Racial Shaming Inside A London Subway Train

Racism is everywhere and anyone.

Fearing for her life because of the high death rate from Coronavirus in U.K., a mother of two stopped working as a Nurse for several weeks. She is afraid to get sick and die because her daughters are too young to be motherless. She questions herself everyday, “Who will take care of them when I’m gone?” She used up her savings to buy food and pay rent because there is no financial help for people like her. When the money ran out, she decided to be fearless and went back to work.

The world has changed. It is more mean and cruel with Coronavirus.

First day of work, she rode the London subway train like she normally does. She arrived home crying and shaking in fear. People inside the train verbally harassed and threatened her. They shouted angrily, “Chinese, Chinese. You brought Coronavirus to our country. Get out. Don’t infect us.” She was cursed, shamed, traumatized. No one helped or defended her. Those who did not join in the racial shaming just stared cold and pretended it wasn’t happening .

Summer before COVID-19 was happier, more kind and welcoming. No restrictions. People can travel anywhere and do anything. COVID-19 changed all that and made people resentful, angry.

The incident made her realize, more dangerous than Coronavirus are people. She has to relive her trauma alone every time she goes to work. How long she can endure the fear and shaming, she prays long enough to see her daughters grow up.

By the way, she is not Chinese. She is a British Citizen Healthcare Worker who just happens to look Chinese.

To a Racist eyes, all race and people they despise looks the same. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Nurse that took care of them in the hospital, the store worker that helps them with their grocery needs or their neighbor living and serving in their community for years. When triggered, they will snap and attack verbally and or physically people they hate.

The world truly needs healing, caring, forgiving not just from COVID-19 but from dehumanization, brokenness and hate passed on through generations.

I have to tell her story because she is family. I have to write her truth because her voice and everyone else victimized by Racism needs to be heard.

I hope those who bullied and shamed her inside the subway train will read this. May it change their hearts just enough to awaken the humanity and kindness in them.

The Lockdown and the Pandemic brought the worst and best in people, where we are in that spectrum is always a choice.

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27 Responses to Racial Shaming Inside A London Subway Train

  1. David says:

    First, I live in S.E. Asia. I wouldn’t say that people where I live are prejudiced towards Chinese persons in general, but more so towards the Communist Chinese government in particular.

    Second, every time you write or say the word “racism” you are perpetuating an untruth. The word is merely a “hot Button” word that is often used as a scapegoat term to limit any further discussion about root causes. If everyone would use the word demographics, instead of the word racism, we could soon get past the division that began when the word was created.

    And, in fact, truth be known, there is no scientific basis for the term of racism.


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  2. Bo Wheeler Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing her experience ❤ The more we tell our stories, the more we transmute the harmful into love and light. ❤

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    • Her story is a story we always worry about. For some, the nightmare came true , for others , we are lucky enough it hasn’t. In all, we need to do something because silence only encourages the perpetrator to scar & traumatized more people. Racism, bullying, hatred, injustice & violence is never right. It’s a violation to all humanity. A weed & thorn than needs to be removed.

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  3. The hope is for Racism to end . The dream is that our children never have to go through what our generation has. Thanks for the feedback . Take care.🙏


  4. Ocansey Gideon says:

    Love is everything!

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  5. Wow! I’m at a lost for words.

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    • When heart speaks , it stirs emotions and truth we never thought are there or possible. I hope it changes people. I hope it gives the victims the courage to speak out and fight back . I hope will unite people for true change. Thanks .

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  6. Shoes says:

    Very true. We have choice in how we act, in what we say. Each and every day. Those sometimes seemingly simple decisions can be like a ripple effect to those around you. Calm and kind, supportive and respectful. Speak up for those who need it and others will too. I am sorry your friend had to experience this.

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  7. buddingb says:

    This is such a moving story…
    I’m sorry that she had to face all this.
    Hope the colours and the beauty ll be back again once the dusts of Covid-19 settles down.

    Thank you for sharing this. Sending you loads of love from this part of the world. ❤️❤️❤️

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    • When I heard it from my wife, I was stunned. I know it’s happening. The news since COVID started shared both sad and tragic stories about Racial & Profession Hate Crimes. Just didn’t know it will happen to someone I know. My wife told me early part of Stay at Home, wear your country of birth flag on your I.D. when you go out


    • I asked her, “Why do I have to do that. Aren’t we Americans now?” She replied, “Because you look Chinese.” I didn’t follow her of course but the concern is always there. Thanks for the honest feedback. Stay safe.


  8. Namz says:

    So glad you spoke up….stories like these need to be told. We all need to be made aware that it’s not the virus that will ultimately kill us but it’s is humans being completely inhuman to others that will kills us. This racism is everywhere, destroying lives. Now it’s because of COVID while other times it’s simply because people have not learnt to share. Blaming ‘outsiders’ for all their troubles is the easy way out.
    I hope your friend does not give up on humanity. Where there is hatred, there is love.

