Caring Fatigue and Deadly Delta, What To Do?

“A year ago, I braced myself scared, unprepared for a deadly unknown. Today, I braced myself fearless and ready for the known that is deadlier. My assurance, I’m vaccinated. I can get sick but will not die or have a Stroke. Almost invulnerability when I am in frequent close contact with a virus that potentially can harm and kill me. Having my entire family vaccinated is hope that we’ll be okay as the 4th Surge rages on. No worries for the succeeding community outbreaks. That’s closest to being bullet proof. That’s closest to living again.”

The Vicious Cycle repeats, just new victims, orphans and widows. This will happen throughout the year, every year. Then there’s chaos, anger and unrest with every surge and restrictions. People will hate and resent one another. Neighbor against neighbors. Americans versus Americans. Will it end? Only COVID knows and we are at its mercy.

Found out I got in contact with a positive COVID patient I swab for testing the day before.

What do to when in contact with the highly virulent Delta Variant having worn PPE and fully COVID vaccinated? NOTHING!

That’s what I’m told, “NOTHING.”

Until symptoms appears, vaccinated Healthcare Workers in contact with COVID patients resume work and life as usual. They have to wear their mask at all times except when inside their cars during lunch break. They clean and disinfect all room surfaces 1 hour post contamination then move on to call the next patient to use the same room.

Work flow goes on in an outbreak without disruption. Every room is precious when you expect a new patient anytime. No time to pause. No time to be concerned with germs because germs are our constant companion.

We try our best to keep you safe, or alive, but no guarantee nor assurance. We hope you wake up after we intubate you and entrust your breathing to a Ventilator Machine. The rest is up to your body to overcome death. Your body will choose to live or die while you watch unable to do or say anything. Your ability to choose ended once unconscious. So is you’re right to say no when someone decides to pull the plug when it’s taking a long time for you to show signs of recovery. Another patient awaits your bed space and care space. They too deserve a fighting chance.

We don’t pick and choose who takes care of the highly infected, we just do it. No fear. No biases. It’s our job. It’s our profession.

We set aside personal differences so we can work as one team with one aim, save lives and restore health.

We don’t discriminate. We take care of everyone like they are our own friend and family. We don’t care if you’re insured or not. What we care is we see and treat you as a person we ourselves want to be treated.

Vaccination time and numbers should outdo how fast the virus is mutating. Not the case however, and discrepancy gap is widening by the day.

What happens to our co-workers we may have infected? They go back to work whether they are aware or not of being in contact with a positive COVID person. Only when they start having symptoms does self quarantine takes effect. COVID test will be made and if confirmed positive, Staff stays home for 10 days. Instant vacation in bed rest.

If you’re wondering what happens to patients and visitors whom the infected staff had in contact with because of direct care and interaction, I too wonder because I have no idea what happens to them.

We are not allowed to warm you. So, we hope you’re okay. We pray you’re okay.

In 2-3 months, this will be mostly red. By Winter, all red. Red means Emergency. Red means more people will die unnecessarily. Red is Christmas too but will be a season of mourning not joy for those who will loose a love one. Some States depending on their Governors like Florida and Texas will have more sickness and death. If they are topping the surges now, how much more by late Fall and the entire Winter?

For patient and visitors, COVID contact tracing stopped last year. We don’t tell you. We let you be, worry free until you get sick.

If you start having Flu-like symptoms typical of COVID, particularly in Summer when there should be no Flu, you need to start your own diligent tracing where you got infected as well as who you possibly infected.

Public Health will no longer knock on your door and monitor your whereabouts. Waste of resources when they are understaffed and overworked.

409 COVID death in the past week, 21,683 confirmed new cases Friday, Florida is Summer’s Delta Variant hot spot epicenter accounting 1 of 5 COVID cases in the U.S. Vacation responsibility will not happen in Vacation Mode. We don’t practice caution if we never believed it was a real threat. We’re burning and we are helping spread the wildfire as we did before. It’s in our Nature, the virus just happens to love it so much it decided to stay, for good.

It’s up to you to seek medical help and be tested and stay home to keep others around you safe. If you choose to go out and infect others, it’s your choice. No one will know except you. No one will stop you either.

It’s up to you to tell those you have in contact with to start observing themselves for COVID symptoms and practice infection prevention measures, or you can choose to keep silent.

We think we have more time but we don’t. We think it will not reach us but it will. We think our beliefs will save us, they won’t.

Honesty, Accountability and Self Diligence are the assumed expectations but many are not doing them. For some, it’s unheard of.

There’s a rapid upward trend of COVID positivity due to the more contagious Delta Variant but less hospitalizations as compared to previous surges thanks to the highly effective vaccines. That’s the great news.

We haven’t learned. Being young is not an excuse nor exception. The virus will find a way to be more pathogenic among the 18 to 28 group. The virus already has proven itself damaging and fatal among adults in their 30’s and 40’s.

The bad news, non-vaccinated are the new vulnerable population regardless of age. They represent almost all of the hospitalized, the intubated and the recent dead. The mind boggling part is that many unvaccinated are not scared nor concerned at all. They do not wear mask and are attending full capacity mass events while the vaccinated are still wearing mask and avoiding crowded places. No explanation to such a bizarre behavior. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Heart breaking for something preventable, but people made their choices and we respect that. People who are doing the right thing however will eventually have a caring fatigue and will stop trying.

COVID thrives on irresponsibility and apathy to mutate. Soon our present vaccines may not work for the future mutations. The country spent billions only to go back from the start. All that death and sacrifice for nothing.

ABC News: Greater Austin, 2.3 million population, 10 ICU beds left because of the sudden surge of mostly unvaccinated COVID patients. No more reinforcement of extra staffing. They are on their own as each State tries to keep their own staff to handle their own COVID surges. Many will die or deteriorate because of neglect. Other critical patients suffering from other medical conditions may die because once again, attention and manpower is unfairly being focused on one sickness that is now preventable. Everyone should have a fair chance on survival based on severity of threat to life and not because it’s a pandemic. We need to be just to all patients suffering from all kinds of diseases.

Increasing in significance, the fully vaccinated with Breakthrough COVID infections are capable of passing it to the next person via droplet mode of transmission like talking, coughing, sneezing and heavy breathing during a workout exercise.

Yes, fellow vaccinated, we can infect others with COVID. Shocker, right? We can carry a viral load capable of infecting anyone including our unvaccinated children younger than 12 years old.

Montara Beach. You can tell right away who is still listening and those who stopped caring. Observation easily predicts where this Pandemic is heading. Places with Governors that are leading people to the cliff should be accountable for the new COVID hospitalizations and deaths but people made them untouchables and blame free while those who tried to protect others are criticized for trying. Gov. DeSantis versus Newsom? Who did the right thing, and who keeps announcing people to ignore COVID? Clearly, Science and Data showed who failed and will keep failing. Winter will be darker in some States this year. It’s already dark for some now.

Problem is when we are not aware that we are infected, and testing has become optional at work.

“My Body, My Choice,” applies to me too and every Healthcare Worker. We don’t have to be Political to appreciate the power and freedom of being able to decide what’s best for ourselves, body, mind, heart.

No one can buy nor negotiate time. We can’t say, “Not now, I still have plans for a vacay next Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still want to travel the World next year.” When our time is up, all future plans and bucket list ends.

Entitlement is a Universal Human Right, not a privilege for those who think they are the “exceptional” few.

So if I don’t want to be tested because I’m busy or it doesn’t feel important, I can skip it. No obligation. No liability. No worries. No guilt. Too callous for all of that and that callousness is spreading like the surges to Healthcare and Frontline Workers.

People learn quicker by what they see and experience when happening continuously. Medical Professionals even faster because studying, learning, memorizing, adapting new knowledge and skills are what they do best for most of their lives. They are smart and highly trained. They are the perfect weapon if given in the wrong hands. They are the perfect Miracle Heroes if molded and motivated right.

