Santorini Travel, Likes versus Experience, Beauty versus Heart

No dispute, it’s one of the most beautiful Instagram picture perfect places. But Santorini has another picture many exclude in their social media posts, the circus-like, out of control mass Tourism hysteria. Something that was happening and harming many major Tourist Destinations around the World, until a virus placed Tourism on a 2-year time out.

There is always a story behind every picture, and it’s not always as stunning or perfect as the picture’s exterior. It doesn’t have to be deleted or hidden.

Being true doesn’t have to be embarrassing or scary. Worrying of other people’s opinion and judgement shouldn’t be important. Social Media should make us feel good and inspired, not the opposite.

There was no time to enjoy the beauty and the waters below. We had to hurriedly transfer from one port to the next so we don’t miss the bus that will take us on top of the mountain.

Likes versus Experience. Beauty versus Heart.

I wanted to experience what’s it like to swim in Santorini but sadly, opportunity decided to skip me that day.

4 hours to experience Santorini is not a relaxing getaway, but a stressful race to cram it all.

It looked like a great adventure to a fantasy land where nothing could go wrong and everything feels nice.

3 hours wasted getting to and getting back. More experience lining up than experiencing what’s special. More teasing than indulgence. More brisk walking than stopping to just relax and enjoy.

There were more Selfies happening with the view as mere background rather than the view as the main Star of one’s attention. More instant gratification than new cultural exploration and immersion.

It was repetitive rush, rush, rush, then wait, wait, wait that I lost my cool and enthusiasm halfway the supposedly dream bucket list. I was expecting a combo of Zen and fun, but experienced discomfort and irritability instead.

Better souvenirs, things or memories?

I turned into a Hulk and sabotage my own vacay. If only snapping out of it was as instantaneous as my mood change. I had to walk it off to simmer down the steam.

I am not Mr. Nice Guy. I have my moments that turns me into what I hate or dislike the most. Anger is a curse that comes out when I let my guard down and give in without a fight.

My experience was far from the pristine bluest of blue Mediterranean Sea. It was more of rough, temperamental Seas on a very hot Summer day.

The eyes are drawn to what’s beautiful but without the heart, its memory fades away quickly.

I wasn’t amazed nor amused even if millions have posted “hashtag amazing.” Can’t lie on what I really felt.

I hardly saw anyone enjoying their scenic balconies and emerald pools. A contrast to the streets outside the pretty homes.

But yes, Santorini was very photogenic in every angle that all cameras loves it. My phone camera was so love struck that it was only seeing beauty and perfection. It didn’t see the flaws and the craziness. It didn’t feel unpleasantness. The love spell became its blessing.

A great travel is earned, not assumed or expected.

So today, let me share what Romeo saw in Juliet. Let me describe what he felt in such a very short gift of magic and enchantment. Let me relive the fireworks and euphoria in the short hours he was given. Let me celebrate inside and out his Summer like no other.

They represent Hope for all the Romeos and the Juliets that it’s possible to love freely whoever they want and be happy for as long as they want while still breathing. Hope that they don’t have to choose between Love over Family, Happiness over Tragedy, Living over Eternity.

I am envious of what my camera phone has seen and experienced. I wish I was able to see what it saw, feel what it felt, experience what it experienced.

No matter how bad a day has been, there are still good moments in them. No matter maddening, beauty and amazement do exist, did exist.

Months after our trip, I saw a picture on a magazine cover that looks exactly as the place I took time to discover up close when I was separated from my travel group. I remember walking alone, but not lonely. I remember being lost, but found calm, gladness and solitude.

I would love to travel to a place where I can be happy, doesn’t not matter if it has zero likes or has a million. A place where I can find me and all that are important to me.

Looking back, I did get to have moments where I followed my own adventures and was not rushed nor pressured to enjoy them. I did have moments where I can honestly say, “I was there to experience the beautiful and the amazing pieces of Santorini.” That hashtags amazing are true.

Traveling teaches us lessons not found in travel books. Traveling in itself is a challenge on how we cope with stressful situations that requires patience, flexibility and giving. Definitely I learned mine. Again, I am not Mr. Nice Guy. Impatience is my Kryptonite. Anger is my Demon. But I’ll try being better next time.

I may not have another chance to walk the streets of Santorini and watch its incredible beauty and Sunrises, but perhaps imagining the phone camera is me will do the trick whether real or imagined. More heart, less aesthetic superficiality.

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Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

I would have dived straight from port to sea but I can’t. I’m with a traveling group. Nobody wants to sit next to someone dripping wet.

I was seeing this as soon as the ship docked. I would have jumped in but everyone was in a hurry not to miss the bus towards the coastal village.

I could have asked for the bus to stop the moment I saw a beach but I didn’t. We were on a time limited adventure. Sudden detour was not part of everyone else’s planned schedule. Had to go with the flow.

Water from where our bus dropped us off was calling me to take a quick dip, but Wife gave me an update, “We’re all going to a better beach.” I replied, “okay.” My confused excited brain however was silently asking, “Better than this beach?”

I was mostly drooling wide-eyed as I looked at the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Mykonos as our hired van drove us to the “better beach.”

Just as amazing. I wish I tried swimming here before heading back, but instead it became a, “definitely, if I have the chance to come back.” Many “if” goes poof and gone forever.

I should have swam at the first sight of a public beach when we entered the village. Not only was it free, but those swimming in it looked like they were really having a wonderful time. The laughter and high pitched excited voices were pure sound of happiness. But I didn’t. We were heading to supposedly one of the best Beach Resort and Restaurant in Mykonos.

Our tour guide slash driver description of the the place and the beach were correct. Both were stunningly beautiful.

Dazzling Swimming Pool of the Sea.

The water was gorgeous dreamy blue and crystal clear.

We didn’t get to see Mt. Olympus and the Greek Gods, but we get to swim where they swam.

I could see the fishes swimming and nibbling around us. Fishes were trying to check if we were edible or not. It freaked out my Wife, while Son and I were laughing and very much amused. The nibbling tickled, especially at the sensitive armpits, fingers and toes.

Entrance was free but we have to pay for the beach umbrella and lounge chairs. It does come with clean towels and use of amenities.

I laid down at the circular soft cushioned chair to dry up. I almost fell asleep. The Sun’s warmth and Sea Breeze felt so nice.

Resort like pampering without having to stay overnight. Though, I would have chosen another day if it was possible.

We had coffee, drinks and appetizers at the restaurant. Part of the no entrance fee deal is “must sit, order and chill” inside the open concept restaurant and bar. It turned out a good thing.

