People Are Hoarding…Again!

People are going Loco over toilet paper and antiseptics again! I don’t get it. How much toilet paper and antiseptics do a person need? Didn’t we have months to prepare? Hoarding these items won’t stop the COVID-19 community outbreaks but rushing to the stores like it’s Black Friday post Thanksgiving sale will have people infected for sure. Haven’t we realized stores are indoor places that can suspend the highly contagious COVID19 infected droplets in the air for a few hours and several days on surfaces asymptomatic infected people touched? What makes it different from the indoor restaurants, bars and gyms our local leaders forced to close again? It’s the same!!!


Yes, there might be another lockdown, we’re already on a modified Stay-at-Home and closures of businesses here in California but it shouldn’t be a reason to panic and be greedy. There will be enough food, water, and yes, toilet paper for everyone if we all learn to share and leave some for others.

Lesson of Sharing and Good Karma

My 15-year old had been collecting basketball cards. They are not easy to find in stores now as it became a hot item during this pandemic. One day, he found 3 boxes of Rookie basketball cards at Target. He was so excited. When it’s time to pay up at the cashier, I saw him holding just one box. I asked him why he didn’t get all of it. His reply was something many of us has forgotten including myself, “Well, I left it for others to find so they can have one too, and so that they will also leave some for me to find one day.”

My son is teaching me a lot of things that once were familiar when I was younger. That alone is a huge blessing. That alone is a reason to be thankful and be appreciative.

I know it’s been a really a bad year, but it shouldn’t be a reason to forget our humanity, our values, of kindness that truthfully is the only way to survive this pandemic.

“I want to see my family,” said one of the travelers when asked why she is traveling despite of the recommendation not to with the height of the COVID-19 U.S. outbreak. Despite of knowing the possibility of infecting their friends and family, millions will choose to travel this Thanksgiving. In 3-4 weeks post Thanksgiving, there is a high chance some will not see those love ones again next Thanksgiving. Our choices and actions have consequences. We need to own it if we are the cause of someone losing their health or life. We can’t blame others anymore. We are part of the problem this surge has gotten out of hand. Image from The Washington Post.

Anyways, there is online shopping. It’s super safe, hassle free and lots of gas savings. Instead of wasting precious time going to the stores, spend time for yourself and your family because they are the most valuable blessing nowadays. Create early family holiday traditions that brings more joy to you and the people you love because we don’t know what will happen next year.

Panicking is one of the worst feeling. We bought these supplies post Spring Lockdown, so now we’re just chillin and taking our time. I don’t have much space for months of toilet paper.

Share. Share. Share.

A happy generous heart feels so much better than the discomfort of over eating or the mental stress of not cleaning enough.

Sorry for not replying yet to your comments. Been very busy with work and all. I promise to catch up next week. Requested few days off to spend time with family. And yes, we are following the request of our leaders to NOT attend any Thanksgiving gatherings. Besides, no good food and Turkey are worth being sick of COVID-19 or getting others sick. Not worth it at all!

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Breaking record after record

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U.S. Entering COVID-19 Hell

We are entering COVID-19 Hell when words don’t work anymore and we are heading fast by the day to the predicted trajectory of 200,000 news cases and 2,000 deaths per day.

Yesterday, CNN news Anderson Cooper showed a video of a young male nurse who made a video while in the hospital bed for his son and wife. Gasping for air, he spoke of love, hope and goodbye. That was the last time his family saw him virtually. He died less than 2 weeks from time of showing initially symptoms of COVID-19.

I want to be brave. I wish I can be like the other people I see around me acting like there’s no pandemic at all. I wish I can ignore the news Thursday that 66,500 Americans were hospitalized from COVID-19, the highest ever for a single day during the pandemic, increasing by more than 40% in the past two weeks. I wish I didn’t have to care for the death toll that rose by at least 1,170 to a total of 242,979. I wish I didn’t have to see the rise of the COVID-19 infection in my own city so I didn’t have to worry, but there’s no escaping from it all. It is now the daily normal life and work of always being in the defensive side because it only take a few minutes of being off guard and it’s game over!