The longer the Pandemic, the lesser the Love. Just is.

Don’t be scared of bioterrorism via mail but be afraid of walking bioterrorism carriers. They are everywhere and everyone. They are our friends, family, co-workers, people we interact everyday.

COVID is relentless. It is resourceful. It will continually modify to suit our lifestyles and behaviors. It will be here longer than our lifespan.

It only takes 6 months to create a Super Variant that infiltrate Cities and Countries from around the World, Super Powers included. This is something people should have realized by now given the abundance of Scientific truth and experience.

I wish I didn’t threw my mask, but I did. I wish I didn’t let my guard down, but I did. I wish I got vaccinated, but I didn’t. These are what most think just before we intubate them or on their last few breathes.

How long we can outlast COVID without safety measures should be a question we all should be asking ourselves now that we’ve witnessed what this monster can do even with the vaccines.

Be afraid? Only if we are not ready to die yet. Be concerned? Only if we care. Otherwise, we skip, ignore and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life like we used to before COVID.

Our Choice, Our Fun. Our Freedom, Our Funeral.

I’m back to social distancing. The world is kinder, more beautiful and peaceful that way. I could actually hear myself and my heartbeat. I tried to go back to the old normal but the was already gone. I have changed and mutated without knowing it. I guess, my DNA chose to survive regardless of what I want. Thank God it had more sense than my brain.

“No one believed me when I said, there will another Summer Surge. People kept saying we are vaccinated. The past 2 weeks, people are quiet from disbelief that they are wrong and reliving last year’s COVID horror. The Fall and Winter Surges will happen as well, with its worse November till January. We underestimated a determined enemy, and it’s winning again.”

Governor Cuomo of New York is stepping up and will initiate the first Mandatory COVID Vaccination for workers that are facing people in high risk situations to protect their clients, customers, patients. It is very sensible both for everyone’s safety and gaining back the economy. If only the rest is like him. Aren’t voters place these other Governors in office? Why then are they allowed to bully those that are trying to end the outbreaks?

Sure, it will get worse before it gets better. 250,000 new cases/day and more than 1,000 deaths/day worse before it gets better Spring of next year. All that hard work and sacrifice thrown to the wind. Another dark Winter of loss and misery is coming. Haven’t brace myself on that yet. I will enjoy this Summer to its fullest before it’s over. It’s what people do in vacation.

If only we worked as one country. If only we thought less of ourselves and focus on what we can do to serve the best interest of our Nation and it’s people. But we didn’t. More than 600,000 Americans are dead from COVID because we all failed to unite and be better. We will be remembered as the selfish generation that allowed 1 million Americans dead by the time we have COVID under control.

Caring Fatigue has began, and it will be just as contagious. Your so called Heroes? Well, they don’t feel heroic at all. The are exhausted and frustrated. They are realizing how good it feels to choose themselves first and their families. Their body, their choice. Oh no, they can think. Oh no, they can feel.

Their body, their choice. Where in for a big trouble if more will wake up to this realization.

Epic tragedy when the selfless joins the selfish. Who will save us then? Ain’t our Governors for sure, they are too busy for themselves.

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What’s It Like At The Top?

I get envious when I see someone on top of this hill by Carmel along HWY 1.

The view from its highest point must be magnificent.

And the feeling, must be incredible.

So I tried a few times, but keep missing the mark or there’s no place to park. Obviously, my navigation and driving skills needs improvement.

Two visits prior, missed and passed it. View glorious but not the same. Again, I wondered what must it be like watching the World at the top as I took a video on an unknown traveler who made it.

Further went farther. I could hardly see our car.

On a Tuesday, determined to climb it after much motivation from my son, I went around after missing the parking spot…again.

Wife scared to cross the closest distance from where we park and the hill’s stairway because of a dangerous blind spot with cars just speeding, she decided it’s safer to walk further. So, I followed her lead, and what a farther lead it was that our son left us and crossed ahead when he saw a safe opportunity.

Since we were already on a detour, we decided we explore the off beaten path and find the bridge we often see from the road. We were curious as to what makes it so special.

Oh my, there’s a waterfall just under the bridge that flows towards a pebbled beach. Special number 1.

I was so tempted to go down but there was a clear sign not to go beyond the safety ropes. Park Staff were circling the area too.

And oh my, two more mini waterfalls. Special number 2.

I let my son and wife go to the bridge first so I can take pictures of them with the waterfall.

Not sure if they notice what I’m seeing collectively. The Carmel Mountains behind them were outshining each other with so much drama and artistry. Special number 3. I stopped counting after that.

I wanted to appreciate everything longer, but wifey kept calling to join them.

Left side mountains has carpets of orange succulents and beige limestones, crowned with misty clouds.

The partly hidden middle mountain was glowing green with sapphire skies.

The right side mountains were deep greens filled with yellow wildflowers. Silver clouds with light ray streaks surrounds them.

Cascading bravely it did to water the greens below. The chandelier of frosted succulents in full bloom cheering it on.

I wish the iPhone camera can capture all that I’m seeing but I know, that would be impossible. So I let my heart capture all of Nature’s spectacular display and hope I had enough time to record everything in my memory.

Now time to climb that hill. Wasn’t as easy as it looked, or maybe my legs were just tired from our Bowflex Max Pro workout that morning. Regardless, we are climbing and surprisingly the wife joined me and my son. Yes, it’s a Family Hike finally!

We did some things together at the top and some individual “Me Time” doing our own thing. We took our time.

It was so beautiful and fun. All exceeded my expectations or maybe because I didn’t really have an expectation except to stand and sit at the top of the hill.

So, we promised to come back and have a picnic. Hopefully, the Sun will join us as well.

The roadtrip has its highlights, including my childish outburst when we can’t park by Monterey. I wanted to park by the side streets, wife wants a parking garage we kept missing. It was so packed, we have to pay 25 dollars for parking just so we could eat at Bubba Gump. So I made a judgment call, hit the pedal and said, “We’re getting out of here.”

I’m surprised, she didn’t hesitated knowing her intense fear of heights. The fighting part worked. Mr. Brat won after all.

Grumpy Dad and Fighter Mom on a silly fight that came out of nowhere. Son was speechless at the back sit probably thinking, “WTF, happened? Wasn’t it Sunny just a minute ago and now it’s a Tornado?”

Until we get there, we always wonder, but once we get there, we don’t know what to do with it and may even waste the chance of a lifetime.

Anyways, we ended up eating at Carmel by the Sea at our favorite oyster place and get to park near the beach for free. 25 dollars for parking went to food splurging. Much delicious. Belly happy.

It’s confusing to walk in a crowded street, should I wear a mask or not? Is everyone vaccinated. Is it safe? So I tried both. So far, no symptoms.

When I mellowed down, I asked my wife who was quiet pissed off, “How’s my acting drama?” She hesitated to answer for a few seconds than said laughing, “You’re such a brat!”

Oh well, I never said I was totally Mr. Nice Guy. I have my insane emotional outburst moments that shifts quickly like the Nature I’m drawn to be close so much.

26$ per dozen. Had to slowly indulge. No leftovers.

Relationships are never pure Heaven and Cloud 9. Hell and War comes every now and then. What matters, love overcomes the pain and not so pleasant feelings. Love teaches us to compromise, forgive, move forward and try again. No one backs out or retreat once lovey dovey romance fizzles out and reality takes over. We face the challenges head on through thick and thin.

When in a new love spell, we only see beauty, and not the beast. All persons are both. It’s loving both that will determined who gets their fairy tale ending and who keeps searching for their Happily Ever After.

Not all travels are perfect. Sometimes, stress and tiredness gets the best of us. What’s important is that we snap back quick, humbly redeem ourselves and remember why we are traveling, whom where traveling.