The food, beverage, service and comfy chairs were great. For a few hours, we get to enjoy and appreciate Mykonos, Greece relaxing and fun beach lifestyle.

We went back to the village to check out the shops.

Beauty in simplicity. A church with faded red dome roof and white rectangular walls.

While Wife and Son checked for souvenirs, I walked around searching for uniquely Greek Architecture and Designs.

Windmill at top background.

“When in Greece, see and experience what’s truly Greek, not just the touristy kind.”

I sat by the harbor. The fishing boats resting before it’s next Sea harvest. Fishing is one of the main livelihood in Mykonos.

“Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream…” Isn’t it?

Fishes were swimming close to the shore, looking for food, or maybe they were just curious who are these strangers from around the World that comes daily to visit their home.

A rusty Anchor was left by its Owner on the shore reminiscing places and adventures it once been. It keeps wondering why its Owner whom it served loyally well for decades took away the boat it loved dearly. It felt used, betrayed and abandoned. It never had a closure. One day, its Owner just tossed it away without a warning nor explanation. Some Visitors relates to its story and would sit next to it quietly listening with sincere empathy.

Waves cooling and massaging your feet was a beach dining experience option.
Sea view everywhere. No waiting. It’s sit where you want.

Travel ain’t complete without trying the local authentic cuisine. We randomly chose the restaurant closest to the entrance/exit. No Yelp review reference. We’re all starving. Nobody wanted to read and discus options. We’re okay with, “surprise me.”

The random choice turned out the right choice. Salparo food from salad to main entries were delicious and fresh. We can distinctly taste the many flavors. The succulence, sweetness and saltiness of the seafood were insane.

Mykonos, Greece endless beaches and adventures are a Beach Lover dream come true. One day is not enough. One day is simply a Cherry on top of an unlimited, all you can enjoy deliciousness.

I had a few more minutes to visually take in Mykonos before we went back to our ship. Few more minutes to take pictures to capture moments and details my overwhelmed eyes may have missed.

Years later, I could still clearly remember the images and experiences that made me the happiest.

Years later, I’m still discovering for the first time details in the photographs that I didn’t notice.

Details may have been forgotten, but no one forgets the entirety of a beautiful moment kept in one’s heart.

“Traveling doesn’t have to be literal. There are so many doors in our memories waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed, both the seen and the missed.”

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Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

I remember waking up still dark so I don’t miss its Sunrise.

When I needed to hope and believe I can go somewhere, I close my eyes and remember the Sunrises I was given.

I remember the Sunrise slowly rising above the Adriatic Sea with hymns of Angels in the background.

I remember profound peace and calm as the gentle sea breeze caressed my heart.

I remember long stretches of massive stone walls as our boat entered the city.

I remember the golden rays of the Sun bathing layers upon layers of red terracotta-tiled roofs and light limestone bricked houses.

Tourism came in big ships and small boats all day.

It was already busy when we arrived. Early Bird gets to enjoy the walled city for themselves an hour or less from time of opening.

A bridge connects the new world from the old.

We entered the city ready to be surprised, and surprise after surprise it did.

I remember walking its limestone streets and stairs.

I remember the texture and sensation when I ran my fingers on its limestone walls.

By noon, we’re like canned sardines inside the medieval walls. It was hot at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. I was getting dizzy and feeling claustrophobic. It was time to get out and explore the outer city.

Everything was better Summer of 2019. It was the peak of International Travel. Economy was booming. People were living their best lives possible with no idea a deadly Pandemic not seen in 100 years was coming to claim more than 6.5 million lives and ban International Travel for 19 months.

We have reopened. International Travel is back again, only this time on a Skeleton Crew unable to meet travel demands. Thousands of flights were cancelled Summer 2022. Things will be different for awhile. No such thing as instant back to where we left off in 2019. Those times were long gone.The world has changed. People have changed.

I remember my excited heart pounding as I gazed at the cinematic view of the setting for King’s Landing, Game of Thrones.

Till today it feels like it was just a dream. A very happy dream. Photographs are proof to myself that I was here, sitting on the rock cliffs of Dubrovnik wishing everything that made me happy that day didn’t have to end.

No plans, no research readings. No expectations. I trusted spontaneity and adventure to do their best. I got lost a few times and was rewarded with amazing discoveries beyond my imagination. I was Alice in Wonderland.

I remember uncontainable happiness as I looked at its endless sea from the highest point of a Fort.

Sardines, Calamari and Mollusks for Lunch.

I remember enjoying its bountiful catch from the sea bursting in delicious flavors at the pier overlooking grandiosity.

I remember its beaches, blessed with crystal clear waters that refreshes and heals. All aches, tiredness and heat discomfort…gone!

Everyone was having a great fun time at Banje Beach. Several Kids and Young Adults were diving the deeper part of the beach.

The Mediterranean Sea Water felt incredible. First few seconds, it was cold then soothingly nice all throughout our swim.

I remember a getaway paradise that welcomed everyone.

Dreamers, Lovers, Seekers, Travelers, Wanderers, the Lost, the Wounded, the Trap, the Free, the Old, the Young, the Survivors then, the Survivors now…everyone.

Remembering comes easy when they are filled with love and happiness.

There are Summers too beautiful and so alive that years seem like they just happened few days ago.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Pearl of the Adriatic Sea provides a window of opportunity to go back to a time that felt limitless, charming and irreplaceably special. A time that was. A time that could be, but not exactly.

If I didn’t go, there is nothing to remember.

If there is one thing I learned from my experiences in 2019 is that, never pass nor delay an opportunity because some things have no repeat option . Once they’re gone, they are gone forever.

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POO ( Pandemic Officially Over )

CDC, Governments and the News never confirmed it, but just to be clear to everyone, the Pandemic is officially over.

We are no longer in a COVID emergency mode. In fact, 911 and ambulances are back in sharing life saving care and attention to all kinds of emergency calls, and COVID is the least of them.

Once there was a Cliff House enjoyed by the Public for 157 years. Less than 1 year of the Pandemic, one of San Francisco’s crown Jewels closed for good. Today it sits alone by the cliff nameless.

COVID is now an ordinary, treatable ambulatory outpatient illness as common as colds and allergies. I should know since COVID makes up at least 10% of my regular daily Patients.

It is time for the Biden administration to end the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Besides, hardly anyone is observing it anyway.

Going out in public has been safe for months. No more staying behind closed doors and windows. No more living in fear. No more dwelling in what if worries.