There is a group of people out there who despite of knowing they are highly infectious of COVID-19 goes out in public like it’s nothing. Unbelievable? It just happened yesterday, when a person rode a bus full of people despite of finding out that very day she was positive of COVID-19.

Please be careful out there. We may be doing everything we can to avoid getting sick and prevent others from being sick but many people are not. The numbers we see is the sad truth of what selfishness to Humanity and disbelief to Science can do.

‘People are going to die’: Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges- OLIVIA GOLDHILL of STAT / 11/19/20

We don’t want another lockdown but we also don’t want to wear a mask and stop social gatherings, so where does that lead us all?

Not seeing the danger doesn’t mean we are spared from falling into a cliff. The danger is real, so is the cliff.

‘No One Is Listening to Us’- Ed Yong, The Atlantic, 11/13/20

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U.S. 71 Days of Chaos Could Have Another 2.8 Million Americans Sick and 68,000 Die from COVID-19

I understand CNN Chris Cuomo’s concern last night of the potential havoc Trump and his self serving officials can make by withholding vital government information and funding to the newly elected President of the United States, President Biden.

A family that wears mask together hopefully stays together until this is all over.

Yesterday, Pfizer on their COVID-19 vaccine update made a bullish announcement that their early analysis suggests the vaccine is over 90 percent effective with 2 years observation period for the side effects and adverse reactions for its vaccine recipients. It is good news. However, we are celebrating too early. Mass vaccination won’t happen until safety supersedes effectivity. Do I want a vaccine that may protect me from COVID-19 but may also give me it’s complications or do I want a vaccine that is both effective and safe?

The new COVID-19 task force created by President Biden needs immediate funding and support to aid an emergent danger. In the last 7 days, we surpassed 100,000 new COVID-19 cases per day. The last several days, the predicted above 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 has come true.

Many decided to celebrate the Holidays early because the longer with let COVID-19 do it’s damage, the more tomorrow gets blurry.

How does this affect ALL Americans? For those that still follows Trump’s wisdom about COVID-19, they will continue to ignore mask mandates and distancing. For those that believe they will get the vaccine by December, some will let their guard down, stop wearing mark and just go on with life pre-pandemic.

Add this all together, in 71 days before the January 20, 2021 Presidential Inauguration, U.S. could possibly have an additional 2.8 Million Americans getting the new COVID-19 infection and 68,000 among them will die from its complications. I hope I am wrong but so far, everything had been happening.

The COVID-19 highly infectious virus doesn’t discriminate whether we are Republican supporters or Democrats. All it sees are people still divided and will use our weakness to its fullest advantage to bring more sickness, suffering, pain and loss.

We need to make people accountable for the decisions and actions they make today that harms and kills people. We need to give justice and closure to families who lost a love one because someone decides to ignore what needs to be done to protect everyone from COVID-19.

President Biden announced Saturday that we should give each other a chance because we are all Americans, but are we honestly giving each other a chance to live and prosper together?

We can live in the past and keep hurting each other or we can move forward, unite and start healing. Everything is a choice but choices have consequences that affects us all.

Minutes ago, CNN reports, “We are all entering COVID Hell.” Not some of us are entering COVID Hell, but all of us are entering COVID Hell.

Will empty streets, stay-at-home and business closures happen again? It’s really up to people’s attitude and behavior. It’s really up to an individual’s conscience and values.

There’s NO Red State or Blue State, there’s just One State, The United States.” – 46th U.S. President, Joe Biden

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Why I Chose To Live Today

Friday, more than 120,000 new cases and more than 1,200 new deaths in one day from COVID-19. Many States are rapidly filling up with COVID-19 patients. Soon the number of patients flooding emergency rooms needing critical care will out number the skilled professionals like doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists. Not having enough healthcare workers to provide safe and timely life-saving medical care will result to massive deaths much worse than what we’ve seen last Spring.

