Coronavirus Is Winning

Fauci on his testimony said, “I still think there is a reasonably good chance that by the very beginning of 2021, that if we’re going to have a vaccine, that we will have it by then.”

Between now and 2021, people will continue to die daily from COVID-19 not because we’re doing more testing but because our behavior, attitude and defiance has gotten from bad to worse.

Father’s Day weekend. There is no place to park. The crowd were all heading for the beach, most without mask. This is my distance from Gray Whale Cove State Beach to where I stand at Devil’s Slide Bunker. Having fun during an outbreak, we always have to ask ourselves, “Is the risk worth it?”


The World lost more than half a million lives from Coronavirus. U.S. exceeds 130,000 deaths and still increasing. This is just Summer. Flu Season can double the death rate numbers.

Wednesday, 50,655 new cases were reported in the U.S. according to Johns Hopkins data. Actual numbers could be 100,000 as not everyone is being tested.

No amount of mandate will encourage people to wear mask and do social distancing if they don’t believe in it.

No amount of information will do any good if people refuse to listen.

Leaders starting with President Trump needs to make a stand and take action if they want people to change. Leaders need to lead by example. What they say and do affect the lives of the people they promise to serve and protect.

No more misleading half truths and lies. No more downplaying of the real danger that is taking lives, young and old.

I asked my wife, “Where’s your mask?” She replied, “In the car.” I told her, “That doesn’t sound like you. Look ahead, no one is wearing mask.” She quickly turned around and got her mask.

L.A. Times: Californians are losing their fear of the coronavirus, setting the stage for disaster.

California, initial top 3 Coronavirus epicenter in the U.S. is now back to number 2 in the country hitting new records of COVID-19 infection for the past two weeks.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warns that the state is prepared to issue another stay-at-home order if necessary, though adding, “We don’t intend to do that. We don’t want to do that.”

Spend time doing what we love. We just have to be mindful of the COVID-19 guidelines. They were made to keep us safe, not restrict our freedom or take away our happiness. It was created based on Science and Caring.

Surging Coronavirus cases in latest epicenter states like Texas, Arizona and Florida needs to be critically addressed before the outbreak becomes too big to control.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago set 14 days quarantine for incoming travelers from hot zones States. Other states may follow to protect their residents and communities.

European Union members excludes Americans from traveling to their countries due to the explosive new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

World Health Organization on Coronavirus Pandemic warns, “the worst is yet to come.”

Alone, we don’t have a chance against the Coronavirus but together we do.

When more people will be admitted in hospitals in comparison to the number of beds and trained hospital staff, a repeat of the massive deaths like in New York will happen.

The COVID-19 Curve will reach a peak that will require a miracle to stop. Some hospitals not equipped to deal with the sudden surge are now asking for help but will help reach them on time?

In our battle against the Coronavirus we need to dig deep and ask ourselves, “Am I the Solution or the Problem?”

The virus has mutated to be more infectious. If we love our country and value the life of its people, we will not think twice to wear mask, wash hands and watch our social distancing. We all are part of the solution.

Until we are ready to answer the question and change, the virus is winning.

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67 Responses to Coronavirus Is Winning

  1. Vin prest says:

    Really enjoyed the blog. Coronavirus is a very scary thing and you are right, we are the solution.


    • I’ve seen how COVID-19 started when most Americans still were not aware it was already in the community. We were not allowed to talk about it, which is strange because it is a matter of public safety. So far, everything I felt will happen did even if I wish it wouldn’t. Human behavior and attitude is a very obvious and easy predictor of the pandemic future outcome. The virus adjusted well this Summer but many humans haven’t , so it is win grand slam late Fall, Winter & next Spring. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Did you read the article in part title (The MSM doesn’t want you to see); millions die of (underlying) medical conditions every week – not because they had (or tested) positive to have COVID viruses or anti-bodies in their bodies. You have disease anti-body viruses in your body right now (HIV, cancer,) that will not kill you or get out of control due to the strength of your own bodies immune system.

