San Francisco After The Lockdown

It wasn’t the San Francisco we remembered.

It’s new. It’s changed. It looks sad but also hopeful at the same time.

Baker Beach, Summer 2020

We stayed for a few minutes waiting for it to inspire our hearts to dream again.

Before we left, I turned my back to look at the Golden Gate Bridge for one more time. It whispered, “Hey, we’ll be okay.”

Cliff House overlooking Ocean Beach, Summer 2020

We choose to soar above COVID-19. We choose to survive and overcome.

As I watched the Kite Surfers looking so free and just being one with their present moment, I am reminded that it’s not how long we’ve lived but how much we’ve lived that really matters. So, I’m choosing to live now and do what I can today.

About Island Traveler

Just A Dad With A Dream.
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46 Responses to San Francisco After The Lockdown

  1. SalGallaher says:

    Beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to visit again. Many great memories spending time there with my daughter. Not being able to leave Australia and visit her is hard.
    I agree the only way to live is to enjoy what we have and take life one day at a time.
    Stay safe.


  2. Rupali says:

    Wonderful pictures and message.

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  3. YBP says:

    This spoke volumes. Stillness of the bridge. Stillness of the heart. Hope remains. LOVE WILL PREVAIL. ❤️

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  4. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    What an uplifting post, and such beautiful images! A lovely thing to share, made me smile.

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    • We all need reasons to feel good and smile about. Sharing happy experiences and local road trips is a great way to virtually travel the world safely through the eyes of another person. Thank you.


  5. I meant to put you have and not and and. I’m sorry for the typo.

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  6. Wow what a great attitude you and and thanks for posting the pic here. I love them so breathe taking!

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  7. Nevertheless beautiful images of SF. We all have to accept the changes and make the best out of it, to maintain the happiness in our hearts.

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  8. brookejcutler says:

    Aww. 🙂 So beautiful. I couldn’t agree more with that last bit. xx

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    • It was. My wife and son went back to the car after watching the beach for a few minutes. They’re still afraid to stay too long when people are around even if they both were wearing mask. My wife actually allowed me to walk towards the rocks and climbed it to get a better view of the Golden Gate. Where I was , no one was there so I tried to enjoy the view for as long as I can. Thank you for your feedback . 🙏

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      • brookejcutler says:

        Aww. I completely understand that fear. None of us quite know what to do with life at the moment. Just to enjoy the beautiful quiet moments when you feel brave enough, and compelled to, sounds like a great way to go, to me. 🙂


        • We do what we can doing our best to both live life & save life . Surviving is the moment we take a stand to move forward putting into practice everything we’ve learned about the pandemic . Thanks for the feedback . Stay safe.

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  9. I couldn’t lease a comment on Caladeci Island, so wanted to say that I live just north of it.

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    • Wow. You are so lucky. We fell in love with it during one of our Florida Summers. A year before Caladesi fate brought us to Clearwater & we promised to go back. I told my son, “ Hey, when mom & sad retire, is it okay if we live in Florida? Life is too short not live & see new places.” He usually just smiles. He had great memories of Florida as well. Thanks & have beautiful Summer.


  10. Ab says:

    Those are beautiful pictures. I can feel the breeze, the sand on my feet and the smell of the water and the sound of the waves. It will take a while for things to feel normal again but how great that you ventured out to keep living! Thanks for sharing these nice photos with us.

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    • People & life circumstances reminds me to try living & not to worry to much . It’s so easy to be lost in the negativity & pain not seeing the blessings before our eyes . We need to enjoy Summer this year , with safety in mind because we don’t know what happens to next year’s Summer. Same us no one expected COVID this year & plans had to change. Thanks for the feedback. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Summer. We live making the most of everyday with the people we love.

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  11. Ocansey Gideon says:

    These are hard times we are going through. All we have is each other.❤

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  12. kagould17 says:

    Ye\up. Baker Beach looks a little tamer compared to how it looked when our son went to Berkeley. At that point, there was at least one nude man on it (no, it was not me). People were everywhere. Still, in all it is good to see it again. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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    • There were still a nude man running back and forth by the water but he went to his group just enough time for me to take a picture. Yes, normally Baker beach is packed every time it’s warm & weekends. But has changed as well, we more cautious now with pandemic still on going. It felt nice to be in SF after not seeing since last year. Thanks Allan. Best regards to your family & have a great Summer.

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  13. restlessjo says:

    Absolutely! I am in my 70s. How I ever got here is a mystery. But I do know that I can’t afford to shelter in place for a year or even 6 months. How do I know that I have that amount of time left? Covid-19 is not the only killer out there. I can only live my life now, and be grateful. 🙂 🙂

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    • Thank Jo. Same here. We can’t assume we will live long to reach a certain age like the world seems to promise. People around talk of what they hope to do when they retire at 62. Only God knows how long we have much left. Could be only today or till we’re 90. In between that is time and choices to live in the present which not even COVID or our leaders could stop. Take care my friend & have the most incredible Summer.


  14. ourcrossings says:

    This is so inspiring. Yes, the coronavirus changed the whole world and everyone had to find strength to adapt, but we as human beings can’t grow and become better world citizens by living in comfort. Even before COVID struck, it was evident, things needed to change – the oceans are dying, the earth is dying and the only few things most of the people worried about was shopping, eating and drinking. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos, you live in beautiful part of the world 😊 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aida. San Francisco is a place of escape for me & my family. When we need just take a moment to getaway whether for fun and or heal , we drive there . It is beautiful but it’s beauty is connected to nature which is connected to humanity’s ability to take care of it.

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  15. Nowhere is the same 😪

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