The journey is never all clear and picture perfect. Editing and cover ups only make things worse. Besides, too perfect is boring.

Happy moments and memories does not happen by chance. It needs work and effort. It requires giving and patience.

Same place, different reasons and experience. No travel is the same. No people are the same. So, we learn to appreciate the differences and be thankful for what we share in common.

Now, back to what’s it like at the top now that I made it?

Honestly, lonely and empty if I am all alone in it.

I wouldn’t really enjoy the success no matter amazing if I have no one to share it with.

People may perceive us as being up there, when our hearts are in the bottom below. Success is not the same as Happiness. Money and career doesn’t fill the heart with what it truly craves. People are just easy to judge and speculate. Chances are, everyone’s wrong but will not find time to find out what’s really the truth behind our stories. Too inconvenient. Too much work. So we choose superficiality and disconnect and fill it with fleeting fun and things of this World. Never the same. Never will give us peace nor satisfaction.

Having my wife snd son with me is the prize all along.

And the prizes just keeps coming whether I won them or not, earned them or just extra life blessings.

There are millions of Island Travelers in the World, called by their destiny to leave the safe, secure and familiar to take a continuous journey from one place to the next, one home to another not knowing the many unknowns, both the good and the bad. Many called it adventure but those who lived it calls it, Life. Their lives are no better nor more perfect than those who choose to stay. We just imagined it was.

No Man is an Island. We don’t know what that means until we become alone and isolated from everyone we love. It’s the loneliest island on the Planet no matter materially jaded.

Success is subjective. No correct answer. Just the right feeling once we made it at the top.

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San Diego Because Happiness Is Calling

Where the Sun is, Happiness is there also.

La Jolla.

So, imagine a place where the Sun shines bright 365 days a year.

One of our happiest vacation. It was hard to leave and resume work. But that’s life. Few happy moments here and there to equalize the rest.

Imagine a place where Happiness keeps giving.

It’s true, life is better at the beach.

Imagine endless beach days where Summer never leaves.

Imagine adventure on weekdays, and no more waiting for weekends. Happy Friday, can be Happy Any Day.

Seals basking under the Sun. They are just an arm reach away. They do bite if we bother them.

Imagine a City exploding with diverse, exciting Culture, History and Culinary Deliciousness from around the World.

Imagine having our senses spoiled and pampered with a daily Fiesta of flavors, colors and textures.

View of the City from our boat.

Imagine overflowing warmth, love, hugs and kisses.

May not be ideal with the increasing circulation of the Delta Variant, but let’s just imagine for a minute the Pandemic is over or has never existed.

They kissed passionately like they were lovers, but actually, they were strangers just sharing a unforgettable moment in history. The war was over, in his happiness, a Sailor kissed a Nurse he didn’t know who just happened to be standing next to him. Back in the old days, it’s cool to kiss a stranger when intense excitement takes over. Now, it’s harassment and lawsuit.

Well, imagine no more because I found such a place for us, and it’s called San Diego.

Old town San Diego. A reminder that once, California was part of Mexico. So really, Mexicans are right when they say, “This used to be my great, great grandparents land.” But now, we put a wall between Mexico and the U.S. borders so migrants can’t cross and have their dreams for a better future happen. It’s a crime now. So, we separate the young from their parents, place them in congested holding stations, then deport them the soonest. This is how we welcome migrants in the present times. People actually believe this is how we should treat humans who can not afford legal paperwork.

Wonderful climate with perfect blue skies and sea, Southern California’s gem San Diego elevates the ordinary, infuse it with magic and viola, “Paraiso!”

View from Hotel del Coronado. Marilyn Monroe used to walk it’s beaches and it’s halls when one of her movies were made here. I wonder what was in her mind when the lights and glamour were off. Was she happy? What’s the story behind her beautiful smile? Was she just girl hoping that the boy she love will love her too? Stars are just humans that can have their hearts broken.

Even Hollywood Stars and Legends used to shine in many of its iconic landmarks like the Hotel del Coronado.

Fun overload from the Zoo, Seaworld, Balboa Park, Legoland and La Jolla are just a few of the many that creates unforgettable priceless Family and Childhood Memories in San Diego.

Biggest Aquarium I’ve see.

Or just want to relax, drink margaritas or coffee while reading a great book? The many beautiful beaches will have you glowing golden while your literary fantasies are unfolding.

Seaworld is never the same. Gone are the acrobatic tricks after Shamu, the Male Killer Whale, chewed and drowned to death it’s teacher. Orcas are meant to be in the wild but we caught them and took their freedom for our amusement.

3 times we were blessed to experience San Diego.

Our first was awakening, curiosity and play.

Our second was exploration, discovery and possibilities.

The third, realization and living our version of the California Dream.

Dolphins, who can resist them? Unfortunately, too irresistible that thousands and thousands of them are killed either accidentally or purposely by big fishing vessels. Check out this spine chilling truth in Netflix Documentary, Seaspiracy. For every 3-4 priced blue marlin caught, 10-12 dolphins are killed. So we need to stop eating deep sea fishes. Same as we need to stop eating shark fins. No demand, no killings.

Yes, San Diego was my window to take a leap of faith on myself when the unknown seems very foolish and scary.

San Diego showed me what my life could be like on the other side of the fence clearly, vividly like watching my future in a 3-D movie.

I never knew such a place exist until I tried to listen to what I want.

The Sun was so powerful it scorched all the noise, negativity and disbelief around me long enough to make a good resume and send it to where God wants me to start fresh.

Truth to my many stories, it was always God who made my impossible, possible.

For some reason, even if I don’t deserve it, he keeps giving. His love never judge my past or the pain I caused him because of my choices and mistakes.

He keeps the Sun on 24/7 to light my darkest and warm my coldest.

Romantic, nostalgic, magical. Live Spanish Guitar music serenaded us while we were walking along Balboa Park.

“Never be afraid to keep dreaming for yourself. When unhappiness and loss are too much, it is time to move on by following a better dream where we can be happier.”

When things get tough, remember what gave you legs to jump and wings to fly. Chances are, your heart still has them. Never let your fear or your past dictate where your dreams can take off. Hope this video brings back memories of what makes you happier. And maybe inspire you to take that next leap…for yourself. Life is too short to settle.

There is always a choice and a way out, unless we’re dead then, that’s it. But even then, the Sun will awaken our spirits to dance as often as we want till the last rays of sunshine are extinguished.

“Always Dream Free for yourself because no one understands your Happiness more than you.”

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Maisie’s Peak

Destination is the trophy. Experience is the prize.

Wasn’t sure if my son will go with me for a major 3 hour Saturday hike with friends, but just before he slept, he confirmed he will. It was his first group hike, so I was very excited for us both.

Left foot started to hurt at the start of the hike and I was falling behind. Nike work shoes, not so good hiking shoes.

Close to the end of our trail, had the worse continuous abdominal painful cramps. Had to recall what I ate the night before and remembered I had a custard tart which likely has milk. Oh no, I’m Lactose Intolerant!

I panicked as there is no restroom in sight. Stomach hurt so bad that I contemplated of going wilderness survival mode at the bushes. Hey, if it has to go, it has to go. Better than shitting in my pants. That would be worse and mega embarrassing. And I did have disposable wipes in my backpack for emergencies. No plans to use leaves.

Gross topic but we’re all adults here. Besides, we’ve seen this kind of scenes before in the movies where a person put laxatives to someone else’s drink either for humor or revenge. Hilarious until it becomes real.

Someone had to pee badly. Off to the bushes. No one can wait if Nature has it emergent.

Anyways, one of my fellow Hikers ask why I was so serious and overtook everyone else? I laughed and just replied, “Cause I’m excited to finish our hike.” Though what I was really meant to say was, “Cause I’m excited to hit the toilet.”

