Pyramids Of Moody Gardens Galveston

This year’s Summer is coming to an end. It has been a fun and adventurous journey for me and my family. We discovered a lot of beautiful places that brought us happiness and inspiration. We made a lot of unforgettable memories that we will treasure in the years to come.

As promised, I bring you my 10th and last adventure of the Summer titled ” Life Under The Pyramids.”

I used to connote the pyramids with mummies, of pharaoh’s curses and hidden treasures but all of that changed when two weeks ago my family and I discovered the pyramids of Moody Gardens in Galveston. There were three pyramids and 2 of them holds many fascinating life forms. Today, you will walk with me as we explore the living gems of the pyramids.

A green dinosaur with sharp teeth greeted us at the Visitor’s Center entrance.

My son enjoyed the 4-D Dora and Diego’s jungle adventure. We jolted a few times from our seats when we unexpectedly got sprayed with cold water . My son had a great time popping the bubbles that were hovering above our heads. At the end of the movie, I heard my son say, ” that was so cool!” I couldn’t agree more.

We were all eager to see the newly renovated Rainforest Pyramid. The first friendly creatures that caught our attention were the playful River Otters. My son was so thrilled by their swimming movements while they tossed a plastic yellow tube back and forth, up and down.

We climbed up the stairs that led to a canopy walkway that has a breathtaking view of the rainforest from above. We saw several bright-colored birds resting on the top most part of the trees. Some were too comfortable with humans that they would rest on the walkway’s guard rail.

Speaking about grooming, this two cuddly white-faced Saki monkeys showed us that you can look great under pressure.

Impressive makeover. This gorgeous Saki monkey didn’t mind posing for the camera. In fact, it patiently waited for the kids to finish their picture-taking before climbing up the trees.

It was time to mingle with the butterflies. My son had a lot of fun trying to catch them. He learned about their interesting life cycle.

These choice of fruits attracted several butterflies. My son curiously watched this one sip the grape’s juice.

Upon reaching the rainforest floor, a different, rich and colorful life forms greeted us. There were cascading waterfalls and ponds with fishes like Cichlids , giant Catfish, silver and red Arowanas.

 Arowanas can leap more than 6 feet from the surface water to catch an insect or even a small bird. I cautioned my son not to place his finger in the water. They sure don’t nibble like a goldfish does.

One of the most beautiful and stunning creatures were the Macaws. We spotted a couple of blue, red and green ones. These three looked at each other as soon as a group of tourist took their pictures. It made me wonder if they gossip too. Hmm?

Some interesting finds were a green lizard with a red-head and a chinese alligator.

These ancient pillars led to an aquarium with Piranhas and a humongous Anaconda. The Anaconda appeared motionless. It can easily be mistaken as a log by an unsuspecting prey. Although it looked scary to some, I felt bad that it’s being confined to a small space. I bet it misses its home in the wild.

We encountered several more animals while passing through this tunnel. The Vampire bats were creepy. The cave felt damp. We felt drops of water dripping from the cave’s ceiling.

Before leaving the rainforest, we saw two Tamarins running on this plastic beam. One of them stared at us. I guess it was his way of saying, “goodbye, come back soon.”

A message we must pass on so the next generation will have the chance to see how incredible our rainforests are. We all take part in its preservation.

It was time to discover the fascinating creatures of our vast oceans. My son was basically dragging me to see the sharks. He thinks that they’re the coolest fish out there.

It was a thrilling experience to walk through an aquarium tunnel. We saw several species of sharks including a Hammerhead. We also saw a huge yellow eel, a stingray and a sea turtle.

As much as I admired the sharks, they’re one of the reasons that will make me think twice before jumping into an unknown deep water. Those cold, glassy eyes and rows of sharp teeth are some of the images that comes to my mind when I think about them.

In reality, sharks help clean our oceans and has a role in keeping a balance to our ecosystem. Nowadays, they are sadly the ones being hunted. Knowing this makes me feel bad for them. Knowledge is a key tool to prevent their extinction.