    Whether or not, millions have COVID disease viruses in their bodies, read the report and understand – millions of deaths are due to any of the following underlying illnesses: influenza and pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertensive disease, diabetes, vascular and unspecified dementia, cardiac arrest, heart failure, intentional and unintentional injury (suicide), poisoning and other adverse events (car and motorcycle accidents, other medical conditions — do you have any of these? I don’t. I’m 82 and not fearing COVID in the least.

    Only now restricted by the lock down, my favorite mental recreation is taking a 6 hours round-trip up and down mountain roads. COVID as a sole killer has been a MSM success fairy tale, no wonder newspapers are a dying media. Once I believed in Santa Claus.

    Perhaps now the greater world population now has COVID anti-bodies, which gives MSM the tools to spin ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ like COVID fairy tales. I am no longer a child.


    • Thanks for sharing this my friend. COVID-19 does NOT really scare me. Sickness and or death is something that is inevitable for everyone, just a matter of how and when. For a health care provider, COVID-19 is simply one of the many infectious diseases we face everyday. Honestly, what worries me more are people & how they are reacting to the virus & everything else going bad in the U.S. Concerns me more when a co-worker freaks out and over reacts when a patient has symptoms that could be COVID-19. We are called Frontliners because we are suppose to serve, fight and care in the frontlines, NOT hide and be shielded by another Frontliner. Healthcare work place is just as crazy as the streets when it comes to COVID-19 action and reaction. As I told a co-worker, it’s not the infection that will harm us, it’s people. Work Stress is one cause of the many diseases many are suffering around the world. Stay safe.


  3. The only place COVID-19 has been winning, is in the MSM. This CDC chart reveals what they do not willingly share with us who have the greatest need to know:


    • What people haven’t accepted is the reality that COVID-19 will not go away like the seasonal Flu. The difference is that it’s all year long, highly infectious, it mutates and thrives on people’s lifestyle and behavior. The most infected places will continue to lead in numbers because of these. It’s only a matter of time when it’s virulence will be as deadly to the younger adults. For now, we protect our elderlies and the vulnerable. Sept. Will have a steady low numbers but will pick up again Oct. and will have a series of surges till March 2021, the Anniversary of this year’s lockdown. We can only try, hope and pray what we do now is enough. Stay safe.


  4. Shivam Choudhary says:
  5. Covid taught me I can be happy with very little. Here’s my latest post 🌿⬇️

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  6. Margaret says:

    Is the problem something to do with people’s idea of what freedom is about? So many seem to think their right of freedom means they don’t have any responsibility to ensure other people are kept free to simply live. I live in the UK, where we have the same problem. Being “free” is putting so many others at risk in various ways.

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    • I agree. Everyone has a version of freedom but that freedom comes with social responsibility . If people will just do what they want with complete disregard of their consequences & implications , it will be chaos . Stay safe to you & your family. We just do our best to do our part & hope in time , most are in the same page.

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  7. Not a troll.

    You are saying everyone should stay home but you still want to mosey around doing travel blogs?

    It feels like that’s what you are saying. Am I missing something?

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    • Nope , been working since the lockdown & got expose so many times I stopped counting . Stay at home is not the solution, it’s people being responsible as simple as wearing mask which seem like new to some but had been a mandate since March . Found out today my son school will not even resume this Aug. because teachers are afraid of their lives . I didn’t have the luxury to stay home & be safe .


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  9. nitinsingh says:

    In the human historys we have defeated many dangerous diseases. Once again we will beat this epidemic again, maybe it will take some time.

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    • Yes, we will, but for now, it need everyone to be in the same page so we can beat this virus fast . 2020 can’t just about it. Thanks.


    • isagar001 says:

      I think our medical sector will be improve his service ..This pandemic is better source to reform in medical sector

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      • We did improve medical treatment wise, diagnosing, protecting patients and healthcare workers but more is needed for us all to overcome the surges ahead. Between now & the Flu season is time to act quickly. Medical field has to devise a plan that protects everyone , starting with most vulnerable. Thanks for the feedback.

