Genie and Bottle, the Untold Story

I felt like I was dying climbing back up. My body, in aches and pain the next day. But I will do what I did all over again when opportunity strikes. Why? Because it’s one of my Life Source.

Whether it’s a short walk or a long hike, Nature and Outdoors kept me well, happy and sane. Place me in a box and I won’t last a year. For those who have been a part of my journey, this won’t be a surprise nor an exaggeration. The heart is fragile as it is tough. It can move mountains and do the impossible. It can also be that mountain that erodes in time when nothing protects and sustains it.

We went to Daly City this week to send two shipment boxes my wife bought for her sister-in-law.

As an incentive, my wife gave me a hiking adventure of my choosing. The closest was Thornton Beach.

Everything changes including our heart. It’s up to us to take care of it or abuse it. No one can love it more than the person who carries it. If only someone told me that when I was younger. Catching up is not the same for the times I already lost.

Now that it’s colder, there should be no fog guaranteeing clear, beautiful visual sceneries with the brightest mood boosting sunshine.

The same tree has survived all despite that part of its roots are exposed and vulnerable to climate and diseases. If this Tree has survived, so can any of us that have more shelter, means and protection.

But first, Dim Sim at Ranch 99. It’s cheap. It’s delicious. It’s the convenient To Go picnic outdoor food. We also bought 2 days worth of cooked Chinese Food like Spare Ribs, Sweet and Sour Pork, Orange Sesame Chicken, Fried Chicken, BBQ and Peking Duck. Yep, we love Food as much as we love Outdoors.

This was just small lunch. The rest was in the car for early dinner.

Son was super excited when he saw what we got later that afternoon. He didn’t know where to begin, so he tried tasting them all.

We had to eat quick. The crows are hovering above us ready to dive in. I didn’t know they have super smell and super sight. They were aggressive. Wife kept saying, “Hurry with your picture taking and eating. The crows are just above you.”

The Hike…

The day unfolded like the carpet of blooms that surrounded us.

Well, the Hike I remembered few years back was easy. So I told my wife, “We pass that way, it’s an easy hiking trail.” I didn’t realize it just looks easy and my memory was too motivated.

Maybe back then it was really easy, and I just got older. Plus, I am not as physically fit as I was before.

Downhill was easy. Uphill, well, I did wish for adventure excitement and hiking exercise.

Sand Skiing. It’s real, and it’s fun. Kinda dangerous and unpredictable which adds up to its thrill.

I used my hands and arms for support and balance. My butt sitting on the sand was an added safety option when I felt like I’m falling or sliding down too fast. It’s the perfect cushion.

Everyone goes to the beach for a reason. Everyone tries to be close to Nature for a reason. Those reasons we all have in common. We don’t have to speak in volumes to know them. We relate and understand even in silence.

Touch Down. I get to be near the water.

It’s a Dog Friendly beach. I saw many Dog Walkers and Whisperers. Dogs would ran towards me. They would sniff my legs and circle a few times. Once I had to stop climbing up when I saw two big dogs running down towards me.

I discovered a lot of interesting finds during my relaxing walk at the beach while listening to my calming mix love songs playlist of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

“There are more of us out there. And what we search, what we try to find and connect are not that different from one another.”

Just ahead of me, a Man was standing alone with a music headset. He looked very peaceful and content as he watched the waves roll towards him.

The Untold Story of Genie and Bottle

Saw a Bottle at the beach. It’s cap still close. I’m suppose to make 3 wishes but I didn’t because I already got my wishes.

No one really knows what happened to Genie and Bottle. Theirs remain untold from their side of the story. People can only speculate and imagine stories about them. People can only hope that they are both happy and got what they wished for.

I looked closer. Bottle was empty. Genie left Bottle. They’ve been together for centuries. Genie decided to discover the part of herself she can no longer remember. Genie wants to find out what will repair the hole in her heart that keeps hurting everyday. Genie wants to stop missing out on her own life.

Bottle had to let Genie go. He doesn’t have the answers nor the remedy. He can only love her powerful enough to set her free so hopefully, she gets to find whatever it is that will make her happy and complete.

Genie and Bottle’s Dream House, or what’s left of it. They both wanted “Bigger,” and more. They ignored all the signs and symptoms. Each was too proud to admit one’s fault. World and People ate their innocence. World and People fed on their naivety. Love wasn’t enough, so it wasn’t enough to save what needed to be saved. Anger over Love finished what could have been salvage.

Bottle? He’s fine. Lonely but okay. He still hopes for Genie to come back. However, he has accepted reality. He had to let go the love of his life, the source of his life. He promised to be open this time when he meets another. And if that doesn’t happen, he will always have the Sea. For some, Solitude is their Happily Ever After.

Once, it was the King of the Sky and free to fly wherever. Now it’s buried in the sand with only it’s head visible. It can’t fly anymore. It’s dead. But looks like he lived and died doing what he loves.

A Family of old wood that once provided strong support to a wooden deck and its visitors continues to face the harshness of the Sea, the Wind and all the Elements that brought the rest of their members down. Only 3 remains. The three does most things together. They chose to be each other’s inspiration, pillar and strength. Perhaps, these are the very reasons they are still standing.

I picked up some flat pebbles along the way. I wanted to create a pebble tower.

The tower of pebbles on a driftwood lasted only for several minutes before the strong breeze toppled them all except one. The survivor pebble is used to hard work, trials and hardship. It also invested the strongest foundation. No wonder it outlasted everyone.

So many dead crabs. Their claws severed from their head and bodies. Did someone massacred them all, or they just died one by one in in their old age?

I created a Crab Frankenstein, but I’m no God, so it remained lifeless.

An Angel fell in love with a Human and chose to give up her eternal wings for a lifetime of love and happiness. It was worth it. Love is worth it.

Humans have a tendency to exploit and trash what is beautiful and kind.

How can Nature compete with man-made trash that does not decompose? Or compete with the insatiable hunger of Humans to enjoy Nature without care nor limits.

Evidence? Two big torn bags full of trash at the base of the hill where I climbed down. It was my landmark to return back.

I smelled shit, so I’m sure there is shit in these abandoned trash bags. Nasty and disgusting!

Walking back I was already tired and gasping. It was hot and I don’t have water. Climbing up 75 degrees angle on part sand and steep soil was the hardest. I was basically hugging the soil in some parts so I won’t slide down and fall.

She waved at me, I waved back. She asked me later, “Where did you go?” I answered pointing on my right side, “Just somewhere there.” I was gone for an hour. I might have gone to a different Earth Plane where Genie and Bottle exist. Could be mirage. It was dehydrated and exhausted.

I stopped several times, too tired and having a hard time breathing. Then more inclined walking from where my wife was sitting. She didn’t join me in the slope and climb challenge. Good for her. She’s Ms. Smart and Safe, I’m Mr. Adventure and Danger.

She tries to go where I am happy. She tries to be there to mend what’s too sad and broken. My Bottle let me choose my path. We both threw the cap long time ago for love, freedom and happiness. She flies where I want to fly. But sometimes, the storms still catches up on us both. For some miracle, we survived them all. That’s a lot of miracles to thank God for.

Thornton Beach doesn’t disappoint. It will even surpass expectations. I am going back. This time with my Son.

We need love that open our eyes to see. We need love that open our ears to listen. We need love that open our hearts to care and understand with kindness.

If I did it then, then I can do it again. The body aches and back stiffness will go away, but the thrill of a great hike adventure will remain with me forever.

Not all wishes are good for us. But it’s better to try than regret not doing them.

So, I’m with Genie on leaving Bottle to explore the World and follow her own path independent and free. I’m with Genie on making her own wish happen by doing and not waiting. I’m with Genie on choosing to Live and fight for her Happiness. No one should be trapped in a bottle. No one deserves it, not even the worst in this Planet.

I’m with Bottle for loving Genie selfless even if it caused him so much pain. Not everyone will do what he did.

I extended my vacation for another week doing two things. First, Doing Nothing. Second, Loving Myself by Doing What I Love and Enjoy. Second should have been first. Old Dogs can only change so much.

COVID is not going anywhere but the train of time and opportunities left us for awhile now.