Sausalito for my Wife’s 46th Birthday. Nowadays, restaurants don’t really care if we are masked or not as all are welcomed. Being nice and accommodating are cool again. No more COVID related rudeness and outbursts.

Everyone can go on living exactly how they want to live. Masks are no longer something to fight over. It’s voluntary and from what I see, only a few choose to keep them on in heavy crowded public places. Only exception, Schools and Healthcare Facilities.

People genuinely looked happy and excited. I could here laughter almost anywhere. Strangers talk and smile to each other again. Been doing it myself and the reciprocity just wonderful. No more evading. No more looking away to avoid eye contact. No more jumpy paranoia. More are generally being Humane again. Haven’t heard of any Asian targeted hate crimes this Summer.
Tiburon meets Angel Island. We need to Socialize again. Social Distancing was intended when there was no cure nor vaccines. It was mandated to stop the Tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths. We have now an over supply of cure and vaccines that are just expiring. Hospitals are no longer overwhelmed. COVID related deaths are just as common as any other causes of deaths. So, why Social Distancing signs are still posted everywhere? Why in some places Workers are still restricted from gathering and gets a violation warning when caught socializing or celebrating?

No one will be forced anymore to be vaccinated. No one will be threatened and harassed at their jobs because of vaccination status. In fact, Healthcare Employers are inviting back their Staff that they fired or have chosen to resign to protect one’s belief and health.

Employers are welcoming them back with open arms like their former Staff traumatized feelings and financial ordeal did not happen. A huge wow and example how Workers everywhere are perceived and treated. Karmas a Bitch!

Air definitely smells kinder.

Travel anywhere. Enjoy whenever. Have fun and live to the fullest because it’s time to catch up on what we were deprived. We can’t get back what we lost in 2020 and 2021, but we have the rest of 2022 and the Future to gain so much more.

Man playing guitar. People can sing again as loud as they want in Public. Flying saliva no longer concerning. Droplet and Airborne infection suddenly are unthinkable and unheard of. The virus has been very forgettable. When I’m at home or outside work, COVID is nonexistent.

Seek Happiness with vengeance. Toss procrastination and pessimism to the deepest abyss. Be alive however. Move on. Lock the bad stuff and horrors of the Pandemic, including the evil, shitty Politics that took advantage of the Pandemic and People’s Fears.

Pandemic was a war in itself. Many Businesses have lost and closed for good. For those who have not been to Downtown SF post Pandemic, it will be shock and sadness. Many stores near Union Square and towards Westfield Mall, some an entire building, empty and cleared out. Few Tourists in a City dependent on Tourists.

Pandemic Over means that everything else we were angry about are also over. We have to start fresh and leave all excess baggages.

Has Flu ended? Has common Colds ended? Has RSV ended? Has STD ended? Answer to all is NO. Same with COVID. Endemic means always in our midst at manageable levels, but no longer of overwhelming, massively deadly Pandemic proportions. We don’t use the word “end” for living organisms created to survive and thrive.

Pandemic Over also means acceptance that COVID sickness and death will be a normal cause of daily morbidity and mortality forever like any other established causes of sickness and death.

COVID is now a normal cycle of life and death. It’s outcome and events will no longer be a reason to freeze our Country or the World. It is a horrible past that we can learn from.

“Death is certain to all. It will come anytime. The how can be anything. Everyone returns back to face their Maker.”

We need to accept the COVID Fog will always be here. Some days it’s invisible. Some days its mist will surround us for weeks or months. However, we should not fear it again like we did or let it break us apart. We know what it can do, but it also knows what we are capable of doing to control and subdue it. We won, kinda.

Smile and not be weirded out showing our beautiful smile. Be nice and be kind again. Be friendly and be caring again. Be happy and be positive again.

Want to feel better? We turn off all sources of bad news.

Living is back. Freedom and Happiness are in. So, seriously, time for POO ( Pandemic Officially Over ). Hint, hint!

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Travel to Fort Point National Historic Site

A travel to Fort Point is a travel towards what is valuable. It reminds the importance of simplicity, unity, hard work, genuine sacrifice for Country and love for Fellow Men and Women.

When People work together, they can build something that can last for centuries. Apart in disagreement, it won’t last a day.

Fort Point, its doorway takes us back to what was golden. A time where dreams were plenty and catching them were easy.

89 years ago, Golden Gate Bridge was built just above Fort Point. How Fort Point survived without a scratch is a wonder in itself. The suspension bridge made of heavy steel took 4 years to finish.

Climbing the stairs. Solid and strong every brick and stone, Fort Point has withstood the Civil War, earthquakes, fires, Bridge construction, World War II, and preservation as a National Historic Site.

It survived more than 150 years. Will it survive another 150 years more? For sure it will outlived many of its Residents and Visitors.

Its windows allows us to see the two versions of the future based on the choices we are making now. First version, the good which is full of light, kindness and joy. The Planet is thriving. Nature is flourishing. Children are able to discover and experience what they read in books.

Second version, the bad filled with war, greed, Earth destruction and diseases. A version where People are miserable, sick, suffering, fighting, desperate, dying. Children can no longer see and experience Nature and the Planet the way their Parents have enjoyed them.

The rooftop awakens with its 360 degrees of spectacular view of the most beautiful City by the Bay.

View of the City of San Francisco from the roof.

The Golden Gate Bridge seems just an arm stretch away. So close yet unreachable.

Its hallways echoes change that needs to be fought everyday. Its walls screaming not to repeat the mistakes and evils of History.

The Dining area.
The Menu.
A fireplace to warm the freezing nights. No Heater in the old days.
The sleeping quarters.

“We can leave a legacy of good or be the reason goodness is dead.”

The Lighthouse beckons after Sunset guiding the lost, the tired, the lonely and the broken to find their way home.

Built at the height of the California Gold Rush, Fort Point has been called “The Pride of the Pacific” and “The Gibraltar of the West Coast.”

Fort of Heroes. Fort Point in 1970 became a National Historical Site, not only to preserve one of the most perfect models of masonry in America but to remind Americans that till this day, brave Men and Women continues to fight and sacrifice for Freedom and Democracy so everyone gets to sleep safely at night and be able to enjoy fully their American Dreams by day.

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Photography and Writing

“We don’t have to be a Writer to write. We don’t have to be a Photographer to take photos. All we need are eyes, heart, imagination, bravery, a Blog App and a Camera Phone.”

It’s okay to be a part of the view we want to capture. It makes Photography and Writing personal. It is our story after all. It’s okay to be shy too, and there are ways to go around that. Important thing, we have fun with the entire creative process from start to finish. And yes, all that fun our Readers will sense and enjoy.