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  10. This virus really teaches human that they not stronger than a very very small Microorganisms….

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    • True. It’s a humbling realization for those who eyes and heart had been awakened. Truth is, the pandemic affects only those who treat it seriously, those who think it’s an exaggeration, guidelines and it’s consequences don’t apply…up until the virus gets them. It’s sad, it’s disheartening. Thanks.

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  11. cuhome says:

    Thank you for your photo-presentation expressing the story of our global community. Moving forward is what we need to keep doing, as you said. Many of us may be staying inside our homes, but that doesn’t mean we’re standing still. Thanks!

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    • The story of the pandemic is a story of all of us. What happened to others can happen to anyone. Humanity is worth fighting for, we are worth fighting for. Nothing is impossible if we work together towards a common threat, COVID-19. Thanks for the feedback . Stay Safe.


  12. Kally says:

    I agree with you. Fortunately, in South East Asia, we are pretty compliant and the lockdown is swift and quick. I can see our numbers are getting smaller each day. Stay safe and take care.

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  13. Nice post! Stay home stay safe! India is doing a tad better than USA but things are not improving.

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  14. judithhb says:

    Here in NZ out government acted fast and furious. Total lockdown with almost everyone complying. But we are lucky. We are a small nation with no interlocking borders. Nevertheless, there have been cases mostly imported from other lands. Keep safe, keep your distances and please wear your mask. No comment on your president.

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    • I admired how other countries really took a bold and serious action when they issued total lockdown. In the U.S. , we lockdown businesses causing a collapse in economy but stay at home is voluntary. People who thinks it’s needed did stay home, while others continue life like there’s no covid-19. Mandated guidelines are not being followed by at least 50% of the people I see in public . So it is no surprise that our numbers are climbing while others counties had the virus controlled. Thanks for the feedback. Stay safe always.


      • gypsywoman246 says:

        Do you have any idea why numbers are “climbing” and there are more “cases”? Do you know the difference between a death and a case? I hardly think you do from you comment…


        • I’ve been taking care of COVID-19 patients since it started in the California. When we were asking questions of travel history, it was already being spread in our communities. The numbers are climbing because we are spreading it to one another …in stores, in restaurants, in any place of gatherings. Mask did helped a lot in slowing its spread but now, many are choosing not to wear it. The virus is contact, droplet and airborne and directly related to people’s behavior. It mutates and adapts . It symptoms have widen from Flu- like to include G.I. & neurologic manifestations . It is now affecting younger adults and children. Do I know what I’m taking about ? I know it cause I live it everyday as a healthcare provider and it’s directly affects me, my family, my co-workers and community.


  15. Phillip says:

    Few things in my life have frustrated me more than people’s apathy and outright ignorance about this worldwide pandemic spreading at unprecedented rates. And the masks in particular! It’s such a small thing to do. It can be annoying sometimes, but good lord, do it for yourself and your loved ones, and you know, other humans.

    If people really took this seriously, like super seriously, and hardcore locked down and took preventive measures when they did have to go out, it feels like we would be almost completely done with it in a month or two. But with the way things are going, it’s gonna be cycles of shutdowns and economic woes and whatever else, because a pandemic is inconvenient for people who care too much about themselves and not enough about the world around them.

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    • My wife just told me tonight, “Miami Florida will fine $500 for people not wearing mask.” People’s lives are worth more than $500 & people have a social obligation & accountability to protect humanity. With freedom comes responsibility . It’s very selfish to think only of what’s good for oneself with complete disregard of the lives of people around us including family, friends , co-workers. Until we learn from our mistakes, the infection will spread like wildfire because it’s virulence is engineered to withstand extremes of weather & conditions. If it’s surviving Summer, can’t imagine what havoc it can do when Flu season comes. Thanks for the feedback and Stay Safe.


  16. I agree with you, not only in America this problem is everywhere. People are carelessly roming around and refuse to wear mask.

