Star Wars Toy Collectibles Garage Sale

“Dad, garage sale collectibles tomorrow. It’s near us. See these boxes? If I’m correct, they are old expensive Star Wars Toy Collection.”

I woke at 7 A.M. so we can get in time for the 9 A.M. Toy Collectibles Garage Sale.

I didn’t realize how valuable the collections were until we started talking to the Collector and his Mom.

They have been collecting them since he was 4, and now he’s 40. Many of them are not sold in stores anymore. One Star Wars Action Figure was from a 2005 exclusive Comic Con. I stop counting how many times I said, “Wow” that morning.

It’s was too unbelievable to be true, but there it was, a yard with boxes and boxes of Toy Collectibles.

We haven’t seen so many Star Wars Toy Collections in one place. All were well preserved in their original packages with meticulous care that reflects how much the Collector loved them.

My Son spent all his cash in his pocket, but excitedly told me, “Dad, some of these are 10 times more. Like the Princess Leia for $3 is $30 in eBay. And I got 4 of them.” He showed me later how much they were being sold online, he was right. Some even cost more than what he told me. Some for highest bidder.

We’re all having so much fun that an hour flew by. Collector gave my Son lots of discount. Wife of the Collector said, “You Guys are our biggest Customer so far.” I replied, “Yes, and we’re the luckiest too.”

The Collector brought all the boxes of Star Wars Action Figures for my Son to look at. Son was very lucky to get all the Trilogy Action Figures.

It felt like Christmas Day excitement and happiness. It’s like we all won something big, my Son especially.

We got some Funkos too.

I told the Mom of the Collector, “Looks like Christmas came early for us.” She smiled and said, “Yes, it did.”

On the way Home, Son said, “I’m Happy,” twice. Me and his Mom replied, “We’re glad.”

Marvels, DC, Lord of the Rings, Spawn, Sports Action Figures, Disney characters, Hotwheels, Matchbox, there’s just so many.

The joy on his face and voice was priceless. He looked like the little Kid I remember opening his Christmas gifts on Christmas Day several years ago. It was a wonderful sight, and I felt very lucky to have seen and witnessed it all.

Christmas is a time when imagination comes to life when we believe and hope with all our heart. It doesn’t have to happen on Christmas Day. It can happen now or tomorrow. We are living proof that Christmas Day can be any day.

Christmas came early. Was it by coincidence or fate? I don’t know, but I’m very thankful.

Mother of the Collector said, “My Son will visit me in Vegas so he can help me sell my Toy Collections too. I have a house and a garage full of them which I had been collecting through the years.”

He has this eBay App that shows him how much each Toy Collectible is sold. Limited Edition Funkos can double its original price just few days after they are sold out.

That evening, my Son told his Mom to text the Collector when will be the Vegas Garage Sale happening. He then announced, “Guys, we’re going to Vegas for the Garage Sale,” like he was very sure of it.

Love his dreamy enthusiasm, but who knows what happens when we truly believe, right?

Triplets Princess Leia

“Dear Santa, I wish for a Family Vegas Trip please.”

But first, I have to pass the Naughty or Nice Test.

My Son doesn’t realize it, but he has been sharing early Joy of Christmas to other People this past week. He already sent more than 30 packages of Funkos and Toy Collectibles. And I have 4 to ship this morning. I don’t think he is doing this just for the money. It’s more of doing something that makes him happy and other People. Pure Passion. Truly beautiful. Makes me wanna Hope and Believe the Spirit and Magic of Christmas is real and lasting.

November is in a hurry to end, so will December. It’s up to us to slow down time and make beautiful, happy memories that lives on forever.

“Joy to the World, the Lord has come.” May we not miss again the Glory and Wonder of God’s great Love. Being busy is not an excuse, nor is COVID. Time for something more this Christmastime and for 2022.

When this year is over, it’s over. No reruns. So, let our Wish List come true while we can. Believe in the Magic that’s already within all of us.

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Finding Me at Fort Funston

Too early for Joy? Not Really. Too soon for Bright and Merry? Not at all. Holiday Cheer? Anytime now please.

It takes only one symbol to remind us Christmas is something we already have all throughout the year. We don’t need a calendar for it. Holiday Camper we got for free at World Market. Yep, forever car fixture 2022.

My mood swings were shifting badly from Mr. Lonely to Angry Brat. It’s suppose to be a weekend of fun and relaxation after 6 straight days of work, but Grumpy Grinch me took over and stole all my Joy and Calm.

View from the top overlooking the coastline of San Francisco.

I was worse than Scrooge in The Christmas Carol. I hated being cold and miserable. It wasn’t me at all. Was I possessed? Do I need Exorcism? Seems like it. “Father, forgive me for I have sinned.” How many? Too many to count.

We see Beauty, but miss Fragility. Just one more push, perhaps a stronger Aggressor, and off the cliff Beauty goes. Monsters comes in all Faces, Shapes and Forms. Many don’t even know they are Monsters to someone’s Living Nightmares.

“If being sweet and kind equals I’m sorry, then it worked. But may be, it’s just because they love me that much, and that they truly just want me to be happy. I don’t know. I’m too scared to ask. So, I assume they do. I assume they understand.”

I have walked on both. Light and Darkness. End of the Tunnel is real. So is the abyss. I climbed the steep Hill so I can reach its roof that is now covered with soil, trees, bushes, concrete and graffitis. It is of what’s left of History.

Monday, Wife needs to drop off 4 Holiday boxes for International Shipment. News was hope. There are several Coastal Hiking Trails close to it. Perhaps I’ll find my Joy and Calm again. Perhaps I’ll find me.

Standing at its highest point. No one in sight except me. It was peaceful.

Driving to Daly City was nice. Freeway not busy. All was smooth except someone almost hit our car on my driver’s side. While I moved my car forward to back up safely, a blue car out of nowhere tried to park where I was about to park pretending we were not there at all. Sneaky, and wow!

SF National Parks preserves Nature and History. It’s proof that a City can prosper both with the new and the old. Balance. Compromise. Conservation. Selfless. Future.

Anyways, I pretended not to see the blue car too and was able to successfully parked my car. Strange why people like to park in clusters when the parking lot was so spacious. Competition thrill? To annoy? Well, it worked. I was annoyed.

Battery David from afar. Strong and Brave, as always.

Fort Funston, 6 years after wasn’t the same place I remember. It was better, so much better. I wasn’t the same, either. 6 years after, I was from good then to worse now. Wish I can tell you differently. Truth as always.

Seems easy until it was time to climb back up.

My first memory of Fort Funston was chilly, Foggy, misty, a contrast to today’s moment of beautiful warm Sun with clear Skies and bluest of blue Ocean. Everything looks Postcard perfect.

Time Heals and Builds. Time can also destroy in the wrong hands. Climate Change and Global Warning will one day reclaim this beach. Enjoy and appreciate what we have today. Take pictures. Make videos. Create great moments and memories. They might all that we have 50 years from now.

Happy People and happy Dogs everywhere. Their Happiness, contagious and rubbing on me. It’s true that when you surround yourself with more energetic, positive and happy People, we tend to mirror their emotions and mood. Like when someone smiles at us, don’t we smile back, even if it’s forced or crooked?

Forgotten. Reinvented. Above the deck, the beach looked different. Perhaps it’s psychological. Maybe it is. My mind can be too creative and trusting. That is a liability. Not everyone is trustworthy. Not everyone is deserving.