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    • This gives us all Hope, “Where there is Hatred , there is Love,” thank you. I still believe people could change even the ones whose heart had been hardened like stone by hate and prejudice.


  9. Omatra7 says:

    I am so sorry to hear that happened to her – what a horrible experience … I would have cried too! I’m sorry others made her feel that pain.

    There is no need to profile based on these things… Corona does not see color or features, or care where you are from – why do we?

    People fear I guess? The unknown maybe? Different? And people always seem to need someone to blame?

    The focus should be how we can come back together stronger … and how to put an end to this virus!! It will end… it just sparks a lot of fear and maybe for some anger from the inconvenience ?

    We will get through all of this – is good having these convos.. be aware – fix issues that no one wanted to see.

    2020 is the year of the Rat… is said to be inquisitive, shrewd, and resourceful. Is a year of “renewal” … once the dust settles and we fix things – it will be better

    Great post ✌️

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    • Thank you for the generous , honest feedback. Her story only confirmed the fear of many when they go out in public because of how they look or what they wear that symbolizes what they do. Early part of the Lockdown, news of Racial Hate Crimes both for Race and Profession were happening. A Chinese looking Family who were not even Chinese were stabbed and hurt ins Texas, a Chinese woman trying to use her commune gym in San Francisco was cursed and spitted on by a neighbor, the list is many but no one talks about it until it’s worse. Has to stop. I believe we can all be betters and true change possible.

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  10. The power of negativity and rejection is so strong it’s a struggle to overcome it with positivity and love. I made a much needed trip out shopping today, and I could feel the anger welling up inside–seemingly out of nowhere! I literally had to force myself to smile (behind my mask) and go out of my way to be polite to others. That’s not like me. It finally dawned on me at the check-out line, “David, you are afraid.” It was fear, not anger that I felt in my throat. I suspect that fear is driving the polarization we see in our world today. I hope your friend will not lose heart. Thank you for telling her story.

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    • Thanks David. I appreciate the honest feedback. Yes, we are actually all living in Fear whether we acknowledge it or not. It’s a scary time. We don’t know if today or tomorrow we will get sick or loose our job or someone we love. Future has never been more uncertain. So we try our best to live the most by the day and try kindness & positivity. Perhaps one ripple can inspire another person to do the same & in time true change will happen. I hope sharing her story will create a big impact that she get feel safe living again.


  11. Brooke says:

    I still don’t understand how can some people be so cruel, why is it difficult to be kind . 💭

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    • I don’t understand it either. Even in the most diverse places, it exist. Just yesterday, saw this Viral Video of a Filipino man in San Francisco trying voice out what’s in his heart “ Black Lives Matter,” outside his home , when a neighbor who didn’t even recognize him at first confronted him that its wrong and called the cops. The woman who confronted him forgot there’s a movement about Racism and discrimination that is waking up the World & what she did backfired big time. Just because people live in expensive & nice houses & neighborhoods means they are nice. Change of hearts needs to happen. Thanks for the honest feedback. 🙏

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  12. restlessjo says:

    Always a choice! I know a blogger with a Chinese heritage, also living in London. She thought it a wonderful place, until COVID 19 entered our lives. Now she’s not so sure. I hope I would have the courage to stand up for what’s right but it’s hard to face a hostile crowd. The virus is destroying our lives in more ways than one. If we let it.

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    • Thanks Jo. I appreciate the share. Had to tell her story because not only it is happening but it’s just as infectious as the pandemic. My co-workers and I no longer go out wearing our scrubs because not only we are Asians but also Healthcare Workers. Many people assume we are exposed and infectious not realizing COVID is anyone now. It’s global. It’s in our communities. It’s NOT the Asian Virus which is very mean and Racist. The media kept blaring we are Heroes but we don’t treat our a Heroes like this. I’m hopeful that the movement to put an end to Racism , cruelty and discrimination will spread like wildfire because together and united we are stronger and we can topple any fortress . God bless. 🙏

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    • I am a proud korean American living in the US and hearing this happening… it breaks my heart. I do agree not the asian virus. I hope these words don’t spread to where anyone else is.no one deserves to be labeled, defined as this. I feel this is insulting to assume it can be anyone.

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      • Discrimination towards Asians are at it’s all time worst in America, even in places of work that falsely advertised themselves as places of equal opportunity and diversity. I know this personally, because I’m a victim of Racial prejudice myself in the present . Healthcare workers being called heroes is hypocritical, it is only intended for certain Races but not Asians. I went one day to Trader Joe’s in my scrubs before work. I had to tell my wife, I’ll meet you in the car as people were staring at me. I hope people will be more kind and truly see people for the goodness of their hearts, not of how they look or the color of their skin or profession. Thanks for the feedback.


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