Finding inspiration in the everyday, the seen, the unnoticed, the popular, the misunderstood, the beautiful and the amazing. These represents the many faces of Life that is reachable and relatable. Connectivity. Authenticity.

Flowers and Brick Steps. There are so many inspirations below our eye level. Another World 2 feet from the ground many People don’t normally notice.

Photography is more than just a hobby. It’s capturing and reliving Life and its best moments. It’s concreteness of what we see as beautiful, interesting, eventful, important. It’s an escape to a visual Oasis.

A place becomes more with curiosity, imagination and passion. It can become a great story. It can be our own great story. Antiquing in Santa Cruz, Summer 2022. The Vintage and Antiques found a new home to continue where their stories have ended. Something old, something new makes a wonderful pair.

What I see, what I feel, I try to capture with my old, cracked iPhone 8 Plus. No need for the iPhone 14 or whatever comes after. Pictures still come out great. The camera more often captures what I want to capture. Then there’s the random surprises and details that I didn’t see but the camera has captured.

I was taking the picture of the flowers, but behind it was a message, “Be Open.”

Great eyes makes great pictures. Great minds makes great stories. Greatness is in all of us. We just need to remember who we are and believe in what we can do, create and accomplish.

Photography is an effective way to take off my mind from stress and sadness. Instant feel good vibes. Quick fix healing. Instant getaway to my Neverland. Therapeutic.

Two Dolphin Fins appeared on our third visit at a Beach Cove by Garrapata State Park, Carmel Valley. Love struck Dolphins or Mother and Young Dolphins? Their stories are yet to be told. I didn’t notice them previously. I was too excited with the Falls that empties at the Beach.

Sometimes I take photos to bring back what’s good, positive, joyful and meaningful. To bring back that loving feeling, and spring to life songs that inspires my heart to keep singing.

Under the Bridge was the hidden Falls whose water reaches the Sea. Had no idea it exist till one day we decided to wander.
The blue waters were glistening and moving in a hypnotizing, circular motion. Something magical was happening. By the Cove, Sirens were singing. Their songs irresistible to those whose Hearts are are meant to love them. One paragraph fictional fantasy story from one photograph. A hundred photographs can create a hundred different stories.

Photography confirms that my dreams that already happened were real.

Photography is my Time Machine when I needed to go back and do the impossible. It is my door to an instant vacation, both the visited and the wishful.

Too beautiful makes me doubt if what I’ve seen was 100% real or I’m being just too imaginative. Disillusionment versus Reality. It’s more common than we think.

Sometimes, Photography is my way to energize. It’s like caffeine. Adrenaline and excitement with all my senses optimal and ready for anything.

Edgy Danger Adventure adds to the thrill of Photography. Cliffs and off the grid spots takes my breathe away. White-sands and blue waters, Garrapata Beach from afar.

Photography Subjects. It’s anything and everything, but my top favorites are Nature, People and Places because they depict real Life circumstances and events. They are the most powerful inspirations when it comes to reflections and writing.

If we want to escape the usual, we leap into what’s incredible and extraordinary. Wife surrounded by Summer wildflowers.
What can be more relaxing than a leisurely walk by the beach? Outdoors, Nature, a Sunny Day are instant mood boosters and topics for writing.

I like capturing images of fun, enjoyment, happiness, motivation, adventure and relaxation. They are my Hope. They are part of my Wellness Journey. They are my Dreams. Hopeless Dreamer? I don’t care. I am what I am.

Absolute Freedom to make our own adventure anytime, anywhere, that’s the dream. Some days, we get lucky enough to experience them for several hours. Surfers by Roosevelt Beach, Halfmoon Bay. California is full of Dreamers. It takes one to know one.

I also like capturing images that are moving, questioning, honest, heart breaking, unguarded, raw. Images that speaks to my circumstances and experiences. Images that reflects what the body, mind, heart and soul celebrates and endures in the everyday. Images that represents the Universality of all Human situations, conditions and emotions.

We don’t have to walk alone and carry on our shoulders everything. Find room for Friendship. Let go of some of the burdens and accept help when we need it.

Photography is an awakening and a movement that aims to bring change by exposing the lies and truths of our past, our present, our Culture, Society, Government and People in general.

Words and Photographs because so many are still waiting to be awaken and be set free. Stories and Images changes lives. They bring to surface the wrongs that needs to be corrected.

Writing is putting into words our own Life experiences. It’s having the courage to share both what’s great and what sucks. It’s honesty and self acceptance. It’s telling the World we are okay being imperfect and flawed.

Fantasy or Real. The American Dream has been presented like we are in Disneyland and all our dreams will come true. It is not. It has both the good and the bad side like any other Country. It has both beauty and ugliness, joy and pain, pride and shame, kindness and meanness, winnings and failures. It is not overflowing with free milk and honey. We work hard so we can buy milk and honey at the grocery.

Writing almost always just flows from what was already seen, experienced and taken as photographs.

Not all dreams will turn out right. Not all dreams equates happiness and success. Some will have theirs, some won’t. Some will sink and disappear into the Ocean, some will rise above and be visible across the sky.

Writing as a Well-being Therapy Tool

Writing is my own personalized, convenient, free and 24/7 Mental and Emotional Health Therapist, without the awkwardness, shame, judgment and fear.

Writing comes easy when we write what we love.

Writing has become my very good Friend that listens and understands exactly how I wanted to be listened and understood. Complete trust.

Memory alone can’t be trusted to always remember the beautiful and the happiest moments in our lives. So, Photography and Writing became a way to keep them available and almost immortal.

So, go on. Write what comes to mind and heart fearless. Take as many pictures as you need. The rest will flow generously, naturally because you are the Master of your own stories, hopes and dreams as it always been from the beginning.

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Wellness Because I Choose To Live

Choosing to live doesn’t mean everything will be okay and we don’t need help. Sometimes things will not work out in our favor and it can get ridiculously tough.

Son and I went for a walk at the beach. At one point, there was a strong stench of death and decay. We saw a few dead birds rotting. I told my Son, “Death happens to all as certain as Life happens when we are born to live.” He nodded his head and replied, “Yep.”

Choosing happiness doesn’t mean we won’t have our darkest, loneliest, saddest, colorless of days in between our good days. Sometimes, bad days just happens and we need to navigate our way through it and start fresh the next day moving forward. Sometimes, we still get depressed even if we are fighting with all our will and strength to be happy.