I turned on my Surfin’ USA Beach Boys Playlist as I proceed on my Coastal Hiking Trail.

Few minutes later, I was singing, dancing, rolling and waving my hands in the air. I was Euphoric. I was High on Happy. I got Music. I got Rhythm. I got Sunshine. I got me back.

I left the World behind me, and entered the World that I lost. I felt every cell in my body reactivated and powered up. Streams of peace and happiness just flowing in abundance. I felt alive again. I felt me again.

Alone but not Lonely. Isolated but in Cozy Solitude. Anti-Social but so comfortable and content being by myself. Is it crazy? Is it weird? Don’t know. Don’t care. It just felt so good.

Cobwebs are beautiful, but why do People destroy them when it’s Home to Spiders who are not hurting anyone. Humans like to destroy things because it gives them amusement and power rush. Cleanliness is NOT Godliness. Humans made that up to feel better.

Middle Age is a milestone of make it or break it, not just about Success in life but on Happiness, Relationships and Wellness. It can be a glorious age or can be very difficult and challenging. It’s mix and match of best and worst, more or less, Winners and Losers with lots of People in the middle just trying, struggling, surviving. It’s Gold, Dust and Sand.

We can’t run from our past if our memories are still haunted by them. We can bury the memories but they will resurface when we let our guard down. Can be very exhausting.

Many have fallen and never found themselves again. The World don’t talk about them. We don’t talk about them. Their stories and dreams erased like they never existed, but they did exist. Once, they were real People that mattered.

I see more because I believe there is more.

If we close our eyes in absolute silence, we can hear their faint cries and echoes. They only wished to be remembered. Perhaps, given a second chance to do things differently. Those cries and echoes can be our own.

Goddess of Dogs by Fort Funston. She watches and protects all her Beloved and their Human Families.

Been fighting anxiety, depression and anger for a few years now. Many don’t believe me when I tell them my story or what I’m going through. They think I’m not serious nor is it serious.

They see me as someone too happy or makes everyone happy that me being unhappy sounds unbelievable. Makes me relate all the more to People going through Mental Health feeling unheard, ignored, dismissed, alone.

Some days, it’s easier to give up and let the Demons take over. I am still there when it happens, just paralyzed, voiceless, unable to do anything. I don’t struggle because I know it does end and everything restarts looking all perfect and amazing like nothing happened.

Being Lost didn’t happen by accident. People, Events and Life Circumstances pushed us to get Lost. No training. No survival kit. It’s all instincts and self preservation, if that is the path of choosing. Then, there’s the easy way out.

Society, including Friends and Family are not ready to honestly deal with Mental Health. We advertised that we do, but rattled and turn our backs when someone opens up and ask our help.

We keep saying we understand Mental Health, but our actions are major disappointments, this includes Health Care Professionals who supposedly are knowledgeable and experienced.

Mental Health is still a Taboo and Mental Illness still considered an embarrassment and scandal by many. Symptoms of Mental illness can cripple if not kill. That is how real and serious Mental Health Problem is to someone experiencing its worsts without support and help.

Abandoned or still welcomed? Insignificant or still useful? Discarded or still valuable?

I know, there are People like me out there struggling with their Demons too both self created and unleashed by other People. We need to keep going. We need to keep fighting. We need to keep living. We do have resources and caring Health Providers out there. We just need to find the one that works and understands.

Who’s trapped? Who’s free? Depends on which side we are looking from. They say, “Happiness is a choice.” It is but also not. Wagon behind Bars, Bars behind Wagon. Location and Perspective.

Be Home from within this Christmas and the Holidays. Be our own gift of Joy and Calm. Light up bright to illuminate all darkness. Smile until we smile happy. Dance till we’re floating on Happiness.

They are more than just rust and dirt. They are more than just letters and words. They are screams. They are footprints. They are messages and stories. They are People. They are hearts hoping to be loved, accepted and be made whole once again.

Uphill climbing was harder. Took several stops to catch my breathe. I was so glad to reach the car. Relieved. Reborn.

Demon Slayer or Demon State? Depends on the State of Mind, Mood and Circumstances.

Wife asked me as soon as I entered the car, “Happy?” My answer, “Very.” I then shared with her all my little hiking adventures like I just had my second cup of Nespresso. Yep, I can be very talkative when very excited.

Finally, I bought myself Hiking Shoes. Everything seems close and easy. I was running up and down sands like I was stepping on rocks.

“Mood is a series of emotions from extremes of nothingness to blessed comfort. Where we are most content and happiest, that is the goal, that is the dream state. It’s never constant. It changes like Climate and Weather. Seize the good ones, and deal quickly the bad ones. It’s a cycle. So, Hope is always there.”

Mood is a symptom. We don’t ignore it. We don’t ignore us.

I took a short cut because there’s no reason to delay what the heart is aiming for. Still took an hour for everything, but every moment was well spent. I think my Wellness was well deserved and hard earned. I think I was worth an hour.

We all have our Fort Funston. It’s our Happy Place. It’s where everything feels right, safe and free. It’s our Place of Escape and Reset so we can go back to the real World okay and ready.

Cherish that Circle that accepts us for who we are and willing to stay in the middle of the crazy mood swings and inner terror. Don’t forget to thank all, beginning with ourselves. We didn’t make it this far without the Self holding everything together.

It’s Thanksgiving. I just want to thank all of you for the generous encouragement and support. The Blogging Space has been one of my Fort Funston. It’s been everything I want and need it to be. Here, I get to be me whenever, wherever. Here, I get to find me. May it does the same for you. Never give up you. Stronger Together.

Grateful and Blessed. Thank You Everyone.🙏

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San Francisco On A Quiet Day

Take away all the dizzying noisy crowded tourist destinations, and one can actually see the real San Francisco.

I’ve seen it a hundred times, but it always feels like it’s my first.

Simple, transparent, laid back, beautiful, haunting, a City unique yet universally home to every person who choose to be a part of it.

This is how we park.

On a quiet day, it’s hums nostalgia. On a clear day, it breathes freedom and rebellion. When no one’s watching, it’s allows itself to be vulnerable to those who deserves it.

If we can defy Gravity. We can defy Political Tyranny and Societal Oppression. We are Revolution and Movement whenever needed and called for.

It’s steps, welcoming like Time skipped and preserve its youth and innocence.

Diversity, Equality and Acceptance, not every City in the World is cool with that, but here in San Francisco, you are one of us and we will respect, honor and celebrate you for who you are.

It’s Architecture, a reminder that there is wonder and magnificence in what’s old, and modernism is not for everyone.

Sometimes, one forgets it’s 2021 because we never really left the 70’s. The good stuff of the Golden Era we kept. It’s vibe and lifestyle we intertwined with our present day evolution.

Something Vintage, Something New. Our creativity does not conform. It’s an extension of our individually while open for collaboration with fresh ideas and concepts.

San Franciscans are resilient. They are eclectic. Their thinking questions, their beliefs brings change. They are bold, outspoken, broad minded, curious, accepting, innovative, tolerant, chilled, artistic, dreamy. They are what defines the City, and not the City defining them.

Wasteland to Wonderland? Very San Francisco.

On your next SF visit. Skip the usual and walk the normal. I promise, you will see what I see and experience the extraordinary.

Art is Art. Love is Love. Beauty is Beauty. Life is Life. People are People.

San Francisco sees me the way I want to be seen, and that is something I can’t just find anywhere else.