How long is it safe to start living, travel again and make new stories? A year? A Decade? Half a Century? Tick-Tock.

Self love and Self Care while we still have a chance to find our way back to self. Until then, a hole remains we alone can repair. No amount of vacation or time off can fix that, even if happy moments help us relax and forget temporarily. Ultimately, we need to be brave to face what created the hole and what made it bigger.

Unlike Genie, we are NOT Immortals. But like Genie, we can enjoy life again. We just need to try harder because our Life Source depends on it.

Never give up even if it’s game over.

“Some are already dead even if they have a heart beat. Many can still be revived. A few will decide life is not worth living anymore.”

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Alamo and Riverwalk 2021 Adventures

My son must be around 5 years old when we first saw the Alamo and rode the Riverwalk Cruise. My son said he can’t remember it. I wanted to refresh his memory but I can’t remember it too.

Big in the Heart of Texas.

I knew I was in San Antonio several times before but I can no longer recall the details. When I look at the old pictures of our San Antonio family vacations many years ago, the feelings are still there but the memories are just blurry and fragmented.

So, when our friend asked me where to go on our 4th day in Austin, I suggested, “How about San Antonio? It would be nice to see again the Alamo and the Riverwalk.”

On a weekday, the Riverwalk is perfectly not crowded.

Our New York friend has not seen San Antonio before so my suggestion was an easy unanimous yes.

We started our San Antonio adventure experience passing through a grand hotel that has an elevator that led to the entrance of the Riverwalk.

Full Boat, Empty Tables.

There were many walkways, bridges and stairways. Each took us to a different walk in history.

Each took us to a place of discovery that is beautiful and unique.

I don’t see much tourists. The walks are quiet, relaxing, unhurried, spacious, friendly, no paranoia.

One of the stairway led to an old hotel where President Clinton stayed. I asked my Texan friend, “Was he with Monica?” My friend did not confirm nor denied. So, my naughty imagination went wild that I caught myself smiling.

“Hmm, Mr. President, what were you thinking? Or why weren’t you thinking?

Hotel for the rich, the famous and the politicians. What happens in the Hotel Bedroom stays at the Hotel Bedroom. What’s said at the conference room stays at the conference room.

Anyways, he made an unacceptable mistake following his human desires. An Impeachment Trial for lying under oath about the sexual scandal followed, but not for the Adultery itself. He was acquitted via Voting by fellow Politicians. Lying, protecting fellow Politicians and each other’s interest has not change much since 1998. Different History, same Dance Party.

The Alamo still stood strong, brave and beautiful. This time, I made sure I will remember all of it visually and by heart. And if I forget again, I have this post to remind me of a time that is truly special and inspiring.

It’s incredible to walk in history. To stand were soldiers and heroes once stood, fought and died is very humbling. Helped me value all the more what an honor and privilege it is to live in America.

The Heroes and Soldiers of the past did what they can to make sure we enjoy the Land and the Freedom we are enjoying now. Does our heart and actions today worth dying for? If the Battle at the Alamo happens today, are people willing to die for what it symbolize or will people run away to save themselves? Is present version Alamo happening now but only in a different form?

The American and Texan Flags are a product of blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, loss and victory. It deserves respect and appreciation.

The Lessons of Alamo are needed today more than ever. It’s canons needs to fire once more the loudest to awaken the entire country to unite against its real enemies.

All that walking made us hungry. Lunch was at Whataburger, it’s the In and Out of Texas. It’s one of our Revisit Texas Bucket List.

Other than wearing mask indoors, it’s easy to forget there is still COVID in Texas. Honestly, it feels good not to wear mask outdoors. No one got sick from the trip. The vaccine worked very effectively. Wearing mask at the airport and inside the plane worked. Science worked which means we all can travel again safely because of Science and Mindfulness. Yes, I’m planning my next vacation already. Time to catch up for lost time last year. Besides, Mental Health and Well Being are my top goals Bucket List. Life has never been more important and shorter. What we lost last year, we can never go back nor raise from the grave.

No one cared if it’s 1,000 calories per cheese burger. It was so good that there was no left overs.

We’re eating big. We’re in Texas.

“The secret to having the most relaxing and happiest Travel is to think like a Local but see Things and Adventures like a Tourist.”

We use today’s technology to preserve and remember all that’s good and inspiring in the present for the future. Our memories will not remain sharp always, no matter how much the heart wants to remember. Music The Good Life by Taynte. Video App used, VivaVideo and iMovie.

Unlearn at Departure, Learn at Arrival. Enjoy from Journey to Destination to returning Home. Live fully every Adventure like we’re saying goodbye tomorrow.

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Greetings From Austin, I Love You So Much

Written on a green wall of a pizza restaurant are the words, “I Love You So Much.”

5 Words that means everything.

It’s a mural turned into a tourist souvenir photo spot in Downtown Austin.

Artichoke and Margherita Pizza with ice cold Lone Star Beer at Home Slice.

Time with Friends sharing the most delicious food and unlimited Nespresso everyday, “I Love You So Much.”

A visit at the Capitol, the American Flag with its Stars and Stripes flying glorious and brave across the sky, “I Love You So Much.”

Mindfulness to yourself first is not selfish. It’s survival so we become mindful to others, second. I was raised to see Love as sacrificing self. The idea of “I Love You So Much” to self has never crossed my mind till the damage has become too great that living seems more of a struggle. Living shouldn’t feel like a battle. Living shouldn’t be so hard. Living shouldn’t force a person to choose one and loose another. Living should be natural, generous and free.

Lady Bird Lake Kayaking at Zilker Park with the Austin City View above, and the emerald clear waters below, “I Love You So Much.”

I should be seeing all Sunsets when it is unfolding before my eyes, and not when the heart only feels like seeing them on a good day.

Texas generous Outdoors, Sunsets and Roadtrips, “I Love You So Much.”

It was more beautiful on our second visit. I discovered something new that wasn’t there before.

Hiking McKinney Upper Falls, “I Love You So Much.”

I asked him to sit at the Upper Falls so one day, he could look at this very photo and say, “I was there.”

We hiked further excited to see the Lower Falls featured at the front page of the Texas Parks Brochure.

We can’t be missing out on our own Life just because that’s what Society and People who have hold on us wants. We can’t go back for lost time. We can only begin from the time of awakening, that is if we choose to be awaken.

My heart sunk when I did not see the Lower Falls. Instead, I saw countless potholes. Most are dried up. Few deep ones still have small water in them.

This used to be covered by water. Earth is dying. What we enjoy now may be gone in another 10-20 years. The climate change caused by Humans is irreversible. I feel bad for my Son and his generation. It’s not fair to them.

I kept walking, the rest stayed either under the tree for shade or watching the mother turtle and her young turtle resting on a log.

The heart never forgets a love that is selfless.

I heard a faint sound of a Water Fall. As I point to its direction, I shouted, “Guys, the Seconds Falls is down there.” I wasn’t really sure, could have been an auditory hallucination.

Hamilton Pool was fully book for a week. The Dream Bucket List was to go there but we got refused at the gate because it requires reservation. I checked 3 more days for any cancellation but wasn’t meant to be. Then 1 day before leaving Austin, fate found a way to give us a better adventure.

Discovering the last remaining part of the Lower Falls, “I Love You So Much.”

Stillness of Seasons. Calmness when among true Family and Friends. This is one of the most relaxing and happy trips I’d ever been. No stress. No COVID worry. I felt so alive and free. Lake Austin past Sunset.

Whether it’s a vow, a promise or a happy moment, “I Love You So Much,” sums up unforgettable travel memories, places and experiences one shares with people.

After a 4 mile hike, we took a refreshing swim at Steiner Ranch Community Pool. I was in charge of the bag with our towels and sunblock, which I left at our friend’s kitchen table. Oops. I never said I was reliable.

By themselves, the isolated words sound lonely, empty, even self absorbed.

Bigger Hugs and Fun Together. Greetings from Austin Mural Postcard, 1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704. Any Zip Code can create a mural that will draw friends and family to turn wasted time to priceless moments. A living postcard is always better because it stays with us forever.

Together, “I Love You So Much,” becomes a meaningful selfless expression of love, generosity, kindness, connection and community.

Food Trucks Food Court. Son said the Lamb Shawarma was very good.

