together not apart. It takes people like you who have clear thinking about the environment they live in to help people understand what changes are required. More have to unite. Bless you

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  6. restlessjo says:

    So sad, what seems to be happening in the ‘land of the free’. I watch from afar and often avert my eyes because it is too depressing. It needs people to pull together, for the right things, but how you change the mindset of some I will never know. Hoping for a better future for your son. You have certainly worked to try and make it happen. 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Jo. What we need now is a leader that will bring us all together . To inspire hope in a time of adversity & darkness. The news keep asking what are we doing wrong , why is the numbers of COVID-19 reached 3 million and soaring, my answer is people who once cared during the lockdown stopped caring and just resumed a pre-COVID lifestyle. Many gave up trying because they see others are not trying starting with their leader. I am tempted to stop trying but then I think of my family. I can’t afford to be sick because I could be that 4.6% of the population that may die or have long term complications. Anyone above 40 have higher risk of not making it. Healthcare workers had been battling this virus since end of Feb., and now the surge is back …in Summer. Hope and prayers will prevail. I believe despite of everyone’s differences, Americans will unite and show the world we are better together. Thanks & stay safe.


  7. Marie says:

    Excellent message. I shake my head at what we seem to have become in this divided nation.

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    • Thanks Marie. It was hard to finish watching the speech both at Mt. Rushmore and the White House. A friend actually turned off his T.V. As soon as he realize what the message was all about. We can’t have one man divide millions and millions of Americans. We are struggling to stay alive and safe with the virus out of control, worrying about our safety because of hate shouldn’t be another thing to stress about. People choose America as home because it was once the land of dreams & opportunities. It is a refuge , a haven for everyone escaping suffering , hardships , war , poverty from all over the world. We were once the protector of the oppressed and even sacrificed ourselves so others can be free, but now, it seems like they’re just history we read in the books. It’s sad. I hope people starts to see things for what they truly are and start to life a life of kindness and love.

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      • Marie says:

        I couldn’t watch. In fact, I can barely listen to him speak. I turn him off. I fear for the world and the planet. I love the Lincoln Project ads that portray his true character. We all must vote.


        • Thanks Marie. America is clearly divided whether politics , Wearing a simple mask that could save lives or embracing the kindness part of humanity. I work in a place of different cultures, everyone is American but when we start talking about certain things …fireworks begins . So I go back to leading by example because words can easily build or destroy things or people. Take care.


  8. Ab says:

    Great and powerful message. I grew up admiring the US a lot and the US that exists today is not the nation that I admired. It is very scary, as an outsider next door, to see what is transpiring in your country. I have hope things will recover and turn around from this dark period but it certainly is scary these days. Hope you take good care during these challenging times!

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    • I was watching the CNN news last night & reading the top stories in my phone , & it is very scary and heart breaking. Some have worse stories than others but we all got something in common, hope. I do wish things will be better soon but realistically, it will get worse before it gets better & everyone has to take part if we want America to be great again , if not for ourselves, for our children, because it is not fair that they suffer the consequences of the actions & choices of the generation before them. Take care my friend & best regards to your family.


  9. ourcrossings says:

    Happy 4th July, I hope you had a great time celebrating Independance. There are so many things that need to be improved, from education that meets global standards to health care that’s not driven by private insurance. There’s always a hope that the situation in America will improve and I really hope that one day, every child in America who wants to get quality education, can get one. Have a good day and take care 😊 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aiva. I hope saw too. I was just watching the news last night , and a teacher was interviewed and school board member. Just like them, we are hopeful that our children can go back to school or have a education program that ensures learning in a safe environment both for students and teachers. On-line learning is not for all. Kids needs in part actually classroom settings. I do believe it will get better, for now, we work together to do our best to control the pandemic so we can resume at least some of what was. Stay safe & thanks.

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