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Another Winter is Coming

Another Winter is coming. Normally, it’s an exciting time with Christmas and the Holidays, but their is another worrisome possibility that will not be as merry.

Last Winter, Santa took Mom and Dad. Who will Santa take this Winter?

This is the first Winter since America was caught off guard by the COVID Pandemic that may have no more Hospital Surges and strict restrictions. Could be the first Winter with no massive COVID deaths. Could be.

Many will have their Joy this Season, but not everyone. Not just because of COVID. There’s Poverty. There’s Sickness. There’s Human Cruelty. There’s Broken Relationships. Truth is no glitter and Gold.

While the rest of the Poor Countries are waiting to be immunized. Rich Countries are getting their Booster. While some countries are still on semi lockdowns, others have forgotten the Pandemic even happened. Well, some never really believed it was ever real from the disease, the deaths, the hospitalizations, the mask and the vaccines. That COVID was a made up exaggeration to take someone’s Freedom. That it is only a Political Propaganda which I don’t really get because it did not only happen in America but the World over.

Second Thanksgiving next week to have survived the Pandemic, all healthy and blessed. So, yes, I’m very grateful.

Death this Winter will still claim lives, but not as horrifying as last Winter. Mostly, it will happen in places where many still do not believe that COVID is life threatening nor the Miracle of Science to end the Pandemic is a miracle.

Every Star can shine. Some needs help to realize they can Shine too. Brightest Stars are the Givers, but their light is exhaustible.

People do have the right to refuse a vaccine they believe is infused with harmful ingredients and magnetizing trackers, but People also have the right to live.

“Believe” is not just for Children. Adults actually need it more, much, much more.

How bad this next COVID Winter will be depends on three important variables, which are Vaccine Immunity, COVID Mutations and People’s Behavior.

We have many reasons to be Merry. We just have to remember and acknowledge what they are. Our Christmas Tree started early for the second year. It has to. It has to last longer too.

We all have our opinions. We all have our beliefs. Right and Wrong are subjective. I just hope more get to live longer to enjoy life in peace, love and unity. Isn’t that something we all want?

There will always be Hope. God so loved us all that he sent his Beloved Son to save us. Are we worth saving? Probably not, but God is the most generous Giver of all and he doesn’t hold grudges.

One America, One People, that is the New American Dream. May be, it’s something we can give to each other as Christmas Gifts so our 2022 will begin with all things good and not with an another Insurrection followed by a COVID Summer Surge.

How Merry and Bright every Home would be? It will vary. Even Christmas is not created and celebrated equally. It’s a Fantasy to think everyone will just be provided with generous material gifts under the Christmas Tree and a table full of delicious food.

“Close to 250,000 Americans died last Winter because of COVID. They were real People with real Families taken by a real Global Pandemic. This Winter, it’s their First Death Anniversary. Spring Projection, 1 Million U.S. COVID Deaths. It doesn’t have to, but may just happen.”

Mr. Grinch didn’t stole Christmas. He just tells People straight forward Truth. Unlike Santa, he is not into sugarcoating and unrealistic over optimism. But People like to be dazzled, so many lies continues.

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Total US deaths from Covid may reach 1 million by spring as vaccination rates remain lower than 60%

The doctor fleeing Tennessee over Covid

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Is It Wrong To Love Yourself?

“People around us our quick to judge of what they see but never bother to ask sincerely how we are doing, much more help to make things feel better. They will even talk about us like we can’t hear them. We exist but invincible to them.”

Until broken do we realize loving self truly is important.

I see People take Selfies a lot. Is it to please others or is it to please self. Capture a Moment or Vanity? Insecurity or Pressure to present self amazing just because everyone else is doing it? Social Media should make us feel good about ourselves, not worse.

“You’re selfish! You only care about yourself.” Sounds familiar?

“You’re ungrateful. You need to pay back what we invested on you.” Still doesn’t ring a bell?

“I don’t want to hear about your problems, but you need to listen to listen to ours?” Okay, this one may not be universally applicable.

Love is not a fairy tale. Perhaps in the beginning or once upon a time. Love is Battlefield. Some days we Win. Some days we Loose. In all, we fight for as long as we believe in the trueness and worth of that Love.

“You’re a Bad Person for choosing what makes you happy. It’s Us or You.” Not a Telenovela line. It’s real, heart wrenching, life draining on going constant drama.

There is a stressful, painful internal conflict between old world traditional love your Family and Others first versus modern day mindfulness love Yourself first.

Often, they don’t go well together. It’s one or the other. One will be happy, while the other sad, angry, even resentful. Some are lucky and gets to have both.

I was once part of the Chain. I don’t really have the right word to describe being apart from it.

Once, I chose happiness of Family over myself. Once, I chose loving them more and least of me. It was peace and rainbows, sunshine and all smiles. I was the best Son that doesn’t make mistakes. I was the Brother, siblings brag about and shower with praises. I was the Family and Friend everyone wants to have. Then one day, too lost, too confused, dying within, I tried to love what’s left of myself. Oh, my God, I became the Devil in the flesh. And I don’t have a 666 mark anywhere in my body.

The world is perfect for as long as we give the world what it wants. People will only be happy for as long as we make them happy. To love self will be our biggest unforgivable mistake in the eyes of other People.

Beautiful for as long as it pleases the eyes of the Beholder.

Be ready for War. Be ready for Disownment. Be read for the worst feelings no words can ever describe. Be ready for wrath and fury. Be ready for challenges like no other. Be ready for wild, infuriating rumors and gossips. These are just the top of the iceberg in choosing to Love Yourself which only affects us if we allow it it to bother and fester. There is the “Delete All” option. But warning, there many be no “Restore” feature. It’s not for everyone.

Then there’s the possibility of Freedom and Living again. Happiness, well that is totally subjective, and not guaranteed lifetime warranty.

So, is loving ourselves wrong?

Is Self Care and Self Love worth it?

I don’t know. The answer and choice scares the Hell out of me. Some days, I choose myself, other days, I’m choosing others still. Some days I’m ambivalent and confused. Some days, I’m just surviving.

In the end, it’s just Us, and that’s okay.

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Dear Job Interviewer

Work has been Dog eat Dog. It shouldn’t. Job Step Up is Cat claw Cat, Crab grab Crab, has to stop. Chain of Importance, Employers, Executives and Management on Top, Workers at the bottom. Has to end.

Power Food Chain, voracious Whale Eaters feeding on frantic scared Sardines. That is changing. Bottom Feeders discovered Self Worth and Unity in Numbers. Scavengers are no longer content with scraps and shit. They are swimming up towards better. Oh, No!

Workers today know their value and are going for what’s valuable to them.

Boomers (57-66 y.o.) workforce had been replaced by Gen X (41-56 y.o.), Millennials (25-40 y.o.) and Gen Z (9-24 y.o.).

These generations have their own mindset and priorities. Loyalty and Old Work Practices doesn’t apply to them. If they are not treated well, they leave. If they are not happy, they leave. If it doesn’t pay well, they leave. Add COVID in the equation, they will leave when Burned Out. They will quit when their lives and safety are threatened.

Until, Employers change and figure out how to show genuine empathy, Employers will become more undesirable. The Younger the Workers, the harder it is to retain them.

Our public facilities, streets and highways are being cleaned and maintained for safety by Workers we don’t even recognize in importance. Imagine if they all decide to quit and not come back.