So, I’m choosing Together and passing it on.

At first, I took a vacation to escape everything that’s burning me out.

The past week, I am rediscovering and reconnecting to many parts of myself that I used to love so much.

Give me peace. Give me solitude. Give me back the wholeness of self and heart. Our Why’s need to be stronger than the weight of the world we choose to carry. So, those vacations have always been more than just vacations.

I hope it’s enough to face work, people and life differently when I come back.

So much food. So much love. So much happy tummies both from deliciousness and crazy laughters. What happens in Austin, it’s To Go.

Escape was never the answer. Loving, understanding and forgiving myself are.

Everything is useful. Everything can be home to everyone. We just need to be in it 100%. Not about size, material or location but all about the Love. No Love, No Home Sweet Home. Picture taken outside a Radish Food Truck.

I look at our Austin pics and I see a stress free happier me. I look at my smile and I notice it is not forced nor fake. I look at my face and my wrinkles are hardly visible not even my many months of daily topical glycolic acid use can erase. My anxiety is gone. I’m in a beautiful peaceful and calm surrender for 7 days.

I used to take the lead when we Kayak. That day, I let him take the lead as I try to enjoy the Lake Austin experience in its entirety.

The contrast is striking. The difference? Feeling and looking 10 years younger. That in itself is a gift and a miracle.

The day before we left Austin, we hiked back to Mt. Bonnell together with our old and new friends. It was so nice. No worries. No problems. We were laughing, sharing stories and just enjoying life…as we all should be. I wish it didn’t have to end.

A new friend who welcomed us at her home in Fort Worth said, “You must be 30?” I told her smiling, “I’m not 30. I’m 50, but thank you. You’re so kind.” She gave me the biggest age discount I have not heard in 4 years.

I didn’t understood what Southern Hospitality means till this vacation, and I lived in the South for 9 years. It took me leaving to realize what I already got. Fort Worth was suppose to be a quick detour, then it’s host won our hearts with generosity and welcome like no other. Son and I never thought we will be swimming but we did. Small world too. The Fort Worth couple helped start the hospital in the city of my childhood.

During the name introductions, she asked our Austin friend, “Are they your children.” My friend laughed, shook her head and said, “Oh, No. They are our friends from California. My daughter is in college, and my son is now working in New York.”

The Journey taught me to follow and travel my own path. It also taught me that I don’t have to do it alone. That more is better when it comes to our life line support systems.

We flew back home last night. I had to hold back tears as I said goodbye to my friends in Austin. They are in every way my extended Family and I’m very thankful.

One of the new friends I met in Austin likes to take candid pictures. I was taking a picture of a lone fallen, old leaf at the edge of the wooden deck surrounded by the deep vast waters of the lake. The leaf and I are no different. Steiner Ranch, Lake Austin.

Something in me change because of our vacation. For the first time, I turned off the T.V. as soon as I heard the same bad, negative repetitive news and content.

“We are more than just a leaf that fell off from its tree. Living is a choice. Dying is also a choice. Being more is a choice. Happiness is a choice that needs constant watering and gardening to thrive.”

Late Lunch at Hula Hut overlooking Lake Austin. Again, the food servings are so big. Full Plate is for 4.

Today, I told my wife to cut off our cable and just keep the internet. It’s $100 savings per month, $1,200 per year. That’s $12,000 in 10 years. That’s a lot of savings both money and work time. Plus, I’m saving myself a ton of toxic negativity.

I didn’t have to go to Hawaii to feel the Aloha Spirit. Austin has it too.

I hope to incorporate in my everyday thinking and living Mindfulness that focuses on happiness, calmness, positivity, courage, contentment, patience and forgiveness.

We don’t wait for someone to bring us a chair to rest and relax. We bring our own chair to rest and relax as often as we need them.

I will invest more on People and Experiences that will help me overcome one by one all the Demons I’m trying to run away from because truth is, there is no place to hide from them. The only way to win, is to face them.

I took time off to rest because I can. So can you. Peace of mind and a rested heart have no price tag. It does however have an extinction date that only God knows when.

Lessons to my story? Take more short travel vacations visiting friends and family. Be generous in giving yourself time off from work and all anxiety provoking drama. Make new moments and memories. Don’t let the fear and anger of others be yours.

X mark is where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated at the peak of his popularity in Dallas by a man from the 6th floor. From the window where the shot came from, one can easily spot the shooter from the street. People loved him and his ideas that could have change the World, but that is a no-no to the real power and riches that controls America. Right?

Don’t let your fear and anger consume all that’s good in you. Remember what makes you happier, younger, calmer and do them often. Dream again. Live again. Learn to let go. Trust and welcome God and People into your life again. Start and reset whenever you need it.

Not all who wander are lost. Not all who are lost wander. Which one are we?

Our Life, our choice of how to spent the remainder of it. 10 years from now, we may be extinct. Could be sooner.

Vacations switches on our Life Source to help us restart and light up everything that has been broken and hidden by darkness.

So, we go and take a vacation for ourselves that says, “I Love You So Much.”

Happiness and Mental Health is all about Vacation, Vacation, Vacation.

How do I say a “Big Thank You” in Texan? With a Big Post written with a Big Heart.

I didn’t tell my friends I blog, but someday they will find this tribute to them and our friendship.

Destiny no doubt will find a way when one of us needed to be inspired and be reawakened.

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Visiting Austin During A Pandemic

Never in my wildest dreams where I had to choose between regular mask or the airtight N95 mask when riding a plane.

It’s our first out of State travel during a pandemic.

Chlorox and N95 for hand carry. I never dreamed traveling like this but we do what’s necessary to travel and enjoy life again.

Anxious? Yes. Excited? Yes. In disbelief? Kinda and who wouldn’t?

Passing through 360 Degrees Bridge.

19 months of brainwashing that it’s dangerous to travel, it’s shock and awe that 10 friends and family from New York, Texas and California decided to have a vacation in Austin without masks, without distancing, without COVID worry of whatsoever. It’s the freest we all have ever been. It’s the most normal we all have ever been. And it feels amazing!

Whitest Comet Clouds raining down from the Bluest Sky. Austin Skyline is a thrilling canvas of beauty and imagination.

Travel destination? Austin. It’s more of a revisit to a beautiful place that once was home.

View from Mount Bonnell.

I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I didn’t realize how much I was blessed with kind, generous and very funny friends. I haven’t laughed this hard for awhile now.

Magnificent views overlooking Lake Travis.

Texas is big on everything…heart, happiness and adventures.

A great friend reminds us of what’s important and possible.

Can’t believe I waited this long to see again our good old friends and family.

C for Cholesterol, D for Delicious Ribs and Brisket, E for Eat Big.

First stop, best moist flavorful Brisket and BBQ in town at Stiles Switch for early dinner.

Left over Brisket Sandwich. OMG Breakfast Texas Style.

Texas is generous in portions, smiles and experience.

A relative from Houston treated us for a delicious authentic Tex Mex feast at Vaqueros. The last time we saw each other was 6 years ago.

We also celebrated two Birthdays of two classmates who have not seen each other since their Elementary School years.

So much fun. So much nostalgic reminiscing of a beautiful time that seemed like they just happened yesterday.

Wife baked that morning for her cousin to take back to Houston her famous melt’s in your mouth heavenly tasting Cheese and Purple Yam Brioche. Kitchen was just loaded with sweet love and joy.

4 miles of early morning walk with my Son at Steiner Ranch. So peaceful. So free. So Texas.

Overall rating, maximum 10 stars and it’s only day one in Austin.

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What I See, What I Feel

What I see people have no idea exist even if we are looking at the same visual frame.

We can not forever be that person that prevents others from colliding. We can not carry the weight of others all the time. We can not always put other people’s happiness and comfort first just because they want to. It’s tiring. It’s traumatic. It will take everything that is good and joyful within ourselves. It will break and crush us in ways unimaginable.

What I feel, no one can ever truly understand or will be brave enough to experience.

“I can’t believe them myself, but they are real. I don’t think my vivid imagination just made me see what I wanted to see. The pictures and videos are proof to myself that I was there.”