The last time I met the Lone Cypress, I was alone in solitude. The second time, I was hiking with my Son, having our last Father and Son adventure before school starts. Over all, we had a great Summer, not because we travelled somewhere nice but because we found time, interests and moments to build new happy Family memories.

Choosing calmness and peace does not mean we won’t get angry, anxious, hurt, frustrated, irritated, and disappointed. It is not an exemption from madness, hell, storms and chaos. It’s not an excuse from losing our cool and submit to transient craziness. It’s stillness and serenity while standing in the eye of a tornado. It’s resilience to the strong winds of life and destiny.

Nature calms me. My Son calms me. Love calms me.

I choose to keep going but it does not keep me safe from falling and failing. It is not a guarantee that I won’t give up some of my challenges that have become too much to carry. It doesn’t spare me from losing some of my battles. But I can also win, and sometimes it’s one winning after the other like God just decided to pour his rain of blessings on me.

The easy route or the fun route? Either. What’s important is we get to experience the journey in all its wonder and magnificence.

I choose to dream and hope, even if literally they are taken away from me in broad day light. House, car, Friends, Family, nice expensive things, name it. I lost so many I stop being shocked or surprised. They simply became unfortunate Life Lessons, and I’m okay with that. Mistakes are inevitable. I will just make new dreams and hopes that may successfully stay with me for a much longer time.

Try, try, try, that’s all we can do till something hits big and right.

A pattern formed at the bottom of a Sand Dollar. Is it a symbol of life and hope? Or is it a sign of disease and death? How we interpret the signs around us influence the outcome of things.

I choose to be better for myself and my Family but it doesn’t stop the circumstances and stresses of life from testing, teasing, triggering and targeting. Life does not settle to one comfort zone or situation. Life constantly changes like Sunrise and Sunset, Night and Day.

Fountain of Life and Happiness if we believe so. Great Life, Good Life, Awesome Life, Happy Life, they are real if we truly think and feel that they are real.

I choose to not take things personally and care less of People’s attitude and behavior, but that doesn’t mean I’m free from their abuse, toxicity, drama and negativity. There are People I can’t avoid, so I choose to control how I react and respond towards them. However, not a guarantee that all times will be smooth. Emotions can be tricky and unpredictable depending on how powerful are the triggers.

Is “I don’t care” the answer? Is there a difference between uncaring and caring less, care free and careless? Detachment or suppression? Distance or repression? Running away or shutting down? Visibility or off the grid nowhere to be found? No wrong answers and choices, just what works the best for the Person in a serious crossroad of Life.

“I choose to live,” is more than just about existence. It is about meaning , purpose, happiness, of success to what we consider as important and valuable. It’s about being surrounded by Friends and Family that understands and gives love unconditionally. Friends and Family that are willing to sacrifice to keep us safe and thriving.

We stand strong. We stand proud. United in Diversity. United in Adversity. We are the Feathers free and fortunate to fly anywhere we want.

August is National Wellness Month. May we find time to celebrate ourselves and all that we treasure as important. May we find time to show our appreciation to the People who extended their hands so we can rise up and have better wings to soar.

Take care of yourself as generously as you’ve taken care of others all these years.

“Be radiantly visible. Be irreplaceably valuable. Be whoever your Heart hope and dream.”

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Tunnel Between Land and Sea

“From where I stood, I can see at the end of the tunnel fertile land with evergreen trees and summertime flowers. Behind me, just several steps away was the Sea, telling me to come back and finish what we’ve started. I had to choose between my first love and my next dream.”

Were the shapes and colors a fabrication of my mind? Did I imagine some of them? Was there a need to enter my fantasy land to reclaim the light and magic that abounds in it? Or was everything exactly what my eyes are seeing? Let me know at the end of our adventure.

Took almost 7 years to finally explore the water tunnel at the coastal town of Davenport that exits the Sea.

Davenport Beach. Some days I see it how others see it. Some days, I see more and it speaks to me like I’m the only person that needs all its time and attention. It makes me feel special whenever I feel insignificant. We all have our version of Davenport Beach. They are our version of heaven and paradise while still breathing. God has not forgotten. He knows exactly what we need.

The water was low that day, enough to safely walked on the sides of the tunnel. Some parts, the sand was too soft that it broke down to many pieces as soon as I stepped on it. Had no choice but to walk into the knee deep of ice-cold water.

Inside was dark. The sound of gushing water, loud and crisp. The smell, damp and strange. It felt chilly and misty. The rock pathway, slippery wet. Condensed water from the rock ceiling dripping on my head and shoulders.

I kept walking until I couldn’t anymore. Midway way was darker. I couldn’t see the pathway ahead. My imagination started to take shapes and forms. Doubt and paranoia followed.

The tunnel exist for a reason. Could be our exit and freedom. Could be our entry to a World much better than the last. Could be the beginning of everything we dream and hope. We shouldn’t fear it. It is our escape from our living nightmares.

My gut feeling told me to stop. I was alone. My Son was also alone by the beach. Everything happened too fast, instincts happened before thinking. Excitement before wise judgment. It wasn’t new. I was just being me.

Son decided to stay dry and not get his feet wet. He warned me clearly before going though with the adventure with a question, “Don’t you know where that tunnel water comes from?” My answer, “The sewage.” He laughed and said, “That’s right, and you’re still going through with it. Good luck.” He gets to be the smart, cautious one in this part of the story.

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. It’s part of a successful self care, self love and self healing.

But honestly, the water looks crystal clear clean and it felt refreshingly nice. So, maybe it was not a sewage tunnel water after all, but an underground cave spring water.

Was my imagination merging reality and fantasy into one believable experience?

We do what we do to feel alive. We don’t have to rationalize, explain nor justify living.

The tunnel was simply the end detour of our beach hike before heading home. The rest of the adventures were too detailed beautiful and personal to describe.

Fish Tail Rock separates the beach from the natural dangers of the deep.
The hike…pretty and picture perfect. Was it a fitness walk or a relaxing meditative journey? They were both. They were exactly how I want them to be.
Between Nature and Life is you that can rewrite any story of your choosing.
Nature keeps giving me the Sea and it’s Flowers when I needed kindness, love and miracles. It knows me too well and prepares what I need long before the adventure begins.
When Nature sense I needed water, water appears that cures everything both the known and the unknown, the transient and the forever.

But this I can say without a doubt and confusion, that I felt so wonderfully whole and young all over again. And that is worth dipping into the dirty, ice-cold water of temporary youth and happiness.