Imagine if “all” Amazon Workers walk out at the same time in one day? We will see chaos like we’ve never seen. Cyber Consumerism and Capitalism will halt. Stores will be wiped out empty from panic buying. Crime will sky rocket. Stocks will crash. It’s another Apocalyptic scene like the first Lockdown. Difference, could last from weeks to months. Doomsday chaos and upheaval revolution of sorts.

Imagine Airports with no Airport Staff? Not everything can be replaced by machines and computers. Even Elon Musk still employs People.

“Empathetic Leadership is the new Gold Standard by which Workers will decide whether to stay or go, accept or refuse a job offer.”

4.3 Million Americans quit their Jobs last August. Another 4.4 Million left their Jobs September. These are just the first batches of the Great Resignation Revolution. The Exodus will get worse 2022.

X mark is where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Imagine a country lacking security, police officers, Army, First Responders. Total chaos and disaster.

COVID is officially forever. It’s a daily all year round sickness with 4 Seasons and Post Holiday Surges in less vaccinated, less mask mandated populations. The predictability will require more job hiring during this expected future events, not just because we have more shoppers. Manpower Strategy is top priority starting Winter Holidays 2021.

Nearly 1 in 5 Health Care Workers Have Quit Their Jobs During the Pandemic.
Who’s going to replace them? How long can Employers sustain paying the expensive limited pool of Health Care Travelers every COVID Surge?

Healthcare Workers saw Death claim lives in the most horrific and traumatic way including People they know, first in 2020, then 2021. They beg for People to do their part. They beg their Employers for kindness and reinforcement. Still they were ignored, so many have left with no plans of returning to bedside care.

Dear Job Interviewer,

I could tell you all that you want to hear,

but that would be a lie.

First Impression is pretty much based on how we judge someone for their interview performance. But was it authentic? Or was it acting? Real test happens once hired. Hiring Quality is hit and miss. Some Workers are Talkers. Others, Doers. Some Both.

I could be impressive the way you want me to be impressive,

but that would be fake.

Work Ghosting and Work Catfishing are real.

I could impress you with words that are stunning on paper,

but that would be deception and trickery.

Sweet and Delicious doesn’t mean Good and Nutritious.

I can be super nice and icing sweet if that pleases you,

but in Critical and Emergency situations needing quick thinking and intervention, sweetness and nice won’t save health and life. Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom, Tough Decisiveness will.

Hot and Spicy? Sure. Extra? Of course. More? Why not. I could be anything your heart desires. I’ve seen Devils’s Advocate and Lucifer too.

I could be spicy hot, sizzling with positive energy and motivation if that’s your thing,

but that would be exhausting. In the end, all that euphoria will crash and burn. It’s unsustainable in a Job that requires consistency, efficiency and patience.

“Job Burn Out happens first to the dedicated Team Player achievers and hard workers, then to the underperformers and difficult whiners when the top unreciprocated assets leave. Karma or Cycle of Life?”

A Winner Employee is someone that makes everyone feel like they are Winners too. A Winner Employee gives Joy, Inspiration, Relief and Fresh Energy to everyone without trying because that is just who they are, being who they are. They are Givers and Movers. They are 25% of whom Employers Hire by Luck.

I could present myself as cookie cutter perfect that fits perfectly to your Pre-Molded Job Profile,

Or I can just be my myself. Honest, sincere, transparent, reliable, hard working, driven, passionate, creative, generous, excited, outspoken, motivated, funny, Team Player, calm and confident under pressure.

There only two kind of Workers. Givers and Selfies!

Bonus Plus, you will get only the Best that will surprise you in so many ways with concrete actions that translates high productivity, excellent customer service, inspiration and motivation to the entire Work Team. A valuable Asset and Loyal Ally.

I can give spontaneous real entertainment and fireworks without combusting. I can razzle, dazzle and still be authentic. I know that know and it feels amazingly powerful.

I could act and sell myself the way you want me to,

but I will loose because I’m bad in Acting.

A great Employee has the right balance of Horns and Halos. Tough and Kind. Firm and Giving. Outspoken and Good Listener.

I am however good with Doing, Problem Solving and Delivering Great Results.

I’m good with finishing the daily Work Show from Start to Finish, Pre and Post required hours, no leftovers. No behind the scenes secret negligence and horrors. It’s Top Quality Reliability beginning to end. Isn’t that the expectation?

This is me, on my Job Interview.

The line between keeping Humans Alive and Death is a Highly Experienced Medical Worker that knows what they are doing even with their eyes closed.

I trust my Heart or so called Gut Feeling when I decide to do a major Job Move. I pray that I make the right choice and God indeed wants me to get it. Faith and Fate to me are important, not just what I want.

Workers today have changed and they will continue to keep changing because they are observing, evolving, adapting, thriving and surviving. The Pandemic showed them they can choose a different path. They found Freedom and learned how to use it.

It is highly possible I may choose to stay if God says, “Hold on Mr. Excited. Think. Is this really what will make you Happy? Or perhaps we can modify things at your current work so you find Happiness there once more? Remember Mindfulness? Maybe you need to give People another chance. They may surprise you like you surprised me.”

“Job Interview is like a live theater. The Job Applicant is the main lead, and the Job Interviewers, the audience. Wow, them with a brilliant performance packed with real work action, suspense, drama, heart, even comedy and the Job is ours for the taking.”

Did I get the Job? Wrong question. Did I want the Job? The answer is in your Gut Feeling.

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Opinion: What Endemic COVID California Looks Like

Once the Epicenter of the COVID Pandemic in America and the World, California has become the picture of a Model State of where COVID numbers and safety should be.

The Roads are back to Pre-Pandemic Mode. Californians are busier than ever. Only difference, we learned to live life with COVID. It’s no longer a big deal nor something to freak out about. It’s just another virus now. And we have proven ways to beat it.

What does this mean? Meaning, we will have our daily COVID new cases and hospitalizations like any all year round diseases and sickness but at small numbers.

This means, no Winter and other predictable post main Holidays and Seasonal Hospitalization Surges, massive deaths and paralyzing Business Lockdowns. Californians can celebrate once again up close, in person with Family and Friends. No more Zoom parties.

Our Adventures got bigger. Many have embraced the idea of living on borrowed time. Californians are seizing the day. All major tourist destinations are packed.

This means we will have our modified normal safety and freedom back. Sure, some will still choose to wear masks because it’s truly that one proven non-invasive anti- COVID measure. Sure, more than 70% are COVID vaccinated, but overall, many Californians choose to adapt a lifestyle, behavior and attitude with COVID in mind so what happened last Winter’s worst will never happen again.

Like Colds, COVID is anytime, anywhere, anyone virus now. Many Californians have accepted that truth and are making the most of fun and enjoyment around that fact and reality.

Homelessness was and is remains unaddressed in California. COVID did not make people Homeless. It’s the unregulated to the roof Housing and Rent prices in most areas. It is very unfordable. Minimum pay is not even enough to cover Rent. Shelter became a privilege, not basic Human need. That’s messed up when we are living in one of the richest and most powerful country in the World.

Adaptability, Unity, Accountability and Responsibility, even Kindness brought California it’s new hopeful dawn that has claimed more than 760,000 American lives and more than 5 million lives from around the World.

As tourists find their way to SF again. The hope is to revive its local businesses and bring back the vibrant spirit of every San Franciscan. It will take time. We can’t build a city to its former glory overnight. Not with COVID always in our midst. Not when Political Divide and Racial Hate became the other uncontrolled Epidemics of this Nation.