“We are a beautiful, important mystery worth the time and rediscovery. So, we take a day off for our Mental Health if we need it. We take a Sick Time Off, if our Heart needs to heal and mend its pieces. Mind and Heart controls our Physical Being. When both are sick and wounded, the Physical part suffers affecting all that is connected to it like work, activities of daily living and relationships. When mind and heart are in a Battle, isn’t it that the World around us transforms into a Battlefield and our anger turns people into enemies?”

Nature does speak and reveal itself to us in a very personal, intimate way. It’s passionate. It’s special. Always surprising and new.

Sometimes, when I walk or drive to work, I look at the trees and they reach out to me. They would dance and sing in joy for me.

The colors of their leaves changing in beautiful shades, hues and brilliance like blinking lights on a Christmas Tree.

I don’t have to fly to experience the clouds. They have surrounded me many times, literally.

Sometimes I look at the Sky, and it’s just gloriously blue, and the clouds, I can touch with my bare hands effortless.

“It’s okay to be Happy. Never feel guilty for it.”

Sometimes my heart feels too much that I don’t know how to contain it. The emotions so intense that it feels like it is going to explode.

Freedom is to be able to choose our own adventure and be lost in it in absolute joy and calmness.

Other times, I am in a very lonely dark place. Unable to find reasons why I am cursed to break, be in pain, isolated, ostracized, tormented with sadness.

Some days feels like hanging in a cliff and I need to be my own Hero to save myself from falling. Self reliance and Faith helped me rise up so many times.

Sometimes they call me sensitive. It’s an inappropriate mean judgement from those whose comfort and happiness I try to care more than my own.

“When people get used to us helping them all the time, when making their day better becomes a habit and their needs comes first than our own, whether among Family, Friends and Co-Workers, they assume it’s our responsibility. We become that bad person the moment we refuse. We are called Selfish when we try to take care of ourselves. Most will only think of their happiness first, and ours last. This tower of stones just exemplifies that. We have to first carry everyone else, but in time, sustainability by one for all becomes an impossibility. The tower will collapse and crush everyone when the rest above us don’t do their part in giving and sharing the load.”

Many only want to see what’s pleasing to their eyes. When it becomes ugly, they will abandon what was beautiful once and move to the next.

Sometimes I am silently drowning, and people continues to push and pull me down from both directions drowning me deeper.

We do what we do to breathe and get some relief.

Sometimes I’m so happy that every nerve endings in my body are electrified, awakened, wired perfectly and connected to everything within and around me.

These are my borrowed times where I am most alive. It’s fleeting. It’s a constant work in progress. No start. No finish. I don’t own them. I never did.

I know when I’m truly happy, because my World totally looks and feels strikingly different from my usual. It’s like seeing myself as a Third Person. Unusual, Weird, Strange, Crazy?

What I want, what I dream, what I value as important, some relate but many find it too in the present moment. Is it negative when I perceive every next year as uncertain and too far? Is it wrong to base how I live in the now? Is it selfish?

I can control what I allow others to see, the rest I keep within. I could be experiencing an internal storm but the superficial exterior still exudes calmness, confidence and positivity. It’s what is expected of me. I can’t afford to breakdown because the rest depends of me when they breakdown or needed support.

Is it wasteful to turn my “Soon Bucket Lists” into reality? Is it odd to have frequent Mental Health Day and Vacation Time for myself?

Is it that difficult to comprehend that more quality time with Family, and with myself matters more to me than work?

I am used to saving people but who will save me when I need saving? Will people drop everything the moment I need help, or will they just tell me again, “Don’t worry. You got this. You’ll be fine.”

Why do I have to enslave myself working so hard just because others did it? I’m not them. They’re not me. We are all unique, special and different. My priorities are different, everyone’s priorities are different.

There is always time for work and a time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Live our stories quick because if we wait too long, someone will live it for us. Believe me, many are in line eager to own and use it.

“The Sunsets will not wait for us. Time will continue and will not slow down just because we’re not ready. Time doesn’t bend for anyone. It doesn’t show mercy. Its unforgiving. Time is constantly moving. To catch up, it’s up to us to run faster.”

People should just know without words if they really knew us well.

We have choices. We have options. We have opportunities. Our lives can be better.

“When I pass through the Golden Gate Bridge, I am reminded to never give up on my dreams and that they are possible. I don’t need much convincing because many of my dreams though unbelievable has already happened. However, not all of my dreams ends happily. I need to be more careful of what I wish for.”

Balance is everything. Sustainability is a very thin line between being healthy and unhealthy, of being in a state of Life and Death while still living.

Our lives are meant to feel and be more.

If Nature made it through the worst with nothing, how much more for people who have something, if not everything.

What I see, what I feel is who I am. I’m not compromising anymore to please and be nice. I don’t have to suck up and kiss ass to a dysfunctional, messed up system to prove my worth. I know my worth. I know what I can give. I know what I can offer and contribute to make the lives of others better.

“People taught and forced me to be a Bitch. When we fight for ourselves, people will call us with so many names. Never take it personally, they are not worth the worry nor losing ourselves. We can’t change all, we can only change how we react and how we move passed them. The B word is neutral gender. Anyone can own it. Anyone can be it when needed. It’s Bitches versus Bullies in the Real World.”

I tried to rediscover and experiment what will make me happy again. I discovered my happiness comes in moments from minutes, hours, and the most, in days. Never all the time. Never lasting. When it fades, it motivates me to restore my Happiness Jar.

Things will change. I’m taking control of my life back. It will take a lot serious hard work and many will not like me for saying “No,” and for being an assertive advocate for myself. But I am not changing for them, I am changing for me.

“Love yourself again and try rediscovering what used to make you happy. We don’t have much time to waste waiting. Isn’t this the tragic lesson of the ongoing Global Pandemic?

Happiness is never forever, and so is Life. So, why not try our own Happy by the minute, hours and day by day for as long as we are blessed to enjoy the gift of Life.

So many poisons in life. So many poisons in one given day. We pick the least poisonous and toxic that has an antidote. Horror only if we become victims of others, victims of our own fears, anger and stress.

I declare today Global Mental and Emotional Health Anytime Month.

It’s for everyone. It’s unlimited. No rules. No Expiration Date. No catch. Use it whenever your Mind and Heart needs it. Everyone’s welcome.

Never enough happy moments and memories. We crave them because our mind, heart and soul are famish. We need to feed them once in a while or they will starve and die. My Places of Escape 2020-2021.

Blogger Friends, sorry for the delayed response and visits. I promise to catch up after my long self declared Self Care Holiday.

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Last Disney Halloween Magic

It was our last Family Halloween Disney Magic before our World got locked and turned up side down.

A Happy Moment never goes away unless we want them to go away.

It was our last Holiday Celebration where we were freest to bring to life our wildest imagination.

It’s was okay then to walk shoulder to shoulder, chest to chest, back to back. It was okay to bump with one another. Distance was unheard of. People gladly share their space. People were polite, patient, apologetic. Now, it leads to people exploding, throwing tantrums and fighting. If only they sell Chill Pill in theme parks.

No worries of infection, people nor caution. Everyone was nice. People genuinely smiled and were kind. Strangers exchange random friendly conversations.

Happiest Place was also the Friendliest Place. It’s was the Epicenter of everyone’s Happiness and Wishes from around the World.

Sleeping Beauty is still waiting for her Prince to wake her up with “The Kiss.” She doesn’t know the World she remembered is gone. She didn’t know her Prince who killed the Evil Dragon perished passing through the COVID Lake. No one taught the Prince how to fight and survive an invincible evil virus.

“Once upon a time, People breathe the same air, enjoy the same space, shake the hands of new friends they just met, kissing and hugging were considered gestures of love, welcome and affection. It seems that time was so long ago. I wish upon a Star for that time to come back. I wish for all better stories with Happy Endings.”

Sleeping Beauty Castle. If it came to life from a story book, so can we.

It was our last time to experience Happiest Place on Earth for what it was…happiest.

Talking Car? Wasn’t Hallucination? It’s hard to distinguish what’s real and not these days.

Post Reopening, Disney lost some of its magic and enchantment.

The Prince can no longer just kiss and hold hands with the Princess without proof of COVID vaccination and negative test result.