The source of  false fears, ” Jaws” the movie. I remember covering my face when I was a kid as the shark’s fin surface the water, heading towards a clueless swimmer with the famous eerie background music heightening the suspense and fear.

Meet Nemo’s friend.

Do sea horses gallop? They seemed to bounce as they swam around the corals. There was one aquarium full of baby sea horses. My wife whispered, “they’re so cute!”

Looks can be deceiving. Lionfish has venomous spiky tentacles.

The graceful seals would swim close to the spectators. There’s a section where a trained seal would pose and keep still as soon as you raise you camera to take its picture.

The first group of these handsome penguins came from incubated eggs. Finally, we met the “Happy Feet” family. Totally awesome.

The red pyramid exhibits the skeleton of both man and animals. My favorite was the Gorilla because their bones closely resembled that of humans and it reminded me of the classic movie, “Kingkong.”

A walk to the pre-historic times. The Dino Alive exhibit made everyone feel the Jurassic vibe.

The mighty T-rex. Every few minutes, its head would move as its mouth opens to make a loud growl. Just like what you see on T.V. Size wise, it was enormous.

Newly hatched Dinosaurs.

My son’s favorite was digging for the dinosaur’s fossilized remains. He got to keep the tiny bones.

The Colonel boat gave as an hour ride along the bay. It was a great way to just stare at the sea and let my life’s worries drift with the waves. I wish it’s something I could do everyday.

My wife was having a moment of her own. Everyone seemed to be in a trance except for my active 5-year old who kept exploring the boat.

It was time to get wet and go wild at the Palm Beach. Best way to cool off the 101 degrees simmering heat.

We went water sliding, tubing and wave riding. My son was so happy. He loves anything that involves the water. I had to stop him several times so he could eat and drink. Every time I tell him that it was time to leave, he would say, “10 more minutes,dad.” Those 10 minutes turned into an hour. Oh well, this Summer was all about him having the best time of his life.

We went back Friday afternoon for the last live band and fireworks of the Summer. Those who came without kids chilled by the beach as they listened to some upbeat music. When the night came and the full moon shining brightly like some shimmering ” disco ball,” several people including children started dancing in front of the stage.

People were clapping and cheering as the amazing fireworks lit the coastal skies with bright colors of yellows and reds. It was the perfect ending for a well celebrated Summer.

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27 Responses to Pyramids Of Moody Gardens Galveston

  1. zumpoems says:

    island traveler,

    I spent some time this morning just scrolling down your front page enjoying the pictures! These area really color-filled, beautiful images. Just great! If you are interested please consider being showcased at Instructions are here:

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  3. laurin42 says:

    What unusual pyramids!
    I love animals! Two cats live at home, a little house is on my window for birds food!
    I think for the children this is the best way to learn love for the complete animal reign.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love animals too. They’re just extraordinarily beautiful. One of my favorite stories as a child was ” Noah’s Arc.” where pairs of animals entered the huge arc before the great flood that wiped-out humanity.


  4. I can’t believe that one place has ALL OF THAT!! An indoor rainforest along w. all the creatures, a full aquarium, huge boat, water park, stage entertainments AND fireworks?! Oh my goodness. You were right to buy a season pass — keep going back, IT, and ENJOY!

    I’ve so enjoyed following along on your adventures this summer. Thank you for sharing the memories. Wishing you & your family health & happiness always.


    • It’s like my childhood dream that I never had and now I got to experience them with my son. It’s something I will never forget. My son had the “best time ever” moment as well. Even my wife had a blast! This Summer was all about discovery and venturing into places and persons. It was also about meeting people from across the Globe via Word Press and sharing thoughts/stories/images /experiences. This Summer had been extra special because of people like you that helps to inspire the World with their talents. I too wish love, peace and happiness for you and your family.


  5. jhirzel88 says:

    Oh my gosh, you must have had a great time. Not only did you get to see lots of different animals, but you got to, go swimming, see fireworks, and enjoy the live music. There’s nothing more you could have done to make that day better.