Celebrate every birthday as memorable as we can. Many parents do worry the many what if’s of this pandemic.

We can increase production of PPE’s. We can create better medicines. We may have the much awaited vaccine early 2021, but we can NOT manufacture trained health care professionals that are COVID-19 ready. In fact, many nurses near retirement age retired early this year fearing for their health and lives.

If at a minimum it takes at least 4-5 years from education to clinical experience to make one good critically trained nurse and only months to overwhelm an entire county, then we are all in a lot of trouble. No amount of billions can fix that unless we open our doors again with kindness to professional immigrants.

For now, the U.S. Government has been focusing its Operation Warp Speed on vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics but failed to include the most important factor of it all, humans caring for fellow humans.

If we want to know where our State is heading, we need to be vigilant to its trend in COVID-19. Check our community hospitals on its resources and how we can help. We need to wear mask. We need to stick to social distancing and hand washing. We need to remember the lessons we’ve learned. It’s easy to forget, I just did yesterday when I was about to enter Costco. I forgot my mask because for a minute I totally forgot there’s still COVID-19. It’s okay to be clueless on rare occasions but not okay to be clueless all the time.

The Third Surge has began and its only the start of Fall. Question now, do we have enough time and resources when the worst hits the roof? Can we still reverse the inevitable? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m scared to answer the question because I haven’t been preparing myself. Been simply trying to live my best one day at a time, or the most week per week. Distant plans seems impractical when I don’t know what happens tomorrow.

Funko and his little EBay business made me and my son closer. He allowed me to be a part of his amazing world many parents only dreamed of. I’m not just his dad, I became his trusted friend. Life is good!

Last Sunday we all woke up early so we can line up at 8:00 AM at Target for its Limited Edition Batman camouflage Funko figures. All three of us got one each. Son so happy he gave us a group hug as he said, “Thank you.”

We then drove to Big Sur with a stop over at Sand City to visit our favorite stores, Target again for Football and Pokemon cards, Game Stop, HomeGoods and Ross. Lunch to go were cheeseburgers from Five Guys.

Spotting our scenic picnic view of Big Sur, we parked by the roadside. Two folding chairs and an Igloo cooler beside the car’s front passenger door was just perfect.

Post lunch hike with son along rugged cliff side all the way down the tide pools below was a thrilling nature and sea life adventure. We saw crawling shells, rock fishes, urchins, corals and sea anemones. He was super excited of what we discovered. He kept telling me the urchins are edible and we should try it. Nope, not when it can sting or potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Before heading home, we crossed the Bixby Bridge to complete our day trip. It felt good to celebrate life with family. Just the right weekend I needed to have.

We don’t wait for amazing to happen. We make amazing happen. We don’t wait for others to plan our adventures. We create our own adventures open to all kinds of surprises and possibilities. Hey, life is short after all, even shorter with the widespread COVID-19.

Young people, women , people of color, Americans who believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better life, Americans who wants to put an end to Americans dying from COVID-19, these are the people who made possible for hope to happen in the next 4 years. They will be the main force that will shape what the country is to become in the next several decades. We can’t stop change. We can’t stop progress.

Woke up today with hope and excitement. Biden won as President of the United States. I actually teared up when I watched his speech. It sums up what I prayed my fellow Americans will become, of what my beloved America will become.

The people has spoken that the new America is an America for all. An America that gives everyone an equal chance to pursue any dream and possibility. It will be the America that is just, kind, peaceful and will work hard to unite people and nations. It will be the America the World will once again respect and consider as a powerful protector of humanity and democracy.

Always share the good stuff in our lives and try to let go of the bad. Make moments that are meaningful. Make memories that make us happier. Try to be kind and be nice to one another. No more division. No more inequality, anger and hate. We all need to heal and recover, together.