Disney characters can no longer be so close to the audience without being vulnerable.

People can’t sing too loud because they may be unknowingly contagious.

It’s the weirdest kind of magic not even imagination can fix.

It’s like a dark spell turned Disneyland to Strangeland.

Mind and Imagination create the Incredible. The Heart, gives the Incredible its Life and Magic.

To walk around Disney with People in masks, distant and defensive doesn’t feel happiest nor magical.

Feels uncomfortable and tense. Feels sad.

Did I just used the word “sad” in the Happiness Capital of of America? Noooooo…the dark spell needs to be reversed by whatever means necessary.

The Green Men wows the crowd.

So let me celebrate and remember the Halloween Disney that was authentically happy, free and child-like. Perhaps, it may bring the magic back.

First, let’s head to Cars Land for some exciting fast Car Racing.

Oh, Wow. That was awesome. Now, time to try the best Chile Con Carne with loads of melted rich cheese. Delicioso.

It’s not recommended to ride the Guardian’s of the Galaxy Tower drop ride after eating but who cares. It’s fun.

Seat belt on, arms up towards the Sky as we slowly ascent straight to the highest floor. Elevator door opens, few seconds of best view of Disney on top, then a sudden zero gravity drop.

Scream and shout it all out. Don’t hold back. Let it go. Let it go.

Now, let’s do something more terrifying. It’s Intergalactic Dance Off Showdown with Star-Lord and Gamora. Talk about Stage Fright.

Want more scream and shout? Let’s hit the Coaster Ride. No puking showers and passing out please. Scared? No risk. No thrill. Guaranteed to make our heart jump off our chest.

Meet Mickey, Donald and Friends up close. Sway it, Sing it, Spray it, it’s all good. This was Pre-COVID. Germs were harmless. No need to Lysolized everything. No need for facial barriers.

So, is the Disney Magic then and now just the same? Does it still look and feel like the Happiest Place on Earth? What you think Tinker Bell? How much Fairy Dust do we need so we can fly again to Neverland? Oh, No. You’re out of Fairy Dust?

The Disney experience is never complete without Music, Lights and Fireworks. So, let’s get this Party Started!

The happiest place welcomes you like Family.

Many times, we don’t realize how good our life was, or how blessed we are to visit and experience the most amazing of destinations on Earth that others only dream from afar.

Rediscover the Magic in you. Just Believe.

May be the magic is still there. May be happiness can be as it was. But first, our heart needs to change. Our hearts need to be appreciative, grateful and kind. If we truly do that, then perhaps the Happiest Place of Earth will feel like it got all its magic back.

Halloween Fireworks on our last magical night at Disney. 10/2019.

We deserve all the magic and happiness we can get. Don’t allow anyone or anything make us believe any less.

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Goodwill Scavenger Hunt

End of Summer 2021, the 3 Amigos were trying to figure out one collective activity where everyone will enjoy and remember.

1930’s Silver and Glass Carafe. $9 at San Francisco’s Goodwill. We placed it in our living room to remind us always that happy treasured family memories are everything.

I quickly suggested, “Roadtrip to the Beach? Wifey replied with a question, “Again?”

Can you spot the Carafe? My Wife asked me, “How did you find it right away?” I replied, “How can you not? I saw it right away, or may be it called me right away. But I immediately took it.”

My second suggestion, “Hiking on rugged Ocean rocks and cliffs? Son replied, “But Mom will just stay in the car…again.”

Wife was so happy. Found this vintage copper cookware for her that she now uses in her territory, the Kitchen.

I threw my third idea, “How about travel to Hawaii? My co-workers highly recommends it, and no testing needed nor quarantine?” Wife and Son roared a point, “Too much money Sir and we do not want to get sick with COVID.” So, that’s 2 versus 1. Bye Outside Travel. Sad Face 😔.

Can you spot the vintage copper cookware? Scotts Valley, CA Goodwill.

Proving his point, Son showed me a video of a very crowded airport where people are waiting in long lines for hours. He said, “See this people trying to go back from Cancun? And you also want us to go there? You’re crazy Dad.” I watched the madness in the video and replied smiling, “You’re so right, and I am crazy to suggest Cancun.”

Vintage Car Lighter next to a Silver and Glass Sugar Container. If the metal is heavy, it’s likely real old metals. And yes, it’s Google certified.

He knows I hate crowded places. It’s stressful and I get very uncomfortable. Packed airports are worse because they are the perfect Viral Medium Petri Dish for COVID. Wasn’t this the mode of entry of the Pandemic last year? Air Travel spread swiftly the droplet airborne infection to every corner of the World.

Christmas Reindeer, had to get this one, the holidays are coming.

Wife suggested, “Malls or Shopping Outlet?” I immediately replied, “Hell to the NO.” Malls and Outlets full of people makes me anxious. Its like being in a caged human zoo. With the community Delta Variant everywhere and anyone, it’s easy to shift to panic mode.

Crowdphobic, COVIDphobic, Deathphobic, Claustrophobic, it’s all of the above

Someone’s garbage, other’s gold. No shame in going to Goodwill and Salvation Army. It’s fun and we actually help people because the sales goes to charities. Like Salvation Army helps rehabilitate people that has jail history and give them jobs. Our Donations do turn to kindness and hope for those who need it. A second chance to start a new life. Many People do make mistakes and are capable of changing. Marina Goodwill.

My last suggestion, “Hey, how about Treasure Scavenging Hunt to the Goodwill Stores for vintage finds along the coast we love going for roadtrips? It’s two in 1, Shop and Outdoors.” It sounded like a winner and my hopes were up to the moon.

Wife freaked weirdly. She wanted to check the place even if it’s too out of nowhere, but first to bolt out when she saw how crowded it was. Son and I stayed and pretty much checked all the bins without gloves. I told my Wife, “Hey, we are already here, I’m making the most of it. If we get sick of COVID, it’s meant to be.” She totally missed out the fun bin diving. Salinas Goodwill Outlet, items sold by weight, excitingly so cheap.

Immediately they both said, “Yes!” It’s unanimous. Goodwill Scavenger Hunt won. Everyone were so excited.

Someone took time to make this playlist. So I’m going to listen to them. Son asked curiously, “What’s this?” Told him, “It’s a cassette tape, and with a tape recorder, it’s how we listen to music in the 80’s. He then said, “Oh, you mean it’s Antique. Okay, let me buy this for you.” Cost 75 cents, including the leather cassette container.

Wife made a map from Marin County to San Francisco, San Mateo County to Santa Cruz County and Monterey County to Rural Salinas. Took us 3 days to visit them all, and a lot of getting lost here and there.

There’s a kind of rush when we get to relive the past with actual things of the past. Nostalgia brings back the beautiful and the cherished that we have long forgotten in our hearts. We need to find ways to be in love and be happy again. We can find them if we really want to. Carpenters Vinyl Record, my favorite among all the 50 cents records I got. Goodwill and Rasputin, Santa Clara County.

Vintage Treasure Finds, Check! Great Outdoors Adventures, Check! Happy Summer Memories, Check!

Antique Pyrex Finds from Salvation Army San Jose.

This is one of the most beautiful, unforgettable Summers we ever had. It is the Summer we felt more closer and appreciative of one another. COVID, Toxicity and Politics never had a chance to ruin it. We chose to celebrate Life and Seasons no matter what. Time has never been more urgently precious.

High End Used Designers at Wasteland San Francisco. Too expensive but Son wants to just see it. We bought nothing, it’s almost the same price as Brand New. So, we shopped at the awesome cheap store across it..:Goodwill of course!

It is the Summer we are more than just a Family. It’s the Summer we became great friends, sharing, discovering and experiencing each other’s hopes, hearts and dreams.

She hit the 45 milestone. Speed limit automatically resets to 45 or slower at 40’s. It’s up to the celebrant to try accelerating back to everything youthful, vibrant and amazing. So she did. So we did. Just needs a lot of hard work and determination. Never take for granted being young and being able to do incredible things whenever we can. Creativity and Adventure don’t get old.

Life is about creating as many happy moments that becomes lasting joyful memories no time, circumstances and people can ever erase.

This was my incentive for driving the Family to our Goodwill Roadtrips. Ocean, Beaches and Breathtaking Outdoors. Just between you and me, I got the invincible winner’s trophy. Carmel Coast.