Surprisingly I made it home and was able drive everyone to our car pool parking spot.

I will never forget this hike ever!

Relieved post the worst abdominal cramps from Hell, it was overall one of the great hikes experience I’d been. My son so love it too that he is looking forward for our second group Hike. This time no milk and dairy for me.

Happy Weekend All. Hope everyone was able to reboot for Monday’s restart.

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Super Delta Variant Target Demographics: Young and Unvaccinated

“We made our choices. People are hospitalized and in ventilators because of those choices. People will die of COVID because of their own choosing. No one’s to blame. No more scapegoat. We should treat COVID like any other disease, no more special treatment. Everyone suffering from any life threatening health condition deserves an equal fighting chance to live by giving back their hospital beds taken away by COVID patients. A year ago, many were in excruciating pain and struggled with their health because we focused on one disease. That shouldn’t be the case anymore. Everyone deserves equal medical attention and just treatment. All life should be just as important.”

A year ago, we sacrificed our lives and all that we are used to because of COVID. We didn’t have a choice. The virus was new and unknown. We were in a global emergency. That is not the case now. We have enough Knowledge, Science and Technology to end it. We have the effective vaccines. So why are we still sacrificing because of other people’s decisions. It’s no longer fair. Why is my freedom being taken away for the freedom of another?

99% of the U.S. COVID hospitalized are unvaccinated. Many are active healthy young and middle age adults in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who once thought they were invulnerable.

Delta Variant is already around you when the sign says, “Rising Locally.” So I would think twice before removing my mask in an indoor crowded room. People should think twice too especially if people are wearing their scrubs? Why? Well, that person could have just left a highly contagious COVID unit. Like everyone else, burned out Healthcare workers are starting not to give a damn too. Yep, it’s happening.

Hospitalized sicker, their Emergency Room to Ventilator Time is sooner. Their hospital stay and rehab are longer, greatly impacting work, finances and quality of life.

Mask Up because new and improve COVID is back and it’s 65% more infectious. “Stay Healthy or Stay Happy?”

Been seeing Breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated.

“Think not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” People who kept saying they are Patriotic forgot what Patriotism is. It’s being selfless. So now, the Government has to intervene because voluntary vaccination that could end this pandemic failed. Just get vaccinated. It works and people who got the vaccine are still alive aren’t they? I’m still alive. I don’t have blood clot complications people are so afraid of due to misinformation. I’m freer than I’d ever been because if I do get COVID, I will not be hospitalized or die or end up disable. I can even choose not to wear mask but I have to be selfless so I still wear one for the unvaccinated in case I’m an infectious asymptomatic.

If you’re COVID vaccinated and with underlying health condition like Diabetes, are you comfortable that a non-vaccinated Healthcare Staff who could be a infectious COVID carrier take care of you? Same goes to service oriented work sectors. I will not trust my life to someone who only thinks of themselves and not the safety of others. The vaccinated who did their part should boycott all services and companies that are willing to gamble their customer’s lives and health. Let’s be real. No more Politics and the Freedom Card. Let’s not use, “My Body, My Choice,” as a propaganda because we know that is hypocritical knowing we don’t allow certain choices for their bodies to certain group of people and demographics. 17 months of misinformation and plot to have this pandemic spread further is too much already.

COVID infected are mingling with the Public denying their symptoms as COVID because they are vaccinated.

Symptomatic or exposed, many are choosing not to be tested for confirmation. Either it’s inconvenient or people genuinely believe they will no longer get COVID after vaccination.

The vaccine is never a cure. Anyone can get sick and be infectious after vaccination.

Within two weeks after every major Holiday, we expect pockets of community COVID surges. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise anymore but a warning to do what we must to protect ourselves.

Flu in Summer far off Flu cold season is COVID. We confirmed this predictable phenomenon last Summer Surge and is a red flag every Summertime.

Some think their runny nose and nasal congestion are Pollen-related Seasonal allergy. It’s Summer drought in California. Plants are dried crisp. Hardly any blooms, hardly any pollens.

In some countries, it’s just surging or on their 2nd surge. In the U.S., our 4th major Pandemic Surge has already started.

Others think it’s Sinus Infection. It’s possible to have Sinusitis plus COVID.

Flu and COVID has already been proven to exist in one person at the same time. The Mix and Match of diseases are astonishing.

Pockets of on going Delta COVID outbreaks in the U.S., 7/22/21, JHU.

Top 5 Delta Variant symptoms: Headache, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, cough and fever.

All 5 doesn’t have to be present for positivity. 1-2 will suffice.

Will I risk it for a bowl of Ramen? Haven’t been to the Mall since December. My wife and I tried on a weekday thinking it’s less crowded. I got a reality check. People are behaving like there’s no Delta COVID Variant. We won’t be coming back for awhile after what we’ve experienced. We were so uncomfortable. Like being inside a lab Petri dish. So, no bowl of Ramen for me. Not worth it and the view, not scenic at all.

Confusion, misinformation and plain “I don’t care attitude,” are driving the new COVID surges. And this is just the beginning.

The U.S. has more than doubled its daily average COVID cases as compared to 4 weeks ago.

U.S. 3,026 more reported COVID new cases from yesterday. 7/23/21, JHU.

What does this mean by late Fall to Winter? It means we will experience again overwhelmed healthcare systems in parts of the country with low vaccinations. Hospitals will be begging for license staff to take care of overflowing patients.

Where to find extra Nurses, Doctors and Respiratory Therapists willing to get sick or die for their profession after more than a year of being overworked frustrated with unresolved, continuous PTSD?

Axios 7/22/21. We are in the steady and increasing new cases.

Tomorrow’s COVID Health Crisis is about not having enough trained Manpower to operate the ventilator machines and take care of the sick and the critical.

Heroes are free and entitled to give up if they want to, just like everyone else. They can choose to shift careers or pursue different fields where they feel safe, protected and valued.

For most, money was never their reason for staying this long but love for what they do and caring for people.

Many of the next generation will likely NOT pursue the medical field having to witness the COVID horrors. I certainly will NOT want it for my son. How the youth will choose their future will be seriously affected by COVID that is here to stay.

Reaching daily average deaths of 1,000/day is likely to happen soon. At our darkest, it was 4,000/day. Will this repeat? So far, nothing has been impossible with COVID.

As of 7/23/21, John Hopkins University Data shows that the U.S. at 610,218 still has the highest Global COVID Death numbers followed by India at 419,470.

1 million or 1, that life meant the World to someone.

Roughly, 166 Million Americans are still vulnerable to contracting COVID with serious complications.

No one knows who will be asymptomatic, have mild symptoms, head to ICU or to their grave.

Being young does not make a person invincible anymore.

We can fight for our Freedom or we can fight for our Life.

It never went away. Top 6 Countries leading the Global Pandemic, 7/23/21, JHU.

What I don’t understand is why people seems more interested of what’s happening to other countries than their own, or how they are more concerned of what’s trending in Tik-Tok than the rise of the Delta Strain and COVID Hospitalizations in their community.

What’s happening in India is tragic, but what’s happening in the U.S. is also tragic.

1 out 5-6 people tested resulted positive for COVID. It’s happening while climate is hot, imagine when it’s Winter?

One life lost will always be tragic. One person not being able to resume their normal day to day activities or fend for themselves will always be tragic.

We are very lucky it is not us… yet.

Everyone’s DNA is unique and we will never know what’s our outcome to COVID until we get infected.

It is insensitive to undermine someone’s possible tragedy but people say and do them anyway. Makes me angry but I’m suppose to just smile, be nice and take it. So I do. Being Fake is the new normal too.

Even co-workers was looking at me strangely when I said, “We will have a second Summer COVID surge.” They thought the vaccine will end it, but not paying attention to what’s going on around them. I swab possible COVID daily patients regularly. That’s real enough for me.