I choose to live today fully so tomorrow I will have no regrets.

Appreciate our lives as a blessing. Practice daily gratitude and contentment. Make the most of what we already have. Never take time and people for granted. Love them with all we’ve got.

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It Only Takes 1 Vote

What if that one vote, your vote that will decide how America will be in the next 4 years? Would we do everything to make sure our election ballots makes it on time?

We dropped of our ballots Friday and with it our hope for something better.

We voted for the future of our son and his generation. We voted so our country can hopefully unify, rise and be great again. We voted so we could live longer.

It only takes one vote for one chance for our country to unite in peace so we can as one nation under God stopped COVID-19 worst projection yet, 399,000 Americans dead by February 2021.

Close to a thousand death today. If at a minimum we reach 1,000 deaths per day. That’s 30,000 deaths per month, 90,000 deaths in 3 months.

At one spectrum, people are distancing as far as they can while the opposite spectrum as close as they can in group gatherings without mask. I did not imagine it. It’s happening around me. It is happening now.

Some people will not experience joy but loss during the fast approaching Winter Holidays and it’s something we all are responsible for. We can’t blame solely our leaders. We can’t blame another country for starting the pandemic. We can only blame ourselves for not caring enough to what happens to the person next to us.

The last minute Election messages and contrast of Trump and Biden are so clear that making our final choice seems like a no brainer. The question now is, “Are we voting for someone else’s belief or are we voting for the best interest of ourselves, our families and our beloved country, America?”

We watched the sunset yesterday by Ocean Beach inside our car. It would be nice to watch them one day outdoors not worrying if I get sick or the person next to me will get sick because of me.

We are part of the chain of reaction of the New Coronavirus cycle of infection. No one is exempted. No one is spared. No one is immune. No one is blameless. Everyone is responsible whether good or bad, life or death. It’s just easier to ignore our guilt and conscience. It just easier to blame someone else.

To vote for one self is easy but to vote for others is harder because it requires self sacrifice. Selfless or selfish?

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“We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic … leading to increasing mortality.” – Deborah Birx

Fauci warns of surge, “A Whole Lot Of Hurt.”

As U.S. COVID-19 cases break records, weekly deaths rise 3%

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Why I Skipped Halloween This Year

Every year, wife and I put up our Halloween Tree and decorate it with our scary friends. Our favorite are the Skulls and Death Keepers because they looked really frightening. Halloween Fest at Great America, Disneyland and Universal Studious were our other must-experience family traditions.

This year, we skipped Halloween. Why? Haven’t we been in one long Halloween horror ride already since COVID-19 scared the hell out of us? How many times have we seen real dead bodies in body bags and coffins? How many times has Death visited to claim the lives of both people we know and don’t know? So many times we stopped counting.

Krampus and Holidayz in Hell Pre-COVID Universal Studious LA.

I will miss my Halloween friends this year but we found new Fall friends who brought us the much needed happiness, positivity and cheer. So, perhaps next year. Besides, the Halloween scare more likely will extend till next year. Not doing Trick or Treating either. No one can really tell if they are infectious or not when handing candies to our innocent kids unless they did rapid COVID-19 test on the day of Halloween.

Won’t be saying Happy Halloween. A true concerned friend will say, “Be Safe” on Halloween so I’m saying just that, “Enjoy Halloween but just be safe.”

Passing through a cemetery today. We remember and pray for the dead. It is All Saint’s Day in other countries & tomorrow, All Soul’s Day. Never forget one’s Faith and cultural tradition. Some things are more important than party and fun.

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U.S. Heading Towards Third Surge COVID-19 Crash

In the next several weeks, U.S. will again surpass 100,000 new COVID-19 cases per day. and more than 1,000 new deaths per day. The tragic possibility of 2,000-3,000 Americans dying everyday from both Influenza and COVID-19 will happen peak of Winter. We’re all riding the pandemic flight certain for a horrific crash. It’s not an if but when.