Oh, what’s a Goodwill? It’s a Store that sells donated stuff that others don’t want anymore. The income goes to creating jobs and helping people.

Plastic Flower arrangements are best recycled. We need to care about our environment. We need to care of what our world will be in 10 years. Laziness and Inconvenience versus Doing Something Really Important and Heroic. Seems like the right thing to do.

So, please don’t throw in the garbage old usable things. Donate them. Also, they may be Tax deductible.

$45 Antique wood cabinet from Salvation Army found a new home. It’s my Wife’s side table in our bedroom.

Someone’s trash, is another person’s treasure. And we get to make our World a better, kinder, environment friendly place. Now, isn’t that a win?

Son found this $1 glass Bear for himself at Mountain View Goodwill. It’s now displayed together with his prized Collectibles of Pop Funkos and Anime Figures. He has been buying and selling on Ebay since the Lockdown. COVID made him a little entrepreneur. He even prepares the orders in between online classes. Don’t know how he does it, but Generation Z’s are truly talented, resilient and imaginative. They will become the much improve, accepting, happier version of their Parents just observing how they perceive and navigate through life and society.

When we see the value in things, it becomes valuable. If we see trash, it becomes trash. The mind and heart can turn anything insignificant to something beautiful and priceless.

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Santa Cruz, The Lost Boys and Us

Surfers Turf, Santa Cruz is not only known for its awesome Surf Breaks but also for its beautiful haunting Sun-kissed Beaches.

4-Mile West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. The Beach makes us forget the World and it’s worries. In a way, we all are Lost Boys and Girls just trying to hold on to what keeps us feeling young, happy and free. The thirst and hunger are unquenchable.

Winter, Monarch Cove at Natural Bridges State Beach provides Haven and Sanctuary to migratory Monarch Butterflies.

They look like Stained Glass Art Windows of old Church Cathedrals.

Thousands of flickering orange wings surrounds tall Eucalyptus Trees. Monarch Butterflies when bunched together looks like bouquets of orange blooms.

Monarch Butterflies are the Ballerinas of the Sky. The wind and the million leaves, its orchestra.

Blessed with many days of sunshine, Santa Cruz is playground and getaway for both tourists and locals.

The Lighthouse.

It’s the perfect Postcard of the California Dream.

A Surfer is one of the luckiest person in the World. They get to do what they love in absolute freedom. They are the most alive and most chill among any of us.

Wonder and amazement? Yes, and a lot of awesome more.

Take pictures but never forget to enjoy the moments.

Families come to Santa Cruz to make happy memories. To enjoy what Life, Sun and Summers have to give.

A Bridge once connected two young lovers. Then a massive wave broke the land bridge, separating them from each other. So the boy and the girl both learned how to ocean surf so they can see each other anytime. Nothing can break true love. They also discovered Surfing.

Lovers come to Santa Cruz for romance, Sunsets and sizzling secrets.

Fountain overlooking the Surfers’s Lookout. Surfers have died for their passion. They get to live to the fullest.

Friends come to Santa Cruz for excitement, thrill and relaxation at the Boardwalk, beaches and outdoors.

Never forget to have fun. No age limit in that. Just make sure your heart can take it.

Hollywood love Santa Cruz.

Us is irresistibly creepy and scary.

Remember 2019’s horror movie Us? It’s about a family whose beach vacation was turned into terror and massacre when their doppelgängers appeared to replace them and their friends.

There is a scene of abandoned cars and dead bodies on the street at the 4-Mile Drive. On one end, it leads to the Beach Boardwalk, the other, Natural Bridges. A must scenic experience by car or foot. Oh, Nudist can be spotted here too. They enjoy the attention. Hello, this is California, we let people be themselves, clothe or naked.

A Door at the Beach Boardwalk allowed our Monsters look-alike to escape the Parallel World beneath. So, anyone that acts Monstrous today, likely is from the Underworld. Brilliant!

Santa Cruz remained welcoming and friendly to anyone before and after COVID. It’s why we love to visit it whenever we can. It’s refreshing to see a place still full of positivity and happiness. A parallel World to that we are witnessing in the News.

And when the Night comes, The Lost Boys comes out to party with the warm blooded Humans. The Boardwalk, Beach and Surf are their favorite hang for fun and feeding.

1987, I was in High School when I saw this Teen Vampire movie. It was the Twilight Saga of the 80’s. Never imagined I get to walk and experience the Boardwalk and everything Santa Cruz as many times as I want. Life becomes the movie.

Once in every decade, they look for a new member to play with forever. Sometimes, the replacement is sudden. Young Vampires are foolish. They will watch the Sunrise on a dare knowing fully they’ll combust. Sounds familiar? The resemblance to present cult-like fanatic groups so stunningly close.

Freedom can be achieved in many peaceful ways. The World is huge, we all can share it. Let’s not be greedy. Let’s not be Vampires and Parasites.

Eternal Youth, Fun and Friendship Bites. Enjoy them while we’re young. Have them while we can. They’re never enough. Having the best time of our lives will never be enough.

A beach lover’s quick fix, a day or night in Santa Cruz is all we need to replenish our hearts to feel young and alive again.

Isn’t that why travel, weekends and vacation are so important?

We make our dreams happen by doing them every chance we get. No one lives forever unless we join The Lost Boys.

Recapture and Live the best version of ourselves because we can. We don’t wait. We make our own dreams come to life in the present.


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“I will do everything to keep him safe, alive and happy. I will try everything to make sure he has a future and still has a Planet to grow and enjoy. I will change and be better so he can thrive and prosper. I am Parent. It’s what I must do.

I need to be better for him. I need to be selfless and kind, for him. I need to try harder for him.

Rage and Acting Out ranging from rudeness to assault have been more frequent because of the Pandemic and Weaponized Politics.

Who hasn’t yet? Photo from the Wall Street Journal, 9/16/21.

Mask Mandate is the number one explosive trigger of Adult aggressive behavior and tantrums. Second, delayed gratification or refusal of service.

A caring Employer will do this for his employees. However, it’s 1 in a Million. If our Government and Employers really want to show appreciation and gratitude to all “Essentials,” give us a National COVID Holiday Rest. One day is all we ask in 365 days. We don’t need anymore empty words and Bullshit. Obviously, I’m mad too for being told to suck it up. Aren’t you?

Whether it’s proof of vaccination or employees being required vaccination to continue working for the their own safety, their co-workers and customers, COVID Vaccination will soon emerge the top cause of people snapping and throwing outbursts.

Insurrection Part 2 will happen anytime from now. It’s the most terrifying of all the Acting Out. People are willing to Kill, Die and Take away the rights of the rest. People are willing to overturn the Nation’s Democracy so they can replace it with something that is Supremely Evil and Self Serving.

Airlines, restaurants, stores, schools, trains, buses, hospitals and clinics, every customer driven workplace, it’s employees have been on edge. Employee’s fear, anxiety and stress of possibly being hurt, insulted, of being a victim of something unknown and unimaginable are at it’s all time high.

This strikes deep among Health Care Workers who experienced them. Everyone is vulnerable. Anyone can be a victim. Propaganda called them Heroes but these Heroes have been slapped, spitted on, traumatized in so many dehumanizing ways. No PPE’s or Plexiglass can prevent Human Attacks. Code Silver? Code Shit? Dock, run, roll over.

Work PTSD is real and prevalent. It is however ignored or covered up with empty superficiality by those who could have made working situations better. Victims remain unprotected victims.

Where else can you find a Society in the World that will harm Women and take away their rights? All Pregnant Women has a Bounty Price in Texas, U.S.A. The moment they violate it’s anti-Abortion Law, they can be hunted down like animals with a monetary reward for the bounty hunter.

Ever wondered why the News does not mention much if something is being done to help the employees heal and overcome their trauma? It’s because nothing significant is being done.

Do Teachers feel safe? No, they are scared for their lives and safety. Is this what we do to our Heroes? If Parents and Governors keeps threatening them, soon their won’t be enough teachers. Parents will be forced to do Home Schooling or On-Line. As Dangerous as the Delta Variant are Furious Parents. But Karma will happen to those who inflict suffering on others. Just too slow. Very slow. Photo from NBC News.