What’s a Normal California Work Day for me now? Patient possible sick with COVID walks in clinic. I treat each patient with kindness and respect. I personally swab them for COVID test. No fear. No worries. No second thoughts. I see every patient as an important human being and I will care for them like I hope to be cared for when I do get sick with COVID.

The Malls are the perfect place to observe normalcy and how people perceive COVID today. Mask and No Masks, all about personal preference. Not a big deal anymore. I actually like wearing mask in places I don’t want people to recognize me.

Enough being brats, fighting over masks and vaccines. Enough of being furious, to the point of losing ourselves and possible harming our fellow Humans. We are not each other enemy. Politics and Evil Selfishness are. Aren’t we tired of listening to the same toxic fighting and bickering? It’s been 2 years, move on everyone. Life is too beautiful to miss. Time to Travel, fulfill that bucket list and focus on what’s important to us.

We enjoy the perks of being Endemic because it didn’t just happen without us doing our part in being better. We deserve the winning price.

People are dying younger from all sorts reasons such as the recent deadly Human stampede at the Travis Scott Concert in Texas where 14, 16 and 20 year olds where killed. COVID just made it crystal we only have minutes, hours to days to enjoy our last days. So why waste them with negativity and procrastination. Live our best lives now, near and soon. One year? That’s too far. 5 years? Are we God?

As for those who will experience the next COVID Surges, know you have a choice and voice to put an end to it. Know you have the right to your health, life and safety. Same for those you love. Your Freedom is just as important as the one’s trying to take it from you.

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If Life’s A Beach

Peace, calm, solitude, tranquility, chill, no worries, no drama, no fear, no discrimination. Everyone gets a piece of joy and paradise equally.

Laughter, smiley face, dancing under the Sun, Beatles and Abba, positive, motivated, inspired, euphoric, Ocean High, Heaven’s Bliss and Kiss.

The Beach is already in your Heart. It can be anything you dream and desire.

Love, romance, dreamy, passionate, a Thousand electrifying shades of Green and Blue.

Escape, getaway, wonder, amazing, magic, breathless, free, transformed.

Time & Opportunity does not wait for anyone.

Surprise, mystery, adventure, suspense, vivid, new, discovery, connectivity.

I don’t wait for Summer for incredible to happen. Incredible is a when and where of my choosing.

Real, authentic, transparent, vulnerable, sensitive, simple.

Unfiltered Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. It’s okay to show sadness and vulnerability. It’s okay to feel grey. It’s okay to let people know we are experiencing loneliness, pain, heartbreaks, anger, hardship. It’s okay to ask for help. We can’t keep presenting ourselves and our World as always amazingly perfect. That is make believe. That’s Facebook and Instagram. We need to stop trying to please and make other People happy. Only do what feels right and happy from within ourselves first. We have to stop caring of the opinion and judgment of others. Not healthy. Not helpful. Not being free at all.

We don’t have to have words to describe everything. Just enjoy what we see wordless. Just appreciate the blessings as it unfolds and savor each second.

Kind, gentle, welcoming, accepting, humane, giving, selfless, caring, emphatic, nurturing, healing and renewal.

We don’t have to impress the World. We are good and beautiful just the way we are. Uniqueness and imperfections are what sets us apart from the ordinary. Be proud of who we are and what we have given that made a difference.

Home, comfort, safe, cozy, child-like, nostalgic, ageless, unforgettable, limitless, powerful, Love and Family.

Some People live in impressive big houses. Some live in tiny ones that can be folded and taken to where the heart wants it’s adventure. What matters for both, are the People living in them and how they treat other. Love and compromise, forgiveness and patience, kindness and acceptance, dreams and support, respect and boundaries, honesty and trust, these are what makes every home beautiful, strong and lasting.

Present, future, tomorrow, hopeful, feel good vibes, beautiful moments and memories. Once upon a time and Happily Ever After, bright next chapters, no goodbyes, fresh starts, I’ll be back and be with you soon.

I don’t know what happens to me next year, or next Summer, but I do know I have today to make my wish come true. So can you.

“It’s okay to live life like a Beach if that makes us happier, at peace and more connected with Nature, ourselves and everything that gives our lives meaning and purpose. It’s okay not to be okay because the Beach will always accept us for who we are. We don’t have to run, be afraid or pretend anymore. We are more when we choose to be more.”

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Are Dreamers Meant To Fly?

“Is it Love or is it Selfishness to stop People we care about from flying away because of their Dreams? Is it Right or is it Wrong to take away their Opportunity for Happiness so we can have ours? Are we Good or are we Bad for resenting and pushing away Family and Friends who became Brave and Adventurous Dreamers?

I have not forgotten. I haven’t stop feeling it all. I haven’t stop missing and loving you. My dreams never changed who I was. People just narrated a very powerful lie. I am not the Prodigal Son I am accused of. We are just unlucky victims of control and monopoly of People we trust and listen to. Please don’t give up on us, cause I won’t. May your heart remains open and strong till the day I find my way back Home. – Just a Boy who got too curious with his Dreams.

There are Dreamers who found their wings and used them to fly. But are they suppose to find them and go places?

There are Dreamers who discovered their wings but too afraid or made afraid to use them.

I will fly with you if you ask me to. I will support your dreams even if it means you leaving me and your Mom one day. I’m here to make sure you have the strongest and best Wings that will match the bold and adventurous Dreamer in you.

They are Dreamers too curious and restless they start wandering around. But are they suppose to discover the World and Life beyond their pre-determined walled boundaries?

Jump High, Dream High, No Fear. Know I’ll catch and cushion your fall, always.

There are Dreamers foolish to believe Love is real no matter how many times their hearts been crushed and broken.

Lovestruck Dreamers, hopeless or brave? Blind or patient? Realist or disillusioned?

Sometimes, our Dreams gets blown to another direction. Could be blessing, could be curse. Regardless, never forget the simplest ones, they are the most real. They are the most you. The farther we from our original dreams, the more likely it’s no longer about us. People can easily be influence by other People. I know, cause I’m one of the silly ones who got influenced.

There are Dreamers who defy the Laws of Men so they can live the Laws of God and their Hearts. These Dreamers will always be the Outsiders, the Pariahs, the Enemy, the Constant Threat. Society never meant for them to know the Life Freeing Truth, Wisdom and Secrets.

I can watch and do nothing or I can try and be something. For sure, I won’t stay put. That’s just being me. Too curious.

Liberation and Freedom are not meant to be enjoyed by all. Control most, Free the few, this has always been the Status Quo. Exemption and Privilege is not for all. Justice is not for all. Riches is not for all. We just tell ourselves it’s for everyone to feel better or appease those who are making noise and nuisance.

Suffocating? Trapped? Imprisoned? Miserable? Something within you keeps screaming for freedom and escape? Life could be better on the other side of the fence. So why not fight for yourself and be free? A Dreamer living a life that serves to please the Dreams of others will eventually die within self from continuous torment and sadness.

We make Laws on Equal Rights, Social Justice and Freedom from Discrimination thinking they are enough to change what’s really inside People. It is not, and we are seeing it’s violation and abuse past, recent and present again and again from Work, Community, Social Circles and Country.

“I can’t promise you everything but I promise to follow your Dreams with kindness and understanding. I hope my love is enough, but if it’s not, let me know. I can be better.”