Lives had been changed. Lives had been taken away and will continue at an accelerated speed in the next 5 months. This will happen because warnings in any form doesn’t seem to work anymore. People are turning numb and tired of following safety guidelines. It was never a short term plan. The characteristics of COVID-19 requires long term change and patience. If we can’t do that, the virus wins even when an effective vaccine will be made available to everyone next year.

It’s too late to turn back the curve. We’d been given so many chances and wasted many of them. We are now trending towards a seemingly hopeless direction.

226,171 deaths and more than 8.7 million infection from COVID-19 in 9 months yet many still don’t believe wearing a mask and social distancing should be mandatory. Freedom and convenience won over Humanity and Patriotism.

Mask helps but not an assurance that we’re totally safe. The closer we are and the longer time we spend with a highly infectious person, the greater the chance of being infected. All healthcare workers knows this so they’re worries are legit and not a paranoia.

Observing how people respond and behave towards the pandemic makes the crash frighteningly predictable. We don’t have to be an expert to figure this out. The casualties will be enormous in both lives and economy. The rich will be spared,may even profit from it but everyone else will suffer.

Today, I will neither be Republican nor Democrat but an American that will try his best to do what is necessary to lessen the impact of COVID-19.

A country divided will not succeed. Diverse America needs to unify and be better for the next generation, our children. Diversity is strength. It is having the best minds and culture around the World. We should use that to our advantage. America is home, everyone who lives in it should defend it and do their part even if that means following CDC guidelines.

Today, I will be that American that will choose humility and call God to save his countrymen. I will plea for his forgiveness and deliverance. I will ask his help to make our country great again.

We trusted men and they failed. We trusted ourselves and we failed. It’s time to trust God and work together. It will be hard. It will be inconvenient. But perhaps, we may still have a chance to steer back on course to save our country from crashing and our people from dying.

COVID-19 virus will NOT go away. It will adapt and mutate to survive. Some of us however will not. Antibodies wears off after 4-5 months. Future vaccine effectivity if will luckily reach 50% means we all still have 50% chance of being sick. The vaccine is not a cure.

Heroes are not born but made. Heroes don’t command the army but leads the army by being the first person to fight and sacrifice self for the good of everyone. Is that hero already born in our lifetime? We’ll find out soon enough.

“Things don’t make sense. We are back to where we were in July with COVID-19 yet reopening is in full swing. Went to a restaurant yesterday and braved to eat outdoors when we saw no one was eating outside. Reason outdoor tables were empty was because people were eating indoors. The virus mode of transmission has not change. It’s still via infected droplets when people talk, sing, cough or sneeze. People don’t just eat in restaurants, we talk and eat. In a close space, the highly infectious droplets becomes airborne for a few hours. It only takes one infected person to begin the chain of infection in our communities.”

Target during the first week of lockdown. Will we see empty shelves again and people fighting for toilet paper?

Come November, wife and I agreed we will limit going out to stores and groceries like we did during the lockdown. Most buying will be online. We do not have the immunity of a millennial though our heart feels like one. Our 15-year old was already informed and agrees to our safety plan.

Wife and I in March. The Anniversary of the Pandemic will be much worse than the first. What have we all learned from it?

We may no longer have control of what happens outside but we still have control in making ourselves and our family safe inside our homes. We can’t change everyone nor save them but we can change ourselves and try surviving till all of this will be truly over.

Until we get infected, we don’t know how our body will respond to the virus. We can’t assume we may be asymptomatic or will have mild symptoms without complications. Assuming it could be nothing is very foolish.

No one wants to say goodbye. It’s unimaginable. No one wants to die. It’s seems unlikely. But the world over, many didn’t have the chance to say goodbye when their lives were taken swiftly., unexpectedly, shockingly.