We don’t have to be rich nor be an Influencer to share goodness and hope. There are magic and inspiration in our stories, whether they are sad or happy, broken or triumphant. People relates to our imperfections and dreams. May we see them as beautiful and have the bravery to share them in our own words and images. We can’t simply disappear and be forgotten. Our stories will be found by the right People, at the right time so it they can serve a bigger purpose.
From this distance, the tunnel is non-existent. It takes effort and imagination for adventure to come to life.

Adventure will involve lots of dirt and gold, dust and heart that will defy and test the written as well as the implied rules of Men and Society.

Better things are meant to look more scary, harder and challenging. One of the many tricks of Life.

No such thing as perfect endless days, just perfect moments that are good enough to keep dreaming and hoping that life can only get better, cleaner, healthier and happier.

…and now it’s your turn to share your stories of adventure and fantasy. You are the Master Writer that can transform the impossible to possible.

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Hidden Grotto at Shark Fin Cove

When the tides are low, a hidden Grotto appears at Shark Fin Cove.

Shame that people continues to desecrate and destroy Nature’s Art and God’s creation. Graffitis are offensive both to Nature and to those trying to save of what’s left of our Planet.

I had to crawl on the sand to enter its narrow entrance.

No Sharks, just deadly waves that already has killed people. Very easy to be swept away into the Sea by the high waves and drown.

A short tunnel leads to the Sea and a World full of imagination.

Gentle yet feared. We respect Nature and its unpredictability. It can be a source of good or disaster. The thin line between safety and danger is invincible and varies from person to person. Instincts, informative readings, experience, common sense, even fear helps. Being fearless doesn’t meant exemption from death and accidents. But we know that already, and yet…

Two rock formations that looks like a Mother Dinosaur and her Baby Dinosaur guards the Grotto and the Cove from the giant waves and strong winds.

I stood in front of it, closed my eyes, my heart in complete surrender. It was beautiful and peaceful.

Shark Fin Cove is always at the back of my mind when entering Davenport Town. It temps and teases till I either give in or drive past it.

Beach Cove by day, part of the Sea at Night. No campers allowed. Beach access close after Sunset.

It is the most exciting, beautiful natural rock formation among the many beaches I had been in the Santa Cruz County. Its name does not disappoint. Great adventure guaranteed.

I travel back to places that reminds me of what I would have missed if I didn’t try. So, today I go back where Summer keeps giving and surprises pops up with each step of my bare feet on the soft golden sands.

The Grotto and Shark Fin… they await patiently, eagerly for our next adventure.

“May the Summer moments we made bring joy and inspiration every time we remember their happy memories.”

A snake crossed my path. We heard an eerie sound by the bushes. We speculated it was a fox or some wild animal. Cliffs beyond covered by the stunning yellow flowers. It was insane gorgeous. It was dangerously fun. Nature was so alive.We were so alive.

12 more days and school begins. I would like to think I did my best to make our Summer special. However, I still have a few adventures I hope I get to do before the end of Summer.

We can take a quick, easy uneventful short cut or take a long unforgettable, life-changing hike.

Thank you all for sharing positivity and kindness. They are always treasured and appreciated. Happy Weekend everyone. I will be catching up next week. 🙏

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Monkeypox, Real Outbreak Emergency With Non-Emergency Response

Wife texted me a picture of people lining up for the Monkeypox Vaccine, with a message, “Should we line up?”

I texted back, “Are you recently intimate or sexually active?”

She replied, “No.”

I took a sigh of relief and texted, “So, am I. No need to panic and get the vaccine. We’ll be fine.”

She texted a smiley face emoji 😀 followed by an LOL.

Truth: Monkeypox is NOT an LOL Infectious Disease. Its rash, vulgar, disgusting, highly contagious that can last for 2-4 weeks. Its social stigma is discriminatory that can last even longer. Not something we can just walk around unnoticed.

Not a surprise. US now has the world’s biggest monkeypox outbreak. More than 6,600 Americans have been diagnosed since mid-May– USA Today

Bottom line, Government and its Public Health response are not ready after two months of outbreak warnings. We don’t have enough vaccines. We don’t have an effective FDA approved anti-viral for severe cases. Those highly at risk and the sick can not get the post exposure prophylaxis vaccine on time. Vaccines is by appointment only and the waiting list is several days long.

So how is Monkeypox transmitted?

Monkeypox is transmitted through close, personal, often skin-to-skin contact including:

  • Direct contact with a Person with Monkeypox via rash, scabs, or body fluids. Per CDC, this is the common way that monkeypox is spreading in the U.S.
  • Touching contaminated objects, fabrics (clothing, beddings, or towels), and surfaces.
  • Contact with respiratory secretions. Very reason Healthcare Staff are required full PPE Mode.
Why? Changing the name of Monkeypox to Orthopox will not stop Racism, Discrimination and Blame. Orthopoxviruses are a Genus of DNA viruses which includes Smallpox, a highly contagious, potentially fatal virus considered eradicated thus becomes a bioterrorism threat like Anthrax if it resurfaces. So, is Monkeypox then a lab enhance virus meant to cause harm and terror? More confusion and conspiracy theories to a very real public health emergency.

Intimate contact includes:

  • Oral, anal, and vaginal sex or touching the genitals or anus of a person with Monkeypox.
  • Kissing and Hugging.
  • Massage
  • Prolonged face-to-face contact.
  • Touching fabrics and objects during sex that were used by a person with monkeypox and that have not been disinfected, such as bedding, towels, fetish gear, and sex toys. Caution on shady hotels and clubs.
illustration of 5 symptoms. fever, headache, backache, chills, rash

Monkeypox may begin with Flu-like or COVID-like symptoms like fever, headache, body aches and fatigue. Lymphadenopathy are common. Rash follows 1-4 days after that can present as a firm, well circumscribed, umbilicated skin lesion, or pimple-like to vesicular to pustular skin lesions on face and mouth, chest/abdomen/back, arms and legs, hands and feet including soles and palms. Rash is centrifugal in distribution like extremities and face. Covering the rash limits the spread to other people and objects.

There is a unique rash distribution that is part of the concern, the Anogenital Region. Also isolated Oral ( Lips and Mouth) Area.

Monkeypox can be spread from the time symptoms start until the rash has healed, all scabs have fallen off, and a fresh layer of skin has formed. This can take several weeks.

Post-exposure Monkeypox prophylaxis vaccination with Jynneos. Get inoculated within four days of exposure and no later than two weeks to reduce symptoms. Check your city and county website on where to get the vaccines and make the soonest appointment. For now, no walk-ins. Major Pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, Doctor Clinics and Hospitals don’t have the vaccines.