    I liked the part where you showed those birds with the long beaks. I have no idea what bird that is but I know they must be from the Amazon just like all the other animals there. It’s so important to protect our rainforests. I care so much about our environment and the fact that some people don’t even care about that disgusts me. That message that you took a picture of is very clear. I hope others will see that message just like I did.

    I zoomed in your Pyramid 027 picture to find a “Caution, wet floor” sign. It must have been wet since there is moisture present. After all, it’s supposed to feel like you are in a rainforest.

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    • Thanks for the amazing comment my friend. I don’t know what bird where they too. They look like a smaller version of flamingos but the color is reddish orange and they stay on top of the trees. May be you can find out for me. You are so great with birds and other animals, not to mention you seem to be well versed with computers. Yes, it was kind of wet in some areas due to the mists, the waterfalls, the dripping water from the cave-like ceilings. It was hot and himid too from the walkway since it was close to the glass roof. I do hope that people will preserve of what’s left of our dwindling rainforests and marine life. We are all responsible to the next generation’s future. Stay cool always!


  6. thirdhandart says:

    The perfect ending to a fantastic Summer adventure. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This Summer is the best that I had so far and partly because my son is old enough to be so appreciative of it. When I see him laugh, smile, giggle and just burts with joyous emotions because his so happy that he got to experience them, my heart simply melts. It’s harder to make an Autumn/Fall adventures with the school and all but hopefully , I can squeeze some. Thanks for following my adventures. makes everything worthwhile. Keep making beautiful pictures for us.


  7. wolke205 says:

    Wonderful Pictures! Especially the lionfish & the penguines 😀 What a beautiful place to be for you and your family 🙂

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  8. Frank Bishop says:

    As always, great pictures. Your son has such a colorful and interesting life where he can go explore and see all these cool places. Anything with dinosaurs is automatically a win.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I thought. I’m always fascinated by Dinosaurs myself. We saw an actual T-rex fossilized claw and they were sharp. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the comment.


  9. ElizOF says:

    You shared lots of wonderful places and adventures and I am so glad we got to enjoy it with your family. Keep it up and TY! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I share my travels, you share your inspiring and heartwarming thoughts. Thanks for being you. You’d been a great and generous friend in the blogging world. Even if I have not met you personally, the words of friendly advise and wonderful thoughts I will always appreciate and cherish. Stay bless always. thank you once a gain.


  10. Gail says:

    Wow! This place sounds like paradise to me. I would LOVE to go there after reading your post. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures and your beautiful pictures with us this summer. I am sure your son will never EVER forget this summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you get to visit it one day. Your kids would enjoy it. There’s also the Slitterbahn waterpark next to the Moody Gardens that teenagers find exciting. Thank you for being a part of this Summer adventures. The best part of writing them is that I got to relive them all over again. God bless you and your family. Thanks for sharing.


  11. We need to go back. The last time I was there was two years ago for the Titanic exhibit. When my grandson comes to visit again will be a good time. Thank you for all your ideas from Bayou Bend to Moody Gardens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you too and your welcome. You grandson would love it. And there’s always the beach for the morning stroll and swim. Have you tried the flavored crushed ice with mustard ice cream at Rita’s? It was so good. Your grandson will like it as well. God bless you and your family.


  12. cocomino says:

    Wow.How interesting.Season pass is good idea.If we live near this place, I’ll buy it, too.
    Have a great last summer season.:smile:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Looks like you and your family also had a great, fun and memorable Summer. It still feels Summer in Texas in terms of the weather but since the school started last week, we can only go out of town during weekend, and only if no extra-curricular activities like sports and church activities. Wishing you and your family the best!


  13. barb19 says:

    What a fantastic place to visit with your family – it must have been like a wonderland to your son. Your photos are wonderful, capturing all those memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was fun filled wonderland. We spent two nights and 3 days but it was never enough. We hope to go back on a weekend soon. I felt like a child once more. A perfect way to escape the city, stress and all. Stay blessed and best wishes to you and your family.


  14. Angeline M says:

    A beautiful end to your summer adventures. I hope there will be some winter ones as well.
    Hasta entonces!

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