A woman did not know she will die young. One day, she felt pain on her leg. The next day, she was hospitalized for altered mental status. Second day in ICU, she died. Her Chest x-ray shows full blown ground glass appearance seen in severe COVID-19 patients. She did not have the typical Flu-like symptoms of fever, sore throat , cough, shortness of breath, headache and body aches. She simply manifested with a complication called Deep Vein Thrombosis. Stories like hers we don’t hear in the news, but it’s happening around us. Her story can become our story.

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Holiday Truck

Has anyone notice how time and seasons has been rushing to end this year? It’s very easy to miss family traditions and the beautiful moments they bring. So, I’m stepping on the breaks and maxing out the the last months of 2020.

A truck is just a truck until we transform it to something more.

We’d been looking for our Holiday Truck not realizing it will find us while passing through Sand City.

It is now parked on top our main living room treasure chest. We placed a few Autumn leaves, berries and a pumpkin to bring the Fall season indoors. Mr. Owl gets to drive it first.

And when the Christmas Winter season begins, our Holiday Truck will transform into something frosty, merry and bright.

Create a Holiday tradition that is meaningful to you and the people that brings you happiness. Don’t be distracted by the glitter and lights, nor by the fancy and expensive gifts.

Don’t be pressured to create something amazing for social media sake. A beautiful Instagram or Facebook picture doesn’t mean the people in them are really happy or have this awesome life. Pictures are just pictures. They can be photo edited and staged to look perfect.

The best life is the one we are already living and it gets better however we choose it to be. We don’t need other people’s likes, validation nor reviews to know it’s true.

The real joy and magic of the holidays are the simplest kind and last in our hearts forever. We always try to experience fully the moment as it happens because recreating them will never feel the same again.

From our home to yours, sending you a truckload of blessings.

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The Golden Hour

Between the fog and the scary unknown is a fleeting magical moment of hope, clarity and peace, The Golden Hour.

Driving coastal HWY 1, we were greeted by an increasingly dense fog that seemed to have swallowed the ocean whole.

At one point, we talked about turning back and just settle for the closest beach with full Sun, but we pressed on.

Son was all smiles as we practice his football throws. This beach was his favorite. It’s the least crowded and has all the play space he wants. No risk of breaking someone’s glass window. Sand was the perfect soft cushion to fall on, and do over the top roll overs.

Late beach picnic lunch was Chicken Lemon Pepper and Mango Habanero from Wing Stop. Dessert was green and hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. It’s a Pandora’s box no parent should open with their kids unless ready to explain the Birds, the Bees, of what’s right, wrong, acceptable, appropriate and humane.

Father and son random adventure, a hike and climb along the rugged cliff. Got a major leg scratch from slipping into a sharp rock, but it was so worth it. Son, did better and he was wearing flip flops.

He turns 15 this Wednesday. I asked him what he wants for his Birthday. He laughed and sang the song we made up in the car during our roadtrip. He didn’t say what he wanted but I already knew what he meant, “Time with him and believing in his dreams.”’

We discovered a crystal clear stream with a very soothing sound of water gently cascading on a riverbed of pebbles hidden by Calla Lillies. It was a beautiful.

On the way home just before Sunset, more fog except a small patch of glorious scenic view overlooking Carmel and Monterey bathe with the golden Sun.

So, I stopped the car, turned on the hazard lights and ran where I could see The Golden Hour best.

The joyful magic continued even as the sky turned dark and the traffic update said , “Your estimated travel time is one hour.”

Always go back where you are the happiest.

It is hard to see and feel The Golden Hour with COVID-19 for most of us, but if we try harder, it’s just really there waiting to surprise anyone who seeks to find it.

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Sand, Surf and BBQ Sandwich

Life is too short not to go where the heart is most happy and free.

We define our own paradise. Never let this world or people take that from you.

So, today we are taking a short roadtrip to the beach for some sand, surf and Vietnamese Pork BBQ sandwich.