Will Monkeypox get an emergency vaccine funding and attention like COVID? I think it won’t until it gets really bad. Lots of talks and arguments before real change and solutions happen.

Inequality of medical care distribution and preferential treatment are happening again like when COVID began. It is in itself, sickening.

This is what’s really happening, People who may be infected are grappling with dead ends, delays, incorrect diagnoses, and inappropriate treatments as they navigate an unprepared and ill-informed health care system.- Kaiser Health News

Too slow, not enough. The Biden administration declared the ongoing monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency on Thursday, a move that comes amid growing case counts and a groundswell of criticism over the way the administration has handled the outbreak. -STAT

New park by Crissy Field. A beautiful fusion of Nature, Art, Architecture and Fun. Weekend, the SF Vibe was so exciting and contagious.

Sounds Familiar? There are nearly 2 million courses the highly effective TPOXX antiviral sitting in the Strategic National Stockpile, but many health care providers are still having a hard time getting the medication for their patients.-CNN

Tecovirimat ( TPOXX ) is “not FDA approved” but is available as expanded access INH (EA-IND) protocol. People with severe disease (suspected or confirmed) or Patients who are at risk of getting severe disease should be considered for treatment. Availability is limited. Access is limited. Again, we are not ready nor are we organized to deal with the Monkeypox outbreak emergency if it goes Nationwide and Global.

Indifference, Insensitivity, Personal Biases and Discrimination should not get in the way of caring for another Human being sick and scared, but sadly they do.

Last 3 weeks, we have been handling possible Monkeypox Patients and Specimens. I can see the awkwardness and uncertainty, mindfulness and insensitivity, fear and doubt between Patients and Doctors, Patients and Medical Staff, Patients and Public, Patients and News Media. It will take awhile to adjust, be comfortable and be confidently familiar. May take more than 2 years like COVID.

Fog Carl is back. It hid the Golden Gate from everyone’s view. Just because we can not see something, doesn’t mean it does not exist.

There is a campaign emphasis that Monkeypox is mainly a Men to Men Transmission. That is a lie. That is misinformation. Our children playing at the park contaminated with infected skin lesions or droplets can get infected. We can get infected simply by directly sitting on contaminated public toilet seats or fitting clothes recently fitted by a Person with Monkeypox rashes. Transmission by Fomite to our bare skin is quick, easy and universal. This is not a disease of the sexually active only. Anyone can get it.

We sat down on the soft green lawn. It’s real grass. I wasn’t worried who sat there before me. I was assuming it’s a “new” park.

Thinking the virus only affects certain Demographics increases our chance of getting infected due to ignorance.

Monkeypox is being spread in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Los Angeles in alarming rate. San Francisco’s new positive cases are doubling in numbers every week that Public Health and Healthcare Facilities are putting in place a mandatory Monkeypox Preparedness Emergency Plan not just in SF, but also its nearby cities. However, preparedness in paper is not the same as readiness in action. This separates the serious from the half hearted.

There will be more viruses, diseases and challenges year after year. We will survive them all. We always do.

Thursday, it’s official, the City of San Francisco, Monkeypox Outbreak has been declared a local state of emergency.

On the other hand, I don’t see a sense Emergency in San Francisco among locals or visitors. I was there Sunday. Everyone was just having an amazing fun time indoors and outdoors.

Boy on his skate board. As of yesterday, no need to notify public health of Monkeypox suspected cases, only “confirmed” ones. That’s how we deal with real public health threat in a real government declared emergency.

No masks, lots of touching, sharing crowded spaces with strangers from all over the World. It’s like being in a Parallel Universe. From my visual perspective, “nobody cares” about infection anymore, but “everyone cares” about having their lives back with absolute freedom, adventure and happiness.

People are claiming back their biggest and brightest American Dreams as they should be. Today, this is what Normalcy looks like in America. We are the brave and the unafraid.

Kite Surfer and Alcatraz. Things have been very close and reachable. It’s like, anything is possible now more than ever. We should use that to our advantage and happiness. Life is too short to miss all the fun and enjoyment.

In Real Life settings and responses, the two outbreaks, Monkeypox and BA.5 does not seem to exist. Exactly, why COVID Pandemic became Endemic, and Monkeypox will be no different.

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Summer of Hot Pink and Turquoise at Pacific Grove

Turquoise greets the first days of our Summer at Pacific Grove.

The waters calm and cheerful. Children playing and chasing each other by the Beach. Their joyful laughter fills the air.

Adults staring at the Ocean in deep thoughts, quiet, meditating. Some have their eyes closed, smiling, peaceful, looking happily content.

The Youth, having fun and the best Summer of their lives. They are glowing and radiant like the Sun. No cares. No worries. Just enjoying the present with everything it has to offer. A mirror of what a great Summer should be.

Lovers kissing. Hearts melting. Bodies electrifying. Hot Summer sizzling feel good endorphins. Dreamy Lover’s Point, delirious and ecstatic.

Then pink follows, and stirs wilder early Summer. People call it the Pink Magic Carpet and it only blooms for several weeks at some parts of Pacific Grove. It then disappears the rest of the year. It’s a fleeting “see me now magic or never.”

Love is the nourishment of the pink blooms. The more the love, the more vast and beautiful are the Pink Magic Carpet flower blooms.

Summer are colors that defies stereotypes, fear and ignorance. A visual feast that awakens even the most unfeeling of Souls.”

I can’t just stare at Beauty and not feel anything.

It’s generous pink blooms this year, so that means lots of love being passed and shared around. That is good news in a World hungry for love, kindness and compassion.

We rested on a soft carpet of Pink Blooms. The flowers and its leaves felt nice and ticklish.

We were in this spectacular day dream. Too unbelievable to be real, but there we were able to touch the flowers.

Wife and I were like too little lost Kids playing, goofing around like we were the only People in the Pink Magic Garden. Son probably embarrassed, sat on a bench far away from his Parents.

We soaked our feet in the cold Pacific Ocean waters that transition its colors from Turquoise to Emeralds to Sapphires. It was Beach Lover’s Treasure Heaven at the first part of Summer.

Even the Squirrel can’t resist the hotness and beauty of this year’s Summer.

This is how we welcomed Summer in California Summer of 2022. I’m not sure sure if I can top its beauty and adventure End of Summer, but I would definitely try.

“Okay, Summer, I made my wish. Please, please, please make it come true.”

I would like to believe I am a better, nicer person every Summer.