Difference with more Indifference equals Outbursts, Burn Outs and Exodus. The damage, irreversible and unrepairable to some.

The plane ticket does not say, “Beat and hurt your airline crew whenever you feel like it.” So Flight Attendants are being taught to defend themselves from violently insane passengers. When your job becomes hazardous, it makes people think if it’s worth the sacrifice. Unfriendly and Hostility are the New Normal for people that works in Service Oriented Work Places whether land, air or sea.

Anger and meanness have been noted among fellow employees. Selfishness and unreasonable bad attitude has also increased in every work settings. The more busy and short staffed, the higher the incidence.

A passenger beats another passenger then the airline crew. Be ready for anything when traveling by air. Bring Pepper Spray. Might save your life.

Employees are also more unsatisfied and angry to their employers for not hearing them and placing them at risks of COVID or for being required to follow infection control COVID mandates.

The longer the COVID Surges remain, the more Kindness and Patience will disappear. Being Humane is endangered towards extinction.

Many don’t seek help and justice for fear of Retaliation. Not all of us are brave. It’s like David versus an Army of Goliaths.

Our RNA and DNA did mutate, and it’s because of People’s Attitude and Actions, NOT the Vaccine.

If I’m wrong, then we shouldn’t be easily angered, agitated, mean and destructive towards one another.

A fence is placed around the Capitol to protect Democracy and everyone within it from its own Citizens. Madness is allowed to create more fear and chaos. Photo from NPR.

Short Fused? There’s a reason why. Never random. Never blameless.

Realization, acceptance and control helps us from doing or saying things we will regret and can never take back.

Direct Dangerous Verbal Confrontations Between Pro-Mask, Anti-COVID Parents and Ant-Masks, Don’t Care About COVID Parents are happening all over the country. This is the kind of violence our children are witnessing in our schools. It’s a big shame. Parents have become Bad Role Models. Freedom versus Public Safety? Freedom versus Life of a Person? WTF is happening to us all?

I can tell you that I have mutated. I’m not the same before and during this Pandemic. If I’m not careful, I may no longer recognize who I am several years from now, that is if I make it that far.

COVID Disease will change everyone Physically, Psychologically, Emotionally, even Spiritually year after year. It’s called Evolution.

The Truth, people are just turning their backs away and allow this kind of incidents to happen. So now you know what the so called “Heroes” of this Pandemic have endured. There are no words really to describe how we actually feel. Photo from WebMD.

The Terrorism both from the Virus and from People are causing everyone to change either into being their best selves or worst selves.

A young innocent restaurant hostess just doing her job was terrorized and assaulted by an angry customer for asking the customer’s proof of COVID vaccination. If this is how we treat our workers, there may hardly be any in the next few years. Workers will shift jobs where they feel safe, valued and respected. Only half of the restaurant workers have returned to work since this lockdown. Now they have a reason to never go back. Our Young Generation are quickly learning, assimilating and changing because of our Bad Examples and Behaviors. One day, they will look at Adults as dangerous enemies. And aren’t we already?

At the end of this Pandemic, “if” it ends, two kinds of Human Analogy will evolve, Angels and Monsters. Which one will we be? Deep in our hearts, we already know.

“Some people come into the hospital and do worse than they would outside because they realize outside, they will get arrested and be held accountable. However, when they come into the hospital, they don’t.” Mawata Kamara, R.N., S.F. Bay Area

Two kinds of Divided Parents have evolved because of the Endemic COVID in America, the one that will do anything to protect their child from sickness, disability or death and the one that will do anything for their child to be free. Both, their intentions are good, but the outcome neither will win. Until we get it together, everyone loses. Photo from The Atlantic.

Terrorism comes in many forms but basic are fear and harm. If we experienced either or both, then we have been terrorized. If it’s a repetitive pattern, then it becomes an abuse. And we are Victims of our Abusers.

“If being Nice didn’t work, let’s try Spicy Honesty and Raw Accountability.”

COVID Hospitalizations are now Preventable. No more 100% free Emergency and Critical COVID care. Long Term Hospitalized COVID patients will be in debt for a very long time paying their copay alone. Healthcare Systems have been charging millions to insurers, and insurers will collect this time in full force. Health is Wealth will never be more clearer. Most People can’t afford to be sick anymore. People will pay and be responsible for their choices.

Kindness is a must, not optional. So, NO Kindness, NO Service. People and establishments have equal rights to refuse care and service. Isn’t that what Freedom and Democracy means?

Related Truth:

Adults Are Throwing Tantrums—in Restaurants, Planes and at Home. Blame the Pandemic.

NYC restaurant hostess attacked after asking diners for proof of vaccine

The teacher is now viewed by a small, loud contingent not as a public servant but as a public enemy.

Newcastle’s NHS heroes subjected to more attacks for asking people to keep wearing face masks

‘Physically and emotionally exhausted:’ This is how flight attendants are really feeling right now

Unruly airplane passengers are straining the system for keeping peace in the sky

Half of Texas’ nurses experience workplace violence. A Texas lawmaker says it’s time to protect them

Parents Are Tired of Waiting for Vaccines for Their Kids. So They’re Lying.

Republicans seethe with violence and lies. Texas is part of a bigger war they’re waging

Texas now has abortion ‘bounty hunters’

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1 American Dies of COVID every 60 Seconds or Less

JHU COVID Data: 1,823 U.S. Deaths from COVID today, 9/15/21. Translation: 1 American dies of COVID every less than 60 seconds from a preventable disease.

America is very much at War with Death and Disease with no Peak in sight, and it’s in every community in America.

Rural, Urban, Remote, COVID Death has all reached them. No place to run or hide unless we live in Space.

We don’t want to see nor care because it’s not our Family, but this could happen to anyone of us. Just a matter of when. Photo from The Washington Post, 9/15/21

Americans are dying because no hospital will take them- Vox News, 9/14/21

The Alarm has been blaring for the past 2 months that children can die. It is happening now. Photo from The Washington Post, 9/15/21

We call 911. No available ambulance. We head to the Emergency Room, there is a long line outside it’s doors with wait time of unknown hours. We got an Emergency Room Bed but need to wait 24 to 100 hours for an I.C.U. or Medical-Surgical Bed. Why? Because all the Hospital Beds are already taken by COVID Patients who generally occupies the bed for 1-4 weeks.

There may be physical beds but no medical staff, so the beds becomes useless.

We think we will get an I.C.U. bed because we have a life threatening Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis, Heart Attack, Stroke, Sepsis, Renal Failure and Respiratory Distress from COVID. That thinking is gone when Hospitals are overwhelmed above capacity and understaffed. We could be Intubated hooked to a Ventilator Machine and still wait in the Emergency room for indefinite hours. We could die in Emergency Room and still no I.C.U. Bed available.

All over the World, once a love one goes to the hospital or a facility for COVID patients, it may be their last time to see their families. Bodies are cremated because COVID dead bodies can still spread the disease. Photo from the Washington Post, 9/15/21

When everyone is Emergency, everyone becomes Non-Emergency. Meaning, everyone needs to wait. Emergency Triage is activated. Rationed care implemented. People with small chance of survival will be left alone to die. Neglect and Critical Care Delay becomes Normal and Acceptable in Emergency Disaster Situations. Many will be saved but some will die. We may die. Our Family and Friends may die. No exemption during a Statewide Outbreak.

The Death and Disease Dance never Stops.

In a Crisis situation, Health Care Systems are Free to do what is necessary just like People are Free to do what they want. It’s called Freedom, something that is loudly and violently “emphasized,” for the last 19 months.

Live our retirement bucket list in the present. Many will not reach 62 years old. I have accepted that reality, so did my wife. We’re just lucky so far, but it’s really the Vaccine Miracle that kept us from harms way. And yes, God said, “It’s not your time yet.”

Estimated time from 911 call to body bag for severe, terminal COVID averages 2-4 days with the Delta Variant. This means, we have less that 48 hours to do our last wishes and say our goodbyes.

We try to live a life of less regrets. We try to live a life fuller and happier than yesterday. Now may all we got. The clock is ticking.