How about the unvaccinated kids going back to school? How risky would it be for our children getting COVID with serious outcomes?

Final Answer: Risky, because it is the virus nature to continually mutate to be more virulent and more pathogenic. The vaccine is simply slowing what is inevitable.

Should we be concerned? We should if it’s important. Should we be afraid? Only if it applies to us.

7/23/21 COVID New Cases 7/23/21, JHU.

Children below 12 years old who are not vaccinated have less mature organs than adults. Some children have underlying health conditions that makes them immunocompromised.

He is very excited to go back to classroom schooling. Mom and Dad, not so much now that Delta strain has been the dominant cause of infection in our community. But we can hope and pray, he will be fine. He will be wearing mask and his classmates though. That’s California Policy, safety first!

With some schools pushing for “No Mask” Rule, adults will be accountable for the next wave of death and sickness because of the decisions they made. Adults who are suppose to protect and keep our children safe.

States that have banned schools from mask mandates are Vermont, South Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

Can we forgive ourselves if our children recover from COVID with a brain comparable to those who suffered from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Stroke?

Can we sleep at night knowing we took away our children’s future and quality of life?

I won’t.

Thank God children are still mostly spared from the pandemic but God may change his mind to teach all a lesson on humility.

The COVID we are dealing now is NOT the same COVID we dealt with during the last surges. The new variants are deadlier, more debilitating.

The COVID we are facing now has evolve into a Super Mutant Variant, and it will continue to evolve because it is in its DNA and RNA, engineered or natural.

River Inn Big Sur. Most not wearing mask, so we didn’t, but this was 2 weeks ago. We trusted the “ Experts” and Leaders, not our instincts. Big mistake when they keep changing their announcements. I should have known better.

Summer’s Headline, “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

Fall and Winter Headline, “Death of the Unvaccinated.”

We gave it all the time it needs to mutate. Delta Strain is a clear evidence that we all will be facing much worse COVID mutations in the years to come.

Tragic? Very, because it’s literally reliving the loss and horrors all over again.

Tragic because it’s preventable and we have a way of eradicating the enemy yet we allow the virus to keep claiming lives.

The Pandora’s Box of Restrictions has been opened. It will be impossible to convince many to do the right thing now. Summer fun can not be stopped by any Health Expert, Governor or The President. History and events has to run its course.


We seat next to a patient with COVID in our doctor’s clinic or in hospitals.

We stand next to a COVID person in the grocery isle and cashier counter.

People don’t realize how fortunate they are to be given the 3 best COVID vaccines in the World at their choosing or not, while the rest of the poor countries in the World gets the scraps or keeps having lockdowns. People will die either of COVID or effects of poverty in these countries.

We breathe the same poorly ventilated air space with a COVID person in a restaurant, bar, gym, stores, school and our own workplace.

We share the same ride, land, air or sea, with a COVID Passenger or Tourist, just different destinations and outcomes.

No more COVID contact tracing. COVID is too widespread that it became impractical and expensive.

Try to enjoy life safely today because with COVID around, life expectancy will be shorter whether we believe the virus is a threat or not. Summer 2021, Monterey.

No one will warn us that we were in contact with a COVID positive person.

No one will tell us that we already spread the virus Home.

Now, back to something fun and amazing.

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Capturing Alive

To capture Alive, I leaned my chest towards the end of a massive boulder. What was I thinking? Inch even closer.

Never let our years passed us by without trying.

Wasn’t Alive enough, so I moved a few more inches just a shy away from plunging into the deep blues beneath.

See, believe and live again…for yourself.

Still not content. I went around the cliff, left hand and arm hugging tightly the rough rock surface, right hand holding the iPhone Camera, feet shaking.

I looked down, some rock debris fell into the ravine.

This time I captured Alive and thank God, no scratches, all limbs intact.

I was happy. I was satisfied.

The things I do to capture Alive? Anything.

The things I do to feel happy? Tango with danger but I’ll dance them anyway.

Through the years, I have lost slowly what used to make me feel Alive. So, I experimented on what will, and so far, these are it. It may not make sense to others but it is so crystal to me.

I am aware of the potential danger but the determination of experiencing Alive, to taste sweet Happiness even just in moments outweighs the risks.

I do have a few scars to remind me of my happiest moments with Nature with those I love. They are good, beautiful scars because of the memories they contain.

People don’t get it, but I don’t have to explain something that is personal and traumatic. They won’t get it anyway. Just more judgement and topic to gossip.

Besides, I’m not doing all these to impress anyone. I am doing them to impress me.

Look closer and really see me. Dig deeper and really understand what is so difficult to understood. Only then…

When I follow my heart and it’s dreams, why is it hard for people to accept? Why is it too much to handle?

The universe has no answer for me, even in its vastness, but it’s the same hope like everyone else’s. Perhaps the universe is just as cowardly and afraid to do something.

We think the danger is before us? No, it’s the one behind us that we thought have our backs covered. We get pushed from the back, not from front. Just how it works.

Self love is not selfish. It’s kindness to self. But people will always make us feel bad for it. Who is selfish now?

We are raised to keep giving. Our Parents, siblings, respected Elderlies said it first, did it first again and again.

Then came Society indoctrinating us to believe caring for self is wrong and enslaving for others is right.

It’s okay to be lost in your own dreams. It’s okay to find you and be you.

People brag about freedom when someone else holds theirs.

We are never free when we are obligated to do things we don’t like or forced to follow things that bothers our conscience or clash with our moral principles and values.

It gave its heart first. I’m simply reciprocating.

When it comes to our own truth, we could be alone in our struggles, loneliness and challenges even if we are in the middle of a crowded room full of laughter.

Gone is the time when people throw stones at you and we throw back love. Gone is the time when people slap our cheek and we offer the other for more slapping. It’s stupid if we don’t learn and be smarter. Abuse is not humane nor is martyrdom.

Back to being close to danger to capture Alive, its nothing compared to the many dangers I faced every time I chose my own dreams over others.

I have swam with sharks, escaped packs of wolves, got bitten and chewed mercilessly, repeatedly. Though I should have died internally many times, miraculously I survived them all. So far…

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. Again, not my time. Not my chapter of creation to end.

Life is a balance. We are given enough to sustain the rest. I look at him, and I see joy and hope.

I always believe, “If it’s my time, then it’s my time.” It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am.

I could be driving the safest speed limit excited to reach my destination, then head on collision with a truck.

Sudden unexpected rerouting to 3 possible destinations: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. Hmm, doesn’t sound exciting now.

Definitely coming back and find more love notes. I might find yours if you leave some.

Instant or slow, death will happen. Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Famous or Unknown, Politicians or Ordinary Folks, death will come for all of us when we least expect it.

Like a thief 24/7, death will sneak in no matter how much anti-theft devices we have in place. It’s non-negotiable. It’s non-bribable. It’s certain no matter how special we thing we are.

You are more than enough, because enough is already overwhelmingly amazing.

Co-workers question why I ask for vacation request often. My answer, “Life is very short. I don’t know what will happen to me next year so I will try to do the things that makes me happy with my Family the soonest.”

Again, is it really selfish to do that? Is it wrong to feel Alive?

He waits for me eagerly now for our next adventure. He used to whine about day trips when I needed an escape or getaway because his games with friends were more important. We hike and travel where hardly anyone goes. He is searching and discovering also he’s kind of Alive. And it’s fun…super fun.

Events, People and how the World works are odd and strange.

What’s unlucky to one, is a blessing to another. What is wasteful to one, is living their best life to another.

Time is subjective. Adventure is perceptive. Happiness is an option by choice. Only natural when we were innocent children, oblivious to the outside World and what people are capable of.

We take our heart where we go. We leave love notes where we hope of coming back. May it still feel like Home when we do. This is the conclusion to my last adventure but the journey of ever changing destinations continues. That’s real life, and we simply Tango with it.