Society never intend to set the Deviant Dreamers free and discover that Happiness exist. But by some Divine miracle and intervention, some Dreamers found their way out. Present day Exodus has been happening from around the World.

Rich and Poor Countries, People realized who they are and are going for what they can become.

Most exciting event of our time has been burning bright for awhile now but many are still missing it out.

Vote for yourself because no one else will Vote for you the way you want to be represented in this World. Freedom is life. Freedom is power. Freedom is you, me, us.

There are Dreamers who will always pursue who they are and will never compromise their beliefs and values. They will always live a Life of Mix Extremes. Challenging but Adventurous. Hard, but Alive. Tearful, but Laughing. Struggling, but Blissful. Lonely, but Happy. Hell, but Heaven. Purgatory, but Piña colada.

How I know all these? Well, I’m a Dreamer too, just like you. Still am and always will be. Obviously, been living a Life of Mix Extremes. Never easy, but never boring.

Rich Dad can easily buy the World for his Child . Poor Dad can show his Child how to discover the World with his Heart, Bare Hands and Imagination. Both will do everything they can out of Love for his Child. May both never forget to first discover and ask the Dreams of their Child. Parents make mistakes even with the best intentions.

If you just found out today you are a Dreamer, we welcome you with all acceptance and open arms. Together, we will fly as high and as far as our wings will take us in a beautiful, magnificent V formation.

City of Dreamers. Dreamy City. What can go wrong? Seems like a sure thing. For some, it is. For others, the dream needs a lot of work.

“People that dreams together and help each other are bound to reach their dreams faster with clearer certainty.”

It’s wasn’t just about the Sunsets and the Oceans that draws me to you. It’s everything. It’s everyone. It’s living for something more. It’s remembering what’s more.

We are given invincible Wings for a reason. We are given a beating Heart for a purpose. Aren’t we curious what they are for?

Never let anyone clip or cut our Wings. Never let anyone chain or kill our Hearts. We are born free. We will live free. We will die free.

It’s not easy for Dreamers to enter the Land of Dreams. People have no idea of what we had to go through and what we have to give up. The cost is high. Was it worth it? We don’t know. There is no turning back. We hope to think we made the right choices.

About 385,000 Babies are born each day from around the World. Less than 30% get to use their wings freely and go where their Dreams wants to take them.

What happened to the 70%? Either they don’t know they have wings or someone severed their wings so they can’t go anywhere.

“Fly away little Dreamer. Your World is now yours for the taking.”

“More tragic than the tragedy itself is People allowing the same tragedy happen all over again to Family and Friends they are suppose to love and protect.”

Curiosity took me here. Love made me come back. Home.

On Judgement Day, God will ask us, “My Dear Sons and Daughters, what have you done with the gifts and talents I gave you?” Many will respond confused, “What gifts and talents Lord? We don’t have them.” God angered and dismayed explains, “What the heck my Children. I gave you brain to make things better. I gave you heart to feel and care. I gave you hands to build and help one another. Those feet, they are not made to wear boots and high heels only. They are meant to take you places I want you to make a difference. And those wings, I gave them to you to set you free and others.” Our answer, “Oh, we didn’t know. Second chance Lord? But please put label and detailed instructions on each of your gifts and talents. We’re to busy to figure out what they are meant for.” God stunned and now more mad ended the conversation with, “Nope. Gave you a million and a lifetime of chances. Time to go to Hell. Enjoy eternity.”

We are Alive for a greater purpose. We survived the worst for a reason. Aren’t we curious why?

I wish I can tell you happy stories all the time, but that would be a lie. I wish I can take you to amazing places that’s all fun adventures all the time, but that would be too predictable and unrealistic. Wouldn’t you want to be surprised? Wouldn’t you want something that relates to your story? This is us, and we should never be ashamed or afraid of what makes us valuable, different, honest and beautiful.

PS, I’ll catch up on my response and visits soon. Things got busier than usual. Just want to let you know I appreciate and thank you all. Happy Sunday.

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Hiking in the Clouds

Halloween Weekend, Father and Son drove to Aptos for Funko direct eBay buy pick up.

His favorites are now in display in his room. These are for resale.

Son very excited. Funkos were 2015 valuable Collectibles. He looked super Happy, like getting his Birthday or Christmas Wish Present. Ah, the Fun Wonder World of eBay Gen Z.

Anything beyond, impossible to see. if I haven’t been here before, I wouldn’t have known Garappata Beach and Big Sur Bixby Bridge are so close by.

Still early to go back home. Told my Son we’re Hiking. He asked, “Where?” My reply, “I don’t know. Anywhere with a Sun.” Weather Forecast, cloudy and fog from Bay Area to Big Sur all day.

So, we drove first to Santa Cruz. Nope, all fog and grey. Moving on.

Be Brave. Be You.

Then Moss Landing and Seaside. Nope, more clouds and fog. Zero visibility beaches and hiking trails.

He is the Team Hiking Captain now. I just drive.

Precious random Sun patches started to appear entering Monterey to Carmel. Told my Son, “Hey, we can hike anywhere from here on where it’s Sunny, but let’s get food first. What you want?” He answered, “I want Sushi and Chicken Tenders.” I asked, “Where can we get both?” He said, “Safeway Dad.”

I wanted to bring the Sushi and Chicken Tenders in our hike but Son said, “Dad, we can’t bring my Sushi. Too messy.” Did not argue. Mutual open minded respect on adventure decisions. Just because I’m a Dad does not mean I’m always right. Kids can be more sensible than their Parents. So I try to listen.

So Safeway it was. Got myself Starbucks Venti Americano too. Was zoning out. Needed caffeine for wakefulness and energy.

I wouldn’t have known Amazing if not for Curiosity.

Initially, I was thinking Point Lobos, but its Ocean View was blocked by a dense wall of fog and clouds. Easy to fall off a cliff. Too dangerous.

Magic happens to those who seek and believe they exist.

We keep driving till we found Full Sun. Final hiking place was our favorite garbage can landmark just passed the sign Garappata Park.

Our Father and Son tradition, build a Stone Tower in every Beach Hike Adventure. That day, he added more play and fun. He placed big stones both in series and as individuals. Then we throw a stone from a distance to topple them. Kind of Topple the Clown in Carnivals and Beach Boardwalk Arcades.

On my left, a powerful Witch cast a spell creating Giant Walls of Clouds and Fog making invincible the Ocean and Land behind it. On my right, was clear and usual.

Hmm, what to choose? New Mystery Adventure or Safe Old Adventure?

When Nature and Human Heart combines, it’s beauty and magic like no other.

Hiking in the Clouds happens rare and quick. Not everyone in their lifetime will experience them. Overthink and we loose a chance. Overdo and we may hurt a limb or two.

Going back and up are the hardest. We both got scratches. Mine on my arms, his on his legs. Part of a Great Adventure are few scratches and bruises. The scars are a reminder of an unforgettable moment and memory with those we choose to share life, joy, love, and magic.

So, we entered the Cloud Barrier. It was Magic and Adventure in a World that is just ours. It was risky but it was worth it.

“Only those who conquer their fears and believe in themselves can enter the Walls of Untold Stories and Adventures.”

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When It Rains, It Pours Complaints

Californians prayed and hoped for Rain for more than a year. State is in severe drought. Water Reservoirs at emergency low. It’s Land, parched and cracked. Forests ravaged by Wildfires the entire Summer.