I would like to believe people can change and be better every Summer, every Season, every precious opportunity that opens up.

We don’t have to be rich and famous to share inspiration and hope that impacts another life.

It is not foolish to hope and pray that Time and Summer can have an outcome that brings everyone back together happy and at peace with one another. It’s not childish. Anything is possible with Summer.

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Sea and Blog Therapy

News confirmed what was rumored couple of months ago that a Doctor just blocks away was found dead hanging in his own clinic. Finally the truth and message he wanted the World to know was spoken through the bravery of his Colleagues who came together to speak out even if it means possibly losing their jobs.

The kind, highly respected Doctor committed Suicide, hoping it would be the first and last in the Medical and Patient Community. He loved them so much he sacrificed his own life, so hopefully they get to keep theirs and survive.

Truth or Fiction? For the guilty and the uncaring, it’s fake news. For the Victims and those who can relate, it just another story they have lived or still living.

The Sea sees and accepts my every wound, and is never afraid to discover what each wound represents. It doesn’t judge the scabs and the scars nor find them disgusting. It doesn’t pick and choose what’s easy. The Sea embraces with kindness until I’m good, ready and okay. How many does that for me and you in the World of People? I can count with my fingers.

Apathy is easy. It doesn’t cause discomfort. Empathy is inconvenient. It makes us feel and care of issues and problems other than our own. It makes us selfless and vulnerable. Something, many struggle to hide to appear strong, confident, powerful among the Wolves and the Serpents. Why?

Life is happier and simpler at the Beach. Even for an hour, I try to pass by our favorite Nature and Beach escapes when doing our Family errands and activities. A quick hike by Davenport after renewing my Son’s Passport and lunch. I try to give everyone what makes them happy, and that includes myself. Compromise and Creativity. There is always time if we find space, chances and moments for it.

What Doctors, Experts and Medicine can’t fix, the Seas can heal and make whole.

What the World can’t revive, meaningful Summers can bring back to life.

A Vacation is more than just a Vacation. A Roadtrip is more than just driving to a bucket list destination. A Travel has a deeper, more important purpose. An Adventure is not always about new discoveries . They are self prescribed Therapies that works. Refills, unlimited. Directions, as often as needed. They are safe with no side effects.

I worked the night before and have to wake early the next day for my Son’s appointment. By noon, I had to stop, close my eyes and take a short nap by Natural Bridge. I woke up hearing my own snore and the waves. The heart is so eager to volunteer, but eyes are shutting down because mind and body needed to sleep. I keep forgetting I am not the same person 20 years ago. Forgetfulness has been more common with stress and aging.

Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression or SAAD are the major emotional and mental health problems many People suffer. Some are aware of them and found ways to cope and overcome. Some are in a constant battle of acceptance and denial that they need help in dealing with their Mental Health. Others have suppressed their SAAD so deep they seem not to exist until they suddenly combust into a terrifying emotional and mental breakdown.

There’s a special entrance to every Beach that takes me alone to where I needed to be. Once I’m in it, nothing else matters and all the noise and aches disappears. I thought I’d seen all of Rodeo Beach before, I was wrong on my third visit.

I don’t have a super remedy but I do know what improves my SAAD. When my day is grey, colorless or angry red, my quick fix is a short but intense Sea Therapy.

I can see what I normally don’t by the Sea.

When I’ve forgotten what the Sun, positivity, happiness and love feels like, its quick escape and getaway to my Seas and Summers for immediate relief and restoration.

I was here few Summers ago, and it looked different. I was different. In both, I was in awe of how beautiful and alive everything was. The connection, instantaneous. The happiness, so simple and generous. I didn’t have to beg or ask.

I like to hike where I’m lost and unfamiliar. It’s only then that I know I am at a safe distance from everything that I’m trying to run away from.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting a World where our heart, mind and soul are the center of the Universe. It’s not selfishness nor a crazy idea. Those who tell us it’s selfish are the selfish.

We shouldn’t feel ashamed for asking help and time to be with our own selves. It’s not being self centered or wasteful to want moments where we are our happiest. It’s not selfish to want peace, healing and self preservation. Cycle of abuse has to stop, so why not sooner, if not now?

Advocate for yourself because no one else will advocate for you exactly the way you wanted to be advocated. Be fearless for yourself. Be strong for yourself. Be the best for yourself.

The Sleeping Bear of Rodeo Beach. It looked very peaceful. It looked very friendly. So, I proceeded to hike towards it both following a tiny patch of road and just making new ones.

Everyday, we give and give. Everyday many of our stored goodness, light, joy and energy we freely share to others. Some days more that we have prepared, so we feel drained and exhausted. They do not replenish automatically. They need time, generosity to self and lots of rest to fill up and be ready for the next day or the next week.

I walked carefully, quietly as not to wake up the Sleeping Bear. I was able to stand by the shore just several meters away from it. It was beautiful. The Beach Cove was so undisturbed and oblivious to what’s going on to rest of the World.

We have our ways of refueling. We have our ways of doing what we love from Sunrise to Sunset without running dry. However small, they all are important. So, whatever therapy that brings back that loving, joyful feeling, we invest and immerse in them fully, as often as necessary.

Just because Weekend and Summers have ended doesn’t mean loving ourselves and Self Care have to end. You, Me, We and all that we feel as important needs to stay alive and well day after day, year after year. We need to fight for the sacrifices of those who lost the battle. We need to have their stories and messages known, otherwise their demise will just be in vain, and Darkness once again wins.

We can’t keep disappearing. We can keep being washed off by the bigger, scarier waves. We can stay firmly grounded to all that we consider dear and valuable.

I will survive. You will survive. We will survive. Together, we are more than the songs we sing when trying to stay afloat.

Real Story or Fiction? Horror Fantasy Writing or Biography? Does it matter when the message to care has reached its Audiences and Readers?

There are so many footsteps. Not all of them can be washed away. Some remains long enough for People to discovery them. Their stories and messages will not be forgotten. Not everyone is uncaring.

Why do we Blog? What is our purpose? Whose truth and story are we sharing?

Is Blogging a Therapy in itself? Are our Readers the Family, Friends, Job Workers and Superiors we longed to have that understands, connect and act with urgency and kindness?

Be brave for yourself because storms and dangers are just as normal as the clear, calm, sunny blue skies.

“I write what I can’t say. I blog what feels too much no words and sound comes out of my mouth. Writing has been my expression. A message in every post that hope is real. It’s my way of facing my Monsters and Bullies without fear, and letting others know they too can do the same.”

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