We travel for what? For fun? For experience? For Instagram likes? Or really, to feel Alive or at least, feel something?

Don’t be that pebble that allows others to drown them. Be that pebble that rises above and saves everyone, deserving or not.

Many have been dead long time ago, they just didn’t know it. Those that are aware of their death-like state of living will attempt to drag others to their miserable graves.

In our quest for our dreams, we have been thrown to the sharks and the wolves so many times that walking at the edge of a cliff with winds at 30 miles/hour is a piece of cake. People can be extremely dangerous and terrifying as compared to untamed Nature or the Global Delta Variant.

So why keep living like that? Aren’t we suppose to inherit the Earth and enjoy God’s creations? So, why aren’t we? Why can’t we be good to one another?

We break the chains made by Man and embrace the blessed life, Alive created by God for each one of us.

No one can paint nor take a picture and say, I captured all its beauty and grandness. We can’t. Only God can.

We are meant for Greatness. So, let us claim them.

God never wanted us to be unhappy. He never dreamed for us to keep living the vicious cycle of lifelessness, abuse, lies, discrimination, bondage, injustice and suffering.

No rewinds, no fast forwards, only play our best version of Alive in the present.

We are more if we choose to be more. We are less if we allow ourselves to be less.

So, we stop being dead and start focusing on capturing and staying Alive.

Stay Alive in our own heart because our longevity depends on it, though not a guarantee.

Even John Travolta knew that and danced it so well.

Stay Alive as genuine, true and beautiful as you are. No compromises.

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When Nature Gives It’s Heart

When Nature gives its heart, be ready to be overwhelmed.

I found a heart-shape granite stone by a secluded beach during our random hike, or perhaps it found me. Nature mirrors what the heart can give, though many times, Nature gives so much more than we can reciprocate.

It doesn’t have a mark except an aluminum trash can and an electric post with 3 yellow horizontal lines.

How we ended there or how it found us still baffles me, but I am very grateful for Nature’s generosity.

I almost dropped the iPhone camera when I heard a distant scream, “Dad!”

While taking a picture from the road, I did not notice my son already run towards one of the end cliffs of a hiking trail. Too far for me to reach if…

Normally, I take the lead in our hiking adventures, making sure the path is safe or what lies beyond is exciting or scenic.

That day, he just made a run for it. No warning. No notification. Without a second thought, he leaped for his own spontaneity and adventure.

And what an amazing adventure it was. Far off better than mine that I was in a state of euphoria and delirium. Just chasing him wherever he hops and goes.

The adrenaline was pure, raw, youthful, fearless.

I forgot I was 50 and anytime now my ankles will twist, or I could slipped and there goes the leg or hip.

I was too high on Happiness to care or worry.

I didn’t see danger, just the version of Nature’s Disneyland, blinding fireworks and all.

Anyone felt like they are flying or teleporting from one place to the next? Kind of what I was feeling.

I was hovering. I was zooming. No fear of heights. No fear of falling and or drowning, that is if I accidentally have fallen into the deep ocean water.

We returned quick to the car for food. He told me, “Dad, I want to eat down there,” pointing at the lowest bottom rocks next to the crashing waves.

He wasn’t just looking for a place to eat with the best view but he was eyeing for the one with the best experience.

Oh, my! I raised a better, more extreme Adventurer and Explorer. Daredevil got activated.

So off we hiked down the cliff. The soil was very dry and slippery, so we decided to step on the steep rocks chiseled by Nature like they were stairway steps. We had to lean our bodies towards the middle inner part. It was too windy. Being blown off balance was highly possible. No plan of diving without my Speedos and Life Vest.

What happens next was unbelievable, and I thought I was already being overwhelmed.

To be continued…

Hanging on the edge awakens what is suppose to have been alive. Intensity and vividness should be felt every heartbeat but for most, we can’t because the heart got so callous and monotonous.

The heart can only be revived so many times. We make a run towards discovery and adventure when given a second chance. No wasting time. No second thoughts.

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San Francisco, First U.S. City Showing Signs of COVID-19 Ending

75% percent of San Franciscans above 12 years old are COVID-19 fully vaccinated, and 82% at least received 1 dose.

It’s like a scene from an Alien movie. Just standing a few meters away I joined them. I looked at the Ocean waves rolling towards me, then closed my eyes. The breeze, the wave sounds, the warmth of the Sun, very comforting. Slowly, I breathe in all that’s good and and breathe out all that’s bad consciously, repeatedly. I held my wife’s hand. It was minutes of Nirvana. I opened my eyes, all seems invigorating and light or may be, it was the Body Snatchers. Whatever, it felt nice.

No more mask and social distancing except Healthcare facilities. COVID daily cases and hospitalization negligible as compared to the rest of the country. Zero COVID death.

Concerning Delta Variant seems nowhere to be found.

No one cares if your naked. No one cares if you stare. One was dancing and it was wiggling. No judgment. No shaming. Acceptance. Few cities is like SF. It’s closest to what defines being free for all. No wonder people from all over the World calls it Home.

Is it possible then that San Francisco could be the first major U.S. City to have beaten the COVID-19 Pandemic? Looks and feels like it.

Being able to reach the light at the end of the tunnel 17 months after, it’s reasonable to conclude, “The Vaccine worked. The Mask and Safety Mandates worked. People regardless of differences unifying together worked. Being selfless worked.”

Baker Beach looked and feel very different from last year’s Summer. We were having a Summer surge then.

When other States are on the brink of another disaster due to the worsening Delta Variant COVID-19 Emergency, San Franciscans are returning back to their normal way of enjoying life.

It’s infectious to see people genuinely happy. Makes you smile and laugh back and it’s very real.

San Franciscans have done the impossible and did the incredible.

Strange to feel normal in one city and not in others. This will be the new America for awhile, a contrast of life and events between the most COVID vaccinated and the least. No escaping from that reality. No discrimination from that truth. Same goes for the rest of the World.

Their stories are an inspiration to people and communities still battling the invincible Army of Sickness and Death.

San Francisco has become the new epicenter of Hope.

Marin Headlands overlook.

Impressive 360 degrees turn of events from being part of the top 3 Epicenters of the first outbreak in America to being the first city to rise up victorious.

City establishments still suffering from the after effects of the pandemic. The Malls are still a sad place to hang out. Many businesses have died, some for good. Anywhere outdoors, close to the ocean and the iconic Golden Gate are busy again with people reclaiming the things they missed. May it be enough to revive businesses and entice those that left to come back. Many took their hearts away from San Francisco. I was one of them until today.

The California Dream of Freedom from COVID-19 has turned to reality in San Francisco. The city is given a precious opportunity to once again rebuild and reinvent itself to become the greatest City by the Bay. Will take time and a lot of work, but signs of rebirth has already began. May people not waste it. May people learn from its past.

Happiness is never easy. It needs effort. It needs sacrifice. With COVID-19, it asked from everyone the Epic of sacrifices that separates the Heroes from the Narcissists, the Worst from the Best, the Evil from the Good, the Patient from the Impatient.

Ranch 99 Dim Sum and Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapples was our Lunch at a parking lot overlooking the bridge. Golden and delicious. This is my Family’s Normal when we crave adventure, and I love every moment of it.

To all who made this miracle possible congratulations and thank you.

Finally, “Better” happened.

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McWay Falls

When the tides are high at McWay Creek in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, an incredible 80-foot-tall waterfall dives gracefully into the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful is when we stop breathing for moment because of awe and wonder of God’s creation.

Visitors can only admire it from afar. The distance between humans and nature keeps it pristine and undisturbed.