Took a long time, but finally God answered our prayers. Last weekend, it rained generously for 2 days.

But instead of thanking God and the blessing of Rain, first thing we did was complain. Then second, blamed everything on the Rain.

His Light was trying to get through, but there’s just too many layers and walls.

Complaints and exaggerated inconvenience were the News Topic all day and all night. Major News Stations presenting the Rain as the Super Bad Enemy to a level that People were scared and panicking. They call it “The Storm.”

They are nuisance to some. They are beauty and Art to others. Some see. Some don’t. Some appreciate. Some don’t.

Okay, I worked on that weekend and drove the streets, it was not a Storm. In fact, many People are driving out to eat Hot Soup. I know this because I treated my co-workers with Hot Soup as a thank you for their hard work. Then after work, I bought more Hot Soup for my Wife and Son.

How many can spot Raindrops? How many will be inspired by it and it’s importance? Not many.

The Restaurant Staff were busy from the time they opened to the time they closed not because it was Stormy but because People were hungry and needing comfort.

It’s Fall. Are we seeing it’s Colors and Magic? Are we feeling and enjoying its Season? In a few days, October is gone. We won’t have another chance till next year and the experience will never be the same.

Blame It On The Rain

A bit of flood. Rain did it. Truck over turned on the freeway. Rain did it. No electricity in few areas. Rained did it. I have a bad day. Rain did it. People don’t feel like going to work. Rain did it.

Poor Rain. It was expecting Red Carpet welcome but instead got hammered with Negativity in all directions.

Raindrops keep falling on my head…loving it while it last.

So, instead of joining the complain band wagon, I thank and celebrated the Rain and the Giver of Rain this Weekend with kindness and generosity. It brought Sunshine to all without the Sun. It made a difference to everyone’s “Stormy” day.

A Rose can only bloom this beautiful because it is nourished with nutrients and water. Water comes from Rain, not Grocery Stores.

In Retrospect:

Okay, it was windy but it wasn’t a hurricane or tornado.

When it rains again wouldn’t it be better to pour gratefulness and see rain as a blessing?

Okay, some puddle of water here and there, but it wasn’t a calamity flood where people needed to swim, ride boats or be rescued on top of their roofs.

Look closer and we’ll see God’s Image. He is watching us how we treat each other and his Creations. And how we treated his Creations are exactly why Weather are getting worse every year. We were given a second Eden and we are destroying it as fast as we can. God will not give us a third.

Okay, it was flooding temporarily in few cities, but that wasn’t the Rain’s fault. It’s People’s fault for allowing their Cities to have poorly built and maintained drainage systems. Also, blocked drainage from trash are caused by People, not the Rain.

Autumn is in its Full Bloom. Take time to stop, notice and enjoy it.

Okay, Electric Outage in few areas. Again, it’s not the Rain’s fault the Electrical Wires are not Weather Proof. Besides, isn’t it romantic to have candles all over the house, while getting warm with soft and nice comforters? Weren’t Love and Romance part of our Prayers? Weren’t we praying for Self Love? Now that we are given the time, mood and ambiance, we don’t know what to do with it.

Every drop of water is precious. Not everyone can afford to waste it.

So, God said, “Common, ungrateful People, what do you really want? Rain or No Rain? But until you make up your minds and learn to be grateful, I’ll stop my blessings. I will toss the rest of your prayers and review them next year. Time to take a long overdue vacay for myself. I need Self Love and Self Care too. My Universe doesn’t just revolve around you People. I am God. I can do anything I want.”

Monday, Rain stopped around 9:30 A.M. Full Sun out. Sky crystal blue. Raindrops glistened beautifully to it’s last existence. Then the Magic of Rain was gone except the cool post Rain breeze gently caressing my face.

People rejoiced that Rain ended. Some said, “Thank God, the Rain stopped.”

Pumpkins outside Trader Joe’s after a morning Rain.

The Hills are Green and Alive again. Are we Thankful? There’s some Water supply again. Are we Grateful?

Or are we too preoccupied complaining of a new Subject that we are unhappy about?

October is ending.

Me? I am enjoying to the fullest images and experiences from Rain to Sunshine, drinking my coffee, taking iPhone pictures, listening to The Beatles and Elton John. Great Day. Perfect Blessing. And I’m very Grateful.

Beauty is in the eyes of its Beholder. Thankfulness is in the heart of its blessed Recipient.

“Until we learn Gratitude, we can never appreciate the blessings that pours and overflows in front of us. Until we are Thankful, Happiness is a prayer that will remain unanswered.”

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50 Cents Rasputin Music Vinyl Records

Vintage and Collectible Vinyl Records for 50 Cents?

Unbelievable, but these mega cheap prices do exist at Rasputin Music in Campbell, California.

Rasputin Music, founded as “Rasputin Records” in 1971 in Berkeley, California by Ken Sarachan. It is named after 19th-century Russian religious figure Grigori Rasputin. Streaming Music is not the same as being able to experience browsing old records inside a store using the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch. Tasting is not allowed. It’s not food!

“Good condition used items at 90% discount is a must grab. 180% discount basically is giving it away. If a Bargain Hunter can’t be excited with that, nothing will.”

I listen to Music that speaks to me and can take me places, mood and moments where my heart needs to be. I listen to Music for an instant escape and relief. Doesn’t matter if they are famous, unknown or forgotten. Always about how the Song makes me feel. Always about honesty, connection and relatedness.

“Antique is at least 100 years old. Vintage, 40. Retro, 20. Collectibles, not about age but about desire. The more dire the desire, the more unreasonable the price. Bizarre Capitalism Supply and Demand 101.”

What does Dolly and Rod have in common other than having great voices? No, not the gorgeous hair. Both, “They’re Playing Our Song” through the years however our lives need them. Music is that Friend that will always understand.

Most of my collectibles are 50 cents, a few $1 and $1.95, and one $3.95 Eric Clapton. A shocking contrast to new Vinyl Records that averages $28.40 in eBay, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble.

Some new Vinyl Collectibles cost $100 or more, which is insane. But for some, money is not a problem. To me, lowest cost possible is the sweetest deal. I’m no Richie Rich.

My fav. Some when I was a child, some I was not even born yet. Great Music transcends age, time and culture. It’s the universal language and healer of the heart and soul. If people listen deeper, it can even unite and bring peace. Big “If.”

Why so cheap at Rasputin Music, even 75% off cheaper than Thrift Shops? I have no idea, but I’m thankful it does exist.

I listen to Phil Collins Against All Odds song almost everyday as part of my Groovy Kind of Love Spotify Playlist. It’s about forbidden passion, loss and how loving too much can break your heart in ways unimaginable. To find its original version from the movie soundtrack, sounds like destiny. Relatedness? Been living a life of against all odds kinda. Relatable Music that connects personally are the most beautiful. Love should be enough of a reason to set love ones free, not treason, misery and guilt.

How does it feel being inside a Rasputin Store and getting Amazing Artists and Music for a dollar or less?

Like Winning a Lottery or the least, a similar euphoria when one finds their Collectibles at super steal deals.

“The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.” Classic and Relevant.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer sang into the hearts of people from around the World the dreams and journey of the Trapp Family. Music became the Light, Hope and Comfort during a time of War, Darkness and Fear. Music shielded the Trapp Children from the Terrors of War and Men. This was then.

This is now…


Have we asked our Children why they’re often listening to music with their headphones, ear phones or air buds? Not a phase.