Finding time for yourself and your family has never been more critical. Leave work at work, hide our phones, turn off the T.V. and let go of all the negative stress.

To feel alive matters. Our joy and adventure matters.

This is the kind of California we always hope to remember.

Blessed day full of sun-kissed blessings to all my fellow bloggers and dreamers out there. We can create a better world just the way we want it.

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The quiescence of COVID-19 post Summer Surge is over. New cases are starting to pick-up again as people resume life with less restrictions and caution. Both COVID-19 and Flu test combo swabs started last week. I swabbed two patients myself. The Twindemic health experts predicted from Fall to Winter is here. While many Americans got distracted with the Election Circus and our President getting COVID-19 himself, the highly contagious, deadly virus was able to successfully infiltrate every community in America. No home, no institution is safe nor invulnerable, not even the White House.

I look around me and it’s like COVID-19 is already over. Outdoor parks and beaches are often packed. Stores are getting full. Costco don’t do head count anymore. I’m sure it’s the same scene all over the country.

961 daily deaths in the U.S. as of Friday from COVID-19 may not bother nor shock some people anymore but it does bother me because every number is a person who is precious, loved, significant. They are NOT expected casualties of the pandemic war we all continue to ignore or treat recklessly. They are NOT a bargain number of how much more we could have lost if some of us did not follow the CDC infection prevention guidelines nor did not have better treatment modalities.

Truth is, we may not see everyone we know next year. So, we make every moment with them count.

214,379 Americans dead since COVID-19 started in January 2020. These deaths are heartbreaking and tragic because they could have been prevented. There is no justifiable excuse for the continued defiance and indifference. How can someone sleep soundly at night knowing they may have infected and or killed someone because they refuse to do their part? It is of no surprise that people are angry and frustrated. Every life matters and the dead represents all of us. The dead is someone’s parent, grandparent, son and daughter.

If happiness is what you seek, don’t wait, delay, or procrastinate. If someone ask you for some happiness and kindness, be generous enough to give.

Who will be the next 100,000 dead America from now to the end of 2020?

The last 90 days of daily COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. by John Hopkin’s University. It never went away. It was just easier to pretend it wasn’t happening because it’s less uncomfortable. We need to stop lying that symptoms are mild to none. Obviously it wasn’t for the 1,073,780 dead around the world.

Memorize the faces and hearts of the people around you. Spend time like there’s no tomorrow because not all of us will make it to experience the new moments and possibilities of 2021.

No such thing as being immune. It is foolish to believe COVID-19 will just go away magically when the weather changes or after saying, “Abrakadabra!”

Winter is coming in several weeks. Doctor’s are calling the new pandemic as “The Third Wave,” not a surge.

Emergency and hazard mode is an everyday reality for a health care worker with the all year round COVID-19. Some months worse than others. Their lives depends on people’s honesty and cooperation. Health care workers are real people with real families that depends on them. Truth is, their risk of being infected is higher than ever. They will be part of the COVID-19 Third Wave casualties yet NO hazard pay till today nor concrete assurance from their employers for their safety. All words but what’s new?

Are we ready the next Tidal Wave of COVID-19 infection and death much worse than Spring? Time to stock more than just toilet paper before the next lockdown announcement.

“Enjoy what’s given to you now because tomorrow they may no longer be there.”

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Fall Wreath, Something Old, Something New

The old wreath of spiky greens and rusty pine cones hangs on our door all year round. We bought it one post Christmas clearance from Target.

Last night, my wife and I went to Michaels and got some berries and vintage-looking pumpkins at 50% off. Big sale discounts are instant exciting cheers, holiday or not.

Woke up this morning with the scent of Pumpkin Spice followed by a delicious taste of Peppermint Mocha flavored coffee.

While enjoying my wife’s Something Old, Something New Fall DIY decor, I am reminded that “Home is where our new happier stories are allowed to begin.”

A beautiful weekend to all. Thank you for sharing the adventure.

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