Few Summers ago, we took a roadtrip to Mcway Falls for the first time. He was just in Middle School. I can never replicate it but I can only try to make a new Summer moment that hopeful is just as unforgettable. Our kids will likely forget the expensive toys and gadgets we bought them but they will never forget a beautiful happy experience. I haven’t.

A memorable Big Sur roadtrip adventure is never complete without a visit to this Nature’s unique spectacle.

Summer happens for a reason. It is where many of our happy childhood and family moments were created. It’s a fleeting gift the heart carries and treasures forever.

So we make more while we still have time because no Summer is the same nor has a repeat option.

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Maskless and Free

On Holiday weekend my son asked, “Dad, what’s 4th of July?” What does it mean?” My answer, “It’s Independence.”

For the first time I walked in my city maskless. I felt free. People I see maskless also looked very free.

He asked again, “Dad, what is Independence? What does it mean?”

Off work, I have a choice now to say goodbye to wearing mask. At work, mask is mandatory 40 hours/wk, 8 hours/day of restricted breathing. I may have gotten used to it but it’s never normal to no longer recognize the faces of your co-workers after not seeing them without a mask for more than a year.

Summarizing in one word from all the versions I’m told, I replied, “It’s Freedom.”

I’m not brave enough to be maskless indoors with strangers. I was at Ross and a maskless woman coughed repetitively like it was fine while me and my son was behind her. Experience is a better teacher than health experts. There is a Super Delta Variant that is not in the news yet.

Persistent, he asked again, this time I caught a mischievous smile on his face, “Dad, what is Freedom. What does it mean?”

Some see. Some don’t. Some listen. Some don’t. Some care. Some don’t. We don’t take it personally or we will go crazy.

Suspicious that his leading me into a trap when likely he already knows the answer, I replied laughing, “You’re the one in school. You should know what it means.”

He laughed back hard. He knew I knew. Busted.

Many unvaccinated will die or develop long term complication in counties with the lowest rate of vaccination by next November to January 2022. Currently, it’s averaging 200 deaths/day.

That ended the questioning but his questions made me question what 4th of July means to me.

I can see where he’s coming from and I admire his way of thinking and that of his YouTube generation.

They don’t settle for what peoples tells them but will research and discover for themselves what things mean and how these applies to their reality.

It’s good to breathe and walk around normally .

So, what does Freedom Day means to me? Am I part of the millions of brave dreamy stars that lights up our beloved Home to shine its brightest and most beautiful?

With mask, the world is partly hidden, foggy, blurry. The sounds, muffled. Like having seasonal allergies all the time.

When people shout, “Our Freedom, Our Country,” am I part of that cry or am I part of the group of people they hate and despise?

Without the mask , the world as it should be, crisp, crystal clear, alive.

Being a minority of Color in America, what does this National Holiday celebrated with Fireworks, Parades and BBQ parties really means to me?

Remember those who sacrificed to be where we are now in this on going Pandemic. Have we looked back to our Essentials who never rested and even say, “Thank You?” For a few, too late because they are already dead or quit their jobs.

It’s Hope to belong and be accepted as equal.

It takes courage to fit in. Immigrants have to be fearless to call another country home. People think it’s easy forgetting all that you were and assimilating all that you’re not. Never is.

It’s Hope to feel that I am part the community I serve and not feel weirdly foreign, an outsider, isolated, detached.

To move, think, speak and live free is a gift we should never take for granted. Be grateful for them. Not everyone is entitled to have them in this world. Perhaps in the after life.

It’s Hope for fair justice, kindness and equal opportunity.

“Peace I give you. Peace I bring you.” Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s free.

It’s Hope to be free from all that binds me and controls me.

We revisited most of the places we love, just cruising and taking our time along coastal HWY-1. Few Sunny spots, mostly cloudy. The road was surprisingly not busy at all.

It’s Hope that I can be myself doing what I love and find happiness in them.

We are Cat and Mouse sometimes but she’s my BFF no matter what. Besides, I need her navigation direction skills when taking road trips.

It’s Hope that my dreams stand a chance and last longer.

Everyone is celebrating their version of Freedom and it rounds up to 3 F’s: Family, Food, Fun. The 4th and most important, Faith seems to be missing. It’s easy to forget when we’re in Happy Land.

It’s Hope that one day I don’t have to report to a System that has everyone in chains.

Anyone dependent on other people is never free.

Freedom is real at the beach.

We stop working, we starve. We quit our job, we will loose our home, car, anything materially significant.

We will even loose some friends and family. Poof! There’s goes everything.

Roadhouse Davenport, best place to eat when on the road in Santa Cruz County. Just beyond the window is an amazing beach and adventure.

It’s Hope to stop living in fear. To stop worrying. To stop being affected by the negative toxicity and abusive bull shit.

This is what I order all the time, Roadhouse Blue Cheese Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. I shared it with me wife, 50/50.

It’s Hope to see the world and breathe without a mask, even for day.

Ah, carb delicious Heaven.

It’s Hope that the heart stops breaking.

Small people have to stretch harder to reach the top. So we did.

So for one day on July 4th, my Hopes happened. I was free. I was maskless. I get to do what I want and not have to report to anyone. I get to be the boss of my own life and be where my heart is happiest.

My Heart stopped breaking.

Adventure time…

Listening to my favorite Love Songs of the 80’s and 90’s, I did my long walk on the street, at the park, smelled the roses, enjoyed the Sun and Wind without a mask, without worries, without care.

Then a spontaneous last minute day trip from Davenport to Coastal Daly City. It was fun. It was liberating. I felt limitless.

A quick hike all by my self. Wife and son waited in the car. Their excuse, “We’re hungry.”

Enjoying my last hour of freedom before work began, I hurriedly wrote my thoughts before I forget my true free and happy self again.

See closer. Be curious. Take time to freeze moments.

So if you ask me if I’m really free, I would say, “Somedays and sometimes.”

I normally like to see things at the edge. Sometimes I do need to pay attention if someone is behind me when too excited. One push, that’s it!

No such thing as totally bring free. Freedom has a price and we all are bound to something or to someone.

He was like me…aren’t we all?

For now, I’m clocking in so I can earn enough for my next Freedom Day which by the way can be any day of my choosing. It’s what free people are suppose to do.

Freedom is not Man-made. It is a birth right of all. Until it’s everyone, our dream and hope goes on.

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Monastery Beach, Ethereal and Unexpected

It never captured our fancy until the day weather intervened.

Every time we take a day trip to Big Sur, there’s this beach just before Point Lobos that seems ordinary yet often has lots of people in it. Didn’t understand the appeal till…

Supposed to be a great weather weekend, so we drove towards our Off The Grid Summer spot towards Big Sur. As we entered Moss Landing, no Sun in sight. My heart sunk. I had to decide whether to turn back to Santa Cruz where it was sunny or drive further and hope the Sun is shining bright somewhere in that direction.

Full Sun at Sand City. Our mood immediately skyrocketed.

By Carmel-by-the-Sea, Sun gone again. Heart sunk for the second time. We can’t gamble our Family Day anymore as it was getting late, 4 P.M. late. So, we decided to stop to the nearest beach that has full Sun and trust everything to fate.

From the road, Monastery Beach doesn’t look scenic at all, but it’s only when you enter it’s world do you see what truly draws people here.

It’s magic and solitude, wonder and happiness, all wrap in one perfect adventure.

Monastery Beach is happy Sun and peaceful blues, mystic grey fog and playful shape shifting clouds in a spellbinding masquerade ball from sky, land and sea.

Enchanting on one side from Sunrise to Sunset. Dramatic on the other where the mountain silhouettes transition from clear to fading, almost like how we feel when saying goodbye but our hearts are not yet ready to leave and let go.

Breathtaking. Moving. Inspiring. Nostalgic.

Eerie East, a massive fog rose suddenly and quickly from the sea swallowing everything in its path, people and houses included. Everything and everyone seemed like they just vanished into thin air, my wife inside our tent included.