Our Children are shielding themselves from something dark and scary.

America The Beautiful, is it? Or could be? Music sets the Mood, People decide which Mood to follow, Love or Hate. Patriotism or Division? War or Peace?

Our Children are trying to entertain themselves for escape and comfort from the chaos and terror caused by “War of the Adults.

Adult Actions are traumatizing our Children and the Youth. We assume they don’t see and feel the impact, but they do. They are much affected like you and me. They just internalize and respond differently. They are resilient, so severity manifest late.

Son’s Collectibles. They are more than just collections. They are clues. They are signs. They are keys to his mind, heart and dreams.

Signs and symptoms of damages inflicted on them are very visible. The question is, “Is it irreversible? Can it be repaired when the cause refuses to change and continues to dominate Headlines and News Feeds day after day?

Parents should reflect on how all the Events in their Community, Country and the World are reshaping and affecting their Kids.

One of these National Geographic magazine featured Transgender Children and Youth. My Son saw it in a couple’s house in Fort Worth Texas. He told me, “Dad, do you know how much this magazine cost on eBay because of the articles in them? It’s worth $50.” He asked the couple if he can take it home. They gave him 4 of their best condition National Geographic. The Articles however are Priceless and Relevant because at the moment many Transgenders and LGBQT rights and safety are being threatened.

When I see my Son on a headphone for a long time, I drop what I’m doing to say, “Hi, Bud. How are you? Everything okay? How’s your day?” Sometimes, he just mumbles something, but that’s okay. At least he knows I see him.

I’m sure we all can spare several minutes for our kids if we normally devote 8 hours or more to the World 5 times per week and the rest for T.V., Social Media and Personal Desires.

Certain Hotwheels are in demand Collectibles in eBay. Son has been store hunting them for self and future sell. Best stocks are at HEB Texas, and Target Toys. The MAD magazine he got from an Antique Toy Store. He was so happy to get them.

Hard to believe? Look back and try to remember our Childhood. How did we shield and protected ourselves when our Parents were screaming and fighting? How did we overcome being physically, mentally and emotionally hurt by Family and Relatives? Did we ever heal or we just pushed those traumatic events at the farthest corners of our minds so they do not hopefully resurface?

Mental Health is still a Taboo and Scandal in many Cultures and Professions thus many choose not to seek help or their cry for help is refused, ridiculed or used against them.

It’s Terror overlapping Terror.

“I’m in love with a girl named Maria.” Aren’t we all? Natalie Wood was the girl next door of Hollywood when this movie was shown in 1961. It was a tragic sad love story that continues to happen in many versions today, like Romeo and Juliet. When pride and anger is bigger than love, then any love story will never get its happy ending. Someone will always get hurt. Friends and Family should just leave all Love Birds alone and not meddle. This way, Love and Happiness has higher chance of surviving. Young Love, don’t they deserve to make their own side of the story that is all about them?

There is a reason why we are what we are now. Anxious, Depressed, Heart Broken, Angry, Fearful? These did not happen recently. They’d been there all this time, just suppressed, repressed, denied the Light of Day.

It is too late for us to reverse our past but we can still protect our Children so they don’t become us or worse. Don’t we Love them to the Moon?

Kids don’t know how to pretend, Adults do.” Happy all the time? Not really true. Guys that looks like this are on drugs or has gone crazy. Skipped. Not relatable and honest.

I don’t go to Antique and Collectible Stores for my Vintage and Retro Finds because generally they are reselling at expensive prices things they got on top deals somewhere like Garage Sales, Clearance Isles and Thrift Shops.

As an example, Son bought for $1 in a Thrift Shop in Austin a Tai Lung Plush Toy, the Villain of Kung Fu Panda. I didn’t understand why it would be a desirable sell when he puts it on eBay, but I believe in him. So, we bought it.

Within 24 hours, many Collectors desired it so much they kept over bidding each other till it got sold at $25. Son, was right. Tai Lang Plush Toy was highly desirable.

Son sold this Tai Lung Plush Toy at 2,400% profit via Bidding on eBay. Many Youth are into Buy and Sell Online Business and Robinhood Stocks that started Lockdown of March 2020. When the World of Grown Ups was locked, the Young Minds opened theirs to a whole new level of possibilities. We think they are just playing video games? No, they are not. They are preparing for their Future of their own choosing. Generation Z are different. They are into seizing and living in the moment. They are into work that gives them purpose, happiness and yes, profit. They are Anti-Slavery of any shape and form. They care about their Planet and Climate Change. They are Emphatic. They are more accepting.

There’s this intense addicting kind of rush when one discovers something valuable for almost nothing. The lower the price, the more exciting the hunt. It’s why Bargain Hunters quietly prowls, then quickly pounce on its Target without hesitation.

It’s time to discover why Breakfast at Tiffany’s sparkles like Diamonds. Moon River is haunting and nostalgic. Should I be holding a handkerchief when I listen to the entire soundtrack? No warnings on the label.

Mindfulness and Well Being are part of my priority goals.

Personally, Music has been an effective escape, oasis and therapy for me that is cheap, accessible, safe and convenient. It doesn’t judge nor make negative comments.

Whether it’s iPhone Spotify Playlist or Vinyl Record playing on a Crowley Turn Table, Music has been helping me set the mood, heal, calm down, feel positive, motivated and happier.

“Music is that gentle voice that hums Hope.”

At 50 cents price, I can gamble getting something I’m not familiar hoping that it may turn out surprisingly great. People’s taste in Music are as varied as it’s Genre.

Rasputin shopping has also become a Father and Son bonding activity.

While I’m browsing for records, Son is browsing for perfect condition used video games he can sell on eBay.

He would assist me carrying my Vinyls when they get too heavy. At one point I got 20 Vinyls for $10 total.

Man, who can say no to the King of Rock and Roll. Music from his movies and it’s burning love in the air. Wife asked, “What is that?” Got her curious. Or may be she wants me to turn it off. Too early for the day? I wasn’t thinking it.

So, Rasputin Music is not just an excellent discovery source for cheap Nostalgic Collectibles and Music Golds. It is also a place for quality time with Family and Self.

“At Rasputin, an hour will fly by. Two hours will make you forget stress and negativity. 3 hours? Might as well apply part time.”

Karen Carpenter has the voice of an Angel. No one could replace the soothing coolness of her voice. It was sad that we lost her too soon from a fatal Eating Disorder. Carpenters was the first Music Cassette Tape I heard as a child. An Aunt from Canada brought it home. Then Abba and Wham ( Duo before George Michael went Solo ). Later it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller as one of my most priced collection. King of Pop will always be the irreplaceable King of Pop. JT and JB are cool but they are not MJ, period!

“It’s a Small World After All.”

We might bump at each other at Rasputin. I’m usually sitting on the floor with earphones by the 50 cents section. Don’t be shy to say Hi. I’m very friendly. I don’t bite unprovoked, we’ll not with a mask on.

Love this Guy. Who wouldn’t. I already like Country long before I knew they call it Country Music. I thought they were just Love Songs.

When it’s hard to say the words, let Music do the talking. When it’s difficult to express feelings and emotions, let Music sing them free from the heart. When we can’t do the right moves, let Music do the Magic Dance. And when we need to escape, let Music take us to our Happy Place.

“Music is not just melody and lyrics. Music is a Life Source that keeps the Mind, Heart and Soul Alive.”

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