I don’t want to be the one that ruins someone’s dreamy fantasy bubble, but if that saves one life, then this post is worth the time.

I can’t imagine a World with nothingness. I don’t think it’s even worth surviving if I am all alone. Death may actually be more merciful.

It’s never a waste when the intention and outcome are good. It’s never a waste when it’s about real people in real danger.

A million death by 2022. Is this okay? Photo by National Geographic.

At a certain point, it was no longer a matter of if the United States would reach the gruesome milestone of 1 in 500 people dying of covid-19, but a matter of when. A year? Maybe 15 months? The answer: 19 months.– The Washington Post, 9/15/21

In 19 months. How about next year?

We are living a nightmare that is preventable but we made our choices. Everyone can land in a body bag because of COVID. The longer the surges, the closer the chances. For now, the Death Roulette is spinning, but it stops every less than 60 seconds to claim another American. Who’s next?

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670,000 flags on the National Mall pay tribute to America’s devastating COVID-19 losses

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Eat Local, Dream Local, Stay Local

Staycation is the new Travel Adventure Vacation and Destination 2020 and 2021.

We all have our Travelogue Stories to tell. Some planned, others by surprise. All, a discovery of something beautiful, amazing and delicious that we already have locally.

Local Apricots by Monterey County. Sweetest I tasted in 5 years.

This is my second Summer and Fall Staycation, and I feel absolutely blessed. Not only is it more relaxing, I also felt that I was able to enjoy more of life and precious time by experiencing more frequently things me and my Family love of doing together.

Organic Strawberries. It’s sweet too, unlike the ones I get in groceries.

So I’m yes for Eating Local. I’m yes to Dreaming Local. It is the best way to Live More.

I get it, we all have our so negativity on the restrictions, lockdowns, mandates and stupid Politics and Indifference, but I’m tossing all that toxicity to the deepest parts of the Ocean.

I grew up eating Marrachino Cherries in a bottle. Imagine my reaction when I ate the fruit for the first time. Something popped for sure! Fresh is Best.

Why should I let negativity drown me when I have a choice to just relax under the Sun and indulge on my favorite food overlooking the most wonderful view in the World?

Toss Greens overlooking more greens …and blues. The eating experience is like no other when I get to sit next to a cliff with the warm Ocean Breeze giving me free facial massage.

And if I did it, so can you, that is if you haven’t done it yet already.

Today’s Menu: Think Differently. Feel Differently. Live Differently.

“We can go there,” says the Son to his Dad. So they did, again and again and again. No limit to where our Staycation will take us. So, let’s go Buddy. Stop procrastinating.

Staycation is max 5 Stars Review on Deliciousness. It’s full of joyful, rich, Wellness giving nutrients.

“Life’s too short to waste on complaining for every little thing.”

Peace ✌️✌️✌️and Love ♥️♥️♥️.

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Can’t Say It? Mug It.

I’m always at the stores and didn’t notice there’s actually an LOL Section.

NOT ON MY DAY OFF! Outdoors and Nature helps me relax. It heals back all the energy and joy I lost at work. It’s not a want. It’s a need.

These can be found where the Mugs and the Motivational Frames are.

Let’s not stress the Bride. Lock all rooms and keep him away from all the Bridesmaids.

Mugs are the best. They are cheesy, hilarious, flowery, blunt, positive, intriguing, provocative. It becomes however we interpret their “words of wisdom and inspiration.”

So many “Almost Doctor” out there. Facebook, Podcasts, Tik-Tok, Tweeter, You Tube and the Dark Web has tons of them. We call them “Influencers.” We don’t need a degree to influence people to take harmful, non-Scientifically proven drugs nowadays. Primary Care Physicians and Web MD are no longer the trusted source of Medical Information for many.

Funny and fun when it does the opposite effect, meaning, message and reaction. Feel Good and Adorable Irony Word Salad.

Love is never to the moon rocket ship all the time. Let’s be honest, that’s too exhausting. No one lives on constant love struck euphoria. To miss, excites the heart more.

If we want to give a not so obvious, subtle but highly effective brainwashing hint, a morning coffee Mug is the perfect gift.

Eventually, it sank into my Brain. Mindfulness works.

So if you want a diamond ring, find a mug that says, “Diamonds are forever,” or “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Don’t worry Guys, we are still our Gals BFF. And aren’t we more dazzling than Diamonds? Well, my Wife said I am. So I believe her. Ask your wife, I bet she’ll say you are dazzling too.

10 years ago, may be. 20 years after? I don’t think so. But, I’ll take the compliment. Or is it a hint to diet seriously, work out more and loose weight? Mirror, mirror on the wall, thanks for the reality check. People who cares are not afraid to tell us the truth.

Add, exchange, omit words or join group of words together and boom! Instant Scandalous Shockers.

Pervert? Offensive? Degrading? Predatory? Racist? Demeaning? This belong to the sick in the brain section. Some mugs need to be separated.

Husbands, instead of waiting by the exit doors for your wives, get some fun mug for yourselves. Time for some coffee mug intervention. Stop using those chipped and stained ancient mugs. Live a little. Pamper yourself. Haven’t you earned it?

Not really and the ride is crazy unstable. Sometimes the ride can be fun, but it’s very unpredictable. Also has zero gravity drop zones and many 360 degrees loops. If it plateaus, that’s the only time we get to enjoy and relax. We should warn people turning 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and so forth of what to expect. It’s what friends do.

Honest, direct, open minded NO Shit and NO Non-sense are the funniest and the most real from my POV. It relates to my World where BS is a regular attitude and behavior.

It’s better to hear the truth than look like a fool or people laugh at us behind our backs. So if I have visible Booger on my nose or a green salad on my tooth, tell me. We can LOL it for sure, and I’ll be thankful someone is concerned enough to save me from embarrassment.
No I’m not. Who made this up? Besides, to feel special should be everyday, not only for one day.

Toxic People, Evil People, One Word, “CANCER.” And like CANCER, we need to cut them off, tune them out and delete them from our lives. If we can’t escape their presence, we change how we react and think around them.

Anger and Hatred are forms of CANCER.

Society and People’s expectations. Only if it’s a Two Way Street. Only if it benefits are fair, just and mutual. We don’t have to please anyone anymore unless we want to and not because we have to.

I tried until I realized I was being stupid, naive and just being used. I don’t have to “Stay Golden” to please others, but I can be Golden for myself if I want to. Saying NO to pressure.

Think it but don’t say it? Or Say it but be ready to rumble? Good, close Friends can joke, laugh and be real among themselves, but never among acquaintances, the sensitive and co-workers. Not worth the hassle and stress.

I can see my wife giving this to me. And we would LOL together. I would even use it everyday just to make me smile. Also to remind me, “Think before you say it.”

Yep, there’s people who easily get into our nerves. They buzz, annoy and sting like bees minus any sweet honey for consolation.

Are we a Bother or a Brother? Does our presence makes people feel positive and happy or brings unhappiness and negativity? We can always improve. No one is perfect.

We want to point a problem but don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings? Here’s a good one, “I need ——- to focus.”

Anything in excess is addiction. We stop abruptly and we go on withdrawals. That includes eating delicious sweets. I know, because I love sweets. Yes, I have a sugar problem.

If we can’t focus without alcohol, we have a drinking problem. If we can’t function without coffee, we’re caffeine addict. Okay, I admit, I’m a caffeine junkie. I’m working on it.

There’s always an explanation for our behavior, physically, psychologically or emotionally.

No wonder we’re all HYPER and JUMPY.

Then there’s that Mug that we hope our heart will always be because it is the key to everything, our joy, our peace, our love. It’s stillness and contentment. It’s the perfect Mug to stay humble and appreciative.

Gratefulness is Greatness. Gratefulness is Happiness.

Words are not just a words when it becomes our way of thinking and doing. They are powerful motivators of change or catalyst of destruction.

It’s Herbal and Legal. More CBD please.

With great words comes great responsibility. Right, Uncle Ben?

Full of people was fun Pre-COVID. Today, it’s called “Super Spreader Events,” and “Being Irresponsible,” when the Delta Variant is 9 times more infectious. Just restating creatively Science.

Ok, time to finish my second cup of coffee and head to work. I’m hyper and awake enough.

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