Can’t see my wife or our tent from where me and my son were standing. Zero visibility fog in minutes. And weather app said 88 degrees Sunny that morning.

After 2 hours of cooking and eating, my son and I took a hike and explored what lies beyond the old Cypress Trees and chiseled rocks. I love food but I love adventure more, and my feet was getting itchy restless.

Ethereal and unexpected, Monastery Beach was giving us panoramic views like we’ve never seen before and moments we haven’t experienced from the other beaches we’d been.

Impressive. Humbled. We were fortunate to witness a precious glimpse of creation that is both powerful and divine.

As the Sun started to go down, we tried to capture as fast as we could the remaining golden moments of the day.

On the way back to our tent, an intense rush of contentment, joy and gratitude.

We don’t have to plan too much to experience something beautiful and surreal. We just embrace spontaneity and allow it to do what it does best.

Trust that fate, even weather will intervene and take us places beyond our wildest imagination.

Incredible ethereal and unexpected surprises happen when we let go and let God.

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Garappata Beach, Chameleon of Beaches

Today, we get to experience Summer that is truly us. For a moment nothing else matters except him, her, me and the beach we love.

Calla Lily Valley, California Dream Adventure like no other.

In my native tongue, Garappata means tick or parasite. First verbal reaction, “Eeew,” followed by fleeing. So, when a friend told me few Summers ago, “Check Garappata when heading to Big Sur,” my response was, “What? Is it nice?”

Heavy clouds embracing the mountain peaks. The Ocean yearning and longing to be embraced too now that distancing and paranoia has become a norm. Nature and People will heal the wrong and the broken…in time.

It is unfortunate if we judge a place based on its name or review because we are only depriving ourselves of the opportunity to experience something marvelous.

This is what we saw on our first visit. The play of colors, shapes and textures…incredible. Nature was in a super happy mood that day and we’re just lucky to be there to play in it.

Even during this era of popular reviews and likes, must-travel destinations needs to be personal because travel experiences are subjective. They are unique and perceive differently by every individual. It’s like the movie critics versus the general patronage with their subjective criticisms. What critics don’t like, we average movie goers may actually find enjoyable and entertaining.

California Nature Carpet Palette…Bohemian, Artistic, Dreamy, Optimistic, Diverse, Care Free, Always Summertime. It reflects the California Culture and Vibe. Here, Birds of different feathers, flock together because of their universal love for the same, Freedom, Happiness, Nature and Outdoors.

People standards are different when it comes to appreciation, Nature included. Some people are simple to please and their happiness easy. Others amazing has to be loaded to be impressed.

Fossilized Rocks

Back to our diamond in the rough, Garrapata Beach at Garappata State Park in Northern California is the Chameleon of beaches. The beach is never the same with each visit. It constantly changes with the weather, seasons and tides. It synchs with the mood and temperament of the sky. Weather Apps are advisable though sometimes this beach teases and surprises weather predictions.

360 degrees of Awesomeness. You have to see the views and details from every weather, angle and direction. That requires multiple visits.

Anyone searching for a quiet escape, Garappata Beach is perfectly secluded. Driving towards it, a Veteran Traveler can spot right away the difference between Garrapata and the other more famous tourist spots. That alone is a gem when we value space and safety in this constantly changing COVID-19 Pandemic World vaccinated or not.

I see many tourists just pass by, watch the ocean a bit, take some pictures and selfies then leave. To each his own but I think they are missing what is most enjoyable in this California paradise.

Some search for the undisturbed and the blissfully silent. Others search for the fun noise in action packed places.

Respect Nature and People and they will take care of us for a very long time. Meet my hiking friend, Lizard. He lived here together with the original owners of the Land, The American Indians way back when the Land was still pure and undiscovered.

Pristine Garappata can get boring for the thrill seekers. The beach is ideal for resting and can be challenging for the restless to stay put. Me included. So, keeping it interestingly fresh with every visit keeps my feet on the sand.

We hike wherever there’s a chance to hike. We venture on untraveled paths even if the sign says, “No Entry.” Our secret, don’t tell. A bit of danger adds to the excitement.

What awes me at this place? A lot, but let me start with the local frosted bluish green succulents hanging bravely on its cliff walls.

How they survive and flourish this beautiful is a miracle.

The succulents grow snowflakes-like white flowers reminiscent of Winter’s magic.

It has its cousin succulents in Montara only they are vibrant green with bright yellow flowers most beautiful in Spring and Summer.

Montara succulents in full bloom. This was Nature Spring 2020. The Earth for the first time was healing because humans retreated in their homes around the world. COVID was feared then.

Then there’s the mountain crystal clear stream surrounded by robust Calla Lilies that passionately meets the Ocean like secret lovers. Romance and adventure are an addicting euphoric mix.

The Valley of the unforgettable blooms.

The sound of water cascading from layers of sandy soil and pebbles creates a very soothing music like that of bamboo chimes singing with the wind. Hypnotically calming.

Take time to listen and fall in love all over again…with yourself and everything you love.

Best but rare. When the tides are low, a hidden lagoon reveals itself behind two mountain rocks in front of a bridge. It doesn’t happen often so we were fortunate to see it twice. Don’t attempt to cross when the tides are high. The waves are tall and powerful. One can easily be swept and swallowed by the Ocean.

Secret Lagoon with Hidden Caves, that’s amazing enough for us, and the excitement of being able to see it again inspires us to keep going back.

Option B if you really want to see it, climb up and down the rocks that surrounds it. Be careful, the rocks are jagged, sharp and steep.

Bare feet beach rock climbing. He is my Hiking and Fitness Buddy. When Father and Son relationships becomes both Family and Friendship, we struck Gold! Best treasure there is.

Our roadtrip must haves: Picnic basket full of food and beverage, Griller, Beach Tent and Mat, Football and Card Games.

It’s hard to diet when the food is so delicious. Make it medium rare please.

Oh, and my iPhone 8 Camera. Can’t just take pictures for sharing with my eyes.

Our Blue Tent House. Instant Home in every place that matters to us as a Family.

So when having a Roadtrip to Big Sur, Carmel or Monterey. Check this paradise and tell me what it unveils for you. It’s a romantic beach that will win your heart with creativity and unique moments that are just made for you. Don’t you feel special already? You should cause you are.”

I wouldn’t have seen nor experience this if I didn’t took the time to go back and really look and enjoy the moment. This is why even for a day, Family road trips are important to me…to us.

Write stories that makes us realize how blessed and happy our lives had been, is and will be. Our lives, our adventures however we want it.

The Lagoon was all ours. He was building a pebble tower while I was trying to climb the rocks to get a picture of the frosted succulents.

The moment we stop following, comparing and competing for what’s “amazing” in the Social Media Travel and Lifestyle frenzy, the closer we are to our own happiness and inner calmness.

Open roof cave. At night, you can gaze at the stars.

So, delete the Apps we don’t need and just keep the one that inspires and connects with us the most.

Zen is having less and living more.

Believe me, having less will make our lives happier and less stressful. It’s one free prescription to gain back our Mental and Emotional Wellness.

Our finished tower. I helped him find flat pebbles so we can raise it as high as we can. Everyone’s welcome to our tower before it falls down. It’s free and all natural.

Follow our heart because it will lead us to everything genuinely amazing.

Some days, it just blends and camouflaged with its surroundings to be invincible. It’s a way to protect itself from the outside world’s abuse and exploitation.

So, go and enjoy every moment and adventure your Summer has to offer. Make lots of happy family memories because that is guaranteed to last forever.

Had to almost crawl to see what’s inside the cave. Didn’t know it exist until today. This and the rock climbing to get into the lagoon, one awesome heck of an adventure. Summer 6/27/21.

Every minute waisted not doing anything is a lost opportunity to discover something truly marvelous.

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