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  17. Pink Roses says:

    Hello Island Traveler. I cannot understand people flocking together in the face of this virus. I don’t know what will happen in the coming months. All we can do is our own best. I have nominated you for The Real Neat Blog Award. All the details are on my recent post. All the best.

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    • Thank you for the feedback and nomination. I appreciate them. Yes, can’t understand people too. It doesn’t have to hit home and on a personal level to realize we could die or have severe complications from this virus. If vaccine will be ready next year. We could loose another 125,000 lives in America. That about 250,000 total or more. It could be any of us or people we know. How about our kids not being able to go back to school at all. Selfishness and insensitive actions should no longer be tolerated.


  18. Your question “Am I the Solution or the Problem?” is a great reminder to us all that we’re reliant on each other. Here’s to more people choosing to be the solution. ~Terri

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    • The character of a person will truly be tested with COVID-19 because it requires a change of heart and lifestyle. It requires giving up comfort and happiness, even part of our freedom for a higher purpose and need. Not everyone will be willing to let go what was life prior to COVID-19. The longer we resist, more people will suffer in the long run. To everyone who did they’re part, we are all grateful. Thanks Terri. Stay safe to you and your family. 🙏

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  19. Karen says:

    we’re doing more testing but because our behavior, attitude and defiance has gotten from bad to worse.

    This is not only in America. There are just too many stubborn people anywhere who are doing more harm than good.

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  20. Rupali says:

    Similar situation in so many countries. It’s sad they way politicians and public responses are.

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  21. Ab says:

    I agree. It is shocking and horrifying how laissez faire Donald Trump has made acting. He is setting a bad example and so many people are going to die because of him.

    I do think you have the right attitude. Love and live your life but with common sense pragmatism.

    Keep enjoying your travels!

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  22. Dragthepen says:

    I agree with you on the fact that people are refusing to understand how dangerous this virus is. Why, why won’t people become a part of helping to control and slow down the spread.

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    • The last few times I watch Gov. Newsom give his update on COVID-19 , he looks tired and frustrated. He started the fight very optimistic, he inspired many to follow him and they did, but there’s a group of defiant Californians whose heart was never there to do their part, & that too is infectious and spreading. We need to help our Governors. We need to show our Heroes we are there for them. Thanks for the feedback . Stay safe.


  23. Very interesting read. Problem is of course with most politicians. They have kind of ‘assured’ everybody that things have improved (at least in Europe), for the sake of the economy. Makes sense in minimizing damage to the economy, but I feel that some politicians are going overboard. People become careless, and in the event of a second wave, a lot of people might not be prepared to pass through nightmare of March again and will not stay at home, to the detriment of the vulnerable people. In my country, Malta, the usage of masks is decreasing every day, and wearing masks is now just recommended..not compulsory. People are seen in gatherings of more than 10 and noone wears a mask or keep their distance from each other. I get tempted to tell them that the virus is still out there, there is no vaccine yet, and just because cases have decreased drastically does not mean we cannot have a spike in cases. Overconfidence will only lead to surprises .

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    • Thanks for the feedback and for sharing what’s going on in your country as well. A friend told me his experience in Yosemite this week. A woman without mask went to the ice cream freezer and started touching the ice creams , she took 3 and returned the rest . Another woman in a mask saw what she did and scolded her for contaminating the ice cream for the other customers. They ended verbally fighting that manager intervened. This is not uncommon anywhere else. People who don’t care of other people’s safety will do things carelessly despite of knowing anyone without symptoms can be infectious. Unfortunately we can’t change everyone so we just try by changing ourselves and do what’s right.

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  24. Lainey says:

    totally agree with you on this!

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  25. The same here in the UK. People cramming onto beaches, no masks. Stay safe.

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    • Thanks . Everyday , the numbers gets worse. The longer the pandemic last, the longer our lives will be affected. Don’t even know if my son can go back to school this August. Last night news, European Union members are thinking of banning U.S. from traveling to their country unless infection is controlled. It’s getting crazier. Stay safe me friend . Thanks for the feedback.


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